Earthship Survives Earthquake in Chile

3 07 2012

Example of an Earthship Tirewall

Earthship Tire Wall Withstands Chilean Earthquake 6/7 on Richter

This message from an Earthship Chilean survivor just plucked from Earthsip’s latest newsletter: from Earthship Chile: I’m from Chile two weeks ago we had an earthquake of 6/7 richter, our tire wall stand without problems and our wall is just tires no concrete on it … enough evidence for me that Earthships are earthquake-proof .
Sorry about my English not mi native language hope you understand

You can see a 1 & half minute video on Earthships New Solutions Below. More great Earthship vids will appear in the window when this vid is over!!! check it out – It’s huge fun. You can subscribe to Earthships Biotechture newsletter here  . . .

Choose Life

4 06 2012

Miracles flutter by

There’s a Miracle in Every Moment

Sometimes when terrible things seem to be going on in the world we may lose sight of one of the simple, beautiful and profound facts about life. It doesn’t matter where you are; it doesn’t matter who you are – it is an amazing truth that there is a miracle in every moment. This is miraculously and wonderfully true for all. It doesn’t matter if you are Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jew, Jain, Atheist, Agnostic or other. The miracle is always ready for YOU, wherever you may roam. There’s a star in heaven for you. Just look up and you’ll see it there.

To celebrate the miraculous moment there is a beautiful miraculous story by a real person (non-commercial) below, just click the screen to play

The Real Benefits of Meditation

13 11 2011
Consciousness – The New Gold Rush – The Next Gen of Wealth Creation

Please Stay Calm

Please stay calm because stress from an economic downturn could literally kill you  . . . the research is in, and stress is at record levels right now as the global economy once again lurches towards the precipice. Yes, please stay calm.

Here in Australia reports are (SMH Nov 5) the biggest economic losers are those from the wealthiest suburbs with incomes of $100k PLUS. Ouch! It’s the high-level income earners in society – the top 5%-ers, that have been losing their jobs in greater numbers. How ironic – the protectors of the system have been let down by it. Various leftish social commentatiors have been trying to say something about the inherent unfairness in the system previously (the past 150 odd years) but the message has been ignored. Well . . ignored sufficiently to promote business as usual as the dominant attitude, and now here it is slapping a few previous “system winners” in the face. Please stay calm.

Now here’s some very interesting news and again, please stay calm . . .because apparently meditation is the answer. The Quantum Sonic Wobulator (QSW patent pending) hears many voices wanting to howl this proposition down, but if you listen carefully, right up the back of the room there is a murmur of consent from the quieter people who were pushed out of the way by the noisy agressive lot that demanded to be given front row seats. For the crash? Now we must repeat . . .Please stay calm because apparently meditation is the answer. Let’s walk and talk.

First a bit of research. According to the American Heart Association Journal, the National Institute of Health reports and a University of Wisconsin Study among other sources of data, meditation can boost brian function, reduce cholesterol buildup and therefore the risk of heart attack and stroke and that’s not all. Meditation has been found to reduce chronic pain, anxiety and the body’s production of stress hormone cortisol. My Source for this was one of the regular Newsletters from Cancer Defeated– yes they are always trying to sell you something but Dr Q finds them to be excellent value.

But what are the REAL benefits of meditation? You want to play a big game ?. . . Let’s put it like this. The world is about to be born anew. Laugh if you want to but i have scientific PROOF – now please stay calm. Yes that’s right. You see right now, in case you hadn’t noticed the fluctuations in all planetary sub-systems are oscillating wildly. The stock market is up & down, Property prices are going up & down, the weather is up and down. Investor sentiment is up & down. Supply and demand is up & down. Your mental and emotional state is probably up & down more these past few years as well. Stress is up & down. What does it all mean?

In System Theory when a system starts to oscillate wildly in a way that is off the normal pattern it is a clear indicator that we are headed for what is known as a Metasystem Transition. Now here’s where it all gets a bit interesting and here’s your REAL skin in the game – and please stay calm. Forget about losing a $100K PLUS job, what you stand to lose in the current situation is EVERYTHING  or TEOTWAKI – The End Of The World As We Know It.  The Good News is that you could gain everything as well, for a Metasystem Transition is a GLOBAL CHANGE in the resonance of the system. It’s about to start resonating HIGHER . . .or LOWER. You choose, you get to decide, you take your pick. You have heard that Life is what you make it haven’t you? Well now you get to prove that statement. So what would you like to make it? And please stay calm.

It Not a Fad It’s The Future

In this context Dr Quantum would like to point out the following.

  • The potential energy available within a given cubic centimetre of sub-space is equivalent to the entire energy within the Space-Time continuum x 10 to the power of 40. That’s a lot of energiser batters. Quantum Wobulator Battery – patent pending.
  • One way to tap into the energy in the wave-enfolded sub-space is with human consciousness – massive amounts of energy available but not enough Quantum Wobulators available
  • The basic tool for (self)directing Human Consciousness is meditation – everything else you make up as you go along
  • It can be reliably predicted that as world systems continue to go into overdrive, crisis and meltdown people will either revert to savagery OR find out how to direct human consciousness at the time-space coordinates (where you are now) for miraculous transformations. BTW – Dr Quantum is backing the miraculous transformations lobby.
  • The next high-value “Gold-Rush” will be methodologies for Cultivating, Unlocking and Directing Human Consciousness – evidenced by the popularity of Gurus like Anthony Robbins, John Demartini, Swami Beyondananda and so many others. It’s not a fad it’s the future.
  • Directing Human consciousness is not something you can demand, hence the need for enrolment and not enslavement. This at its most radical and root understanding is why political systems must function on principles of FREEDOM and not dictatorship and it’s why the capitalist system now needs to reform itself from within. Because there has been too much bullying, directing, manipulating and war mongering and not enough empowering, liberating and coaching.

Basic Meditation Technique FREE

So how do you do it? Heck I should be charging BIG DOLLARS for this but I am giving it away free – for now. Basic meditation techniques FREE below

Basic meditation technique

Sit quietly for 10 minutes a day. Don’t try NOT to think. Don’t try TO think. Just sit quietly. Allow your breath to move in and out without sucking it in and without forcing it out. Just sit quietly and allow yourself to breathe in a natural way. If you wish, you can place your hand just below your belly button and feel your breath coming into and going out of that place just inside your hand. Chinese Medicine (like Quigong) call this spot Dan Tien – the body’s energy centre. Just sit calmly and disable all your mental programs. You have so many running. You could visualise your hand clicking on a mouse or computer pad and just clicking off the mind programs (couple of seconds only for this please) and then sit there and breathe. Every day. 10 minutes. As you do that your new resonance will automatically find your new direction, your next adventure. Such a sophisticated system it’s mind-blowing huh?! Don’t stress. Gold standard guarantee on this teleological technique by Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Krishna and the Cosmic Turtles.

Right now get ready to participate in the greatest adventure in the history of the world. The Meta-System Transition of Miraculous Transformations. Sorry if you had to lose your job to get excited about this. Hope you want to have some fun.

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And remember – as the world falls apart and comes back together. You can get excited . . . but remain seated and please stay calm.

The Global Village

18 10 2011

In the image of a global village

The Shock of Recognition

It really is the shock of recognition once you grok what’s going on in the world at the moment. You see, once upon a time there was a brilliant and clever man by the name of Marshall McLuhan. You may have heard of him. He wrote a particularly intellectually hip and as it turned out famous book called The Medium is The Massage which people often insist on calling The Medium is the Message. You of course now have the opportunity to avoid making this common mistake. Which will just go to show that you were paying attention when it mattered. McLuhan wrote The Medium back in the 1960s and it’s full of quotable quotes that you could sit around in a cafe fantasizing that you had said yourself . . .except you didn’t. Such is the shock of recognition.

McLuhan in fact said this: The shock of recognition! In an electronic information environment, minority groups can no longer be contained – ignored. Too many people know too much about each other. Our new environment compels committment and participation. We have become irrevocably involved with, and responsible for, each other.

He said this of course way before Adbusters extended a general invitation to concerned global citizens to Occupy Wall Street. About 50 years before actually. So it’s no surprise that he also coined the term Global Village. Here’s what McLuhan said in 1962 The new electronic interdependence recreates the world in the image of a global village. Ain’t ‘alf been some clever bastards.

The Butterfly Effect –  this story just in – The story of how From a Single Hashtag a Protest Circled The World Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday 19th October 2011 by Ben Berkowitz. How the protest gained traction > a great example of the Butterfly Effect.

Meanwhile over on FaceBook . . .D.K.Matai of ATCA 5000 posted under the heading Too Big, Too Fast & Too Powerful to Ignore – Self Assembling Dynamic Networks Gather Momentum

He says: ATCA 5000 made only one prediction for 2011: “Beware self assembling dynamic networks” and boundary-less tribalism. Little did we realize when making the forecast that this year would see  . . (goes on to list all the unrest including Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street plus others) – he then concludes – What is common about these global protests is the rapid-fire way in which like-minded individuals have come together around the world almost in the blink of an eye – to protest at a somewhat broken and corrupt financial and economic power system that appears to them to be favouring the ruling elite, putting the planet in peril and may have clearly run out of fresh ideas to rejuvenate itself. The incumbent leadership ignores such protests and mass gatherings at its own peril.

In fact it was D.K Matai’s FB posting that inspired the review of McLuhan above. Run with the ball in the global village! And somewhere on the planet some Native American Elders have some fresh brilliant ideas that are very relevant. All things are just soooo connected at the moment. I have included the clip below which provides wise words from a beautiful human – Chief Oren J. Lyons, professor of American studies in UB’s Center for the Americas. So here’s the thing . . .will it be the shock of recognition in the Global Village that inspire some of those aforementioned leaders to come up with some fresh new ideas?


The Biosphere – What’s Your Plan?

1 10 2011

A Thin Film of Life called the Biosphere

What's You Plan for the Biosphere?

The evolution of the world takes place in a thin film of life called the biosphere. All the species of animals and plants have grown into the flowering of this dance, it’s where we live . . .the biosphere. You can shed a tear. It has been said that the way in which we are destroying the living treasures of our living life support system on Space Ship Earth to fuel economic growth is like burning old masters oil paintings to stay warm in winter. Actually it’s worse than that. Firstly old masters oil paintings don’t feel a thing when you burn them. Secondly if you burn old masters oil paintings you are not punching holes in your life raft out in the deep ocean. So what deep ocean are we in? We are, if you didn’t already know, spinning around in the inky blackness of space with just the biosphere between us and the eternal beyond. This is indeed your current location. Meditate on it if you will.

Yes we live in a thin film of life called the biosphere and it is our cosmic womb, our mother’s cradle from where we can peer out into the vastness protected by the safety of mama and imagine what we might one day become. We are currently orbiting a rather bright spark of cosmic joy and happiness whom we refer to variously as the Sun, Ra, Zuvan, Shams, Chamania, Intina . . . and it is fascinating to consider that the sun shines its light freely for all. The fact that many ancient cultures consider the Sun and Mother Earth to be living beings must certainly give pause for reflection. While scientists must first establish perpendicular proof for their announcements about how they understand reality to be constructed, the human heart is full of imagination, mystery, poetry and love.

We swim in the warm circle of the heart, we are cradled in the ovoid cosmic egg. The heart does not wait for proof from the periodic table of elements but finds its own proof from the periodic ability of deeper understanding. But where does this leave the love struck poet of infinity when confronted by the State-run vault of iron clad beliefs? It can seem like a heartless concrete edifice of facts which confronts the inspired adventurer on the path to protect and liberate possums, trees, dolphins, koala bears, Redwood Trees and Honey Throated Warblers and indeed people.

Deep Ecology as a social movement is now gaining ground. It gives people access to a connection with nature that sitting on hard pews has mostly and profoundly lacked. This is not an argument against Christianity. And as Shakespeare has commented: There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are even dreamt of in your philosophy. Yes we live in a thin film of life called the biosphere and people are starting not only to hug trees but to gain deeper meaning for their lives. From hugging trees and verily communing with nature in a more profound way and helping others have such an experience. Such profound and direct experience can engender much change in this world. You may have heard of Joanna Macey a Buddhist and Deep Ecologist. But have you heard of the likes of Bill & Lynne Twist?

Many people are now having a profound experience of meaning and purpose through a movement Bill & Lynne Twist have championed: Awakening The Dreamer Changind the Dream Symposium. That movement has reached Australia and our local chapter is called Be The Change. One of their goals is to deliver the Symposium to 200,000 Australians. You can check out Awakening The Dreamer ORG here & FYi you can view a short video right up in the top left hand corner of that website.

Here’s Lynne Twist talking about the Poetry of Gratefulness.  We Live in a thin film of life called the biosphere – what’s your plan?

Awakening The Dreamer Changing The Dream Symposium

28 08 2011

The Achuar People of Ecuador Seek assistance to Change the Dream of The Industrialized World

Awakening The Dreamer Changing The Dream Symposium

One of the great challenges for industrialized man is what sociologists now refer to as cultural relativism AKA meaninglessness. We live in a throw-away society where songs are endlessly produced as a means of selling units. The songs thus produced are in turn used to attract audiences who are grouped together in convenient and neatly categorized clusters. These identifiable and tightly categorized clusters of audiences fulfil the purpose of continuing the trance of the cult of consumption via advertising. Thus may the darkness of the Age of Kali be described in terms of music. Sorry if this is boring you. It’s time to get busy awakening the dreamer changing the dream.

Of course the culture of the cult of consumerism is so widespread and all conquering that those who are caught up in it (you and me) may find it hard awakening the dreamer. As the little fish asked of its mother: What is this stuff called water I keep hearing about? Part of the tragedy of the deeply dysfunctional meaninglessness of so-called modern life is this fascinating and mysterious inability to see the world we have created. Just how do we go about changing the dream? To those who have done it it’s known simply as the Symposium

The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.  – Morpheus – The Matrix

it is our inability to experience the environment in which we now live in any deep sense that is part of the problem. And so it may come as something of a surprise if a group of natives of the Amazonian Rainforest of Ecuador should tell us to WAKE UP!!! They want us to get busy with this business of awakening the dreamer changing the dream. Just what could they possibly be driving at?

Dr Quantum has taken the Red Pill and attended a training to become an ambassador of sorts for the Achuar people. Their conception is that we in the Western industrilized world are dreaming a destructive dream that threatrens the very existence and stability of all the other tribes of the Blue Planet we all call home. The Achuar have told us that we now need to get the message out: time to awaken from the dream of the material trance of consumerism and start dreaming differently. Time for changing the dream.

Sharing the initiation into Awakening The Dreamer Changing The Dream Symposium (also known as training to become a facilitator) were a group of the Presentation Sisters (nuns of the Catholic Church) A gifted musician with a degree in multi-media, a Ph.D in Ecological Sociology, A beautiful lady who runs a seminar venue and a sacred garden, A man who is founder of a Transition Towns Group, an English teacher . . . and so forth. In other words the people who are attracted to this work tend to be aware both spiritually and socially and have a good level of education.

I have a sneaking suspicion that if the Achuar were busy listening to or making a song it would be to the animal and tree spirits of the forest and things of this nature. They wouldn’t be carving up audiences for the pupose of selling more pergolas made of Old Growth Forest timber. We have got too much stuff and not enough meaning. Time to wake up. Nature misses you

Sharing the initiation into Awakening The Dreamer Changing The Dream Symposium (also known as training to become a facilitator) were a group of the Presentation Sisters (nuns of the Catholic Church).

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