Capitalism – an Art Project about Love

9 11 2011

Capitalism - it's all about LOVE

Capitalism is driven along by exploitation

Business has been getting a bad rap lately. When I say lately I mean roughly since Marx published Das Capital in 1867 (AKA Capital: Critique of Political Economy) and what a stir it caused! Who could disagree that opinions have been divided? Marx’s basic riff is that Capitalism is driven along by exploitation of labour. The surplus value thus derived from the pain and suffering of the mass of people – the downtrodden human worker bees – is then used by business owners to continue to own the productive capital which is protected by the state through force of law and arms. The interests of those heroic individuals who own the capital – and indeed many of them are often heroic – are championed by what may be thought of as the Right Wing of politics and various institutional conservatives and conservative institutions. Undoubtedly capitalists need champions (Marx called them petit bourgeois) for the simple fact that Capitalism is driven along by exploitation. That is indeed how it has worked ever since they built the first steam engine – and probably before.

The infernal glow of burning coal to fire the engines of industry left all but the most obtuse and ignorant in no doubt that we had burrowed through to a new Hell. Capitalism is driven along by exploitation, but capitalists were not happy to just exploit people. No. They wanted to make their point as clear as possible. To ensure that human beings learned the deep lessons about love, freedom and the dignity demanded by the spirit they got together in conspiratorial groups to exploit forests, fish, cows, pigs, chickens, rivers, oceans, needlework, a variety of minerals and many different gaseous substances. They created an artform to reflect the psychopathic nature of their enterprise and called them corporations. These monsters would have limited liability and thus corporations could kill people, torture them, attack living animals, plants of all descriptions and poison rivers and rob and steal with impunity. And being remorseless cancerous psychopaths without souls . . . corporations did just that. People were amazed at the power of the. . .corporation. But the capitalists – bless them – they wanted us to be able to understand as clearly as possible how disgustingly ugly all exploitation and grinding torture is. They wanted us to be able to – first hand – experience the crucifixion. . . in our own lives.

When we realised how abjectly low we had sunk as a species, how degraded and despicable we had become as we turned a blind eye to the suffering of our fellow human beings and to our chickens, cows and pigs who were tortured and slaughtered as we sat laughing at the festival of illusions called the television, we would look at ourselves and question our own existence. They are a cunning lot these capitalists and as wise as serpents. And that is how they brought us to love. Oh but there was one more thing they had to do. Because even after all that self-loathingly despicable abuse of trust and denial of the truth about love  . . .we still didn’t object! Well not much anyway. A few creative and sensitive souls starting freaking out but hey . . .fuck them.

Anyway what the capitalists had to do to teach us about love, was they had to go to the wealthiest country in the world, the USA where people were richer and fatter and glibber and suckier than anywhere on the planet. The place that used more than half the world’s resources in a kind of orgy of air-conditioned, self-satisfied narcissistic confabulation. The place that knew no boundaries for the excessive exploitation of all the living things of the Earth . . .the capitalists went there from their heavenly abodes called into incarnation by the spirit of humanity. They allowed themselves to take on the pain of being born into the perilous chasm of this world, just so they could do something totally awesome.

In their next Art Project About Love they took all the money from the rich people, they stole all their millons and billions and even their trillons. They stole all the money from the middle-class and then they kicked them out of their homes and made them live in tents and trailers and on the street. Then just to make sure that the people would rise up and say NO MORE! They then paraded themselves around in limousines and yachts. They went to fancy restaurants, and drank expensive French champagne and they laughed at the suffering of the people who they called fools. They lived in walled off communities and high up in glittering towers and they laughed and they laughed and they laughed. And finally people said NO MORE!

And that’s when we got the idea of the Social Entrepreneur.  If it was true for the last hundred years plus that capitalism is driven along by exploitation then now we get a chance to change. What if capitalism reinvented itself and it was driven along by love? Dear Reader – if you have gotten this far please give this post a star rating (5 is excellent) and click LIKE if you liked it. Just look below. Thanks

Admittedly business driven by LOVE may seem like a bizarre idea, but how bizarre is the old idea . . .and how painful to so many? And now . . .now . . . YOU get to decide through your choices . . .will we be thinking differently about business in one hundred years or will we still be moaning about how Capitalism is driven along by exploitation?

Updating Adam Smith – A New Love Story for the Future

2 04 2011

Adam Smith Proposed the Invisible Hand

What we Need is a New Story

Thomas Berry once famously remarked that what we need at this period in our history is a new story. Being an American Theologian and (deep) Ecologist of the 20th Century, Berry was certainly familiar with the old story. That is the story that impelled and propelled us into a future which we now inhabit. Consider that the old story runs on the operating system of the old DNA. From this old DNA and outdated operating system the old story has been endlessly told and retold. One of the old molecules of the old operating system that we must review in light of recent events is Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand. The recent events being of course the Global Financial Crisis of 2008-2009. (and now continuing on into the next decade Ed 22nd Aug 2011). What we need is a new story.

The Invisible Hand proposed by Smith has been an essential part of the philosophy of the Economic Rationalism of Milton Friedman of the Chicago School of Economics. It is an unshakeable belief in a mysterious and mythical Invisible Hand that has led to so much sufering in the world – this is not what we need. It is now time we had a good hard look at the hand and consider a new story. You see, rather than regulating markets in some kind of divinely guided way it seems the hand has spent most of it’s time congratulating itself and doing crooked deals behind closed doors. Ah the hand. It doesn’t sound like much of a Divine hand to Dr Quantum. So whose hand is it then?

If there is a need to bring the almighty into the equation (and Dr Quantum says um . . .yes) then please, please, please . . . let us not ascribe to the Great Spirit the actions of a hand which the Great Spirit has delegated to man, for to do so is an exercise in ignorance and absurdity par excellence. This must become part of the new story and more widely understood.

The real reason for embracing the principle of the invisible hand is the story of self-serving greed, covered over with a veneer of respectable enlightenment. The cloak of respectability that dresses up the invisible hand as something good and true and worthy is based entirely on the premise that the invisible hand is actually the agency of God. The Invisible Hand myth rests upon the cherished notion that it represents the immutable will of God. Unfortunately Adam Smith got it all wrong. Dr Quantum does not argue agaisnt the existence of God as if such negativism is some scientific given. This kind of psuedo-scientific athiesm is the stuff of ignorance heaped on ignorance. I HOPE YOU ARE PAYING CLOSE ATTENTION (yes i am shouting). Psuedo-Science is certainly not a valid argument against the Divine nature of the Invisible Hand. The real argument against the Invisible Hand myth is exactly the opposite. Ready to be outraged? Then come with me.

The real story is based around the notion that . . .as functionaries within the quantum realm of creative manifestation, the Divine Power, if it does exist is indeed given us to create what we WILL. And if there is no God as certain individuals would maintain – without, one must point out, a single shred of evidence – then we should understand ourselves to be creatures of enormous creative power. Such power includes the ability to generate self-fulfilling prophecies, for in the quantum realm verily it is written that YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY. I sometimes wish i could create someone to  wash up my dishes . . .but i digress.

As we look into the world and see markets rising and falling and certain trends emerging and others passing out of influence, we see nothing if not the power of focused human intention. If we see wealthy, powerful, elite groups of entrenched selfishness keeping large numbers of others enslaved in economic servitude it is because all the players in the drama have agendas to play these parts. (think long cycles of time that would require reincarnation to be fulfilled) The only invisible hand that is in operation if such a thing does exist is a zero-sum game where all equations will be balanced out . . .eventually. But you see, this is exactly the same idea that ecology and nature will be not be mocked . . .eventually. YOU as a player in the market are given plenty of rope. So bollocks to Adam Smith, bollocks to the Invisible hand and while we’re at it . . .bollocks to Milton Friedman.

The markets are not being regulated by an invisible hand, but your karma surely is just as the planetary ecology surely is. These cycles can and do operate over lifetimes and aeons. So here’s the thing . . . it’s time to stop telling ourselves stories that aren’t true and it’s time to start making up some worthy stories that have the light of truth within them. In that spirit Dr Quantum forthwith and hereby advances some code-molecules that must surely fit into the DNA of an enlightened mythology for a truly bright, prosperous and sustainable future. Are you ready for the new story of Quantumized truth? Here goes. Put these where the Sun does shine.

  1. LOVE is the answer
  2. FEAR is what makes domination strategies seem like a good idea
  3. A path with no heart can only lead to disaster
  4. The miraculous solutions to our seemingly insoluble problems are just beyond our fingertips and as such we may have to reach for them
  5. Respect for all of LIFE includes resepct for plants, animals, people and things, for metaphysically there is only YOU, the ONE, and you want to learn how to love yourslef; deeply, genuinely, authentically and joyously
  6. Nothing matters so you had better start caring for LIFE or pretty soon YOU wont matter
  7. Life really is an illusion – all of it. Which illusion do you now choose to make real throught he power of your transformative quantum miraculousness?
  8. It may be the karma of the starving millions to be starving, but it’s your karma to know about them . . .how do you wish to respond?
  9. It is essential to have a positive vision if you want to be positively powerful and change the world for the better
  10. What goes around comes around
  11. You are the invisible hand made flesh. DO SOMETHING
  12. What we need is a new story

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