Giant Step Evolution

3 07 2013
Sign of The Times

Sign of The Times

Collective Evolution -a Firsthand Account

The Quantum Lime Flavoured rEvolution has been witnessing first-hand evidence that humanity may be evolving in ways hitherto unrecognized, unimagined and unrecorded. That is until now. It’s really happening folks. Why just yesterday it was reported that a member of the USA Senate learned to walk upright. Not only that but an Executive at Monsanto used sign language to ask for a banana.  This is giant step evolution at it’s best. To celebrate the best, the bravest and most noteworthy though you really have to look at the Collective Evolution online media portal and the work of one Joe Martino and friends. An article titled The Big Myth “This is How it Has to Be caught my eye. Some finely tuned ideas here on some of my favourite Quantum riffs. Yes you Do create your own reality – as much as some would like to argue that they don’t. To those people we can only say that denial is not a river in Egypt. But far be it from me to harp on the negative. yes I did straighten up and I did fly right. And I learned to accentuate the positive. Now it’s all up to YOU.

A Message from The Tree of Golden Light?

19 11 2012

Tree of Light by Tang Yau Hoong

Searching for some new inspiration these last few days. Watched that excellent film: Across The Universe with all those fabulous sets and Beatles songs (let it Be embedded below) . . . and stumbled across a website called The Tree of Golden light which purports to contain channeled thoughts and words of a a variety of Highly Evolved beings. You may find the following inspirational. You will note reference to “the ascension”. There is a suggestion that some of us are about to be tele-ported off the Earth to a (much) greater level of freedom and fulfillment.  There are a lot of channeled transcripts there if you happen to be curious. Dr Quantum’s Lime Flavoured Revolution does not endorse the idea of ascension specifically in this context. There is also reference to extraterrestrials and the Intergalactic Federation . . . You will have to make up your own mind. Check it out below Source:  Tree of The Golden Light

The old paradigm is collapsing beyond the point where it can be re-established, and we are ready to help you bring the new one into being. Indeed, behind the scenes much has been going on to this end and has advanced quite quickly. We continue to make more appearances in your skies than ever before, and when we can finally commence our flyovers we know they will be well received. We feel that at last you are beginning to relax and accept things as they happen, knowing that all is in order and you will benefit from our assistance which will speed matters up. Whatever is required to take place this side of Ascension will come about as intended.

We wish that your media was released from the grip of those who adulterate your news, often deliberately distorting the facts to mislead you. Also so many laws have been introduced will be changed so that you have more freedom of information, and that no longer will secrecy be allowed as an excuse to hide the truth. The extent to which you have been kept in the dark is way beyond what you suspect, and you will be astonished at what has been developed for your Space programs. With the help of Extraterrestrials amazing advancements have been made in Space travel, as you will learn. Presently quite a few craft you see in your skies are your own, that you have been prevented from knowing about.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and looking forward to the occasion when we can meet you and exchange friendly greetings. You will easily take to us as we are you from a higher level of consciousness. We have so much to share with you, and it will be a wonderful time. Our love freely flows to you at all times.

My Favorite TEDx Talk Down at The Store

14 08 2012

This image might change

Feel Free to Drop by and Shoot The Breeze

Every now and again a friend will send me a TEDx talk and yes, they are always amazing. I have never seen a dull one.

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So i started to wonder . . . what would happen if i searched TEDx for talks, instead of waiting for people to send them to me? What would I find?  This post is now a shopwindow for My Favorite TEDx talk of the moment. And y’know what? The talk in the window will change from time to time – I’m gonna go over to the old video player and change the tape. You are most welcome to drop by the store whenever you like and see what’s playing.  Now . . .feel free to leave a comment. But for now . . .Step up and spin the wheel. (click the screen to play) And if there are any comments supporting a particular talk, then i will add the relevant link to your comment so that readers can find it after it’s been swapped out

Quantum Goddess and The Rise of The Machines

18 07 2012

The Tree of Life

You are so much more than a computer

An article in the  Sydney Morning Herald today – Rise of The Machines July 18, 2012 – starts out straightforwardly enough. But reading further we see that the messenger is indeed a carrier of the very meme-virus he is warning us about. Reduction of  Humans to the level of Machines.

One of the founding engineers of Kaaza and Skype  Jaan Tallin is in Australia warning about the threat that computers pose to the future of humankind. While this is def scary it is certainly nothing new.  After all Sun Microsystems founder Bill Joy caused a storm of controversy when he said the same thing (and with a fair bit more of the desired complexity) in an article in Wired Magazine titled: Why The Future Doesn’t Need Us in April 2000.

So here’s the thing. Anyone who is watching the horizon of humanity’s venture into a future filled with all kinds of possibilities, would well and truly know by now that the Rise of The Machines is one of the biggest threats we face. The line is after all taken from the very popular Terminator series.  But Jaan Tallin gives himself away as a bit a machine head himself. Here’s a quote from the article

“Once you acknowledge that human brains are basically made of atoms and acknowledge that atoms are governed by simple laws of physics then there is no reasoning principle why computers couldn’t do anything that people are doing and we don’t really see any evidence that this is not the case,” said Tallinn.

Oh Boy. Here we go again. Well Mr Tallin, it seems that you have in one simple statement reduced the human-being to the machine-being. Admittedly when you say that human brains are basically made of atoms, this is ambiguous. But you have not suggested anywhere that human beings might have souls. The implication of your statement is rather to the contrary. And this you see is the real problem. For there is something that machines can’t do that human beings can do and that is to create miracles.

One of the greatest observers of the human condition in our written history – Rodolf Steiner – has advanced arguments since the early part of the 20th Century that there are three basic forces that shape human evolution. These are 1) The Christos 2) The Luciferic and 3) Ahrimanic (what we think of today as Satan). Contrary to the fundamentalist Christian doctrine the Luciferic and the Ahrimanic should not be  considered as merely evil per se. Apparently their influence represents a point of evolution at which humanity overcomes evil and transcends it. The “evil” forces have their part to play in human spiritual evolution.  The problem arises when they get out of balance in human affairs. As they are trying to do today.

According to the Steiner school of thought which supports an enlightened and loving type of Christian or Gnostic occultism called Anthroposophy . . .the Ahrimanic Forces are active wherever we see people attempting to reduce the human being to the level of atoms and nothing more. This point of view has more or less ruled most academic and scientific thought for the past hundred years or so. It has produced a level of thinking in the halls of our most learned establishments which is pretty much on track for the kind of future that Hitler had planned for human kind. Enslavement, suppression, destruction and human lives lacking in any kind of dignity. This is the materialist, reductionist path. Jaan Tallin is right to fear it. The irony is that he is now representing it with his statements.

This is the paradoxical nature of affairs that we have come to. And furthermore one risks ridicule from the powers that be when one speaks out for the truth that the Christos represents because many powerful and learned people presume to know that which they do not. This is defined as arrogance.

A brilliant book which was 20 years in the making, explains how our “left hemisphere” brain thinking has come to dominate the world-view of academics and scientists. You can read a coherent and concise description of this Quantum-Goddess work (better than a master-work!) on the following link.The book’s title is The Master and his Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World Thanks to and courtesy of The Scientific and Medical Network. And thanks to the comment by Jan (see Comments this post) – for sharing this information.

So where does the Quantum Goddess come into all of this? Well according to the Steiner school and others besides, modern day Christianity has more or less lost the feminine aspect of the Divine and consequently has more or less lost the plot. The feminine aspect is referred to as The Divine Sophia. Now, you don’t have to engage in Medieval Worship routines to honor and bring that energy into your life. What you CAN start doing is to move away from mechanistic and reductionist levels of thinking and behaviours. This enslaves the human spirit.

Start treating each person, plant and animal with respect, consideration and an in-the-moment consciousness of love that honors the intimacy of every moment. You see, machines are incapable of that. And when you honor the intimacy of every moment, you are by definition not being arrogant, you are now being truly humble, because you are seeing every moment as being the brand new moment of creation that it is. Here’s a nice little prayer to Sophia from Sophis Goddess of Wisdom by Katia Romanoff.

The Hail Sophia

Hail Sophia, filled with Light, the Christ is with thee. Blessed art thou among the Aeons and blessed is the liberator of thy Light, Jesus. Holy Sophia, Mother of all Gods, pray to the Light for us thy children, now and in the hour of our death, Amen.

You can say it without having to feel foolish and yes it will invoke the very electronic and sub-atomic presence of the Quantum Goddess. That’s because the magic is in YOU. Of course. The Atom Heart Mother is in you and you are in her. Change can happen instantly. Growth takes forever.  Re the video below . . I tried to find something worthwhile on the Divine Sophia on Youtube. Maybe i didn’t look hard enough. This is an excellent production that ties together Quantum Theory, Sacred Geometry and the very relevant information relating to the suppression of the feminine. A must see production for our times.

Chaos, Consciousness and Recipes For Love

18 04 2012

Let Your LOVE Flow

The recipe for LOVE is to BE LOVING

The thing is, we live in the most interesting of times. On the back-end of legendary calamities . . .we’re talking two World Wars and a PEACE that has seen an average of . . .is it really an average of sixty wars going on around the planet at any one time within the last fifty years? Planet Earth is apparently not for the faint-hearted. Humans have also waged heavy duty industrialized warfare on entire species of plants and animals. We are doing a very good job of this. Our blitzkrieg scorched-Earth destruction of the flora and fauna has a terrifying aspect of unconscious darkness about it. We must consider that we humans are going through a kind of spiritual emergency – literally an emergence – the birth of something. But what?

Looking back on our recorded and not just recent history it is easy to conclude that there has been a certain stuckness, and a certain intransigence to our waywardness. The power of our destructive and self-destructive ways have had a savage intensity. The overwhelming question we must now ask ourselves is. . .are we ready? Are we ready for LOVE? This is not something we can foist on others. The real revolution MUST occur at the personal level of awareness and consciousness FIRST for it to have any meaning in the wider domain. So how does that happen?

The recipe for LOVE is to BE LOVING. But how do you do that? Perhaps there are a couple of simple things to be aware of. And then there are some complex ones for the multi-dimensionaly inclined – a kind of  ten dimensional Chess aspect to it. For why would LOVE want to limit itself? But you if you start with the achievable and let success self-organise from there – that’s probably the right path.

In the age of Chaos and revolution -which we are most definitely in – the simple stable datum that you can hold to by which all other things can suddenly make sense is this. Sovereign Self-Love and all embracing care. Just decide that you get to decide if LOVE is going to be present or not . . .and then do love. It’s not really that important if you’re a minute or two late, or if you get served a few minutes after the other person. If you stop and give small change to the busker it’s OK. People will not look at you and think you are weak. For having the presence of mind and the character to stop and GIVE is strength – NOT weakness. Extending little civilised courtesies as you go about your busy life is a nice LOVE generator to put into your daily LIFE. And in the ways of CHAOS that moment to moment LOVE you give will not die but it will be reborn and expand out a thousand fold. This . . .THIS in the age of CHAOS and revolution can be enacted with religious integrity and tap into your own infinite potential and power to GIVE LOVE and to BE LOVE. This in essence is what Post-post modernism looks like. This from a classical perspective is what the much vaunted New Age is all about. The recipe for LOVE is to BE LOVING

What if doing all that giving makes me angry . . .at some point? Then write about your anger on a piece of paper. Express your anger legitimately, burn the piece of paper (make sure it’s a safe action) and keep going with the religion of LOVE. These are simple things. To GIVE, RESPOND and RESPECT. We haven’t reached any kind of deep and meaningful trust here yet. The key is commitment, perseverance. Stay anonymous. Don’t expect any reward, and like the advertisement says . . .JUST DO IT! Moment to moment, day to day .  .Love. You will find that THIS is a truly revolutionary act.   The recipe for LOVE is to BE LOVING

a LIME flaVouRED rEvolution Pt 4

20 03 2012

Today I Will Hug a Few Trees

Today I will hug a few trees . . . and send extra happy greetings to the Space People in the cloud above the backyard pool in which stands  . . .both erect and pregnant . . . the sword of The Lady OF the Lake.

I worry about the chlorine though. How’s that lady doing down there I wonder? Maybe i should take her some tea and biscuits? And what happens to tea and biscuits when you submerge them in a swimming pool?  I am sure you can begin to appreciate some of the logistical problems involved in having The Lady of The Lake in your swimming pool. Yes, it’s tough. Should I ask for your guilt? Your shame?  NO! Just keep dancing dangerously close to the water, dance to the Samba Rhythms – boom boom boom-boom-boom. We just might get a chance to grab that sword. Anyone can do it. But first (now don’t laugh) you will have to walk on the water. I know, I know. There’s no faking this of course. We have cameras set up all over the place so the water walker(s) will be filmed. THEN . . .you need to get the sword. But, good news! It’s not nearly as hard as it sounds. Come on over for the party and we will share delicious secrets. This is after all The Age of The Woolworths Buddha. Oh God I think I’ve done it again. Call my frickin agent! And what about those space people? Don’t worry! They know what to do. Note to self: Today I Will Hug a Few Trees

The Ethical Vegetarian

18 11 2011

If Love was a Spiritual Bond . . .

What Would The World be Like?

If Love was a spiritual bond, what would the world be like? Got chatting with a lady on the bus home this week and she tells me her daughter Alexandra is turning 21 on the weekend and she is an Ethical Vegetarian . Alexandra first of all . . . happy birthday! You are symbolically entering adulthood right at the time when a planetary world you happen to be living on has just reached a humanoid population of seven billion and counting. Dr Quantum is forced to ask the question: if more people followed your example what would the world be like?

If you live to the projected norm for women in Australia, which is now 82.5 years – then as you go through your life your actions will cause many, many people to think; will force them to stop and consider the effects and longer term outcomes of their actions from an ethical standpoint. The ripples you create on a daily basis will become part of the reforming and re-balancing of this planet. Unlike a Hollywood movie or a Fundamentalist Extremist organization you will achieve all of this without guns and without strapping bombs to yourself. You will do it with the most powerful transformative quantum tools available – joy, truth, vision, wisdom, courage, compassion, patience and choice.

This is truly The Dawning of the Age of Humanity and you are one of the quantum butterflies of joyous transformations. Note the use of the plural – TRANSFORMATIONS. The fractal nature of your multidimensional being means there will be many transformations. We must ask ourselves if everyone on this tiny Blue Pearl, this 4th Orb in our solar system, if everyone joined you in your menu selections – what would the world be like?

There is certainly no Quantumized intention here that anyone should feel guilty about their own meat eating. It is fondly imagined that the aim of our evolutionary arc at this time is to become conscious about our choices. Admittedly this may be hard work at times. Look . . .vegetarianism is now included in the program of the Festival of Dangerous Ideas. The simple fact of the matter is that a vegetarian diet is more sustainable in purely utilitarian terms. But life’s not just about utilitarianism. These are the days of miracle and wonder to quote poet and musician Paul Simon. I once saw a guy with a whole bunch of Yippies at the Colour Parade in Victoria Park (next to Sydney Uni) with a sign that said Evolve Already! Ahhhhh yes . . .a world in a grain of sand.

Practical transcendence means not getting caught up in the martyr-hood of the particular form which we choose for the expression of our idealism. Judge not lest ye be judged . . . for in a cartoon world such as the one in which we live – all have fallen short of the glory of Superman and Wonder Woman. So Alexandra, one word of free advice . . . if you ever find yourself wanting to attack someone with a pork chop or a sausage because they happen to be eating one then you’ve probably lost the plot. Attack with nothing more deadly than a wet tea-bag and the harshest penalty will probably be a suspended sentence. You must understand that this constitutes excellent advice for the forward journey. Apart from that . . .you go girl! Now if everyone would simply relax, have a nice hot cuppa and teach by example then . . . what would the world be like?

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