Five Bizarre Secrets About Karl Marx

24 03 2012

Karl - The Most Famous Marx Brother

Capitalism for Dummies

Bizarre Marx secret No’1 Karl Marx was the president of the Beatles fan-club and YET he died in 1883. There is only one explanation for this: Time travel. Marx reckoned capitalism was fatally flawed. He predicted that due to the exploitation of the workers by the Capitalist class – i.e.those who own all the factories and machines – A.K.A. the means of production . . .that the workers would rise up and have a revolution, AKA the Revolution of The Proletariat. Guy was waaaay ahead of his time. It would be like standing up today and claiming there is a FREE energy device that you could practically make in your back yard or basement, that would by-pass the need for burning fossil fuels etc. Most people wouldn’t believe you. And then if you confidently predicted that people and companies who had bought up the patents and suppressed the technology for such free energy devices would be tried and found guilty of crimes against humanity . . .in the not too distant future . . .that would be time travel. So hey?! . . .trust the Quantum Flux Marx was a big Beatles fan. It was Capitalism for Dummies

Bizarre Marx secret No’2: Marx liked dressing up in Women’s clothing. He would play dress-ups and had a hit drag act in Paris in 1842. But what he was REALLY doing was promoting a Revolution of The Proletariat.  According to the Marxist theory such a revolution would take back the capital used to make stuff and put it in the hands the workers. This Marx said would be a Socialist Society. Marx said the eternal social conflict is a class war. This was on the evolutionary road to a classless society of peace love and mung beans which Marx described as Communism. What he didn’t realize was that the real class war would be between young working class boys & girls queueing up outside clubs and door bouncers from the Pacific Islands whose homes were about to be flooded by global warming due to the burning of fossil fuels. This highlighted the need for a science of complexity. In the future it would all be so clear. it’s Capitalism for Dummies

Bizarre Marx secret No’3: Marx was a deeply spiritual man.  But he pretended to be an Athiest. While promoting free love, free muesli and free money Marx had secretly founded the Pyramid Church for Rock & Roll and Jimi Hendrix incorporating video games the alphabet and whales. But what he said was Religion is poison. This is because he could see that as a socially constructed project religion was working hand in glove with the capitalists to keep the worker bees in a straight line. That worked well. Actually he used to have secret drinks with Jesus and the Buddha every Friday night. He would attend these drinks nights in full drag. Apart from being a pointy hatted wizard he was as gay as a maypole. Clearly it is Capitalism for Dummies

Bizarre Marx secret No’4: Marx was actually a visitor from another galaxy. He was a spaceman. He was also Jewish. Does this mean there are Jewish people on other planets? We’re not getting into the whole Zionist thing here. People get very offended about all this stuff. No one is quite sure how this works in fact. But . . .yep he was a little green man alright. Space people know all about Capitalism for Dummies

Bizarre Mark Secret No’5: Marx said that having ideas was useless and what mattered was action. This statement spurred on Lennin in Russia (October Revolution 1917) and Mao Tse Tung in China to form the pure classless Communist utopia by 1949. Interestingly. The only problem with this ideas are useless riff is that all he ever did was write books, articles and movie scripts for Hollywood. The actual truth is there is nothing as powerful as a Lime Flavoured Revolution whose time has come. The idea comes FIRST. Then people actually start doing stuff. Idea FIRST. Action SECOND. Idea FIRST. Action SECOND. Idea FIRST Action SECOND. Comprendez? Yes it’s Capitalism for Dummies

Comrade Lenin Licked a Lime Splice

22 03 2012

Lenin on his way to the shops for a Lime Splice

I Scream You Scream We Scream for Ice Cream

It is a well known fact among historians that Comrade Lenin liked to lick the Lime Splice. But they forgot to mention it. What historians always seem to carp on about were his political carryings on. Oh Hello! Just give us the facts. Here’s a guy who was a hard core ice cream eatin’ fool. And of course his absolute all time fave the Lime Splice. Let’s just say that Lenin was a big ice cream eater.

Full name: Vladimir Ilyich Lenin – spearheaded the October Revolution in Russia in 1917 as leader of the Bolsheviks. And it was all about ice cream for eveyone. Don’t ever let anyone tell you any different. Lenin was reputed to be a good talker when he wasn’t shovelling it down. You don’t see it in most pictures but he was quite rotund. Whilst not much of a head for politics, he was smart enough to bring in experts from the good old USA and Germany to do most of his thinking for him. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do and in Lenin’s case it was to tongue tickle a tub. Caress the cool cream. Lick the last of the lime gelato and manhandle the mango passionfruit ripple.

He got the whole political thing from his childhood friend Karl Marx. They did a boyhood paper run in inner city London – working class Cockney Islington – and barracked for Arsenal football team.  Those were the days. Ar-Se-Naaal.

Abducted by a UFO at the age of 12 both boys returned with supernatural powers, glowing green eyes and love of ice-cream. Using the technique of time travel they also formed a hit ’80s pop band called Spandau Ballet – see video below. And so the future of the world was changed forever. It doesn’t take much to change the course of history. Apparently glowing green eyes will do it every time. I Scream You Scream We Scream for Ice Cream

A Lime flavoured rEvolution pt 5

20 03 2012

Welcome to America - Now The Greatest Fascist Power in The World

Free from corporate fascism

Today I will spend ten minutes visualizing the world I would like to live in. Free from corporate fascism and procrustean socialists. Go ahead and look that one up if you need to.


(esp. of a framework or system) Enforcing uniformity or conformity without regard to natural variation or individuality.

We don’t need procrustean socialism any more than we need corporate fascism. They are simply two sides of the same coin. What we need to do is to lighten up a little. Have some fun occasionally and then all go and sit on the railway tracks like Gandhi. Occupy the CBD with LOVE bombs of floral dissent. What’s the modern day equivalent of railway tracks? D’oh! Railway tracks!!! AND . . .Freeways.  Careful if you sit down on a Freeway. I guess you would need a fleet of pink cadillacs to start things off by stopping on the . . . .FREEWAY OF LOVE. Occupy. Resist. Kick out the jams. Take it to the streets. Change the system now mother f&%#rs.

“This is not your grandfather’s capitalism”

Make the world Free from corporate fascism

a LIME flaVouRED rEvolution Pt 4

20 03 2012

Today I Will Hug a Few Trees

Today I will hug a few trees . . . and send extra happy greetings to the Space People in the cloud above the backyard pool in which stands  . . .both erect and pregnant . . . the sword of The Lady OF the Lake.

I worry about the chlorine though. How’s that lady doing down there I wonder? Maybe i should take her some tea and biscuits? And what happens to tea and biscuits when you submerge them in a swimming pool?  I am sure you can begin to appreciate some of the logistical problems involved in having The Lady of The Lake in your swimming pool. Yes, it’s tough. Should I ask for your guilt? Your shame?  NO! Just keep dancing dangerously close to the water, dance to the Samba Rhythms – boom boom boom-boom-boom. We just might get a chance to grab that sword. Anyone can do it. But first (now don’t laugh) you will have to walk on the water. I know, I know. There’s no faking this of course. We have cameras set up all over the place so the water walker(s) will be filmed. THEN . . .you need to get the sword. But, good news! It’s not nearly as hard as it sounds. Come on over for the party and we will share delicious secrets. This is after all The Age of The Woolworths Buddha. Oh God I think I’ve done it again. Call my frickin agent! And what about those space people? Don’t worry! They know what to do. Note to self: Today I Will Hug a Few Trees


20 03 2012

Money Will Mysteriously Appear in Your Bank Account

There is a general feeling among the citizenry of the world that it is time for Lime

There is a general feeling among the citizenry of the world that it is time for a refreshing change. The time has come. This is a Lime Flavoured Revolution. Make no mistake. There is nothing as powerful as a LIME FLAVOURED REVOLUTION whose time has come. But remember – Cherry is already taken. Lime is the go. You don’t want to be disappointed when you finally get to the ice cream counter and the guy just looks at you as if in a dream and says in kinda slow motion  . . .CHERRY HAS BEEN EATEN BY THE ZWORgS. And then the floor opens up and you are swallowed as you slide down a chute into the frozen vacuum of black space screaming . . .

Except you you can’t scream because there is no air in the vacuum of space and you wake up screaming but not being able to scream. In a heavy sweat. You can avoid ALL THAT by just letting the guy know you want the LIME. The beautiful LIME. Mmmmmmm Lime Yummy.  It’s Dr Quantum’s Lime fLAVOURED Revolution and it is . . .tasty and zesty and VERY cool. The Lime Flavoured Revolution is your friend in need. Oh Kay! In fact if you say the words: Dr Quantum’s Lime Revolution three times there is a 90% chance that money will appear in your bank account. Bizarre but true.There is a general feeling among the citizenry of the world that it is time for Lime

A Lime Flavoured Revolution Pt 2

20 03 2012

Psychedelic Dwarf by Cru The Dwarf at Deviant Art dot com

It’s Time For a Lime Flavoured Revolution

Here are the facts as well as they can be stated without ingesting psychedelics.

The world has been hijacked by the merchant class. This may sound innocent enough. But it isn’t. It must be understood that far from being “upper-class” commercial agents . . .or merchants as they are also known are not even in the top half of society. To understand this a little better it might be valuable to refer to a culture far more ancient than the Western model – the classic Hindu social system. In the ancient Hindu system what is known as the Caste System or Varna Asram Dharma, it must be understood that as a general proposition merchants are a low lot.It is also worth comprehending in this context that the ancients had allocated the job of protecting the people from the ravages of the greedy merchant class to the warrior caste – the politicians, police and military. Well . . .we can see how the ruling political classes around the world have been corrupted by the mighty dollar. Hence the Warriors have allowed Dracula to be put in charge of the blood bank. It’s called Free Market Economics. Privatization of everything and is what is now becoming evident as Corporate Fascism.

Merchants. A low lot. And by their fruits they are now known. Ecocide, pollution, grubby materialism and the butchering of the Earth. These filthy badgers will reduce the width of toilet paper rolls by 1mm to save a few million bucks across their global operations. Think about this long and hard. Toilet paper is shrinking and it’s got nowhere to go but invisible. The more of it that shrinks the less of it there is you see. The endgame is that the merchant global elites will have us all sticking our fingers up our own bums while we tell ourselves that what we are really doing is sitting down to a five course meal at a white tablecloth restaurant. But how did it happen and what can we do about it? How it happened is waaaaay more complicated than what we can do about it. To cut a long story short we gave our power away to the merchant class in believing their lies when they said that the market is God and it knows, purely and best how to regulate all things. An epic fail if ever there was one.  Let’s just say that a Lime Flavoured Revolution is what is needed. Why Lime? Well the thing is Cherry was taken.

Let’s just put it this way . . .while no one was watching a whole army of grey skinned sociopathic lizard men crept into the supermarkets of the world under cover of darkness. They undid all the toilet paper. Unrolled all the rolls and then trimmed them by 1mm. They were helped by a gang of mechanical elves. True. See video below.They thought no one was watching, but they are wrong. Look into these pages and read the terrible truth. There are endless cases of toilet roll snipers with scissors in hand who are actively trimming the rolls – even as we speak. Have I told you about the instant coffee taxers? Did you know about the milk pilfering? The beer bubble bashers? The . . . the . . . the . . .there are so many of them. The snippers and the clippers and the pippers are out of control. It’s time we pulled them up in their tracks. Caught them red-handed. Pushed them back at the gates. Oh Hello! It’s time for a LIME Flavoured Revolution!

Ayahuasca – A Healing Trip in Peru

16 03 2012

Ayahuasca Visions by Pablo Amaringo

The Inter-dimensional Progression of Consciousness

Dr Quantum has been alerted to a new wave of nature based psychedelics. Seems everyone from Sting and Jim Carey to the little old lady up the road have been ducking off to Peru to have what sounds like the psychedelic healing experience of a lifetime. There is an Ayahuasca ritual done under the guidance of Shamanic practitioners in the rainforest and it’s certainly compelling to hear the first hand reports from people who have just done it. See links below.  There seems to be a sort of consumer version of Ayahuasca called DMT and quite a few people in the West are taking this as well. To give you some sense of perspective the effects of DMT last about 10″ and it’s still pretty jolly amazing from all the first hand accounts seen so far on the internet. The Deep Resonance Ecology version in the Peruvian rainforest by comparison is a 7 hour full-on trip that leaves people . . .reborn. That’s the Ayahuasca. But don’t take my word for it. Check out some of the links below. Image above from > Crucify The Ego

Something is going on here affecting quite a few people in a profound way. Sounds like people taking the substance are having a spiritual and healing experience that is integrating the physical cosmos as we know it with higher planes of consciousness. Dr Quantum predicts that this is going to have a noticeable impact on the consciousness of dire materialism that seems to be upon us at the moment just as the explosion of LSD did back in the 1960’s. For this reason DMT is of course illegal in most countries – it just doesn’t fit with the program of the fascist regime. The two would be mutually exclusive. But not the way Alex Jones tells it – see his video below. (He’s definitely entertaining but if he’s right we’re in trouble!) The deep descent into the abyss of materialism that we are currently living through will inevitably lead to some spectacular turnarounds into and even via the strawberry fields of the transcendental realm. Don’t stray too far into the woods now! It’s the inter-dimensional progression of consciousness

Click here> Extreme Celebrity Ayahuasca Detox  

Sting’s Ayahuasca Expereince below

Artist Alex Grey on his First DMT experience below

The Alex Jones View – you don’t want to go there!

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