Coal Mining and The Most Beautiful Molecule

28 03 2012

Carbon C60 A Beautiful Molecule?

Go Con-Figure

The most beautiful molecule is said to be carbon C60 and variants, known collectively as Fullerenes. The C60 story is both a wonderful treasure trove of delights and by turns unspectacular fizzers. It is all part of our current mysterious and marvelous history. In 1996, for the discovery of the structure of C60 (see picture above) the Royal Swedish Academy awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Kurl, Kroto and Smalley. Fact: In the 1990s there were more chemistry papers written about Carbon C60 than any other Chemistry subject by a factor of approximately 9 to 1. The extraordinary discovery of C60 (Bucky Balls & Fullerenes) heralded the warm glow of great hope . . . in many hearts, for scientific breakthroughs rarely see such wonder. Up until now it seems that the most significant outcome from C60 is Carbon nanotubes . . .all very well but it’s not exactly what was initially euphorically envisioned. A whole new industry will one day flourish based on the unlocked secrets of C60 for the production of super strength light-weight materials and the pricincipal raw material will be, without a doubt . . . COAL! And so today C60 is still virtually sitting on the shelf. It is a veritable sword in the stone. Perhaps we need a Lady of The Lake for Modern times and Fullerenes. Who can unlock this great secret? Well . . .if miracles take a little longer that we might at first imagine the wisdom says be realistic and demand the impossible.Go Con-Figure

On the flip side of the C60 story is, entirely appropriately, one of history’s most fascinating counter-points. Namely that the people of the world are now threatened with multiple calamities due to the burning of fossil fuels. If you can follow the story here . . .one of the principal forms of fossil fuels that we burn is coal – a product made up mainly of carbon.Yes . . .yes. . . yes. It’s a case of – you can laugh or you can cry.Go Con-Figure

Now it just so happens that Australia is the world’s leading producer of coal. And in pursuit of this black treasure, assorted billionaires and various governments are happy to oversee the mining of coal, with courts, guns and prisons at the ready should should any be foolish enough to try to stop them. Never mind the destruction to the environment, sensitive eco-systems, endangered species, trampling on the rights of farmers, tourism, Aboriginal sacred sights and God knows what. If you happen to be in the way of the black coal juggernaut then look out.  In Australia we are taking out of the ground around 500Million Tonnes of coal annually (we couldn’t verify the exact figure because the Australian Coal Association do not appear to publish this most basic fact on their PR heavy web site). More than half of which is exported to China, Japan, India and numerous other countries. One way or another it gets burned resulting in huge quantities of Carbon Dioxide being expelled into the atmosphere.  According to a recent calculation if we made a column of coal 1 metre by 10 metres out of the coal we dig up every year in Australia . . .it would reach to the moon. Freaky stuff.And people wonder how our burning of fossil fuels could influence climate. Unbelievable. Let’s do our best to wake those people up. It must now be understood that any who organize against the simple fact that burning fossil fuels is causing climate change are in truth now guilty of crimes against humanity. One day they may be so charged. We can only imagine that history will judge these pilferers of the common good and security not at all well. We must wish such deformed wrongdoers and all who conspire with them the very best of luck, because it is highly likely that they will need it. Go Con-Figure

The truly extraordinary facts

Truly Extraordinary Fact No’1: Clean and safe clean energy technologies called Zero-Point energy devices (among other things) have been routinely shut down and hidden from the public for the past 100 or so years. This started with Tesla and continues to the present day.

Truly Extraordinary Fact No’2: The carbon contained in the coal we are burning – principally to fire coal power plants – could be used in materials using compositions based on Fullerenes to make super strength light-weight products for all kinds of structural, engineering and building materials.

The solutions are just beyond our fingertips. Does the video below really show us how to build a free energy device.? Go con-Figure 

A Lime flavoured rEvolution pt 5

20 03 2012

Welcome to America - Now The Greatest Fascist Power in The World

Free from corporate fascism

Today I will spend ten minutes visualizing the world I would like to live in. Free from corporate fascism and procrustean socialists. Go ahead and look that one up if you need to.


(esp. of a framework or system) Enforcing uniformity or conformity without regard to natural variation or individuality.

We don’t need procrustean socialism any more than we need corporate fascism. They are simply two sides of the same coin. What we need to do is to lighten up a little. Have some fun occasionally and then all go and sit on the railway tracks like Gandhi. Occupy the CBD with LOVE bombs of floral dissent. What’s the modern day equivalent of railway tracks? D’oh! Railway tracks!!! AND . . .Freeways.  Careful if you sit down on a Freeway. I guess you would need a fleet of pink cadillacs to start things off by stopping on the . . . .FREEWAY OF LOVE. Occupy. Resist. Kick out the jams. Take it to the streets. Change the system now mother f&%#rs.

“This is not your grandfather’s capitalism”

Make the world Free from corporate fascism

a LIME flaVouRED rEvolution Pt 4

20 03 2012

Today I Will Hug a Few Trees

Today I will hug a few trees . . . and send extra happy greetings to the Space People in the cloud above the backyard pool in which stands  . . .both erect and pregnant . . . the sword of The Lady OF the Lake.

I worry about the chlorine though. How’s that lady doing down there I wonder? Maybe i should take her some tea and biscuits? And what happens to tea and biscuits when you submerge them in a swimming pool?  I am sure you can begin to appreciate some of the logistical problems involved in having The Lady of The Lake in your swimming pool. Yes, it’s tough. Should I ask for your guilt? Your shame?  NO! Just keep dancing dangerously close to the water, dance to the Samba Rhythms – boom boom boom-boom-boom. We just might get a chance to grab that sword. Anyone can do it. But first (now don’t laugh) you will have to walk on the water. I know, I know. There’s no faking this of course. We have cameras set up all over the place so the water walker(s) will be filmed. THEN . . .you need to get the sword. But, good news! It’s not nearly as hard as it sounds. Come on over for the party and we will share delicious secrets. This is after all The Age of The Woolworths Buddha. Oh God I think I’ve done it again. Call my frickin agent! And what about those space people? Don’t worry! They know what to do. Note to self: Today I Will Hug a Few Trees


20 03 2012

Money Will Mysteriously Appear in Your Bank Account

There is a general feeling among the citizenry of the world that it is time for Lime

There is a general feeling among the citizenry of the world that it is time for a refreshing change. The time has come. This is a Lime Flavoured Revolution. Make no mistake. There is nothing as powerful as a LIME FLAVOURED REVOLUTION whose time has come. But remember – Cherry is already taken. Lime is the go. You don’t want to be disappointed when you finally get to the ice cream counter and the guy just looks at you as if in a dream and says in kinda slow motion  . . .CHERRY HAS BEEN EATEN BY THE ZWORgS. And then the floor opens up and you are swallowed as you slide down a chute into the frozen vacuum of black space screaming . . .

Except you you can’t scream because there is no air in the vacuum of space and you wake up screaming but not being able to scream. In a heavy sweat. You can avoid ALL THAT by just letting the guy know you want the LIME. The beautiful LIME. Mmmmmmm Lime Yummy.  It’s Dr Quantum’s Lime fLAVOURED Revolution and it is . . .tasty and zesty and VERY cool. The Lime Flavoured Revolution is your friend in need. Oh Kay! In fact if you say the words: Dr Quantum’s Lime Revolution three times there is a 90% chance that money will appear in your bank account. Bizarre but true.There is a general feeling among the citizenry of the world that it is time for Lime

A Lime Flavoured Revolution Pt 2

20 03 2012

Psychedelic Dwarf by Cru The Dwarf at Deviant Art dot com

It’s Time For a Lime Flavoured Revolution

Here are the facts as well as they can be stated without ingesting psychedelics.

The world has been hijacked by the merchant class. This may sound innocent enough. But it isn’t. It must be understood that far from being “upper-class” commercial agents . . .or merchants as they are also known are not even in the top half of society. To understand this a little better it might be valuable to refer to a culture far more ancient than the Western model – the classic Hindu social system. In the ancient Hindu system what is known as the Caste System or Varna Asram Dharma, it must be understood that as a general proposition merchants are a low lot.It is also worth comprehending in this context that the ancients had allocated the job of protecting the people from the ravages of the greedy merchant class to the warrior caste – the politicians, police and military. Well . . .we can see how the ruling political classes around the world have been corrupted by the mighty dollar. Hence the Warriors have allowed Dracula to be put in charge of the blood bank. It’s called Free Market Economics. Privatization of everything and is what is now becoming evident as Corporate Fascism.

Merchants. A low lot. And by their fruits they are now known. Ecocide, pollution, grubby materialism and the butchering of the Earth. These filthy badgers will reduce the width of toilet paper rolls by 1mm to save a few million bucks across their global operations. Think about this long and hard. Toilet paper is shrinking and it’s got nowhere to go but invisible. The more of it that shrinks the less of it there is you see. The endgame is that the merchant global elites will have us all sticking our fingers up our own bums while we tell ourselves that what we are really doing is sitting down to a five course meal at a white tablecloth restaurant. But how did it happen and what can we do about it? How it happened is waaaaay more complicated than what we can do about it. To cut a long story short we gave our power away to the merchant class in believing their lies when they said that the market is God and it knows, purely and best how to regulate all things. An epic fail if ever there was one.  Let’s just say that a Lime Flavoured Revolution is what is needed. Why Lime? Well the thing is Cherry was taken.

Let’s just put it this way . . .while no one was watching a whole army of grey skinned sociopathic lizard men crept into the supermarkets of the world under cover of darkness. They undid all the toilet paper. Unrolled all the rolls and then trimmed them by 1mm. They were helped by a gang of mechanical elves. True. See video below.They thought no one was watching, but they are wrong. Look into these pages and read the terrible truth. There are endless cases of toilet roll snipers with scissors in hand who are actively trimming the rolls – even as we speak. Have I told you about the instant coffee taxers? Did you know about the milk pilfering? The beer bubble bashers? The . . . the . . . the . . .there are so many of them. The snippers and the clippers and the pippers are out of control. It’s time we pulled them up in their tracks. Caught them red-handed. Pushed them back at the gates. Oh Hello! It’s time for a LIME Flavoured Revolution!

De-facto Fascism in America Today – Monsanto’s Board

19 03 2012

Monsanto’s Board is a Great Example of The De-facto Fascist State in Action

The following is reprinted from Blog:Downtown Local. Post Title: Corn insecticide linked to great die-off of beneficial honeybees. Thanks to Sherry Mac for giving is the information we need to change our lives for the better.

A board of directors is a body of elected or appointed members who oversee the activities of a company or organization. In most cases it can require very little involvement in the day-to-day functioning of the governed entity, but it is typically always staffed with individuals vested in the best interest of the company or organization. In Monsanto’s case, several members of its board of directors aid in the proliferation of genetically modified seeds through their daily livelihood, continuing to insure that no regulations or transparency requirements be allowed in the U.S. on foods or household products containing genetically modified ingredients, which would not only affect Monsanto’s success, but that of their other corporate interests as well.

Janice L. Fields is president of McDonald’s USA. Elected to the Monsanto board in April 2008, her term expires in 2015. McDonald’s, like most other fast food restaurants,uses genetically modified ingredients (corn, soy and canola) in virtually all of their menu items. As the largest fast-food chain in the world, its food reaches nearly 70 million people every day.

C. Steven McMillan is a retired chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Sara Lee Corporation. He has served as a director on the Monsanto board since June 2000. His term expires in 2015. Sara Lee is a global consumer packaged goods company with more than 40 brand category leaders in frozen meals, snacks, meat products and beverages including Sara Lee, Hillshire Farm and Jimmy Dean, found in virtually every supermarket in the country.

Jon R. Moeller is Proctor & Gamble’s chief financial officer. Mr. Moeller was elected to the Monsanto board in August 2011 and his term expires in 2013. The Procter & Gamble Company is one of the world’s leading consumer products companies. Sales in 2011 reached $82.6 billion dollars from more than 40 household brands including Tide, Crest, Pampers, Cover Girl and Iams pet food. The brand is notoriously criticized for its rampant use of animal testing on a number of products, and items like diapers and feminine care products can often contain genetically modified cotton, while household items can contain not only alcohol derived from GMO corn, but also toxic chemicals with known health risks.

Other board members include prominent figures in the energy, technology and research sectors: former division CEO and executive vice president of General Electric, Arthur Harper; Robert J. Stevens, Lockheed Martin Corporation’s chairman and CEO; Laura Ipsen of CISCO’s Connected Energy Network; David L. Chicoine of South Dakota State University, a land grant research institution; William U. Parfet, chairman of the board of MPI Research preclinical toxicology research laboratory; Gwendolyn S. King, former vice president of PECO Energy Company; George H. Poste, Ph. D., D.V.M of Health Technology Networks, a consulting group specializing in the application of genomics technologies and computing in health care; and Hugh Grant, Monsanto’s CEO (not that Hugh Grant)

Dr Quantum says: GET HIP! This is the corporate state. The merging of state and corporate – BIG BUSINESS – interests. Monsanto’s Board is a Great Example of The De-facto Fascist State in Action. 

Here’s a Short instructional video on what we all must do next – this one shot at GoldMan Sachs during the Occupy Wall Street sesions last year. But this is what it MUST look like. It’s not the ONLY way, but according to the non-violent Gandhi it’s one very effective way to stop the controlling elitists. Yes you may get arrested. That may be the price we now have to pay for resisting corporate fascism. Do it with LOVE and Just Do IT!

The Holographic Geodesic Fractal Universe for Hipsters

12 02 2012

The Shadow Play Theatre

The Universe Is Holographic

According to some sources of commentary on the nature of reality it is possible that we live in a hologram. That is to say that the universe is holographic. If you are still plugged into the conventional matrix then this is a most pleasantly interesting; a novel and  bizarre thought. The implication is that from some higher level in the hierarchy of values  – according to this type of science – your existence is a holographic projection of a version of you that is actually two dimensional, gee even perhaps one dimensional? Whoa! Wait a minute. How could we be one dimensional? Well hipsters let’s face it we all know a few one dimensional people . . .right? Then join the dots.The universe is holographic

But here’s what’s really fascinating. If we are a projection of a version of us that is one or two dimensional, then the broader and expanded perspective in which we live – that of pure quantum consciousness – is complex powerful and multi-dimensional in a way that is the opposite of the two dimensional version of who we are. We may be a bunch of mere cardboard cut out dolls whose shadows are being reflected onto the screen of the holographic universe . . .but what is the light source in which resides the real generating power to keep the show going? That is one question which is excellent good for philosophising as you stroll in solitude along the windswept coast of Cornwall or some other suitably dramatic place of profound cogitation. I predict that you will be shocked to one day learn that this very cosmic light that generates your cosmic universe was actually generated from the discount torch held by your good friend Ali Mus Clubba Fungi Holy Rabbit Smenckle Regringbrithanitwati Swingle Pootle Smigle Sneezy Plingle Twood. . . .the 3rd. But his friends just call him Ali as you do in the 12th dimensional timeless oasis of Shra, deep in the valley of the Cumquats. Such is the nature of life dear hipsters. And no i haven’t been taking drugs. Why do people keep asking that? Hey . . .the universe is holographic.

This may all sound odd, strange and peculiar, so let me just set you straight. This is EXACTLY what’s going on, and one day you will realise it all at once in a brilliant FLASH of illumination and be amazed. Until then . . .keep your hair on and don’t talk to strangers with polka dot ties. They are all holographic robots and hey. . .the universe is holographic . . .  Now . . .once you have had your flash of illumination you will get to make a choice. Do you continue on into the higher dimensions of infinite ecstasy, pleasure, love fun and higher dimensional games or do you, through compassion come back into the darkness of limited consciousness to this world of two dimensional insanity and endless hellish paradox to attempt, through your infinite love to awaken the souls who are stuck on the wheel of reincarnation; of samsara??? Remembering all the while that if you do try to wake them up they will hate you for it. Holy crap! Where’s the exit? Everywhere! Hey . . .the universe is holographic!

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