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12 10 2011

Why Does my Heart Feel so Bad?

So . . .why does my heart feel so bad?  Could it be because We Are the 99% . . .? Or for the same reason that (some) psychopaths make great CEOs? A question for the Banksters and financial cowboys of a sick global system. A question which they are no doubt already scrambling for answers to. And do they have any answers? What we can expect is more denial, more shifting of blame. More running obstructions, More law suits to protect the corporatocracy. Let’s see. Meanwhile we have Occupy this that and the other.

This may well turn into an Occupy Monsanto and an Occupy Goldman Sachs and an Occupy British Petroleum as well. Just for starters of course. The power elite will never change, or at least if history tells us anything not in any kind of hurry. The intractable ones may need to be occupied. Well . . .hopefully it will be more reasonable than the French revolution. They lopped a lot of heads back then. Nowadays maybe they’re just lopping egos. Ouch! One gets the feeling we are about to find out.

And think about this hipsters . . .is the reason that we haven’t heard too much in the commercial news about the Occupy protests because it was originally promoted and is still being pushed by Adbusters? Not a lot of enthusiasm there for a movement that is closely linked to ADBUSTERS? They just don’t butter their bread on the right side now do they? The fact that they have caught the zeitgeist for what’s really up for people at the moment doesn’t matter, because hey, it’s anti commercial and gosh . . . God is a salesman isn’t she? Ummm let me just look that one up.

What we can also expect now is massive change. Correct. It’s what they call in System Theory a Meta-System Transition. Go ahead and look that one up. Meta-System Transition . . .Occupy. This is now the beginning of the end and one may easily conjecture . . .unstoppable. This is the game that we came here for. All your base are belong to us. Go ahead and Google that phrase if you have to – all those slacker gamers already know. You know?

In solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement. A sad but uplifting song that puts it rather beautifully. The lyrics in full: Why does my heart feel so bad? Why does my soul feel so bad? These open doors . . .Ahhh! 

Adbusters – the poeple who brought you Occupy Wall Street – are offering this beautiful Moby video on their home page – enjoy Why Does My Heart Feel so Bad?

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