Forgive and Release The Past

11 06 2013
lost pleiad 1884 by Bouguereau

lost pleiad 1884 by Bouguereau

Accept and release the present

Forgive and release the past. Accept and release the present. Step beyond what you know. Be daring. Be alive. Embrace uncertainty and leap into the unknown and into the mystery of the unknowable. Be patient. Innovation calls for Courageous patience. – Lazaris quote for June 2013

A comment on the contemporary music industry

10 12 2012
Soulman O'Gaia part of a global rEvolutionj

Soulman O’Gaia part of a global rEvolution

Is music finding it’s SOUL?

This post is a reply to Annie’s comment on Big Yellow Taxi and The Quantum Goddess

. . .sometimes as i hear the seemingly endless tide of automatic pop, junk music and disposable pap, I feel we have lost something. To balance that view perhaps we can also consider that there was also a lot of bad music made back then and we now have the luxury of selective listening. Nevertheless . . .it’s undoubtedly true that they’re not making music like they used to. There are certain complexities here that demand a deeper analysis. A laundry list of considerations follows 1) A lot of the great music that we love from that time (the 60s?) was the result of a hard-core commercial music industry. There is a relentless middle-of-the road factor playing out there. 2) The distribution channels for this music were, by today’s standards, limited and tightly controlled so what we are seeing is a very thin slice of possibility 3) Today’s commercial-industrial music is often pretty dire. House music and variants have spread virally into contemporary music so it’s hard to find pop music that hasn’t been robotized 4) There is good and even great music being made today. The advent of the internet and digital recording have brought musical production and global distribution into the reach of every-person. The results are far less tightly controlled than the music industry of the past 5) The profusion of both professional and semi-professional music available on global distribution platforms like Youtube, iTunes, Grooveshark et al means that a lot of music that was not released commercially previously and therefore carrying limited incentive for musicians to produce . . .is now available 6) New classical forms have emerged from contemporary musical culture. Classical meaning simply “excellent” music. Take for example Jazz. There is a lot of truly excellent jazz music being performed in little (and sometimes in BIG) places round the world. Add to this the influences of “world music”. 7) The bigger picture reveals a world in which consumers need to be more conscious, discriminating and aware of who they are being in relation to musical taste and consumption, and where and how they find, discover, share and celebrate and listen.  A great example is the busker or market performer. Just because they are close enough to reach out and touch or to say hello to, doesn’t mean they are not as fabulous as the famous and unreachable. This requires of us that we participate in the adventure of our own lives. If you want to break free of the restrictions the system develop some discrimination and discover what is quite likely in your own backyard. The music game has well and truly changed with more power in the hands of artists and audiences. This seems to be a journey in which we are all being given expanded opportunities and new cultural and personal responsibilities.

Rather than just talk about this as an abstract concept let’s provide an example of what is being said above. There is an excellent musician who goes by the name of Soulman O’Gaia.  Soul along with his beautiful muse and wife Kiora, does the troubadour rounds in Northern NSW and South East Queensland of Australia – out of a well traveled van. You wouldn’t hear him on commercial radio – he doesn’t have a commercial recording contract. Dr Quantum has enjoyed listening to Soul at various markets from Byron Bay to Eumundi. He has also appeared at Woodford and a variety of concerts in this area. Here is a musical treasure. I have heard Soul performing in a little open tent with ten or twelve other gobsmacked punters who were happening by. You can purchase Soul’s CDs at his little market stage for $20, or you can hire him for a private party or function or, and here’s the really amazing intersection to all this . . .you can listen to his music from anywhere in the world, or purchase his CDs online on his website. Soulman O’Gaia official web site.

Resonance Reproductive the Female Physique?

4 09 2012

Calla Lillies by Georgia O’Keeffe


One word says it all really. Vagina. Naomi Wolf is generating a new wave of awareness with a new meme. Granted vagina is not a new word to the English language but when Wolf gets her literary freak on it’s a case of look out world coz here she comes . . . again! So to speak. It was Wolf of course who arrested the attention of not just the literary but indeed also the feminist world with her book The Beauty Myth published in the early ’90s. You may recall it was hailed as a landmark feminist work by no less than Gloria Steinem and Germaine Greer. No mean feat we must imagine. The appearance of ahem . . . Vagina demonstrates on the one hand that the very word still makes many people nervous if not downright neurotic. On the other hand your Quantum detective discerns something stirring in the deeper realms of the great collective psyche with the advent of not just Vagina, but also breast and well . . .Vagina again! If the feminine resonance means anything to ya this is fascinating fare full of fun and flowing symbolism. Perhaps an explanation is in order. Shall we take a walk in the flowering quantum garden with dazzling water feature?

Your Quantum detective couldn’t help but notice that just after the release of Wolfe’s new book Vagina a story appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald concerning a scholarly review on the science of breast biomechanics by University of Wollongong academic Julie Steele.  Given the release of these two literary products being so close together and all they must then have been in production for a considerable period of overlap. And then there’s the little matter of an advertising campaign in this country (Australia) in which the word Vagina was dared used on television. It was simply too much for some. Minds closed. Some positively boggled at the prospects of resultant chaos and disorder while Cardinal Jensen predicted for the third time in a week the fall of Western civilization. Obviously he just hasn’t been paying attention.

But it all means something you see. When the female reproductive organs are just so in the news, in the media and in your head . . it means something. It is of course deeply symbolic. Perhaps the cosmos is ready to give birth to something . . .new. It is after all on everyone’s lips. The lips of those in the know. The lips of the left-wing (read feminine) philosophers of the New Age have been giving birth to a new sound for a while now. It’s time for a change they are saying. Be the Change they say. The time has come they say over and over again. Quite the chant du jour. Let’s see what emerges in the mind of the Quantum Goddess. This should be more than just slightly interesting.

Video embedded below – Bob Dylan – It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) from his 1965 album Bringing It All Back Home, I do not own the song or picture, or have any rights to it. AND PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW – CLICK WHERE IT SAYS COMMENTS! 

Steampunks – Fashion is a Pendant to Essence

23 08 2012

Age of Steam Classic

Transform your reality with the incomparable beauty of the steam engine and the Age of Steam aesthetic

It is hard to imagine anything more beautiful than a steam engine. When viewed from a distance that is. Getting up close and personal with this infernal device would have been far less an exercise in aesthetics if one was actually embedded in the time of their greatest glory. The Victorian era. To frame the steam train primarily as an aesthetic object and not as an example of engineering is to make a great leap, albeit a profound and valuable one.  We shouldn’t be afraid to use the word profound every now and then. It means great, deep or intense. Transforming your entire universe via how you might see a steam train is therefore a profound thing to do; a profound exercise in self-transformation; a profound quantum leap into the future of aesthetic beauty.  This is an act which will find you transiting out of the Iron Age – The Age of Kali. It’s a profound steam train ride that takes you on this journey. Enjoy.

Hence a consideration of the Steampunk genre is nothing if not interesting. Enjoy again.

Steampunk Revolution by Abney Park music video below is included for your delectation

Victorian Era Japanese Prints and the Self

17 08 2012

Classic Japanese Victorian Era Triptych

Genuine Fake Japanese Prints

They just have to be fake. However after quite a bit of searching online there is no definitive answer to this. The source had no attribution. Annoying. So let us assume they are fake – just like the rest of us. Please  . . .let me explain

A fascination with all things Victorian Era a la London and all things English of the period has resulted in stumbling upon these genuine (fake) Japanese prints. Not quite as far out as the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies mashup but surely related. And what’s it all got to do with the quantum and consciousness and the Quantum Goddess and rEvolution and drizzled lime anyway? I was waiting for you to ask.

The thing is this. From the point of view of the enlightened ones, of which we are assured there are some, pretty much everyone you meet has to deal with a certain amount of the illusory nature of being and self-hood. Including of course yourself. That person you see when you look in the mirror everyday is not the real person. Even the materialistic point of view suggests that most of who you are is a set of chemical and light reactions in the brain. There’s nothing really going on out there in the world. You just THINK there is. But once you bring the metaphysical and spiritual into the equation – if you dare! – then the strangeness of  self-identity and beingness is amplified a thousand fold.

Until you reach mastery of self, you will find yourself from time to time, exhibiting as a genuine fake. At those times of exhibition you will feel that the fake you is the real you. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. After all you have to fly your own plane so to speak. But then at other times this inner-sense of there being a fake you and a real you will cause you to have a sense of dissonance about yourself. You will feel that you aren’t quite right and that you want to change. Bravo that’s the process.

Here’s the quantumized suggestion. Simply understand and decide that in the totality of life, the universe and everything – you are OK. But that you are also at a point where you are ready to review who you are being and to evolve, metamorphose and change. That doesn’t make you bad. It just means you are on a journey. This is a process of integration between the fake you who you are now seeing and the you who you would like to become. Each state of YOU has it’s own valence, it’s own validity and it’s own power to focus your consciousness. In other words, each aspect of you will vie for self-hood. Now comes the bit where you have to literally kill off a part of yourself in order to be reborn. But here’s the thing. Instead of doing that in a kind of violent confrontational way . . .

Kali slays the demons

perhaps there is another way to do it. Perhaps there are many ways to do it. But if you feel the need to change yourself . . .then you are probably ready for a metamorphosis of yourself. The caterpillar becoming the butterfly and all that.

Just as the caterpillar spins its cocoon and goes into seclusion . . .so you may wish to go into retreat, close out all the old familiar routines and gestalt and then gestate the new version of yourself in a cocoon. The chrysalis phase of self transformation is of necessity a period of intense processing of internal images of self. Who have you been? Who do you think you are? What values have driven that in the past? What values do you now want to hold in the new operating system. What is the next version of yourself that you choose and desire to become?  All arguments and comments regarding the nature of desire and attachment – please don’t hold back. Comments section below.

The new version of yourself will be the next genuine fake. While you are in this world of illusion and maya, it will always be thus. The old Edo period Japanese wood block prints were the genuine articles. But it’s all art. And life imitates it endlessly. Self, symbol, experience, transformation. That’s what you signed up for when you bought the package tour to planet Earth. Why not enjoy the ride instead of resisting? Go ahead and spin . . .your cocoon.

Japanese Courtesan Woodblock Print

The Horseless Carriage and The Pagan Practices of The Hindu

15 08 2012

A Most Fantastical Invention

Astonishing Futuristic Predictions

An address given to the distinguished members of the Royal Society by Dr Charles Hammersmith on Wednesday night drew unqualified astonishment due to his futuristic predictions of a singularly novel device, to wit, the horseless carriage.  The utterly startling predictions would under normal circumstances have been dismissed as the ravings of a madman should the speaker have been found to be other than the most distinguished Dr Hammersmith. A lively commentary ensued from members of the audience concerning the philosophical implications. There were strong convictions expressed among the distinguished gathering that should any man actually succeed in producing a horseless carriage it would be of absolutely no practical value. This consideration did nothing to dampen the scientific fascination with the concept and it was generally agreed that Dr Hammersmith satisfied his inquisitors as to the veracity of the proposition. Concerning his assertion that heavier than air flight would one day be achieved however it was resoundingly agreed that such a notion would remain firmly in the realm of the fantastical.

The Patented Flying Machine an Impossible Dream

Patented Flying Machine

Ghastly Pagan Practices of The Subcontinent

After a refreshment break in the proceedings a most entertaining account was given by Dr Percival Hollingsworth of the pagan practices of a Hindu sect of the subcontinent. Dr Hollingsworth described to all in detail his anthropological study of a Hindu sect known as the Bal, in which he claimed that adherents were able to achieve such seemingly impossible feats as floating in a manner that defies gravity. Dr Hollingsworth furthermore gave a thoroughgoing account of the practices of the sect leaving none in any doubt as to the ghastly albeit dreadfully interesting pagan practices that had been observed firsthand.

A Swami from the Subcontinent

Iron Horse in The Age of Aesthetics

13 08 2012

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Transcendent Memes

Steam train on platform nine. The announcement reverberated through and beyond. Every fibre of my being screamed in unison. GET YOUR CAMERA OUT and RUN!  . . . Up to the head of the platform.

And suddenly there she was; a wild and rare beast basking in the metropolis. Gleaming in the afternoon sun like a dragon on a high peak. Every rivet rippling; the engineered beauty of the thing. A perfected sculptural statement of the high point of the Age of Kali – a relic, a symbol and an artefact from the Iron Age. Rudolf Steiner said that the Age of Kali ended round about the start of the 20th Century. If this is true then the Iron Horse, represents a kind of apotheosis – a high point – of the investment of humanity in the engineered darkness. The Age of Kali was . . . the age of darkness. We are still exiting, but not quite there yet. Even from our current distance The Iron Age takes on a new and profound beauty. We transcend that darkness and iron so that we may have . . .The Iron Horse in The Age of Aesthetics.

Is this The New Age? Perhaps. A turning point? Most definitely. From the crucifixion to the resurrection. The phase of humanity’s consciousness is changing. We are part of, not just evolution but metamorphosis.  This means we will witness dramatic changes. And haven’t we already? The pace quickens. Aesthetics as pure spiritual and transcendent? Nowadays everything is designed, and designer. The Goddess beckons us to the dance. So what’s it to be? Narcissus or the Goddess? You choose. Undertones, overtones and chordal progressions are singing us to a new song. Memory thou hast the key. Iron Horse take us . . . somewhere over the rainbow. Look at the steam train momma.

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