There is a Disconnect . . .The New it Phrase

6 04 2012

There is a Disconnect Between Perception, Media, Science, Climate Change, Politics and How The World Really Works

We ain't seen no flyin saucers round here!

When I was a boy, in the 1960s you never heard this phrase. There is a disconnect between . . .and then, whatever the speaker is attempting to draw attention to. For example: There is a disconnect between the price Supermarkets want to charge us for fruit and vegetables and how much they pay the producers. For according to all reports in Australia we are being royally rogered at the checkout. Oh sorry, according to all reports except those issuing from the offices of Coles and Woolworths. That’s a disconnect. Another good example. There is a disconnect between Australian foreign policy in relation to Uncle Sam and our own self interest. According to Malcolm Fraser. He thinks we kiss Uncle Sam’s but so much that it’s actually become an embarrasment to Uncle Sam. According to Malcolm Fraser . . .and he would know wouldn’t he? Being an ex Prime Minister from the conservative side of politics. Wonder of wonders. I am reminded that the word Apocalypse means disclosure.

Then there is the recent usual disconnected miasma of conventional stupidity around the fact of visitors from other places. Other than Earth that is. Consider the great Gerard Henderson pontificating as usual from his throne at the Sydney Morning Herald. First the title of the piece: Media’s soft treatment of Brown opens door to the little Greens men. Well Gerard here’s you chance to establish warm relations with Australia’s richest person and new part owner of the publication you work for – Gina Reinhardt – but who would doubt you two are already close.

And here is Gerard’s opening salvo: Imagine the media reaction if the atheist Julia Gillard or the Christian Tony Abbott raised the possibility, in a major address, of extraterrestrial life on one or more planets beyond Earth. At the very least, they would have been ridiculed. There may even have been calls for a retirement on medical grounds. – SMH 3rd April 2012

So what you are actually saying Gerard is that you would reinforce the official reality creation around the existence of UFOs. Visitors from other planets, galaxies etc in order to denigrate one of the few politicians in this country prepared to stand up and tell the truth on a regular basis. Well done Gerard, no doubt Gina is very proud of you and your shining homework. One small problem.

There is a disconnect between the official view on the existence of UFO’s, visitors from other planets  and what actually happens. Take the film Men in Black which makes light of this. This film leverages the fact that there are so many “aliens” visitors, beings form other planets – call them what you will – here on Earth now, that’s it’s become embarrasing for Unlce Sam to have to keep denying their presence. It’s a joke. But like some kind of oriental political ritual the truth is not what’s important. It’s knowing how to keep going with the lie. Basically just keep telling the same outrageous lie with a straight face. It’s the official Fuck You of the Asian political handbook. We are whaling for scientific research. For example. Not to denigrate the Asians out of hand. The Occident surely has plenty of the same to claim.

Putting it all together what we have is this. Uncle Sam has been running the official line on UFOs because if we could all see them running around, or if it was admitted finally . . . they are here, people might start to question the fuel source their craft are running on. And you can bet it’s not BP unleaded or Mobil Super. Yes Uncle Sam is over fighting a war in Iraq and Afghanistan courtesy of George W Bush, scion of a Texas family with CIA and good old boy oil money connections. Join the dots. Uncle Sam wants to have to explain the fuel that UFOs use about as much as they want to change over to decimal currency. Hey . . .it’s the right thing to do, but darned inconvenient. We’ll just keep on doin things the way we always did around here. And while you there can you get that feller . . .what’s ees name. Gerald Henderson on the line. I got a noo idea for a story for eem. And then call Gina.

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