Australian Egg Corporation Supports Animal Torture, Cheats Consumers

15 04 2012

This is what 20,000 chooks a hectare looks like

The Greatness of a Nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated – Gandhi

The Australian Egg Corporation has just announced that they will support the mass torture of Chickens with the intention of hoodwinking the Australian public. Funnily enough they represent the interests of the big egg producers. James Kellaway the Corporation’s Managing Director is determined to sign off on the new standard which will enable the intense factory farming of 20,000 birds per hectare to be called “free range” – SMH April 15th Farmers Crack The Free Range Code. In fact Mr Kellawy admits that one in three eggs labeled Free Range currently come from chooks farmed in greater numbers that 20,000 per hectare.

We can only imagine that Mr Kellaway is a suit wearing man because if you’re going to administer and justify the mass torture of  animals and then attempt to defraud the Australian public in the process you probably need to be wearing a suit to get away with it. This is a fine example of corporate Fascism. Governance should be for the protection of humane and ethical standards, not to enable the maximisation of profits at the expense of the fair treatment of animals. When the interests of Government and Big Business merge. That’s called Fascism. This is the worst of Corporatism. It’s factory farming Nazism with the Chooks as victims. Bottom line: You can absolutely not trust the label Free Range anymore, you will have to look for the stamp of the Free Range Farmers Association or the Free range Egg and Poultry Association of Australia or when you are purchasing from a growers or farmers market be sure that the person selling the eggs can describe the conditions that the chooks live in. That would be one small step for a man one giant leap for the chooks.

You see there is a problem for the big egg producers. Australian consumers have been increasingly deciding that they would prefer eating ethical eggs, that is eggs that come from Free Range chooks. What Free Range was always supposed to mean is that that the chooks get to Range or Roam Freely on pastures thus enjoying a relatively happy existence. But you see the Egg Corporation supports the profits of big egg producing interests who don’t mind consigning an animal to a lifetime of torture as long as they can make a buck out of it. It costs more to produce eggs if you’re going to give the birds room to roam. Ergo it costs less if you can squeeze them in tight. Solution? Just redefine what is a Free Range chook. A very corporate solution to problem solving. Just call the problem something else. It’s not intense factory farming which is a form of animal torture. Hey presto! It’s Free Range.

Enter the ethically minded and caring small farmer types and the Free Range Farming Association. They long ago lobbied and won the right to call their more ethically produced eggs Free Range. But this started encroaching on the profits of the big producers whose sole aim is to maximise profits. So they moved the goal posts to enable the big producers to call a chook that’s stuffed into a fairly tiny space a Free Range chook. This deception has been going on for a while now. And since the big producers have managed to get away with it for so long they have decided to go the last mile and just claim the Free Range title – for marketing purposes you must understand – and apply it to the appaling condition of 20,000 chooks per hectare. The Greatness of a Nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated – Gandhi

Listen to the whispering wind with Moby and Nature video below

A Lime flavoured rEvolution pt 5

20 03 2012

Welcome to America - Now The Greatest Fascist Power in The World

Free from corporate fascism

Today I will spend ten minutes visualizing the world I would like to live in. Free from corporate fascism and procrustean socialists. Go ahead and look that one up if you need to.


(esp. of a framework or system) Enforcing uniformity or conformity without regard to natural variation or individuality.

We don’t need procrustean socialism any more than we need corporate fascism. They are simply two sides of the same coin. What we need to do is to lighten up a little. Have some fun occasionally and then all go and sit on the railway tracks like Gandhi. Occupy the CBD with LOVE bombs of floral dissent. What’s the modern day equivalent of railway tracks? D’oh! Railway tracks!!! AND . . .Freeways.  Careful if you sit down on a Freeway. I guess you would need a fleet of pink cadillacs to start things off by stopping on the . . . .FREEWAY OF LOVE. Occupy. Resist. Kick out the jams. Take it to the streets. Change the system now mother f&%#rs.

“This is not your grandfather’s capitalism”

Make the world Free from corporate fascism

a LIME flaVouRED rEvolution Pt 4

20 03 2012

Today I Will Hug a Few Trees

Today I will hug a few trees . . . and send extra happy greetings to the Space People in the cloud above the backyard pool in which stands  . . .both erect and pregnant . . . the sword of The Lady OF the Lake.

I worry about the chlorine though. How’s that lady doing down there I wonder? Maybe i should take her some tea and biscuits? And what happens to tea and biscuits when you submerge them in a swimming pool?  I am sure you can begin to appreciate some of the logistical problems involved in having The Lady of The Lake in your swimming pool. Yes, it’s tough. Should I ask for your guilt? Your shame?  NO! Just keep dancing dangerously close to the water, dance to the Samba Rhythms – boom boom boom-boom-boom. We just might get a chance to grab that sword. Anyone can do it. But first (now don’t laugh) you will have to walk on the water. I know, I know. There’s no faking this of course. We have cameras set up all over the place so the water walker(s) will be filmed. THEN . . .you need to get the sword. But, good news! It’s not nearly as hard as it sounds. Come on over for the party and we will share delicious secrets. This is after all The Age of The Woolworths Buddha. Oh God I think I’ve done it again. Call my frickin agent! And what about those space people? Don’t worry! They know what to do. Note to self: Today I Will Hug a Few Trees

De-facto Fascism in America Today – Monsanto’s Board

19 03 2012

Monsanto’s Board is a Great Example of The De-facto Fascist State in Action

The following is reprinted from Blog:Downtown Local. Post Title: Corn insecticide linked to great die-off of beneficial honeybees. Thanks to Sherry Mac for giving is the information we need to change our lives for the better.

A board of directors is a body of elected or appointed members who oversee the activities of a company or organization. In most cases it can require very little involvement in the day-to-day functioning of the governed entity, but it is typically always staffed with individuals vested in the best interest of the company or organization. In Monsanto’s case, several members of its board of directors aid in the proliferation of genetically modified seeds through their daily livelihood, continuing to insure that no regulations or transparency requirements be allowed in the U.S. on foods or household products containing genetically modified ingredients, which would not only affect Monsanto’s success, but that of their other corporate interests as well.

Janice L. Fields is president of McDonald’s USA. Elected to the Monsanto board in April 2008, her term expires in 2015. McDonald’s, like most other fast food restaurants,uses genetically modified ingredients (corn, soy and canola) in virtually all of their menu items. As the largest fast-food chain in the world, its food reaches nearly 70 million people every day.

C. Steven McMillan is a retired chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Sara Lee Corporation. He has served as a director on the Monsanto board since June 2000. His term expires in 2015. Sara Lee is a global consumer packaged goods company with more than 40 brand category leaders in frozen meals, snacks, meat products and beverages including Sara Lee, Hillshire Farm and Jimmy Dean, found in virtually every supermarket in the country.

Jon R. Moeller is Proctor & Gamble’s chief financial officer. Mr. Moeller was elected to the Monsanto board in August 2011 and his term expires in 2013. The Procter & Gamble Company is one of the world’s leading consumer products companies. Sales in 2011 reached $82.6 billion dollars from more than 40 household brands including Tide, Crest, Pampers, Cover Girl and Iams pet food. The brand is notoriously criticized for its rampant use of animal testing on a number of products, and items like diapers and feminine care products can often contain genetically modified cotton, while household items can contain not only alcohol derived from GMO corn, but also toxic chemicals with known health risks.

Other board members include prominent figures in the energy, technology and research sectors: former division CEO and executive vice president of General Electric, Arthur Harper; Robert J. Stevens, Lockheed Martin Corporation’s chairman and CEO; Laura Ipsen of CISCO’s Connected Energy Network; David L. Chicoine of South Dakota State University, a land grant research institution; William U. Parfet, chairman of the board of MPI Research preclinical toxicology research laboratory; Gwendolyn S. King, former vice president of PECO Energy Company; George H. Poste, Ph. D., D.V.M of Health Technology Networks, a consulting group specializing in the application of genomics technologies and computing in health care; and Hugh Grant, Monsanto’s CEO (not that Hugh Grant)

Dr Quantum says: GET HIP! This is the corporate state. The merging of state and corporate – BIG BUSINESS – interests. Monsanto’s Board is a Great Example of The De-facto Fascist State in Action. 

Here’s a Short instructional video on what we all must do next – this one shot at GoldMan Sachs during the Occupy Wall Street sesions last year. But this is what it MUST look like. It’s not the ONLY way, but according to the non-violent Gandhi it’s one very effective way to stop the controlling elitists. Yes you may get arrested. That may be the price we now have to pay for resisting corporate fascism. Do it with LOVE and Just Do IT!

Deep Ecology and The Emergence of New Consciousness

19 02 2012

The new consciousness reveres all of life including… Earth!

Emergence of New Culture and Consciousness

Kaczynski (AKA The Unabomber) and other’s dystopian future visions are based on a materialistic, reductionist worldview, defining everything as reducible to atoms, matter, brain function, numbers, statistics. But there is a new way of seeing the world. This new way does not follow traditional spiritual practices, churches and institutions. The new way identifies with our ground of being not in terms of matter, which is now a scientifically proven illusion, but as consciousness. See QuantumHologram resources which explain this in detail > click here. Deep Ecology can now be experienced within the broad church of emergent neo-spiritual culture with offshoots such as Eco-Psychology and Eco-Feminism among others. It may be time to put forward another type of Deep Ecology that Dr Quantum has termed – Deep Resonance Ecology to provide greater synthesis between Deep Ecology and science.

Deep Ecology honours the sacredness of nature. It resonates, celebrates and oftentimes ritualises our relationship with nature. This is not merely a neo-pagan practice, but rather one to be devoutly embraced. In the old Judeo-Christian world-view human beings were encouraged to put themselves outside and even above nature. There was nothing more sacred than the tanscendental and redeeming power of the Christ and/or of God the father. It is interesting to understand that to the early church fathers the word Pagan could simply mean people from the country and provinces. To the fathers, and let us be clear, they were exclusively men, the ways of country folk were unsophisticated, unfashionable. As far as those from other provinces and regions they were often viewed as. . .shock, horror – ethnic! And at least partially as outsiders. Paradoxically a few thousand years ago Christianity represented the emergence of new culture and consciousness

The new sacredness of communion with nature reprises to a degree the Druids of old times about whom we know little and other Pagan and magical practitioners. Hence the term neo-Druid or neo-Pagan is perhaps a fair descriptor. What we do know is the Druid’s rituals involving Oak trees gave them a spiritual sustenance and a living connection with the universe that today’s technologically entranced and chronically office-bound city folk can usually only dream about. A tree presents a fractal organisation of energy that connects extraordinarily powerfully with the living universe. The new maths is only starting to scratch the surface of this. Every tree may be viewed as a temple and a portal into the vast energetic realm reported by Quantum Physicist and Quantum Philosopher David Bohm (click here to view some titles by Bohm). Let us say that the bridge between a tree and a human being is consciousness and the proof is knowing. Perhaps one day a team of white-coated scientists will find a way to demonstrate this in the laboratory. For now it is well enough to understand the report from the circle of human hearts. Let us find ways forthwith to honour this as part of the beautiful, the sacred, the mysterious. Not to be missed, ignore it at your peril. This is the emergence of new culture and consciousness

The Inexcusable Stupidity Award Goes to . . .Woollahra Council

14 12 2011

Were Community Groups Ignored by a Corrupt Council?

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap?

Devastating news here in a beautiful corner of Sydney after Woollahra Council meeting last monday night. Please find time to read the story from today’s Wentworth Courier (you can also view the photos from saturday’s last ditch efforts to save the 80 year old fig trees).

Please add your comment and / or pass this on to fellow nature lovers!
I know there are bigger problems in the world and I hope next year will be a better year for us all, but I hope you don’t mind me sharing our community’s disappointment and frustration on this issue. It’s taken quite a few years of time and effort to try and save these magnificent trees.
Many thanks, iolanda
Wentworth Courier story: (click the headline below to link to the Wentworth Courier story)

Yarranabbe Park fig trees to get the chop

Name Them and Shame Them

And you may be asking yourself what kind of people would vote to destroy beautiful big Port Jackson Fig trees? Name them and shame them. They look like ordinary people and have names like people you would know. Perhaps their true motives will remain a mystery as surely, SURELY! no one in their right mind would support such madness. Well . . . they must have had their reasons. And just in case you are wondering . . .these are the people. If you happen to know them do let them know how you feel about their decision making on behalf of the community they currently represent. Name them and shame them.

Councillor Chris Howe

Councillor Chris Howe

Councillor Ian Plater

Councillor Ian Plater

Councillor Toni Zeltzer

Councillor Toni Zeltzer

Councillor Sean Carmichael

Councillor Sean Carmichael

Councillor Isabelle Shapiro

Councillor Isabelle Shapiro

Councillor Andrew Petrie

Councillor Andrew Petrie

Councillor Anthony Boskovitz

Councillor Anthony Boskovitz

Councillor Luciennce Edelman

Councillor Lucienne Edelman

Quantum Druids of Deep Resonance Ecology – Part I

5 12 2011

Moreton Bay Fig - Bicentennial Park Glebe, Sydney Australia

Why The Future Doesn’t Need Us

In Lord of The Rings, Tolkien describes in graphic detail the works of Saruman whose defining act as a wizard of the dark force was to destroy the forest of grand old trees surrounding his castle. These would fuel infernal workshops and plans for domination, enslavement and destruction. While Tolkien intended the life-destroying ways of Saruman as a metaphor for the rise of Nazism in Europe he found a frighteningly accurate descriptor for the global destruction of our ecosystem. The rate of extinction of species has now reached an estimated three species an hour. We are living through a mass extinction event.

Humanity finds itself at the crossroads. In April 2000 a crossroads article par excellence appeared in Wired Magazine. Titled Why The Future Doesn’t Need Us by Bill Joy, then Chief Scientist and co-founder of SUN Microsystems, the piece caused massive controversy. Why The Future Doesn’t Need Us is one of many warning bells for humanity, sounded clearly enough over the past half century or so. Quoting a number of dystopian alarmists including none other than Theodore Kaczynski AKA the Unabomber, Bill Joy summarises their outlook: Robots will eventually succeed us – that humans clearly face extinction. Joy does not agree with the Unabomber’s methods but thinks he has an important point. Billy Joy quotes Ray Kurzweil from The Age of Spiritual Machines quoting Kaczynski.

. . . because machine-made decisions will bring better results than man-made ones. Eventually a stage may be reached at which the decisions necessary to keep the system running will be so complex that human beings will be incapable of making them intelligently. At that stage the machines will be in effective control. People won’t be able to just turn the machines off, because they will be so dependent . . . that turning them off would amount to suicide.

Consider the nature of the world system for it is a machine of sorts. With the logging of our old forests, despite loud protests from certain quarters we seem more or less incapable of halting their destruction. At the time of the first Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro 1992 the rate of destruction of old growth forests was approximately 1 acre every 3 seconds. Twenty one years later the rate is one acre destroyed every second.

Deep and Mysterious Complexity

In 1900 Max Planck made a remarkable discovery concerning electrodynamics requiring an entirely new theoretical framework to explain how the universe and nature works at an essential, deep level. Planck’s discovery opened the gates for a radical new framework . . .Quantum Theory. The findings and implications of Quantum Theory are bizarre by comparison with our common, Newtonian, and above all logical way of seeing the world . . .to be continued

The Full text of this essay will be published in This Next Wave – a print publication. Premier issue due out in February 2012. Discover more at

Temple of The Golden Sands

20 11 2011

Sunshine Coast Queensland

One of The Great Mysteries

There is a long golden stretch of sand on the Sunshine Coast called Mudjimba Beach. It runs from the mouth of the Maroochy River right up to Point Arkwright, a distance of some six kilometres. Like all beaches it hides one of the great mysteries of the universe right out in the open.

As a resource for exploitation beaches present an abundant supply of stuff. There is sand that can be carted off in trucks by certain interests in the mining industry for such things as silicon and apparently gold which has jumped up in value lately. Then there is the foreshore, and what a goldmine that is! Everything from townhouse developments and blocks of flats to resorts and golf courses. These things in turn drive endless commercial opportunities for the conveniences and luxuries so beloved by holidaymakers and tourists. Cafes, restuarants, boutiques, kebab shops, wine bars, pubs, beauty salons, surf shops . . . the list goes on.

People flock down to the beaches for all kinds of recreation. Note the construction of the word recreation, literally RE-creation, for recreation is based on the idea that human beings can re-creae themselves, just as the word spelling is based on the ancient understanding that the construction of meaning using symbols is a powerful form of magic. We can invoke worlds with symbols – it’s called reading and writing. And we can RE-create ourselves in the temples of nature.

Now we live in such an advanced age and we live in such an advanced society, that people sauntering along an ocean boulevarde by the sea cannot fail to comprehend that fish & chips can be purchased for only $7.95 with extra sauce for only 50 cents. Milk shakes are $4.50 and real barista coffee is only $4.20 for a large mug. Here then is an abundance of resources and thanks to the magic of the written word and the enfolded brain we have been able to organise ourselves to take part in its bounty. But what of the secret life of beaches? For it is one of The Great Mysteries.

According to the ancients of various traditions the elements are Earth, Air, Fire and Water. But are not the elements described within the scientifically amazing periodic table? If one kind of RE-creation is to slather youself with blockout and laze on the sand perhaps authors with vivid imaginations and amazing stories are called to draw upon the possibilities of a new kind of story at The Temple of The Golden Sands. Simple ambitions may drive men to form the environs of the seashore for pieces of gold and sliver and this may even prove successful to a point. But the scratches of graffiti that man makes upon the sand will be quickly washed away by the eternal ocean, leaving us with the purest elements of  Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

You may ask: Where is the element of Fire at the Temple of Golden Sands? When the sun rises and when it sets the four elements are said to be present. Have you noticed that time of magical recreation at the beach? If you were to cast a spell at the Temple what magic symbols would you use to write upon the sand? Perhaps you would declare to the universe: I experience my genius daily . . .my heart is filled with gratitude and abundance . . . Love is the answer . . .All are deserving but few are willing . . .Life overflows with opportunity.

But what is the key to activating miracles at the Temple of The Golden Sands. It seems we have an abundance of resources at our command. And we do. The answer is surely one of the great mysteries . . .TRUST.

Poem: She Flows

5 10 2011

She Flows

She flows the long dark night through

She flows Heart pumping

That naked organ in a bone cage
This Earth blood rhythm
Pulsating with the universal flow

At the wide bend of a warm river
Fat silver fish flash themselves
She flows in sluices from canoe blades
And remaining mysterious she flows

She flows the long dark night through

the long dark night through

She flows into the pale dawn of mist and all the day

In shadow and light near the tangle of shore she flows

And she flows down at last to the great sea
Till she becomes
A river no more but a dream . . . and yeah

She wash massive boulders down
To sand,
To the deep, deep dark depths
And as the sand
She flows through deserts bleached
By the Sun

She flows and blooms with wild flowers

She flows into the universal mind

And song

She flows

The Biosphere – What’s Your Plan?

1 10 2011

A Thin Film of Life called the Biosphere

What's You Plan for the Biosphere?

The evolution of the world takes place in a thin film of life called the biosphere. All the species of animals and plants have grown into the flowering of this dance, it’s where we live . . .the biosphere. You can shed a tear. It has been said that the way in which we are destroying the living treasures of our living life support system on Space Ship Earth to fuel economic growth is like burning old masters oil paintings to stay warm in winter. Actually it’s worse than that. Firstly old masters oil paintings don’t feel a thing when you burn them. Secondly if you burn old masters oil paintings you are not punching holes in your life raft out in the deep ocean. So what deep ocean are we in? We are, if you didn’t already know, spinning around in the inky blackness of space with just the biosphere between us and the eternal beyond. This is indeed your current location. Meditate on it if you will.

Yes we live in a thin film of life called the biosphere and it is our cosmic womb, our mother’s cradle from where we can peer out into the vastness protected by the safety of mama and imagine what we might one day become. We are currently orbiting a rather bright spark of cosmic joy and happiness whom we refer to variously as the Sun, Ra, Zuvan, Shams, Chamania, Intina . . . and it is fascinating to consider that the sun shines its light freely for all. The fact that many ancient cultures consider the Sun and Mother Earth to be living beings must certainly give pause for reflection. While scientists must first establish perpendicular proof for their announcements about how they understand reality to be constructed, the human heart is full of imagination, mystery, poetry and love.

We swim in the warm circle of the heart, we are cradled in the ovoid cosmic egg. The heart does not wait for proof from the periodic table of elements but finds its own proof from the periodic ability of deeper understanding. But where does this leave the love struck poet of infinity when confronted by the State-run vault of iron clad beliefs? It can seem like a heartless concrete edifice of facts which confronts the inspired adventurer on the path to protect and liberate possums, trees, dolphins, koala bears, Redwood Trees and Honey Throated Warblers and indeed people.

Deep Ecology as a social movement is now gaining ground. It gives people access to a connection with nature that sitting on hard pews has mostly and profoundly lacked. This is not an argument against Christianity. And as Shakespeare has commented: There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are even dreamt of in your philosophy. Yes we live in a thin film of life called the biosphere and people are starting not only to hug trees but to gain deeper meaning for their lives. From hugging trees and verily communing with nature in a more profound way and helping others have such an experience. Such profound and direct experience can engender much change in this world. You may have heard of Joanna Macey a Buddhist and Deep Ecologist. But have you heard of the likes of Bill & Lynne Twist?

Many people are now having a profound experience of meaning and purpose through a movement Bill & Lynne Twist have championed: Awakening The Dreamer Changind the Dream Symposium. That movement has reached Australia and our local chapter is called Be The Change. One of their goals is to deliver the Symposium to 200,000 Australians. You can check out Awakening The Dreamer ORG here & FYi you can view a short video right up in the top left hand corner of that website.

Here’s Lynne Twist talking about the Poetry of Gratefulness.  We Live in a thin film of life called the biosphere – what’s your plan?

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