Australia Now Tortures Those Seeking Asylum – You’re The Voice

16 11 2013


It is with heavy heart that this post goes out. And let it be said that Dr Quantum is no fan of people arriving in this country without a visa by boat. And there are the arguments for and against. Yes . . .if we allow it to continue unchecked then the result is that people traffickers simply build lucrative businesses from the desperation of those willing to make the trip. It’s all true. But . . .what is also true is that our current treatment of asylum seekers amounts to organised torture and this Quantum Detective is witness to a crime against humanity. The Australian Government under both Labor and (so-called) Liberal. Both are guilty. Both must stand accountable. The current regime however has stooped as low as self-proclaimed democratic open society would dare to go. We are now hearing of mothers who have just given birth being separated from their babies at four days old. How can this possibly be justified? There are so many stories of inhumane treatment. Men with dysentery being forced to shit themselves because they are forced to share 4 latrines between 100 men. No books. No internet. Think about that. Cramped in hot tents in the pacific. Months on end. These people are being physically and psychologically tortured. Make no mistake. This is now part of our national karma.

All people of conscience are now called upon to speak out against this crime against humanity. We have ex-Prime Minister Paul Keating’s words to remind us; he once commented of the conservatives seeking power in Australia, he said: This mob only know how to punish. How sad.

Apart from the obvious level of creation that is going on here we are also called upon to look at what this situation speaks to on the inner metaphysical plane of consciousness and being. You might ask yourself. Where am I being unreasonable and inhuman with myself? With my closest associates? Work colleagues? The time has come to do an inventory. Let us look within to seek answers. Take personal responsibility, and while we are getting aligned with integrity, speak out, write a letter or three. Make your voice heard. Systematically torturing, dehumanising and brutalising people IN MY NAME . . .NOT ACCEPTABLE.



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