The Threat of Genetically Modified Wheat

28 10 2012

CSIRO want to give the children a gift

Dr Quantum’s previous post – The CSIRO Dealing in GMO Black Arts – which sounds the alarm over the dangers of CSIRO’s genetically modified wheat trials has caused us to search the conscience. If we are going to go around accusing the CSIRO of something this terrible we had better make sure that we aren’t the ones making the dreadful error. It was after all a strongly worded rant. We said in very stark terms that the CSIRO is exhibiting poor form on this occasion with potentially and indeed likely dire consequences.  Well . . .considerable hours have been spent reading, evaluating and re-reading the various arguments for and against. Midnight oil has been burned for the purpose of establishing the truth and what we have discovered may shock you.

On the one hand you have the pro-GMO voices including the CSIRO spokespeople saying that the protests over the CSIRO GM wheat trial are disgraceful, attention seeking, hysterical and basically just rubbish. But they have promised to consider the protests in context, which means they are going to do absolutely nothing but go ahead with commercialization as fast as they can. They have done everything to downplay, denigrate, dish the dirt and deny. Anything starting with D it seems has been brought to bear by the pro-GMO peeps.

On the other hand you have the anti-GMO voices including Professor Jack Heinemann of the University of Canterbury, NZ, and Associate Professor Judy Carman, a biochemist at Flinders University backed up by Dr Michael Antoniou, Reader in Molecular Genetics at King’s College, London, who has also reviewed and endorsed the Heinemann and Carman expert opinions.

Their findings are also put into context by the Director of the Safe Food Foundation Scott Kinnear who goes on the record as saying that the CSIRO has strayed from the path of serving the interests of the people and is more concerned with serving the interests of profits these days. Troubling to say the least. In other words . . .crypto-fascism at the CSIRO. Sad, but we need to confront the truth of it sooner rather than later.

You can do some of your own research by linking to the Safe Food Foundation’s website and reading about the scientific case against – in greater detail here

You can see the video testimony by those who are working to safeguard our health and safety from the commercial GMO cowboys in the video below. Make up your own mind



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