Earthship Inventor Captures Sustainable Audience

27 02 2012

Michael Reynolds - Legend of Sustainable Design

Earthships are coming

Michael Reynolds the legendary Earthship inventor, designer and architectural change agent extraordinaire has been presenting in Australia. It was a joyous experience to meet the legend in person and witness his presentation on EarthShips at the Maleny RSL on the weekend. EarthShips have been something of a Quantumized fascination for Yours Truly since sometime in the late 20th Century.  Online research on leading edge sustainable building design resulted in stumbling upon the Earthships warming up on the runway  getting ready for take off. It seems they have certainly been hurtling down the tarmac since then and can now be seen flying about the skies of Australia, USA, France, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Scotland and the list goes on.  Earthships are coming

A colleague recently quipped “well he’s not Corbusier”. I must say I could only agree. Correct, he’s not Corbusier . . .because he’s Michael Reynolds! True he doesn’t wear natty suits and Bow Ties. Michael Reynolds is not a Prada Spectacles wearing hipster of Urban Cool architectural Nouvea Minimalism in sleek. He’s much, much more than that. Apologies to all you Prada wearing Hipsters. I am sure you are all very nice people. No offence. Truly so.  But let’s get it straight. A mane of unkempt grey hair, stubbly beard, rugged jeans and unimposing personal style has absolutely zero bearing on what’s going on with a person on the inside. Earthships are coming

Michael Reynolds is right up there with the greatest architects of all time. In Dr Quantum’s book he is more relevant than Le Corbusier, as much a visionary as Frank Lloyd Wright, and every bit the urban hero as Denise Scott Brown.  To understand something of the importance of his contribution and the truly evolutionary nature of his form – Biotechture, there will be more about Earthships here soon. Dr Quantum is having an Earthships moment. In fact we are going to make this an Earthships Decade and plans are underway for an Earthships Century.  Now if you like the idea of radical Sustainable building you’re going to love this instant video Title: Grandma Builds an Earthship for $1.99 USD > click here.  You can see the documentary The Garbage Warrior from Amazon available at Step With Life > click here – or purchase his books about EarthShips and Biotechture at great prices > click here. Check it out. Earthships are coming

Dr Quantum has posted a number of times on the topic of EarthShips

Earthships Underpants and The Garbage Warrior. and

Earthships Dreaming – Confessions of a Technoyourt Wannabe to name just two previous posts on these pages. Earthships are coming

Earth Ships, Underpants and The Garbage Warrior

7 05 2011

Michael Reynolds Earth Ships: The Garbage Warrior

Earth Ships are a revolution in sustainable housing; it is a remarkable sustainable building concept that was forged in the mind and in the creative architectural play pen of a remarkable man, one Michael Reynolds AKA The Garbage Warrior. We do have him to thank for giving birth to something which has both enormous creative and design appeal AND is a hugely practical solution to a very real problem.  That practical breakthrough is: Sustainable, affordable housing which can be aesthetically appealing. In addition there is the roundness factor. Earth Ships have round bits in them and allow for a fair bit of organic bumpiness without falling into the abyss of abysmally under-developed.


Dr Quantum has been getting much feedback and interest in a subject that was touched on briefly in a recent blog: EarthShip Dreaming – Confessions of a Techno-Yurt Wannabe. So i thought it might be of interest to both regular readers and to the many who visit these pages from all over the world via the amazing power of search engines (a term that didn’t exist in the general vocabulary 20 years ago). It seems that EarthShips are taking off, powered by the Quantum Search Engine Warp Drive – think about it.

There are half a dozen online resource links provided at the bottom of this post. Yes folks it’s an Earthship Quantum Search Engine Warpdrive for modern lovers.

TO learn more about Earthships there are plenty of on-line resources. One thing that Dr Quantum highly recommends is a DVD movie about Michael Reynolds and his journey to have the Earthship building concept and output accepted by the State Legislature of New Mexico USA. The movie DVD is called The Garbage Warrior and is both informative and enormously entertaining. You will learn a lot about the man and his building passion. He doesn’t call it architecture by the way he prefers the term Biotechture.

For Michael Reynolds the journey has also included what can only be described as a remarkable contribution to empowering people in developing countries to rebuild after natural disasters like the 2004 Asian Tsunami. The guy is a genuine global Eco Hero. Bards and wandering minstrels  will be singing songs about him in a thousand years.  You’ll see.

One of the things I really love about Earthships and Micheal Reynolds‘ concept is that it has now been clearly demonstrated that you can build your own affordable, sustainable housing solution out of recycled materials (AKA Garbage). Once built, Earthships have the potential for a high sale and re-sale value. This all depends on how nice it looks and how well built it was in the first place.  Just like other more conventional houses. The added benefit is that Earthships can be completely off-grid. Yes folks it’s true. As sad as it makes Dr Quantum to admit it Earthships demonstrate that you don’t need an army of overpaid, overly controlling, beaureaucratic sociopaths telling you what do do about your Water, Electricity, Sewage and what colour underpants to wear. I ring up my local council every day and ask them. The conversation goes like this,

Dr Quantum: Hello is this the council?

Operator: Yes how may we be of service today?

Dr Quantum: Can you put me through to the Underware Colour co-ordination reporting line please?

Operator: Putting you through

I swear to the New Age God(dess) of truth liberty and rainbow coloured toenails, that is exactly what happens . . .every day.

Some Resources

The Garbage Warrior Documentary available on Step With Life click here

Earthships in Australia Click Here.

EarhShip Biotechture Click Here.

Controversial US eco-architect and founder of Earthship Biotecture, Michael Reynolds believes Australian houses made from recycled materials can be a reality in spite of regulatory barriers and may offer a significant contribution to managing climate change in Australia. Click Here

5 Prospective Property Sites For EarthShip Australia in Brisbane Click Here

Ethical Living – Earthships a World Wide Reality?  Click Here.

See you out there.


Earth Ships are a revolution in sustainable housing, a remarkable sustainable building concept that was forged in the mind and in the creative architectural play pen of a remarkable man, one Michael Reynolds AKA The Garbage Warrior.

The Earth Healing Project for Swingers

16 04 2011

The Earth Healing Project - Image & Concept by Desiree Glanville

What the World Needs now is . . . The Earth Healing Project. Many focii (that’s the plural of focus just in case . . .) for Quantum Healing are emerging into consciousness right about now on the planet. If you haven’t noticed this emergence happening lately then it’s probably a good idea you just get started. Here’s the latest new, new thing for Planetary Healing. It is good. (There’s a scientific statement for you)

The Earth Healing Project is brought to you by that amazing Digital artist Desiree Walstra. As part of her beautiful giving she is offering the image above for FREE download from her Red Bubble site – link available in the first sentence of this blog above. Any way you wish to use the image is OK – as long as you don’t alter the image itself. From her site you can download and hang it on your wall, use it as screen saver etc & so forth. As well as doing all of these things Dr Quantum is going to have it made into a T-Shirt at one of those single and short-run T-Shirt places that will print a one-off image for you. Of course I will create a caption “The Earth Healing Project by Desiree Walstra”

Daisy’s recipe for Earth Healing using the image is to simply find a friend or three (or three hundred, or . . .) and use the image with this distributed group to meditate, focus and program for Earth Healing. (you can read about it on her site here) If there is any doubt whatsoever in your mind about the effectiveness and the power of using such quantum techniques for creating a shift in consciousness, in the world, in yourself – as a healing tool then you may wish to check out the amazing story of Ho’oponopono for example. The fact is there are many such examples. Yes I am the anit-skeptic particle today. I have given up sketicism in favour of complaining. This week I am complaining about skeptics.

The message is now very clear for all who have had their radar on these past couple of thousand years – culminating in the times in which we live. You are a living centre of miraculous power and possibility. All you have to do to activate this power is to go to Woolworths and purchase you Instant Personal Power Pak for just $9.99 and hey presto! You can get started right away. I’m kidding about Woolworths . . .Just want to make sure you’re paying attention.

The thing is this – The Earth Healing project, like your own miraculous creativity just runs on water and air. I say this because if you don’t drink water and if you stop breathing . . .soon you will die. You can survive without food for much, much longer. So go for it. Change the world from the comfort of your own home. And hey . . .get your friends involved. Don’t just keep the Earth Healing Project’s Quantum Miraculousness to yourself. Share it round and don’t be shy. Light a candle, invite the Spirit and heal the world. Be the change. You know you want to do it.

Daisy tells me in one of our recent communications that it’s basically the same as something I wrote recently. About updating Adam Smith’s idea of the invisible hand. Which is:

  1. LOVE is the answer
  2. FEAR is what makes domination strategies seem like a good idea
  3. A path with no heart can only lead to disaster
  4. The miraculous solutions to our seemingly insoluble problems are just beyond our fingertips and as such we may have to reach for them
  5. Respect for all of LIFE includes resepct for plants, animals, people and things, for metaphysically there is only YOU, the ONE, and you want to learn how to love yourslef; deeply, genuinely, authentically and joyously
  6. Nothing matters so you had better start caring for LIFE or pretty soon YOU wont matter
  7. Life really is an illusion – all of it. Which illusion do you now choose to make real throught the power of your transformative quantum miraculousness?
  8. It may be the karma of the starving millions to be starving, but it’s your karma to know about them . . .how do you wish to respond?
  9. It is essential to have a positive vision if you want to be positively powerful and change the world for the better
  10. What goes around comes around
  11. You are the invisible hand made flesh. DO SOMETHING

And Dear Reader – if you have gotten this far please consider leaving a comment and/or give this post a star rating (5 is excellent) and click LIKE if you liked it. Just below. You may have to click the word comments to activate the star rating and like button.

Here’s a picture of a couple of real swingers in action

Earth Ships: Round Houses are not Box Houses

5 11 2009

Beyond the Horizon of Taos, New-Mexico the box-houses sit squat and square much as they have done for over one hundred years. Ah the box-houses . . . And anyway, what’s so special about Taos, New Mexico?  It’s hard to believe that people for the most part are still living in houses that are like, well . . .boxes. And if that is what lies beyond the hoizon in Toas then what is in Taos?

Ah ha! Something different, something wonderful, something remarkable and magical. Truly so. Something pointed at the future. The butterfly is flapping it’s wings in Tokyo that will cause the hurricane in Texas. A beautiful chaos is brewing.

As far as i can make out the big benefit of box-houses is that they stack well.  This means that when it appears that you have run out of space in one of those very popular mega-huge mega-cities we are all so fond of nowadays, you can stack these big boxes one on top of another and then put humans in them. It’s a similar concept to keeping caged chooks. Very efficient. Bit boring for the chooks. But, problem solved right? Maybe.

It was noted by that great contributor to human welfare and evolution Stanley Dumbrovski that the arch is a far more human friendly portal than the square or oblong. Apart from being flat out booring the square doorway clashes with the round human head. Think aobut it. One might suspect that it’s not just square doorways but square hallways, square rooms and square televisions as well that mess with our heads. Apparently all the Euclidean (flat) planes in our houses these past few hundred years have produced all the square people now over-running the planet. A moment’s reflection will bear this out. Caves are organic roundish dwellings. Now the cavesperson as well as having adapted to his/her environment was not so rude and bad mannered or indeed so stupid as to wipe out all the other species. Jolly good show you cave chaps. Jolly good show.

Many races who followed the cave persons lived happy and meaningful lives in humpies, yurts, tee-pees and tents – all roundish organic shaped dwellings, note. The round house tribes managed to stay within the ecological limits, thus being part of rather than destroying, the ecological balance. Alas, since then humankind has been outright rude enough to “conquer” nature. Is this starting to make sense?

Instead of having nice round, circular time with days that loop and wobble organically with seasons, we straightened time with clocks that measure out a series of neat uniform little units – little boxes of time. Time used to be pulsating, round and circular. Not anymore. We bulldozed mountains and built bridges and we laid out flat ribbons of black tar to connect up all the boxes. And in the middle of all this flatness a truly sinister phenomenon. In this flat, linear, square and perpendicular world man declared that Man – not woman was the superior being. The boss, the bully the dominator the MAN.

In order to demonstrate his vast superiority over the weaker sex, nature and the elements, Man then proceeded to eat, kill, maim and torture as many plants and animals as possible by the might of his industrial, mechanical and militaristic muscle. This fed our glorious prosperity, our glorious growth and our glorious Ego.

Can you see where we might have made a few mistakes back there?

So anyway back to Taos, New Mexico and something special and round that’s been happening. There’s a crazy guy from Taos by the name of Michael Reynolds. He decided some time ago that old box houses are not the sane solution, not the way to go. And being an architect he did something about it. Michael Reynolds started designing and building houses that respected the fact that there is a thing called the Earth and furthermore he put some roundness into his houses. He doesn’t call them houses he calls them Earthships, and he doesn’t call his art Architecture he calls it Biotechture. Big difference.

These extraordinary, beautiful and organic Earthships feature lots of roundness; domes, circular sections, circling rooms and waving walls. Earthships are sunk in and dug into the Earth. They use much of recycled materials and transform garbage into building materials. Exactly what is needed right now.  Earthships are able to make maximum advantage of the sun’s heat in winter as their earthen mass captures and then slowly releases solar energy. In summer the process is reversed, drawing on cooler temperature that lies just beneath the earth’s surface – a standard solar energy design known as passive solar. Reynold’s evolved and integrated biotechture designs now feature full self-sufficiency with four grades of water recycling and technologically sophisticated living bio-organic water filtration systems. Active solar and wind power harness and storage that plugs into standard connections that electricians use to power your mod cons such as lighting and refrigeration. Reynolds has taken the whole green and sustainable housing approach to the next stage of evolution. Forget about taking it to the next level. Reynolds has taken it into another realm.

His journey has taken him into the State legislature where he fought for years to have a bill passed that now, finally, allows him to experiment and innvoate on the fly when building and designing his Earthships. Along the way he was invited into the Tsunami ravaged Andaman Islands. He and his team were able to build teach and transfer knowledge to the locals, unhampered by red tape that constrains developed world projects. But his approach is bearing fruit and he and his team have been involved putting Earthships into locations from the UK to Australia, India, Africa, Europe and South America.  Now the rest is history.

The Michael Reynolds Earthship story is a classic case of Chaos Theory in action. A new model is emerging and has became an attractor state. Instabilities in the global system opened up opportunity windows inside of which the small actions (butterflies) can generate massive change (the hurricane). The little Earthship butterfly flapped its wings and has created a huricane of sustainability change. Michael Reynolds hopes he has not emerged too late for the Earth and global warming. I suspect he has emerged at just the right time and his contribution will continue to expand and have major impact.

It’s all about sustainability and transformation these days and miracles are happening right now. According to Quantum Theory if you can see them you created them. Have you seen the Earthships?

EarthShip Dreaming: Confessions of a Techno-Yurt Wannabe

3 11 2009

Earthship with optimising Solar panels

I have a confession to make.  I want to live in a Techno-Yurt, or an EarthShip maybe. (Dr Quantum has a more recent post all about Earthships here) A nice roundish sort of organic shape where i can live in peace and harmony with nature AND get online, play music, the occasional video and generally do the technological stuff I like doing while going far from the madding crowd.

By the way if you don’t know what a Yurt is already check out Goulburn Yurt Works. But between the reality and the dream falls the shadow (as Albert Bronkowski once observed).  So permit me to go sideways and down for a moment would you? I refer here to the housing crisis that is upon us here in the fair state of New South Wales (in which you will find Sydney, Australia)

Wot I know about the housing crisis in NSW – To rent even a shoebox in the Inner West of Sydney has become unimaginably costly. Case in point:  i looked at a bed-sit in Annandale on the weekend . They want $210 for a tiny little no-bedroom nothing that stinks of cigarettes. The carpet is pocked, spotted, grooved and ridged. Long ugly marks scar the ceiling while a dull shit-brown covers the walls and all surfaces. This place was inhabited by a HEAVY smoker.

So it has come to this. The agents don’t even need to throw a coat of paint on a place anymore before they bend you over and roger you from the rear. There’s a shortage – take it or leave it. But, and here comes the sting . . .it’s OK these days coz everyone’s doing it. Which brings me to my next point. Getting off the grid.

The simple solution is to take up residence on a park bench somewhere. Now ideally this park with my bench in it would be a little slice of paradise. Sadly park benches in paradise are getting hard to find these days. And those that do exist . . .don’t get me started about the paperwork to get onto a park bench these days. Then there’s a queue a mile long, and even when you do get your bench there’s bands of violent drug affected teenagers roaming our parklands at night.  What are you gonna do? It’s a really good question actually.

Now this next bit; i swear to God that I am not making this up. North of the border up in BrisVegas the plight of the disaffected, specifically the homeless has reached plague proportions. In fact so bad has the homeless situation become that one forward thinking social worker has invented the new-age Aussie swag tent for homeless people. Remember i said i am not making this up. In a world with zillions of acres of empty space and enough recyclable material to rebuild ancient Rome we now find it necessary to be handing out swag-tents to people who cannot afford to live in ridiculously over-priced housing. Hands up all those people who can see what is wrong with this picture.

The great Aussie homeless person’s swag-tent is just big enough to sleep a single human being. It provides basic protection from the weather with a light foam layer sewn in for a mattress. The woman who actually invented these things – i have heard her interviewed on the radio – is a real champion. She is obviously a dedicated and sincere soul who wants to do the best she can for people in a very harsh situation. Homelessness.

But now picture this:  you’re homeless. Night has fallen, but you’re OK. You carry the Great Aussie Homeless Person’s Swag tent on your back. Much as does a snail or other mollusk. So you’re walking sloowwwly up a street somewhere in suburbia and the lights go out in the house you’ve been er . . .monitoring. It’s bed-time folks. You count to a hundred and just hop over the front fence and throw your swag in the bushes of their front yard. Hey . . .it’s the great Aussie homeless person’s swag-tent home. This has been made absolutely necessary by the large numbers of people now sleeping unprotected on park benches, under bridges, in laundries of apartment buildings and basically anywhere there is an available nook or cranny. It gives the term unprotected sex a whole new meaning don’t you think?

Anyway, I was finding it all just too difficult to comprehend.  . . and then it hit me like a tonne of smelly bureaucratic bricks. Obviously what has happened here is that the relevant public housing policy-makers are somehow unaware that it is possible to build an inexpensive, comfy and perfectly pleasant home for people otherwise lacking accommodation out of a variety of cheap and/or inexpensive materials and deisgns. My current favourites are the Yurt and the Earthship. In fact Earthships and similar structures can be made mostly out of garbage – and they are really beautiful.But don’t take my word for it – have a look for youself.You can see Earthships online right here.

Of course the big banks bless them, would view this low, low cost housing trend with a fair amount of disdain because, as these things go it would threaten to cut into their billion plus dollar profits. These huge profits are largely derived from lending money to people pursuing their very own version of the great Australian/American dream. Unfortunately the cost of a dream home, or even a stinky shoe-box for that matter has become so outrageous that the only way anyone can afford to own one is to get, find or create a job or a business in which one hours income could be used to feed, clothe and house an entire village of starving people in say Africa or any number of places.

One simple solution to ridiculously expensive housing that most people can’t afford would be for the reserve bank of say, oh the USA, to take the advice of the cowboys of the entrepreneurial financial world and go right ahead and deregulate the system of loans. Bingo. Hello Global financial crisis. Hello all you homeless people and thanks for dropping by. Careful with the Molotov I just bought that Mercedes last week.

There are those who suggest that the Global Financial crisis was engineered by a bunch soul-less sociopaths at the top of the American political and financial system. Check out Michael Moore’s latest movie – Capitalism: a Love Story – and don’t miss the bit where the American Congresswoman makes this exact claim. Gripping stuff. Regardless of exactly who is to blame and whether it was all done on purpose is almost inconsequential.(But hey, it’s great to see these miscreant cowboys of capitalism getting some prime time exposure)

The simple fact is this. When the people lead the leaders will follow. So here’s the true confessions of a Techno-Yurt Wannabe. I dream of living in a nice round Yurt that’s connected to the internet but powers itself by solar, wind or other eco-friendly means. I will grow my own organic food or work with my neighbour to produce enough for us and a few more as well. We will barter at the markets with other like-minded and supportive souls. By and large we will not sit around bitching about the sociopaths of power politics and finance. The crises that inspired us to turn our backs on those poverty stricken people may yet have them wash up on our shores where we will do our best to offer healing, nurture and acceptance.

In the meantime I will continue my remix of the recorded sound of a butterfly beating its wings  in a remote valley of the Himalayas interlaced with the sound of birdsong from the Brazilian forest. This is looped back with the sounds of beats from the African village with whom we share much, give much and receive much in the globally networked village of friends.

That’s my Earthship Dreaming.  I am a Techno-Yurt wannabe. Long live the evolution.

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