The Sobering Global Reality

9 02 2014
Would you pay more to make Trade FAIR?

Would you pay more to make Trade FAIR?

The Forces Shaping Our World

If you have not been getting depressed lately then maybe you just have not been paying attention. There is so much to be depressed about. In which case you might feel the seductive downward pull of melancholy. Perhaps there is a mysterious feeling of sadness lurking out in the wilderness stalking you, waiting . . .ready to claim you at a moments notice. Lurking . . .waiting. Till finally, like the evil SLIME in a B-grade movie it drags you down into subterranean depths, into the underworld. Perhaps even into Neptune’s world, into the subaquatic realm of deep dark and horrible feelings. And maybe . . . maybe, that’s not such a bad thing after all because let’s face it: there is actually plenty to be depressed about. And a warning: this is not one of those pieces of propaganda you see plastered all over the toilets of the Western World or bobbing up on the telly giving you a hotline number to call if you feel depressed. Managing depression has it’s place, but this is not one of those places. And you can be assured of this: There is HOPE. Real hope.

It will not here be proposed that the depressing reality is merely a chemical imbalance in the brain that some neurological doctor of reductionism can address by introducing a new poison into your brain. There now! It will all be better soon. Really? Honestly? Such bullshit.  It seems that so often the best that the medical fraternity aim for is that you will settle enough so that the problem goes away. As if we are three year old children that need to be put to bed, to be made unconscious. Thanks, but no thanks.

Ah yes feelings. Feelings! Those messy and fluid blobs of pulsating and very human energy that can not be forever avoided. Even if you want to. You may at times, find yourself standing on the metaphorical cliffs of your own isolation and loneliness and look into that sea of  seething and unregulated emotion wondering if your are brave enough to dip your toe in the water much less to jump in. You may at this point of contemplation feel an urge to run away. Or even take yourself off the game-board. Yes it certainly does happen. Or you may in defeat want to scurry back into the video game. Back to the television. Back to the bottle. Back to the fun-parlour. Back to the sex doll, or sex person. But as the Alcoholics Anonymous peeps will tell you, it will probably be necessary to hit rock bottom before you are ready to change.   But here’s the thing: it isn’t actually necessary to hit rock bottom. You can can simply decide to change. A radical proposition admittedly but there it is. So sue me. Yes, it can be done through choice. You can simply look at the “what-is” of your life and fess up. I did it! Just own the whole damn thing. And after making a thorough inventory of all the shit stuff . . .you then get to decide what you want to do about it.

Simply existing as an anaesthetized member of an unconscious civilization will not bring you any joy, or any real pleasure and certainly no fulfilment. Those things are all off the list. Surfing the mall for distractions will leave you feeling empty. Honestly . . .As you cruised past all those retail outlets offering all that cheap and even overpriced stuff, did you spare a thought for the people who exist in grinding poverty in slave-like conditions to bring you your pink satin panties? Your iPhone cover? Your new set of dumb-bells? Your cross-fit lycra gold lame tank top by Designer fitness pro Desmondo (made in Bangladesh)? Cheap t-Shirts. Overpriced stonewash jeans. A baby’s arm holding an apple. Now go be happy and shut the fuck up.

It’s no wonder you’re depressed. You should be. There is no simple way out. The truth is that us Westerners can be just as trapped as those in sweatshops. We’re all slaves it seems. And the competitive genes of the world’s poor are striving to get their kids into better education and higher paid jobs so that one day they can come to your country and take the best jobs from your kids. This is not a racist rant. And I wish it were’t true. But the way things are, it’s more than just a little bit true. We humans may have invented a bunch of technology that makes it ever easier to rape the Earth and produce ever more stuff, but it seems that sadly, we are a long way from being truly civilized.

So start crying. Really. If there IS something that can change the world it’s people getting in touch with their feelings. For it is not possible to engage with the authenticity we need to affect REAL change, from the place of narcissistic avoidance, perpetual numbness and proactive insanity. You just get more of the same. And you see , , ,this IS the Apocalypse. We are living through it. What does it mean? Apocalypse? Though I have noticed that most references to this truer definition have been whitewashed lately. Funny thing . . .  It means a lifting of the veil of secrecy and lies in a time of evil and corruption. Honestly. Seen the news lately? By that definition The Apocalypse is in full swing. And you need to make it your own. Start to get in touch with your own dark feelings, of sadness, of regrets or remorse. Spill the beans. About yourself. To YOURSELF. And when you’re done look out into the world and see with brutal clarity the BEAST of Revelations in fully exposed ugly mode. LOOK at the corruption of the world, and start weeping. You can change, but it’s not going to happen from the place of  hiding, of avoidance, of chosen ignorance and of endless addictions. Get clean. Get free. It’s time. Change.

You see, it’s not actually as bad as it seems and at the same time it’s far worse. That is the paradox of course. Far worse? Well . . .you may have been listening to all those crazy conspiracy theories on-line and in your face saying all this terrible stuff. Who do you believe? What is actually going on? If you need any inspiration you can do a search on Building 7. There’s a case in point. How . . .the fuck . . .did it fall down? This is the question that many highly qualified people are asking. No answers from the US administration. No secret societies have put up their hand to admit complicity. What a surprise. And while you’re at it remember the worlds of Adolph Hitler. In the game of mass psychology, control and dominance, it is useful to tell a BIG lie. A lie so monstrous that people would refuse to believe it. Building 7.

So how should you make your way in a world of greed, corruption, anxiety, depression, evil and lies? It’s a good question. First confront your own corruption and lack of moral fibre. Feel your feelings about how you FEEL about such a breach of trust with yourself. Own it. And take your time. Give yourself more than a minute on this. THEN .. .FORGIVE YOURSELF. And then decide that you want to change. It’s the authentic decision that will lead you out of the labrynth.

There is an old Chinese saying. You should not fear making slow progress. Fear only making no progress. Stagnation really is death. You need to get committed to your own LOVE actions. State of being. Open heart meditation. LOVE of God however you conceive him/her to be. Get committed to yourself. Doing the REAL thing may seem odd at first. It seems we have all become so comfortable with the LIE that to live in the truth can feel a bit odd once you decide to get to it. A bit weird. Hey! Just do it. You could make up a list of authentic actions, projects, stances, behaviours, consumer choices, habits. thought patterns, friends, groups . . .songs to sing . . . and just schedule in things on the list. There would be no room for anything else. Turn off the bloody telly! In fact there is a new word doing the rounds: Voluntourism. Look that one up. Getting un-fucked is a job of work to be sure. But as an evil communist dictator once said. The journey of a Thousand Miles begins with a single step. Hang on! That wasn’t an evil Communist dictator who said that. It was Lao Tsu – a wise man. Strange how these things go.

If you need any inspiration to more deeply feel and understand the global perspective there are few more enlightening or sober reflections available than from the lips of the President of Uruguay – Jose Mujica as he addresses the United Nations 2013

Quantum Goddess and The Rise of The Machines

18 07 2012

The Tree of Life

You are so much more than a computer

An article in the  Sydney Morning Herald today – Rise of The Machines July 18, 2012 – starts out straightforwardly enough. But reading further we see that the messenger is indeed a carrier of the very meme-virus he is warning us about. Reduction of  Humans to the level of Machines.

One of the founding engineers of Kaaza and Skype  Jaan Tallin is in Australia warning about the threat that computers pose to the future of humankind. While this is def scary it is certainly nothing new.  After all Sun Microsystems founder Bill Joy caused a storm of controversy when he said the same thing (and with a fair bit more of the desired complexity) in an article in Wired Magazine titled: Why The Future Doesn’t Need Us in April 2000.

So here’s the thing. Anyone who is watching the horizon of humanity’s venture into a future filled with all kinds of possibilities, would well and truly know by now that the Rise of The Machines is one of the biggest threats we face. The line is after all taken from the very popular Terminator series.  But Jaan Tallin gives himself away as a bit a machine head himself. Here’s a quote from the article

“Once you acknowledge that human brains are basically made of atoms and acknowledge that atoms are governed by simple laws of physics then there is no reasoning principle why computers couldn’t do anything that people are doing and we don’t really see any evidence that this is not the case,” said Tallinn.

Oh Boy. Here we go again. Well Mr Tallin, it seems that you have in one simple statement reduced the human-being to the machine-being. Admittedly when you say that human brains are basically made of atoms, this is ambiguous. But you have not suggested anywhere that human beings might have souls. The implication of your statement is rather to the contrary. And this you see is the real problem. For there is something that machines can’t do that human beings can do and that is to create miracles.

One of the greatest observers of the human condition in our written history – Rodolf Steiner – has advanced arguments since the early part of the 20th Century that there are three basic forces that shape human evolution. These are 1) The Christos 2) The Luciferic and 3) Ahrimanic (what we think of today as Satan). Contrary to the fundamentalist Christian doctrine the Luciferic and the Ahrimanic should not be  considered as merely evil per se. Apparently their influence represents a point of evolution at which humanity overcomes evil and transcends it. The “evil” forces have their part to play in human spiritual evolution.  The problem arises when they get out of balance in human affairs. As they are trying to do today.

According to the Steiner school of thought which supports an enlightened and loving type of Christian or Gnostic occultism called Anthroposophy . . .the Ahrimanic Forces are active wherever we see people attempting to reduce the human being to the level of atoms and nothing more. This point of view has more or less ruled most academic and scientific thought for the past hundred years or so. It has produced a level of thinking in the halls of our most learned establishments which is pretty much on track for the kind of future that Hitler had planned for human kind. Enslavement, suppression, destruction and human lives lacking in any kind of dignity. This is the materialist, reductionist path. Jaan Tallin is right to fear it. The irony is that he is now representing it with his statements.

This is the paradoxical nature of affairs that we have come to. And furthermore one risks ridicule from the powers that be when one speaks out for the truth that the Christos represents because many powerful and learned people presume to know that which they do not. This is defined as arrogance.

A brilliant book which was 20 years in the making, explains how our “left hemisphere” brain thinking has come to dominate the world-view of academics and scientists. You can read a coherent and concise description of this Quantum-Goddess work (better than a master-work!) on the following link.The book’s title is The Master and his Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World Thanks to and courtesy of The Scientific and Medical Network. And thanks to the comment by Jan (see Comments this post) – for sharing this information.

So where does the Quantum Goddess come into all of this? Well according to the Steiner school and others besides, modern day Christianity has more or less lost the feminine aspect of the Divine and consequently has more or less lost the plot. The feminine aspect is referred to as The Divine Sophia. Now, you don’t have to engage in Medieval Worship routines to honor and bring that energy into your life. What you CAN start doing is to move away from mechanistic and reductionist levels of thinking and behaviours. This enslaves the human spirit.

Start treating each person, plant and animal with respect, consideration and an in-the-moment consciousness of love that honors the intimacy of every moment. You see, machines are incapable of that. And when you honor the intimacy of every moment, you are by definition not being arrogant, you are now being truly humble, because you are seeing every moment as being the brand new moment of creation that it is. Here’s a nice little prayer to Sophia from Sophis Goddess of Wisdom by Katia Romanoff.

The Hail Sophia

Hail Sophia, filled with Light, the Christ is with thee. Blessed art thou among the Aeons and blessed is the liberator of thy Light, Jesus. Holy Sophia, Mother of all Gods, pray to the Light for us thy children, now and in the hour of our death, Amen.

You can say it without having to feel foolish and yes it will invoke the very electronic and sub-atomic presence of the Quantum Goddess. That’s because the magic is in YOU. Of course. The Atom Heart Mother is in you and you are in her. Change can happen instantly. Growth takes forever.  Re the video below . . I tried to find something worthwhile on the Divine Sophia on Youtube. Maybe i didn’t look hard enough. This is an excellent production that ties together Quantum Theory, Sacred Geometry and the very relevant information relating to the suppression of the feminine. A must see production for our times.

Australian Egg Corporation Supports Animal Torture, Cheats Consumers

15 04 2012

This is what 20,000 chooks a hectare looks like

The Greatness of a Nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated – Gandhi

The Australian Egg Corporation has just announced that they will support the mass torture of Chickens with the intention of hoodwinking the Australian public. Funnily enough they represent the interests of the big egg producers. James Kellaway the Corporation’s Managing Director is determined to sign off on the new standard which will enable the intense factory farming of 20,000 birds per hectare to be called “free range” – SMH April 15th Farmers Crack The Free Range Code. In fact Mr Kellawy admits that one in three eggs labeled Free Range currently come from chooks farmed in greater numbers that 20,000 per hectare.

We can only imagine that Mr Kellaway is a suit wearing man because if you’re going to administer and justify the mass torture of  animals and then attempt to defraud the Australian public in the process you probably need to be wearing a suit to get away with it. This is a fine example of corporate Fascism. Governance should be for the protection of humane and ethical standards, not to enable the maximisation of profits at the expense of the fair treatment of animals. When the interests of Government and Big Business merge. That’s called Fascism. This is the worst of Corporatism. It’s factory farming Nazism with the Chooks as victims. Bottom line: You can absolutely not trust the label Free Range anymore, you will have to look for the stamp of the Free Range Farmers Association or the Free range Egg and Poultry Association of Australia or when you are purchasing from a growers or farmers market be sure that the person selling the eggs can describe the conditions that the chooks live in. That would be one small step for a man one giant leap for the chooks.

You see there is a problem for the big egg producers. Australian consumers have been increasingly deciding that they would prefer eating ethical eggs, that is eggs that come from Free Range chooks. What Free Range was always supposed to mean is that that the chooks get to Range or Roam Freely on pastures thus enjoying a relatively happy existence. But you see the Egg Corporation supports the profits of big egg producing interests who don’t mind consigning an animal to a lifetime of torture as long as they can make a buck out of it. It costs more to produce eggs if you’re going to give the birds room to roam. Ergo it costs less if you can squeeze them in tight. Solution? Just redefine what is a Free Range chook. A very corporate solution to problem solving. Just call the problem something else. It’s not intense factory farming which is a form of animal torture. Hey presto! It’s Free Range.

Enter the ethically minded and caring small farmer types and the Free Range Farming Association. They long ago lobbied and won the right to call their more ethically produced eggs Free Range. But this started encroaching on the profits of the big producers whose sole aim is to maximise profits. So they moved the goal posts to enable the big producers to call a chook that’s stuffed into a fairly tiny space a Free Range chook. This deception has been going on for a while now. And since the big producers have managed to get away with it for so long they have decided to go the last mile and just claim the Free Range title – for marketing purposes you must understand – and apply it to the appaling condition of 20,000 chooks per hectare. The Greatness of a Nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated – Gandhi

Listen to the whispering wind with Moby and Nature video below


20 03 2012

Money Will Mysteriously Appear in Your Bank Account

There is a general feeling among the citizenry of the world that it is time for Lime

There is a general feeling among the citizenry of the world that it is time for a refreshing change. The time has come. This is a Lime Flavoured Revolution. Make no mistake. There is nothing as powerful as a LIME FLAVOURED REVOLUTION whose time has come. But remember – Cherry is already taken. Lime is the go. You don’t want to be disappointed when you finally get to the ice cream counter and the guy just looks at you as if in a dream and says in kinda slow motion  . . .CHERRY HAS BEEN EATEN BY THE ZWORgS. And then the floor opens up and you are swallowed as you slide down a chute into the frozen vacuum of black space screaming . . .

Except you you can’t scream because there is no air in the vacuum of space and you wake up screaming but not being able to scream. In a heavy sweat. You can avoid ALL THAT by just letting the guy know you want the LIME. The beautiful LIME. Mmmmmmm Lime Yummy.  It’s Dr Quantum’s Lime fLAVOURED Revolution and it is . . .tasty and zesty and VERY cool. The Lime Flavoured Revolution is your friend in need. Oh Kay! In fact if you say the words: Dr Quantum’s Lime Revolution three times there is a 90% chance that money will appear in your bank account. Bizarre but true.There is a general feeling among the citizenry of the world that it is time for Lime

Carbon – The Most Beautiful Molecule?

13 12 2011

Carbon is the Celebrity Atom

Carbon is the celebrity atom and molecule of the 21st Century. Everybody seems to be talking carbon at the moment. We are going 2C the carbon molecule C60 in different outfits strolling down the molecular red carpet. Murdoch’s lackey’s and hangers on of the press will be there lapping up every saucy detail of carbon’s latest trysts. Carbon was seen arm in arm with Patsy Polymer at a night club in Rome. Carbon rumoured to be having an affair with a heavy metal group. Woo woo kinky carbon!.

Carbon may be clogging up the atmosphere right now but overexposure doesn’t seem to have tarnished Carbon’s super star celebrity status. She is a wild whirlwind of plastic power and her story’s just begun. To understand the importance of this concept you would be well advised to acquire a copy of Hugh Aldersley-Williams’ great book: The Most Beautiful Molecule – copies avail on Amazon used from 16c – yes it’s like getting it free, but you still gotta pay for postage.

Here’s the thing . . .the carbon C60 molecule was discovered in the 1980’s and named after Buckminster Fuller – the guy who reprised the geodesic dome etc. Major counter culture icon – fondly AKA Bucky.And because the C60 is basically the shape of a geodesic which is kinda like a soccer ball . . .well they named these things after Bucky. Bucky Balls and variations – Fullerenes.

Carbon nanoballs resemble soccerballs

Soccerball image courtesy Visual Paradox

In the 1990’s according to Aldersley-Williams ninety percent of all chemical papers written were about Carbon C60. It was one of THE big scientific breakthroughs of the late 20th century. Rudolf Steiner from earlier in the 20th Century, tells us that Carbon is the great plastic synthesiser which is why its used by nature as a basic building block for all organic life. Now in the relatively newly discovered form of carbon C60 – we can synthesise super strength materials that have the hardness of diamond and the lightness of plastic. The combinations are also endless so enterprising types have no need to get bored playing with carbon. Party!!! Turns out Carbon is the power social networker of the periodic table. Once again it’s not so much what you know as who you know, and carbon knows everyone – or is a very serious social climber. Perhaps both.

But if carbon is the celebrity atom apparently she is going to shock the world by hanging around a lot more with trashy types found in garbage dumps. Once this crowd of flotsam and jetsam have been to rehab carbon’s manager is going to get her together with them and form a new super group. It seems most of our construction and material supplies will inevitably come from synthesized combinations of carbon. Raw materials supplied via the molecules buried in garbage dumps and elsewhere. But where is all the carbon going to come from?

When more entrepreneurs wake up to Carbon’s celebrity atom status her carousing days may be short-lived. Instead of running wild with Oxygen and Nitrogen she will be told she has to grow up. Money making industrialists and entrepreneurs will capture her at point of coal burning from power stations. . .in fact they may choose to bypass this stage altogether when they realize that burning coal is an exercise in stupidity and  . . .here’s the kicker coal is more valuable as a building product raw material par excellence. Ditto for oil. Come on Carbon you superstar! Time to wake up and smell the coffee!  Forget about these grungy coal power gigs. There are bigger plans for you. Just don’t tell anyone. It’s a marvelous night for a Moondance.


The Ethical Vegetarian

18 11 2011

If Love was a Spiritual Bond . . .

What Would The World be Like?

If Love was a spiritual bond, what would the world be like? Got chatting with a lady on the bus home this week and she tells me her daughter Alexandra is turning 21 on the weekend and she is an Ethical Vegetarian . Alexandra first of all . . . happy birthday! You are symbolically entering adulthood right at the time when a planetary world you happen to be living on has just reached a humanoid population of seven billion and counting. Dr Quantum is forced to ask the question: if more people followed your example what would the world be like?

If you live to the projected norm for women in Australia, which is now 82.5 years – then as you go through your life your actions will cause many, many people to think; will force them to stop and consider the effects and longer term outcomes of their actions from an ethical standpoint. The ripples you create on a daily basis will become part of the reforming and re-balancing of this planet. Unlike a Hollywood movie or a Fundamentalist Extremist organization you will achieve all of this without guns and without strapping bombs to yourself. You will do it with the most powerful transformative quantum tools available – joy, truth, vision, wisdom, courage, compassion, patience and choice.

This is truly The Dawning of the Age of Humanity and you are one of the quantum butterflies of joyous transformations. Note the use of the plural – TRANSFORMATIONS. The fractal nature of your multidimensional being means there will be many transformations. We must ask ourselves if everyone on this tiny Blue Pearl, this 4th Orb in our solar system, if everyone joined you in your menu selections – what would the world be like?

There is certainly no Quantumized intention here that anyone should feel guilty about their own meat eating. It is fondly imagined that the aim of our evolutionary arc at this time is to become conscious about our choices. Admittedly this may be hard work at times. Look . . .vegetarianism is now included in the program of the Festival of Dangerous Ideas. The simple fact of the matter is that a vegetarian diet is more sustainable in purely utilitarian terms. But life’s not just about utilitarianism. These are the days of miracle and wonder to quote poet and musician Paul Simon. I once saw a guy with a whole bunch of Yippies at the Colour Parade in Victoria Park (next to Sydney Uni) with a sign that said Evolve Already! Ahhhhh yes . . .a world in a grain of sand.

Practical transcendence means not getting caught up in the martyr-hood of the particular form which we choose for the expression of our idealism. Judge not lest ye be judged . . . for in a cartoon world such as the one in which we live – all have fallen short of the glory of Superman and Wonder Woman. So Alexandra, one word of free advice . . . if you ever find yourself wanting to attack someone with a pork chop or a sausage because they happen to be eating one then you’ve probably lost the plot. Attack with nothing more deadly than a wet tea-bag and the harshest penalty will probably be a suspended sentence. You must understand that this constitutes excellent advice for the forward journey. Apart from that . . .you go girl! Now if everyone would simply relax, have a nice hot cuppa and teach by example then . . . what would the world be like?

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