Vaccines and Autism: is there a link?

17 06 2014





Question: Is there, or is there not a link between vaccination and autism?


There exists to this day a public controversy both within the medical community and in the public at large over the link between autism and children’s vaccinations. The pro-vaccine lobby seizes on the research of Dr Andrew Wakefield. It was he who first made public the link between autism and vaccines in 1998. He was subsequently prosecuted and barred from practising medicine in the USA, some would say because of his outspokenness. His detractors point to factual errors in his findings. But was this yet another example of corporate hit-man science as we have seen practiced time and again by the likes of big tobacco, big oil and in the global warming debate? Or was Dr Wakefield actually wrong?

My own conclusion is that Dr Wakefield’s biggest sin was in speaking out. It seems clear to me that he was in fact persecuted for being honest. It must be said that there is a substantially long line of doctors of all descriptions, who have been prepared to risk their careers and public ridicule, but who have gone on the record nevertheless. They have spoken out claiming that there is a known, provable or plausible link between autism and vaccines. Many of these doctors claim that this is not just assertion but a proven fact. 

De Soto and Hitlan: “of the 58 empirical reports on autism and heavy metal toxins, 43 suggest some link may be present, while 13 reports found no link. Although the question may be open in-sum, the evidence favours a link” De Soto and Hitan Acta Neurobiol Exp v70, p165-176 2010 (an objective review of the primary research)

In fact, the data linking children’s vaccines to autism was presented in 2000 to a group of USA Government bureaucrats & scientists and corporate scientists among others at a meeting convened by the Centre for Disease Control CDC. The meeting was held in secret and attendees were forbidden to make reports, photocopies or media announcements. Nevertheless, according to CDC Epidemiologist Tom Verstraten, the medical records of over 100,000 children showed that a mercury based preservative in the vaccines – Thimerisol – appeared to be responsible for a dramatic increase in autism and other neurological disorders in children. To support his case Verstraten cited numerous earlier studies that indicate a link between Thimerisol and speech delays, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity and autism.

Consider also the case of Dr Kenneth P Stoller MD. Currently the director of the New Hope clinic Santa Monica California, he was a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics for two decades. He resigned in 2008 after stating that the AAP had known that the mercury in vaccines can cause autism and other neurological damage, yet the organisation refused to act to remove mercury from vaccines and instead engaged in a cover-up to protect vaccine makers. 

The situation seems to be most adequately and accurately summed up by one Dr Tent who goes about lecturing on the subject: He says “it’s frustrating going through life watching people buried in a belief system that has no basis in fact and it’s basically propaganda. If you hear things enough times we start to believe them . . .the country has been taken over by gangsters”

But the case against Thymerisol (mercury) in vaccines, and the ham-fisted cover-ups of both government and corporations does not necessarily damn the very idea of vaccines per-se. But there is a valid case against them all the same. Consider what Dr Lucijia Tomljenovic Ph.D. – molecular Biochemist of University British Colombia has to say: “Gene mutations occur slowly and they could not account for the huge increase in autism rates . . .we now know that immune molecules play crucial roles in brain development. THIS MEANS THAT IF YOU MANIPULATE THE IMMUNE SYSTEM IT WILL HAVE ADVERSE OUTCOMES, ESPECIALLY IF YOU MANIPULATE THE IMMUNE SYSTEM IN EARLY DEVELOPMENT” 
Post-script WATCHUNG, N.J., June 13, 2014 /True Blue Tribune/ — malfeasance in the CDC’s studies of thimerosal-containing vaccines has, for the first time, been documented in peer-reviewed scientific literature. While the CDC states on its website that “low doses of thimerosal in vaccines do not cause harm, and are only associated with minor local injection site reactions like redness and swelling at the injection site,” the journal BioMed Research International now provides direct evidence that the CDC’s safety assurances about the mercury-containing preservative are not fact-based, according to the article’s lead author, Brian Hooker, PhD.

A clue to why the bees are dying

21 11 2013


From Wikipedia: 

Neonicotinoids are a class of neuro-active insecticides . . .The development of this class of insecticides began with work in the 1980s by Shell and in the 1990s by Bayer. The neonicotinoids were developed in large part because they show reduced toxicity compared to previously used organophosphate and carbamate instecticides. Most neonicotinoids show much lower toxicity in mammals than insects, but some breakdown products are toxic.Neonicotinoids are the first new class of insecticides introduced in the last 50 years, and the neonicotinoid imidacloprid is currently the most widely used insecticide in the world.

The use of some members of this class has been restricted in some countries due to some evidence of a connection to honey bee colony collapse disorder. In January 2013 the European Food Safety Authority stated that neonicotinoids pose an unacceptably high risk to bees, and that the industry-sponsored science upon which regulatory agencies’ claims of safety have relied may be flawed.

Dr Quantum says this: The ongoing efforts of the oligarchic corporatocracy to extract enormous profits from the enslaved peoples of the earth by switching pesticide chemicals has resulted in what appears to be honey-bee colony collapse disorder. Shell and Bayer take a bow. You did what the bimbo in Buffy Vampire Slayer suggested as her science project – kill all the bugs. We the people are not amused. Please, please, please . . .if you are one of those bloodless corporate types still trying to work out how to extract enough money from the system so you can drive your arse around in a Mercedes Benz and send your kids to a private school so they too can become angry lawyers. Please re-consider your position. In point of fact there is enough organic technology in agriculture, and enough deep knowledge about the holistic functioning of life on Earth that the poisonous stuff is now obsolete. Is it now clear to you that your hopefully profitable but definitely poisonous products are fulfilling the worst warnings given by Rachel Carson in her book Silent Spring? Yes  . . .publication date 1962. Time for you cowboys to get with the program.


Oh and by the way . . .there is a growing tide of ill informed, largely ignorant and angry radicals now baying for your blood. Is it little wonder that your time on Earth is rapidly coming to an end. I am sorry that it had to end this way. Because you know . . .love is the answer. I will continue to create my own version of a better world without recourse to unnecessary greed, blind bigotry and straw-man polemics, So Hari Om all you blood sucking vampires – enjoy fighting each other. See you all in heaven. 


Australia Now Tortures Those Seeking Asylum – You’re The Voice

16 11 2013


It is with heavy heart that this post goes out. And let it be said that Dr Quantum is no fan of people arriving in this country without a visa by boat. And there are the arguments for and against. Yes . . .if we allow it to continue unchecked then the result is that people traffickers simply build lucrative businesses from the desperation of those willing to make the trip. It’s all true. But . . .what is also true is that our current treatment of asylum seekers amounts to organised torture and this Quantum Detective is witness to a crime against humanity. The Australian Government under both Labor and (so-called) Liberal. Both are guilty. Both must stand accountable. The current regime however has stooped as low as self-proclaimed democratic open society would dare to go. We are now hearing of mothers who have just given birth being separated from their babies at four days old. How can this possibly be justified? There are so many stories of inhumane treatment. Men with dysentery being forced to shit themselves because they are forced to share 4 latrines between 100 men. No books. No internet. Think about that. Cramped in hot tents in the pacific. Months on end. These people are being physically and psychologically tortured. Make no mistake. This is now part of our national karma.

All people of conscience are now called upon to speak out against this crime against humanity. We have ex-Prime Minister Paul Keating’s words to remind us; he once commented of the conservatives seeking power in Australia, he said: This mob only know how to punish. How sad.

Apart from the obvious level of creation that is going on here we are also called upon to look at what this situation speaks to on the inner metaphysical plane of consciousness and being. You might ask yourself. Where am I being unreasonable and inhuman with myself? With my closest associates? Work colleagues? The time has come to do an inventory. Let us look within to seek answers. Take personal responsibility, and while we are getting aligned with integrity, speak out, write a letter or three. Make your voice heard. Systematically torturing, dehumanising and brutalising people IN MY NAME . . .NOT ACCEPTABLE.

The Polarities of Mediocrity – The FOOL is dead Long Live The FOOL

3 11 2013


As the worlds unravels around us at this time there are those souls who rush to the polarities of consciousness. The Right wing of Politics . . .The Left Wing of Politics. I am a Jesus freak. I am a Santa worshipper . . .etc, etc, etc. The extremists simply betray themselves as mediocre people in a world that demands excellence. And what is excellence?

First the paradox. For in marketing terms in order to be successful you have to take a position. How else will people be able to understand you if you are not clear about your identity? Now this may be true from a marketing perspective. But you see, your soul is not a marketing project. It is the all inclusive, multi-dimensional totality of all that you touch, taste, see, hear, feel and think and a whole lot more besides. As such it is inclusive, ambiguous, synthetic, integrative and miraculous.  And as such as a soul awakened individual when you see marketing driven information, propaganda and advertising you feel ripped off inside.

If you have ever looked at the commercial reality of life (and how can you avoid it) – like advertising, sales organisations and marketing hype – and wondered how it is possible for human beings to stoop so low, how can people be so crass and one-dimensional? Well it’s because commercial realities demand that messages are delivered, more or less one dimensionally so that the marketing machine can capture the souls it seeks to ensnare, involve and bleed dry. As distinct from engage, evolve and liberate. In short marketing’s one singular objective is usually to bleed you and leave you just that little bit paler in skin colour for your lack of the necessary fluid, Oh it’s not as bad as it sounds – and at the same time it’s a lot worse. For this is the living death and your soul knows it. Such is the nature of paradox.

But here’s the thing. If you want to AVOID living the life of the mediocre spin doctors, the half baked hucksters, and the pathetic pushers . . .then refuse to buy into the lie. And it seems that this . . .is the genius of the Brand. Now I am talking about Russell Brand.  Just like the Occupy movement, he doesn’t quite know what he wants, but he does know what he doesn’t want – and that is more lies from the phoney world of the crass mediocre make-believe that is our commercially and politically dominated reality creation system. The world is not what they represent it as . . .at all. And yet it is filled with their excrement. A paradox. After all, you are a super-excellent, infinitely ambiguous, mystery of Love and eternal transcendence. So what to do about the bullshit blasters of banality?  Well . . .there are 2 things you can do. Make that 3.

Thing number one: transcend mediocrity. And how are you going to do that? By rising to EXCELLENCE in all that you do. Hold with compassion for all. What about reaching and stretching to your own super-excellent incarnation of self? Resist . . . the temptations of the couch potato, the hypocrite and the ill informed opinion. Practice wisdom and excellence in all that you do. See if you can just keep it going for a one year period. That’s nothing! But it will bust the addictions. 12 months in and you will have transformed yourself, if such is on the menu. If not then carry on laughing you Buddha of enlightenment.

Thing number two: Do not become polarized. Do not join one of the hate clubs. Resist at all costs the pull to any pre-conceived notion of politics, spirituality and any other opinion of what the masses are screaming. This will hold true from the hysteria on Boat People, Gays, Straights, Blacks, Whites . . . to the cries about evil space invaders – the conspiracy theorists who are mostly just puppets for disinformation. More lies, more bullshit more ignorance, more crap, more pollution of the commons. If you don’t know what’s going on, just admit that you don’t know and remain silent while keeping a close watch on what actually happens. It’s a bit like Buddhism without the chanting.

Thing number three: While remaining un-polarized and inclusive practice being love in every moment. Refuse to take sides. Raise yourself to excellence for this transcends the polarities. The price you must pay is to stop bitching, back biting and complaining. Just look at the greatest souls. They could achieve this feat because they were largely un-polarized – holding respect and love for all. They long ago had learned (previous incarnation one would suppose) that complaining (whining) is useless. Love everyone you meet and and every experience you come into. This does not mean jumping on them like a puppy. Respect the bottom line. Keep a close watch on your heart and hold your own positive vision for that which you dare to dream as the future of your choosing. If you want to worship SOMETHING, then worship THAT.

The exception to the rule. If you must find a God to believe in. Make it a feminine oriented God-Goddess type God. This is simply the re-balancing of the phalocentric God, Made in man’s image with an infinitely large penis. Yes it’s a scary thing alrighty. Roger that. All very well for some. If God were a loving feminine presence (which undoubtedly he-she is) then what sort of future would you like to co-create with that particular transcendent friend? Love that reality. Hold that resonance. Turn off the TV. Stop listening to the Bullshit. Ignore the pathetic politics of hate and extremism. You will find your tribe. Go forward in strength from that position. Once you have connected the dots from a position of awakened consciousness you may discover that you choose to do things differently. Try it as a one year experiment. I can only honour what Russell Brand has said about not voting because he has manifested as the FOOL and as is well enough known, this is the highest card in the pack. Go forward into the mystery, Hari . . .OM

23 01 2013

Fracking is quite simply a crime against humanity. The distressing current reality is that by the time this has become abundantly clear it seems much damage will have been done. I am seeing more and more clearly the incredible power of focused intent. We must all come to know how much we do not want it and have a clear vision for alternatives

350 or bust

“No healthy community on this planet would allow hydraulic fracturing.” – Jessica Ernst

Jessica Ernst is a scientist who has worked in the oil and gas industry. She discovered first hand the consequences of hydraulic fracturing in her town of Rosebud, Alberta, Canada. 

This interview was conducted while Ms. Ernst was visiting Michigan to warn communities of the dangers of fracking.


For more information visit:

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The Fascist Regime USA! What Do You Say?

6 07 2012

American Fascism . . .More Protest Required?

Genetic Engineering Bullies Slice Up Democracy for Profit

On June 21, the US farm bill (S. 3240) passed the Senate and moved to the House. Unfortunately, the Sanders amendment (2310), which would secure individual states’ right to label genetically engineered foods was defeated 73-26, clearly illustrating the power and leverage of the GE lobby.  The amendment would have put an end to the kind of bullying Monsanto has engaged in for many years, such as threatening to sue states that want to enact their own GE labeling laws.

This legislative boon is exactly what you’d expect from a politician bought and paid for by the industry. The provision, dubbed “The Monsanto Protection Act” by Food Democracy Now, effectively strips judges of their constitutional mandate to protect consumer rights and the environment. It’s a perfect example of how insidious the collusion between the biotech industry and Washington really is, and how easily and nonchalantly they undermine our most basic rights.

please take a moment to sign your name to a letter created by Food Democracy NOW asking your Representative to support DeFazio’s amendment to strike Kingston’s biotech-friendly “farmer assurance provision.” The campaign letter can be found here


NOURISH Food & Community

The short vid below in less than 2 minutes, features Food Democracy NOW’s Michael Pollan talking about why the US Government subsidises the people who make candy but not the people who make carrots. You can subscribe to Food Democracy NOW channel – watch this short vid!

Postcard from The Sunshine Coast

6 04 2012

Queensland – Beautiful one day, perfect the next

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Queensland can indeed be beautiful one day and perfect the next. That is of course an idealised view. But just for now . . .enjoy the romance

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