Iron Horse in The Age of Aesthetics

13 08 2012

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Transcendent Memes

Steam train on platform nine. The announcement reverberated through and beyond. Every fibre of my being screamed in unison. GET YOUR CAMERA OUT and RUN!  . . . Up to the head of the platform.

And suddenly there she was; a wild and rare beast basking in the metropolis. Gleaming in the afternoon sun like a dragon on a high peak. Every rivet rippling; the engineered beauty of the thing. A perfected sculptural statement of the high point of the Age of Kali – a relic, a symbol and an artefact from the Iron Age. Rudolf Steiner said that the Age of Kali ended round about the start of the 20th Century. If this is true then the Iron Horse, represents a kind of apotheosis – a high point – of the investment of humanity in the engineered darkness. The Age of Kali was . . . the age of darkness. We are still exiting, but not quite there yet. Even from our current distance The Iron Age takes on a new and profound beauty. We transcend that darkness and iron so that we may have . . .The Iron Horse in The Age of Aesthetics.

Is this The New Age? Perhaps. A turning point? Most definitely. From the crucifixion to the resurrection. The phase of humanity’s consciousness is changing. We are part of, not just evolution but metamorphosis.  This means we will witness dramatic changes. And haven’t we already? The pace quickens. Aesthetics as pure spiritual and transcendent? Nowadays everything is designed, and designer. The Goddess beckons us to the dance. So what’s it to be? Narcissus or the Goddess? You choose. Undertones, overtones and chordal progressions are singing us to a new song. Memory thou hast the key. Iron Horse take us . . . somewhere over the rainbow. Look at the steam train momma.

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