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Applying a complexity view – Quantum, Chaos and Living System Theory, Dr Quantum pursues the quest for sustainable development. Dr Quantum’s blog brings you views of the world and life that may shock, inspire, outrage and delight you. Sometimes all at once. The aim is to be both entertaining and informative in a way that provokes positive change. While it is doubtless important to be aware of political agendas, poetic and lyrical beauty in nature are valued just as highly. One favourite theme is the disappearance of The Goddess. Why? And how? Goddesses were once all over Europe, Asia, South Americas, Africa. Now we have the male Gang of Four. Jesus, Buddha, Moses and Mohammed. No disrespect to any of them BUT . . .what happened to the Goddess? It would seem that she disappeared. It could be that rather than evolving to the point where we are now . . .that in fact we have devolved to the point where God became a MAN . . .vengeful, angry and above all male. The idea that God is a Male; God the Father . . . is quite incorrect. To balance this sacrilege we need at the very least, to balance our address to the almighty as God-Goddess.  In our scientifically rigorous world with the advent of Quantum Theory, we could start to think about and engage with the Quantum Goddess and the miraculous implications for humanity that this offers. Miracles now on special. The bright illuminated men of the enlightenment may groan at this. The flowing feminine divine within human consciousness has been practicing great patience with your chauvinism and requests contemporary consideration. As they say, the The past is history, the future a mystery. Today is a GIFT and that is why they call it the PRESENT. Come present and see what is in front of you oh great men of science. But one fears that these illuminated beings . . .literally the Luciferic ones, will fail to understand and continue in their arrogance. So be it. Whatever happens ove the next 50 years, it is clear that WE NEED A REFRESHING CHANGE. Always ask the kids: Have you touched a tree today? And see the wonder in their eyes. How did we lose our soul so emphatically and catastrophically?

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8 12 2009

The Mad Monk has certainly aroused confusion about climate change…..what is the real truth?…. can we handle the truth…

25 03 2011
26 03 2011
DR Quantum's Blog

Thank You Dear . . .Philosophy, er i am not sure if we have been visited by Philosophy the Archetype or someone just calling themselves Philosophy. If it’s the Archetype i would love to come by and stroke your beard thoughtfully one day. Feel free to philosophize some more . . . philosophical insights, comments, jokes and observations are always welcome

19 04 2012
The WooWoo Press

Refreshingly refreshing… enjoying the rEvolution. Namaste

19 04 2012
DR Quantum's Lime Flavoured Revolution

Cheers. Indeed. Namaste

4 05 2012
Priyesh @ Meditation4All

I have nominated you for sunshine award as i find your site inspirational. Thank you for allowing the energy of inspiration to flow through you. See my blog about the sunshine award @ ;

6 05 2012
DR Quantum's Lime Flavoured Revolution

Priyesh, thanks for the Sunshine Award. I am honoured. Will get over and have a look at that today. Sorry about been a bit busy and not blogging for a couple of weeks. I am busy writing a series of books on the Goddess for contemporary Western Women and that has captured my focus. I will do a real quick musical video post today just as a special surprise for my readers. Hope you can take time to enjoy it. Blessings

7 05 2012
Priyesh @ Meditation4All

All the best with your book..seems the goddess shakti has captured your focus. 🙂 I will take a look at the video post.

8 05 2012
DR Quantum's Lime Flavoured Revolution

Ahhhh Priyesh. You are right! Won’t be long gone. Yes I have been exploring a most interesting idea and indeed committed to writing a series of short books. I find that when something major comes along to pull me in another direction it sometimes takes a little while to rebalance. So how can I say this? You are on the top of my list! Ha ha! Thanks for your patience. Blessings

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