As Above so Below

23 01 2013
Getting ready to ride

Getting ready to ride

Life often plays little tricks on us where we will sometimes find ourselves thrown off center. Whoops a daisy! In truth she wants us to be able to see where our center may require realignment with the great axis of Love, beauty, truth . . .

As each of us strives towards deep spiritual sustainability we come to perceive the indicators and reflections, of the assurance that the essence of life will remain the eternal dependability. Sooner or later we come to deeply understand the great principle of sustainability.  There is a paradox in this: that we are always perfect the way we are.

The strange and bizarre fact is that the most powerful tool we have in guiding our journey is consciousness itself. Because the foundation of matter is consciousness and not the other way around, therefore if you want to guide your journey, be clear in your own heart and mind. Then when you make decisions, set goals, have a plan and strive to achieve . . .then there is some chance of success.  And we must do all this while practicing being the very soul of patience and remaining open to the sweet possibilities of  rEvolutionary change.

Master this game and you may proceed. And it is only and ever a game. Have fun! For this is the truest purpose of life. It’s kinda like learning to ride a bicycle -so just keep those wheels turning or get ready to touch the ground with your feet. And hey . . .that’s OK too.

As above so below. God rides a bicycle to the shops and always gets what she wants . . .and never ever forgets what is on the list even though she doesn’t need to have one.

End of the Mayan Calendar – start of the New World

19 12 2012
The pointy end

The pointy end

Well here we all are assembled on this beautiful blue planet. It’s the moment for which we have all been waiting, for the end is upon us. Praise be. We can be assured that the sometimes bizarre and often tragic unfolding of events have deep significance. For example how do we make sense of the tragic slaughter of twenty beautiful young children at the hands of a lone – and lonely – gunman? Somewhere deep inside I do believe that there is a beauty and rhythm and a pattern to life that transcends all earthly limitations. And so what if . . .just what if those children had made an arrangement before coming into this incarnation, to go through this experience in order that the gun laws be changed. I am not saying this is what happened, however it is one possibility that gives this event some kind of positive meaning beyond it being a senseless tragedy. And so what of the end of the Mayan calendar, and how could it relate to the slaughter of the innocents?

The Mayan calendar represents on one very profound level the end of history. That is the end of the present being created by a cause and effect sequence from the past, and the start of a new cycle in which the present is created from the future. That is to say where our reality is no longer dictated to by history and what happened in the past, but where reality is now created by the future and what we envision. The future will be dream directed, it will be mission directed it will become a product . . .not of the past but of itself. And that is how the world will end. Not with a bang, but with a miracle, and through the miraculous. Do not take my word for it. You merely have to observe. And the work of the apocalypse which has been raging all around was to prepare the way for this time of future creation. For the word apocalypse means the lifting of the veil of secrecy and lies in a time of evil and corruption. Do we not see the cataclysmic and seismic unveiling going on every day, in every way and at every turn? Do you read the papers or watch the news for heaven’s sake?

Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall at last unveil. – John Ruskin

Big Yellow Taxi and The Quantum Goddess

9 12 2012
Saraswati artwork by Steve Kilbey (yes of The Church etc) URL

Saraswati artwork by Steve Kilbey (yes of The Church etc) URL

Joni Mitchell . . .must be considered a treasure and not just a national treasure of her native Canada but i think it’s fair to say of the world. She is indeed a Global Goddess. I can remember as a young teenager in the early 1970’s hearing her hit song Big Yellow Taxi all over the airwaves. Well they never stopped playing it, but back in the day I didn’t really get it. I mean it never really occurred to me just how wonderful Joni was – and of course will always be. She is a gift to the world. You can look at live recorded performances of Joni across the years and her amazing qualities of grace and sensitivity combined with sparkling brightness and musical genius highlight the simple and profound truth. It’s hard for us to imagine what a God or a Goddess might look like if rendered in the humble guise of a human being. Looking at Joni these days with the benefit of hindsight, it could easily be imagined that she is certainly a representative of the Goddess Saraswatti – the Goddess of The Arts, music, science (surely including healing) and knowledge, learning and literature. Meanwhile the message of Big Yellow Taxi is more relevant, poignant and urgent than ever. Here’s a peek at the Goddess and a celebration of a beautiful human being.

Resonance Reproductive the Female Physique?

4 09 2012

Calla Lillies by Georgia O’Keeffe


One word says it all really. Vagina. Naomi Wolf is generating a new wave of awareness with a new meme. Granted vagina is not a new word to the English language but when Wolf gets her literary freak on it’s a case of look out world coz here she comes . . . again! So to speak. It was Wolf of course who arrested the attention of not just the literary but indeed also the feminist world with her book The Beauty Myth published in the early ’90s. You may recall it was hailed as a landmark feminist work by no less than Gloria Steinem and Germaine Greer. No mean feat we must imagine. The appearance of ahem . . . Vagina demonstrates on the one hand that the very word still makes many people nervous if not downright neurotic. On the other hand your Quantum detective discerns something stirring in the deeper realms of the great collective psyche with the advent of not just Vagina, but also breast and well . . .Vagina again! If the feminine resonance means anything to ya this is fascinating fare full of fun and flowing symbolism. Perhaps an explanation is in order. Shall we take a walk in the flowering quantum garden with dazzling water feature?

Your Quantum detective couldn’t help but notice that just after the release of Wolfe’s new book Vagina a story appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald concerning a scholarly review on the science of breast biomechanics by University of Wollongong academic Julie Steele.  Given the release of these two literary products being so close together and all they must then have been in production for a considerable period of overlap. And then there’s the little matter of an advertising campaign in this country (Australia) in which the word Vagina was dared used on television. It was simply too much for some. Minds closed. Some positively boggled at the prospects of resultant chaos and disorder while Cardinal Jensen predicted for the third time in a week the fall of Western civilization. Obviously he just hasn’t been paying attention.

But it all means something you see. When the female reproductive organs are just so in the news, in the media and in your head . . it means something. It is of course deeply symbolic. Perhaps the cosmos is ready to give birth to something . . .new. It is after all on everyone’s lips. The lips of those in the know. The lips of the left-wing (read feminine) philosophers of the New Age have been giving birth to a new sound for a while now. It’s time for a change they are saying. Be the Change they say. The time has come they say over and over again. Quite the chant du jour. Let’s see what emerges in the mind of the Quantum Goddess. This should be more than just slightly interesting.

Video embedded below – Bob Dylan – It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) from his 1965 album Bringing It All Back Home, I do not own the song or picture, or have any rights to it. AND PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW – CLICK WHERE IT SAYS COMMENTS! 

The Most Credible UFO Documentary Ever Made

9 06 2012

UFO by Peter Turosq

The Little Green Men are Here – Now What?

Here’s the documentary that presents the most credible witnesses to UFo sightings in our time. The questions that get raised are: 1) when will the government(s) finally disclose to people what is actually going on? And 2) why will they not tell the truth to the people about numerous UFOs visiting Earth?  It must be remarked that the government who has been most organised, secretive and repressive at keeping the whole thing hushed up and hidden is? You guessed it. Uncle Sam. Meanwhile the French and the British have declassified all their documents. So . . the fact is that the cat is well and truly out of the bag. Don’t believe it? watch the doco embedded below.

In answering these questions  . . .it’s really quite simple.When Uncle Sam will finally come clean is anybody’s guess. And why they are still not revealing the truth? Well . . . if the Uncle Sam admitted that these UFOs are here and they know all about it, people would start to ask the question about the fuels that these UFOs use. That’s the hardest part to explain and deal with. Particularly if you’re heavily invested in burning fossil fuels. Perhaps that issue of the energy source . . . is where it would get very embarrassing indeed.  Well . . .the little green men are here now what?

There was a documentary embedded here however it has now been blocked by A&E on copyright grounds: Wikipedia tells us who they are – A&E Television Networks (Doing business as A+E Networks and formerly also known as AETN) is a U.S. media company that owns a group of television channels available via cable & satellite in the US and abroad. The company is a joint venture between Hearst Corporation and Disney-ABC Television Group, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney CompanyNBCUniversal was also a part of the joint venture, with Hearst and Disney each owning a 42.5% stake and NBCUniversal owning a 15% stake, but in July 2012, NBCUniversal confirmed plans to sell its 15.8% stake in A+E Networks to Disney and Hearst, who will become 50-50 partners in the joint venture.[1] I would not suggest that NBCUniversal or The Walt Disney Company are actively involved in suppressing the truth. The way that systems work they (Disney) really do not need to be intelligent about suppressing the truth. The very activity of such an organisation will tend to obfuscate the truth. This is because being essentially part of the broader environment – business, government, entertainment – in which the problems of humanity are embedded, their very energy and activity will tend to inhibit the truth being made clear and manifest. Enjoy the Disclosure Project Documentary. 

A new UFo Documentary produced by The Disclosure Project has now been added. Enjoy


Fossil Fuels – Which One of The 7 Deadly Sins Is It?

18 05 2012

Environmental Disaster

Ongoing destruction of our environment

The seven deadly sins are also known as Capital Vices or Cardinal Sins. Which might leave you wondering which of the seven deadly sins does the ongoing destruction of our environment fit into? Here are the seven with definitions. Below is a short video from GetUp! about the ongoing threat to and destruction of the Great Barrier Reef. Let’s see if you can work it out.

1 Lust – excessive and insatiable desires

2) Gluttony – the over-indulgence or over-consumption of anything

3) Greed – also known as avarice or covetousness, is, like lust and gluttony, a sin of excess. However, greed (as seen by the church) is applied to a very excessive or rapacious desire and pursuit of wealth, status, and power.

4) Apathy – (AKA Acedia) is the neglect to take care of something that one should do.

5) Wrath – uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger

6) Envy – an insatiable desire to deprive others

7) Vainglory – (Pride) narcissistic pride &  boastfulness

Songs from The Goat Rodeo Sessions with Yo Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer & Friends

6 05 2012

Saraswati – Goddess of Music and The Arts sits on the bank of a river, holds a book and beads, and plays music on Veena, as a peacock looks on, in a painting by Raja Ravi Varma

The Goat Rodeo Sessions

The Goat Rodeo Sessions is one of the utterly unmissable albums so far this century if you like some quality music off the regular pop charts. Dr Quantum is writing a series of books and has been a bit busy lately. Now . . .Did you know that the Goddess in one of her manifestations is indeed the talents and skills we have? This is Shakti flowing through us. We can develop the shakti – the talent – for anything we turn our focus to. Here is the Goddess in musical form for your enjoyment – with Yo Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Chris Thile and Stuart Duncan – Courtesy NPR Music. The Goat Rodeo Sessions – enjoy!

Chaos, Consciousness and Recipes For Love

18 04 2012

Let Your LOVE Flow

The recipe for LOVE is to BE LOVING

The thing is, we live in the most interesting of times. On the back-end of legendary calamities . . .we’re talking two World Wars and a PEACE that has seen an average of . . .is it really an average of sixty wars going on around the planet at any one time within the last fifty years? Planet Earth is apparently not for the faint-hearted. Humans have also waged heavy duty industrialized warfare on entire species of plants and animals. We are doing a very good job of this. Our blitzkrieg scorched-Earth destruction of the flora and fauna has a terrifying aspect of unconscious darkness about it. We must consider that we humans are going through a kind of spiritual emergency – literally an emergence – the birth of something. But what?

Looking back on our recorded and not just recent history it is easy to conclude that there has been a certain stuckness, and a certain intransigence to our waywardness. The power of our destructive and self-destructive ways have had a savage intensity. The overwhelming question we must now ask ourselves is. . .are we ready? Are we ready for LOVE? This is not something we can foist on others. The real revolution MUST occur at the personal level of awareness and consciousness FIRST for it to have any meaning in the wider domain. So how does that happen?

The recipe for LOVE is to BE LOVING. But how do you do that? Perhaps there are a couple of simple things to be aware of. And then there are some complex ones for the multi-dimensionaly inclined – a kind of  ten dimensional Chess aspect to it. For why would LOVE want to limit itself? But you if you start with the achievable and let success self-organise from there – that’s probably the right path.

In the age of Chaos and revolution -which we are most definitely in – the simple stable datum that you can hold to by which all other things can suddenly make sense is this. Sovereign Self-Love and all embracing care. Just decide that you get to decide if LOVE is going to be present or not . . .and then do love. It’s not really that important if you’re a minute or two late, or if you get served a few minutes after the other person. If you stop and give small change to the busker it’s OK. People will not look at you and think you are weak. For having the presence of mind and the character to stop and GIVE is strength – NOT weakness. Extending little civilised courtesies as you go about your busy life is a nice LOVE generator to put into your daily LIFE. And in the ways of CHAOS that moment to moment LOVE you give will not die but it will be reborn and expand out a thousand fold. This . . .THIS in the age of CHAOS and revolution can be enacted with religious integrity and tap into your own infinite potential and power to GIVE LOVE and to BE LOVE. This in essence is what Post-post modernism looks like. This from a classical perspective is what the much vaunted New Age is all about. The recipe for LOVE is to BE LOVING

What if doing all that giving makes me angry . . .at some point? Then write about your anger on a piece of paper. Express your anger legitimately, burn the piece of paper (make sure it’s a safe action) and keep going with the religion of LOVE. These are simple things. To GIVE, RESPOND and RESPECT. We haven’t reached any kind of deep and meaningful trust here yet. The key is commitment, perseverance. Stay anonymous. Don’t expect any reward, and like the advertisement says . . .JUST DO IT! Moment to moment, day to day .  .Love. You will find that THIS is a truly revolutionary act.   The recipe for LOVE is to BE LOVING

This is darE! The disturbing age of rEvolution!

13 04 2012

Toying with the Revolution

found image from: Queer Fat Femme Guide to the Net. 

darE! – stimulating and disturbing YOU NOW

The Zeitgeist is rEevolution > It’s really happening, and it’s happening NOW. This is such a massive . . .such a seismic shift as the cliche would have it, that sometimes it’s difficult to actually see it. The changes are indeed so deep, so tectonic that it may be you do not realize the seemingly stable structure you are on is moving rapidly till it bumps into another structure that exists on the same scale. That’s a BIG bump. Or maybe you do realize – It is stimulating, disturbing. The darE! often brings what the pundits are now calling Dis-continuous change. In other words it may be a kind of change that is unpredictable from the observable sequence of cause and effect in the immediate environment. This is the nature of the Disturbing Age of rEvolution – of darE!

We don’t have a Karl Marx behind this revolution. We have thousands of them. There is no Vladimir Lenin or Mao Tse Tung. That is so last century. Every gamer twitching on a playstation and forking instant noodles into themselves is a revolutionary.

“And the Lord Shall come as a thief in the night”

Gone . . .before you even knew she was there. To destroy everything. To change everything. To make everything new, beautiful, fresh. Time to refresh with a tang of zesty fresh Lime!

Plastic gamers / Pretty punk claimers / Ridiculous no-shamers / Intransigent strangers / Garbage electrodes recycling detritus / Flash alley fake tan / Take no prisoners / WE ARE THE REVOLUTION / we live in the darE!

darE! – stimulating and disturbing YOU NOW

Healthcare – A Revolution is Coming

9 04 2012

Don Tolman predicts a Healthcare Revolution

The Ancient Greeks called this ancient meal Phi-Pi

Don Tolman says there is a revolution coming in healthcare. If you haven’t heard of Tolman he is held in very high esteem by many in the so-called alternative health industries. And once you watch Tolman interviewed by Australian Samantha Rayn Bachman it becomes obvious why. Bachman herself is no slouch. Her website Samantha Bachman dot com reveals her as: Orthopathic and Health-care Practitioner – Homotoxicologist, Orthopathic Practitioner, Nutritionist and Lifestyle  Consultant. But her interview with Don Tolman is a revelation even for Dr Quantum who takes an interest in such things.

Tolman had originally studied to be a neuro-surgeon but had seen that the medical training, business and its politics was dominated by the funding of pharmaceutical companies and in addition . . .way too elitist. He dropped out of medical school and spent the next 17 years searching for a secret formula that was considered a sacred food by the ancients and is even mentioned in the bible. It’s called Pulse. Tolman learned Latin, Greek and some Aramaic along the way, travelled millions of kilometres, often to the far reaches of the globe and devoted 17 years of his life to discovering the secret .  . all for zip.  And so after 17 years he gave up. Then one day as he tells it, he’s sitting in a salad bar in America when a very well dressed man comes in, they get talking and it turns out said man is responsible for purchasing millions of dollars worth of Antiquities for his family estate. One thing leads to another and he invites Tolman to come and help open crates whose contents have remained unseen for over a hundred years. Can you see what’s coming?

We give you this story as definitive proof for the existence of God. Either that or whoever designed the universe had some amazing schematics built into the thing. I mean hey . . .who’s to say God actually built the universe? Consider, if you were the richest person in the world and you wanted a mansion built would you built it yourself or would you get someone to build it for you? Let’s be realstik! Case closed . . .now let’s move on. Anyway . . .so that’s how Don Tolman discovered the formula for the sacred food known as pulse. By an amazing a bizarre coincidence that involved a very wealthy person, a salad bar and a collection of incredible treasures that hadn’t been unpacked for over 100 years.  Suffice to say Tolman is a very interesting, knowledgable and even fascinating individual who reeks credibility.

Toman reckons he gets a bit of opposition from the pharmaceutical Drug Lords who fund the medical schools. For while he is invited to actually teach doctors in some American schools, he threatens the profits of the drug companies. Getting specific Tolman says that in 1908 1 in 8,000 people in the USA died of cancer, but .47 years ago (1973) they spent 2 trillon dollars fighting cancer. Today the American Cancer Society is the wealthiest CHARITY on the planet. They make HUNDRED OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS and not once have they offered any explanation of what causes cancer or a cure for cancer. But the statistic is that in the present era 1 in 3 Americans die of cancer and of course the statistics are similar in all so-called developed countries.

Tolman: There’s a coming revolution, a revolution of self-care . . .in just the next one or two decades, more and more people including doctors (there will be) men and women who have intentions of honestly wanting to understand and assist in the healing arts . . .without doing harm. It is starting to become more and more obvious that,  standard allopathic procedure is doing more harm than good. In the United States it’s already a published study – the medical community kills over TWO MILLION PEOPLE  . . .and so there’s a shift coming

See part 1 of the full interview by Samantha Bachman with Don Tolman here  . . .he predicts revolution in healthcare! Original Pulse recipe below – The Ancient Greeks called this ancient meal Phi-Pi

The Original Pulse which is considered to be an all round food for health and vitality, and these mix of ingredients are present in other “flavors” as well. These ingredients are –
•    Sunflower seeds
•    Cranberry
•    Rice bran
•    Raisins
•    Dates
•    Pumpkin seeds
•    Quinoa
•    Flax seeds
•    Sesame seeds
•    Blueberry
•    Grapeseed oil
•    Figs
•    Prunes
•    Walnuts
•    Brazil nuts
•    Pecans
•    Almonds
•    Cashews
•    Beet powder
•    Sea salt
•    Peach
•    Mango
•    Cherry
•    Strawberry
•    Blackberry

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