Political Power in the USA – The Corporatocracy

3 01 2013
Corporatocracy = fascism. Comprendez vous?

Corporatocracy = fascism. Comprendez vous?

The central criticism of the United States of America has for some time centred on the corrupting and hypocritical relationship between big business and the agencies of government. The powers that be in the U.S. have long trumpeted that the justification for both foreign and domestic policy is that they have been keeping the world safe for democracy. Clearly, such a claim is now seen to be as hollow as organised crime kingpins saying that they are keeping the world safe for business.  To be sure there would be truth in the statement . . .but would it be a true statement?

Respected Columbia University Economist Jeffrey Sachs in his book The Price of Civilization is now laying it on the line. He only stops short of using the F word. Fascism. It’s what Americans cannot bear to hear about themselves. The fact that they are currently doing a very good job of imitating being the greatest fascist power on earth. But let’s look at what Sachs does say.

According to Sachs America is caught in a vicious cycle; the cracked record of the corrupt American system.

“Corporate wealth translates into political power through campaign financing, corporate lobbying and the revolving door of jobs between government and industry; and political power translates into further wealth through tax cuts, deregulation and sweetheart contracts between government and industry”

 . . .in other words fascism.

Sachs point to four main sectors of US business that exemplify this vicious cycle and which underline the transformation of America into a Fascist society – he uses the phrase takeover by the corporatocracy which of course means exactly the same thing as fascism, just in more acceptable language. These four sectors are: 1) The military industrial complex 2) The Wall Street-Washington complex 3) The big-oil transport-military complex and 4) The (so-called) health-care industry. This last one some people might prefer to call the torturing people for profit in the name of medicine industry. Sounds pretty ugly? Well . . .what are you going to do about it?

What to do about this unholy mess? Well it may sound somewhat overly simplistic, however Dr Quantum would suggest that firstly having the awareness to be clear and honest about the current state of play is the first step forward. Closely followed by forgiveness and then last but certainly not least . . .having a regular schedule of co-creatively envisioning the positive, transformed, healthy future you wish to inhabit. This last part of the technique may well be derided by the intelligentsia – those materialistic, Marxist, intellectual atheists who are a feature of our institutions of higher learning. Many of these folks are enormously well intentioned individuals, in the same way that you will find people of noble sentiment in the Tea Party. But of course as it has been said – the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Quantum-wise the co-creatively envisioned and metaphysically projected positive future will do more to transform the world for the better than an endless stream of suicide bombers, torturing the projected “villains” – the enemy, and Uncle Sam’s drones and missiles and counter intelligence in the form of dis-information. The metaphysical approach may even be better than an endless stream of books – Gosh! However in the interests of sanity we must encourage education… regardless of how flawed the system may currently be.

Time to wake up.

A Message from The Tree of Golden Light?

19 11 2012

Tree of Light by Tang Yau Hoong

Searching for some new inspiration these last few days. Watched that excellent film: Across The Universe with all those fabulous sets and Beatles songs (let it Be embedded below) . . . and stumbled across a website called The Tree of Golden light which purports to contain channeled thoughts and words of a a variety of Highly Evolved beings. You may find the following inspirational. You will note reference to “the ascension”. There is a suggestion that some of us are about to be tele-ported off the Earth to a (much) greater level of freedom and fulfillment.  There are a lot of channeled transcripts there if you happen to be curious. Dr Quantum’s Lime Flavoured Revolution does not endorse the idea of ascension specifically in this context. There is also reference to extraterrestrials and the Intergalactic Federation . . . You will have to make up your own mind. Check it out below Source:  Tree of The Golden Light

The old paradigm is collapsing beyond the point where it can be re-established, and we are ready to help you bring the new one into being. Indeed, behind the scenes much has been going on to this end and has advanced quite quickly. We continue to make more appearances in your skies than ever before, and when we can finally commence our flyovers we know they will be well received. We feel that at last you are beginning to relax and accept things as they happen, knowing that all is in order and you will benefit from our assistance which will speed matters up. Whatever is required to take place this side of Ascension will come about as intended.

We wish that your media was released from the grip of those who adulterate your news, often deliberately distorting the facts to mislead you. Also so many laws have been introduced will be changed so that you have more freedom of information, and that no longer will secrecy be allowed as an excuse to hide the truth. The extent to which you have been kept in the dark is way beyond what you suspect, and you will be astonished at what has been developed for your Space programs. With the help of Extraterrestrials amazing advancements have been made in Space travel, as you will learn. Presently quite a few craft you see in your skies are your own, that you have been prevented from knowing about.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and looking forward to the occasion when we can meet you and exchange friendly greetings. You will easily take to us as we are you from a higher level of consciousness. We have so much to share with you, and it will be a wonderful time. Our love freely flows to you at all times.

The Fascist Regime USA! What Do You Say?

6 07 2012

American Fascism . . .More Protest Required?

Genetic Engineering Bullies Slice Up Democracy for Profit

On June 21, the US farm bill (S. 3240) passed the Senate and moved to the House. Unfortunately, the Sanders amendment (2310), which would secure individual states’ right to label genetically engineered foods was defeated 73-26, clearly illustrating the power and leverage of the GE lobby.  The amendment would have put an end to the kind of bullying Monsanto has engaged in for many years, such as threatening to sue states that want to enact their own GE labeling laws.

This legislative boon is exactly what you’d expect from a politician bought and paid for by the industry. The provision, dubbed “The Monsanto Protection Act” by Food Democracy Now, effectively strips judges of their constitutional mandate to protect consumer rights and the environment. It’s a perfect example of how insidious the collusion between the biotech industry and Washington really is, and how easily and nonchalantly they undermine our most basic rights.

please take a moment to sign your name to a letter created by Food Democracy NOW asking your Representative to support DeFazio’s amendment to strike Kingston’s biotech-friendly “farmer assurance provision.” The campaign letter can be found here

source: mercola.com

NOURISH Food & Community

The short vid below in less than 2 minutes, features Food Democracy NOW’s Michael Pollan talking about why the US Government subsidises the people who make candy but not the people who make carrots. You can subscribe to Food Democracy NOW channel – watch this short vid!

The People vs Goldman Sachs

15 03 2012

We The People Will

Transcript section of video below ; There is no way within the corporate state to vote against the interest of Goldman Sachs. There is no way through the formal mechanisms of power to restore the rule of law. There is no way to protect the ordinary citizen and the poor around the globe from the predatory activity of financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs. And since the courts refuse to put on trial the senior executives of Goldman Sachs including Blankfein who carried out these crimes and then lied to cover them up we the people will.

See the full Mock Trial of Goldman Sachs at Occupy Wall Street with Cornel West and Chris Hedges.

DeodoRANT – Spray The Can or Can The Spray?

25 11 2011

Give Your Naked Bod a Treat - Cancer!

Go The Spray?

Cancer: Go the spray? If you like to pop into the gym occasionally it’s almost impossible to avoid a cloud of carcinogenic toxins wafting around in the change-rooms. These are easy to detect as they insist on having loud offensive chemical conversations with your nose. It is the olfactory equivalent of yobs on mobiles in public transport and cafes. The boring rude loudness would not be so bad except these stinky chemicals are usually loaded up with carcinogens, nerve toxins and other unpleasant nasties. Go the spray?

Memory Loss: Ask the average gym junkie or bunny if they would like to spray this poison on their breakfast and then eat it and they will invariably look at you with wide eyed astonishment responding in the negative. Go The Spray? NO WAY JOSE! They will retort! Of course NOT! Well DURRR. I see. So let me ask. . . why do you think you’re breathing? Cause it feels good? Not at all my buff and gleaming friend. The fact is you are breathing because you are feeding on the air. If you do not comprehend this statement or if you perhaps doubt this, try stopping for a few minutes. Do you see where we’re going here? Exactly . . .you will die if you stop breathing for a few minutes it’s true. Hmmm. Ah ha! Air = food. Breathing = feeding. OK, got it! Go the spray?

Lung Damage: Why oh why do people not make the connection? Breathing the chemicals they put into these products after a workout is the same as eating the crap right out of the can. If . . .every time you come in from your hour or so of exercise to a change-room, and your cells are crying out – HUNGRY for food – you put the crap in the can into your brain, blood, cells and therefore you entire body – you are poisoning yourself. Go the spray? No way Jose! Simple eh? Well apparently not. One has lost count of the number of roid rage episodes your Quantumised columnist has had as a result of pointing out this simple and obvious truth to the deodorizing delinquents of damnation. I would rather be stick in a busload of yammering yobs than to encounter a cloud of carcinogens after workout. If you must put that crap on your body, please, please, please get a roll on so the only person you poison is yourself.

Vomiting and Nausea: Part of the problem is that people trust that the corporate pimps and pickpockets who push this junk with aggressive, loud and ever so seductive advertising, are actually respectable and adequately regulated. That would be two very courageous – or perhaps foolish – assumptions to make. Go the spray? Time for peeps to get real.

Brittle Hair and Hair Loss:  And if you think the crap in deodorants may be toxic then consider the facts in a broader context. The following quotes and links pertain to one of the most highly respected on-line health experts Dr Mercola

Lead and arsenic aren’t listed among the ingredients of lip gloss and eyeliner. However, Environmental Defence, a Canadian environmental group tested dozens of common cosmetics products and found that virtually all of them were contaminated with heavy metals.

Researchers purchased cosmetics in Toronto, and sent them to an accredited laboratory to have them tested for the presence of arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury, beryllium, selenium, thallium and nickel. The items tested included foundations, concealers, powders, blushes, bronzers, mascaras, eyeliners, eyeshadows, lipsticks and glosses.

See also The Aluminium in Your Deodorant may cause breast cancer by Dr Mercola 

According to the Montreal Gazette:

“None of the products tested contained mercury, but lead was detected in 96 percent of the products, arsenic in 20 percent and cadmium in 51 percent. Nickel was found in all the products tested, beryllium in 90 percent, thallium in 61 percent and selenium in 14 percent.”Contaminants in personal care products are one of countless examples of environmental toxin exposures that you’re better off avoiding.

According to the report, over time heavy metals can build up in your body leading to a number of health problems, including:

  • Cancer
  • Memory loss
  • Cardiovascular, skeletal, blood, immune system, kidney and renal problems
  • Lung damage
  • Reproductive and developmental disorders
  • Mood swings
  • Headaches
  • Neurological problems
  • Nerve, joint and muscle disorders
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Brittle hair and hair loss

Go the spray?

Capitalism – an Art Project about Love

9 11 2011

Capitalism - it's all about LOVE

Capitalism is driven along by exploitation

Business has been getting a bad rap lately. When I say lately I mean roughly since Marx published Das Capital in 1867 (AKA Capital: Critique of Political Economy) and what a stir it caused! Who could disagree that opinions have been divided? Marx’s basic riff is that Capitalism is driven along by exploitation of labour. The surplus value thus derived from the pain and suffering of the mass of people – the downtrodden human worker bees – is then used by business owners to continue to own the productive capital which is protected by the state through force of law and arms. The interests of those heroic individuals who own the capital – and indeed many of them are often heroic – are championed by what may be thought of as the Right Wing of politics and various institutional conservatives and conservative institutions. Undoubtedly capitalists need champions (Marx called them petit bourgeois) for the simple fact that Capitalism is driven along by exploitation. That is indeed how it has worked ever since they built the first steam engine – and probably before.

The infernal glow of burning coal to fire the engines of industry left all but the most obtuse and ignorant in no doubt that we had burrowed through to a new Hell. Capitalism is driven along by exploitation, but capitalists were not happy to just exploit people. No. They wanted to make their point as clear as possible. To ensure that human beings learned the deep lessons about love, freedom and the dignity demanded by the spirit they got together in conspiratorial groups to exploit forests, fish, cows, pigs, chickens, rivers, oceans, needlework, a variety of minerals and many different gaseous substances. They created an artform to reflect the psychopathic nature of their enterprise and called them corporations. These monsters would have limited liability and thus corporations could kill people, torture them, attack living animals, plants of all descriptions and poison rivers and rob and steal with impunity. And being remorseless cancerous psychopaths without souls . . . corporations did just that. People were amazed at the power of the. . .corporation. But the capitalists – bless them – they wanted us to be able to understand as clearly as possible how disgustingly ugly all exploitation and grinding torture is. They wanted us to be able to – first hand – experience the crucifixion. . . in our own lives.

When we realised how abjectly low we had sunk as a species, how degraded and despicable we had become as we turned a blind eye to the suffering of our fellow human beings and to our chickens, cows and pigs who were tortured and slaughtered as we sat laughing at the festival of illusions called the television, we would look at ourselves and question our own existence. They are a cunning lot these capitalists and as wise as serpents. And that is how they brought us to love. Oh but there was one more thing they had to do. Because even after all that self-loathingly despicable abuse of trust and denial of the truth about love  . . .we still didn’t object! Well not much anyway. A few creative and sensitive souls starting freaking out but hey . . .fuck them.

Anyway what the capitalists had to do to teach us about love, was they had to go to the wealthiest country in the world, the USA where people were richer and fatter and glibber and suckier than anywhere on the planet. The place that used more than half the world’s resources in a kind of orgy of air-conditioned, self-satisfied narcissistic confabulation. The place that knew no boundaries for the excessive exploitation of all the living things of the Earth . . .the capitalists went there from their heavenly abodes called into incarnation by the spirit of humanity. They allowed themselves to take on the pain of being born into the perilous chasm of this world, just so they could do something totally awesome.

In their next Art Project About Love they took all the money from the rich people, they stole all their millons and billions and even their trillons. They stole all the money from the middle-class and then they kicked them out of their homes and made them live in tents and trailers and on the street. Then just to make sure that the people would rise up and say NO MORE! They then paraded themselves around in limousines and yachts. They went to fancy restaurants, and drank expensive French champagne and they laughed at the suffering of the people who they called fools. They lived in walled off communities and high up in glittering towers and they laughed and they laughed and they laughed. And finally people said NO MORE!

And that’s when we got the idea of the Social Entrepreneur.  If it was true for the last hundred years plus that capitalism is driven along by exploitation then now we get a chance to change. What if capitalism reinvented itself and it was driven along by love? Dear Reader – if you have gotten this far please give this post a star rating (5 is excellent) and click LIKE if you liked it. Just look below. Thanks

Admittedly business driven by LOVE may seem like a bizarre idea, but how bizarre is the old idea . . .and how painful to so many? And now . . .now . . . YOU get to decide through your choices . . .will we be thinking differently about business in one hundred years or will we still be moaning about how Capitalism is driven along by exploitation?

Occupy Wall Street – The Tsunami we had to Have?

15 10 2011

Repositioning The Greed

The tsunami we had to have?

The mainstream media have been quick to identify the Occupy Wall Street movement as being aimless, but few mainstream journalists are openly identifying this emergence of global action and protest as possibly the tsunami we had to have.

One could be excused for thinking that the Occupy movement is a long overdue expression of personal and collective frustration at corruption, greed, inequality, apathy and creeping fascism. But excused by who? Perhaps not the spokespersons and agents within mainstream media and the rabid right wing in the USA called the Tea party and in Australia . . Alan Jones (he gets his own special category). Why is it so? And while you consider the answer to this question Make sure you see Professor Cornell West (Princeton) in a short clip at the end of this post talking at Harvard Law School. Professor West was one of Obama’s special black advisers.

Many journalists are reporting on the swirling mass of humanity rising up in over a thousand cities worldwide. According to reports the mob are apparently leaderless and lacking in focus but . . . . they continue to surge forward and swirl around. Some of the poor dears of the mainstream media are having a hard time coming to terms with it all. It seems they fail to draw the obvious comparisons with seismic global events of late that resulted in devastating oceanic movements. It’s called a tsunami – literally Harbour Wave. As we have seen, if you don’t move yourself to higher ground when one of these events is bearing down, you may well drown in the irresistible and chaotic flood.

Is this The Tsunami we had to have now rapidly bearing down on the sleepy little coastal village of cosy capitalism? Extending the metaphor this is one way that glib, glib, glib turns into glub, glub, glub. Man proposes and the ocean disposes. Well . . . the great and graceful ocean will not be mocked though many have seen fit to ignore this ancient wisdom. Prediction: We will see various captains of industry and the spin doctor toadies of corporate PR scrambling to re-position their exclusive bretheren to higher ground. At the moment it is easy to imagine that this Tsunami will prove to be a catastrophic change event we sorely need right about now. If so you can count it as being blessedly merciful, because if it’s not this event that knocks down the rotten constructions dotting our low-lying countryside then the next shocks – and there will be a series of them – will be worse.  And so it will go untill the power-lock people decide to turn the key towards liberty, equality and fraternity. Where have I heard that before? it has a nice ring to it.
Perhaps as the everyday people realize ever more clearly that indeed we are the power-lock people – the 99% we will release our own shackles. Quantum-wise (spiritually speaking?) this must be the deeper truth. It has been said that when the people lead the leaders will follow. Some do insist on being dragged screaming it seems – so undignified! Nevertheless – Praise the Lord it sure looks like the tsunami we had to have is the idea whose time has come.

American Fascism – Just Say NO

17 07 2011

There is nothing further than one can add to this video. Fact is surely stranger than fiction. Perhaps people will wake up en-mass to what’s been going on . . .and JUST SAY NO

Wake Up and Smell the Fascism – Brady Bunch Style

16 07 2011

The Real Truth about the Brady Bunch

There is something that we who understand ourselves to be Citizens of The World – need to comprehend about the world today. It is a simple truth, and one that now carries with it the crystal clear ring of truth. We are living in a fascist society.

Now don’t get me wrong. Not all business people are crooked, and neither are all politicians. So how is it that our great industries and institutions are riddled with levels of corruption that make the Mafia look downright frumpy. I have a theory. My theory is that it has always been like this. More or less. And perhaps it IS as simple as this. Maybe since Moses played fullback for Jerusalem the world has just been ruled by feuding warlords and cartels of criminally insane barbarians. The successful ones called themselves the Royal Family and so things have gone since the beginning of time. These bastards are the crazies who will just do whatever it takes to make a buck, stay in power and get the kudos. Maybe.

But if we look closer there is something else going on as well. It seems things have actually been getting worse lately. How else can we explain Tony Abbott? A mad monk fighting with every breath in his budgie smugglers for the carpet bagging rights of the worst kind of excessive and insane brutalists. Abbott is an idealogue who sincerely believes in his own boring and boorish crusade. Will someone please sit the mad monk down and have a quiet and slow word . . .will someone please explain to this man that he is fighting on the side of the fascists.

The scariest thing about Abbott is that he appears to actually believe the utterly fantastic propaganda of the right. He is a sort of zealot boy scout who dropped out of seminary. He is the most dangerous of men – a true believer. The left is shamelessly close to his frightful political position with it’s own orgy of deregulation and mass privatisation. State labor governments have been fairly falling over themselves to sell off public utilities and place them in the hands of private enterprise. The mantra has been deregulate, privatise and outsource. And now look where we are. That’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into.

And so now here we are . . . many decades on since we Australians began selling off the farm to the controlling overlords in the UK and the USA. It seems we are starting to get a little nervous when those getting in line to buy up what’s left of our national treasures – our food production, our ports and few remaining minerals – have yellow and brown skin. There’s no racial prejudice here surely! But it has suddenly come home to all but the most particularly dopey among us that selling off our assets – in this case to the Chinese and Indians  – might not be such a great idea. It didn’t seem so bad when we were giving it away for a song to the Poms and the Yanks though. Same difference folks. Maybe a slightly better brand of exploitation. Event that’s debatable.

The arguments that the Americans are strategic allies are really not so brilliant. We’ve been buying their crappy fast food and overpriced computer software to prove our loyalty. We’ve been marching off with them to fight dodgy wars. Why should they get our raw materials on the cheap as well? Doesn’t make sense. Oh yeah . . .we need foreign capital to invest in this country. What???!!!!!! We need foreign capital to invest in digging holes in the ground so they can cart off our priceless and irreplaceable mineral wealth? At least you can grow more food. Mate I’ll send a couple of blokes out into the bush with a four wheel drive and a pick and few shovels and tell them there’s beer buried deep in the ground. They’ll dig up whatever you like.

Mind you the Yanks definitely just take whatever they want from whomever they want – historically this is accurate. Why should Australia keep what is theirs? Perhaps it’s our Karma. We did after all steal the lot from the original Aboriginal inhabitants.
If this latest mob of crooks really were INVESTING and not just ripping us off then it might be different. So let’s get real. The USA has distinguished itself by becoming the greatest fascist nation on earth. A title now being hotly contended by China. Fascism is simply corporatism run amok. When corporations rule you and not governments elected of the people, for the people and by the people – what you get is what you’ve got now. This soulless corporatism has now wrapped its tentacles around every department of life spurred by a most peculiar belief that somehow it is free markets which can most capably direct the affairs of humanity. This has truly put Dracula in charge of the blood bank and it really is that frightening. If Dr Quantum is stretching the truth, how then my dear friends do you explain this? (And it is entirely symptomatic of the sick system known as the USofA) Watch video to check reality now. The facts.

American Fascism and Fake Media

2 07 2011

Pimp Style Icon


The Great Whore of Babylon

If you were to Google the term Whore of Babylon you would find many references to the Catholic Church. There’s a lot of talk in cyberspace from the fundamentalist right about this. Dr Quantum begs to differ. Admittedly the Catholic Church appears to have lost the plot on occasion but really . . .Whore of Babylon? We think not. Others suggest the title of Great Whore could only go to the USA. Who Else? And as with all of the best whores the USA has pretty much any weird shit you want. . .at a price. Yep, it’s a great whore! But not THE Great Whore. For that distinction we must go to the global level. The Great Whore can be none other that the corrupt world system. The one in which we live.

Consider the media for example. That great publicly fornicating agent of mass brainwashing and moral corruption will deliver you the consumers you want. You just have to be able to pay. Simple really. Much of the media could accurately be described as a great whore. It’s all about bang for your buck. And of course if you’re going to have a whore-house of your own one of the perks is that you get to sample the goods every once in a while. This is just like certain captains of industry, certain ahem . . .media moguls who just just can’t help from injecting their own specific agenda into the warm body of public opinion. And let’s face it . . .if YOU had a string of public TV stations or Newspapers, wouldn’t you want to push it . . .and push it good every now & again? Hey . . .it’s only to be expected right?

These little perks of high capitalist office are of course jealously guarded by the tycoon crowd as their god given right. Generally speaking they have a magnificent sense of entitlement to such plush appointments. Hell I can’t even get my Duck Soup recipe into the mass media without the assistance of a paid P.R. consultant. Imagine just being able to fart for a couple of minutes onto a video recording and having it played back on free-to-air TV disguised as news about the latest bio-tech cancer breakthrough. Shares in PhoneyGene go up . . .Ahhhhhh pure luxury. Well, I can dream can’t I? But I digress. Don’t know who to believe?

The 6 o’clock news – a favourite hang out of the The Great Whore – is crammed nightly with the propaganda of the pharmaceutical companies. Well who do you think produces all those breathless revelations about the latest medical breakthroughs? It’s not the natural health lobby I can tell you that for sure. And it’s actually not the TV news producers. Yes folks there’s a distinct odour of dead fish and live rat here. The prints of the Great Whore of Babylon are all over this one. Well . . .Consider an alternative perspective. Here’s what fake media could be showing you . . .(but they can’t coz they’re fake)

So what’s this got to do with sustainability? Gosh, I thought you would never ask. What’s interesting to Dr Quantum is that nothing that has been said above is really in dispute with most people who can think a thought outside of a corflakes box or sing a tune in a different key to a pop up toaster. It’s pretty much common knowledge that we live in a corrupt system where the greedy gougers of a phoney casino of illusions fight among themselves for the rights to keep you corralled in a money extraction cage. Now . . .if this sounds kinda boring for YOU the battery chook in all of this . . . guess what? I think you might just be right. Witness the Great Whore of Babylon.

What is just so fascinating is that more people aren’t complaining*. I suppose if we are all thus coralled, compromised and let’s face it complacent enough to go along with the entire charade then we can only expect more of the same. The Great Whore of Babylon has been doing a brisk trade – what about everyone else? Case in point: I heard today that the INTEREST on American foreign debt is now equivalent to their GDP. And while we are busy pretending that what we’re really doing is upholding some kind of set of virtues . . . .Truth, justice and freedom anyone?  The tentacles of the McDonalds of the soul – the Great Whore of Babylon – grips ever more octopus-like around the warm beating hearts of men. We are ready to expire under the weight of our own crapological (if i may use such a word) bullshit.

* Since this post was written more people are complaining actually. Occupy Wall Street looks like the start of a movement in the USA and if it happens in the USA it’s going to spread. Watch that space!

What all this has to do with sustainability is that we are poised as at no time in recorded history to be able to live abundant lives rich with all the things we really need to be happy and with all the things we really want to be joyous and instead of building our Garden of Eden we are busy engineering hell. Go figure. Perhaps we need to OUT the Great Whore!

How to get outside the set: Just start seeing the house of lies for what it is. You don’t need to go round blowing things up. So please! If you get the sudden urge to change things utilizing this mediaeval and somewhat retrogressive measure, STOP. And start seeing and start thinking. The rest will happen through self organisation. Just start to see the Matrix for what it is. It may not happen overnight but it WILL HAPPEN. No bombs required – mad bombers take note. Those brave courageous zealots who strapped explosives to a 9 year old girl the other day and asked her to detonate it near the police. You’ve completely lost the plot, regardless of how important you think your cause is.

But as John Ralston Saul says: The citizen’s job is to be rude – to pierce the comfort of professional intercourse by boorish expressions of doubt. So . . .start to think outside the box for there is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come. The rest will be as they say . . .history. No bombs – time to OUT the Great Whore of Babylon.

Think Outside the Cornflakes Box

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