Power Bogans – What’s Love Got to do With It?

12 03 2012

Warning Power Bogans at play but Love is The Answer

As we look out into the world and see Power Bogans at play we must stop, breathe and remind ourselves that  Love really is the answer – James Packer donates $250,000 to Bob Katter’s Australian Party and John Singleton chips in $50,000 . It’s all over the Australian news media at the moment – go ahead and Google it. In case you haven’t been following the story . . .there is a law currently on the agenda in Australia called Mandatory Pre-commitment designed to force compulsive gamblers to declare a limit on how much they can lose before being locked out of poker machines . . .for the day. The law is being opposed by Australians Bob Katter, James Packer, John Singleton and other concerned citizens who have only the good of the community at heart. Do you think?

Bob Katter image from au.news.yahoo.com

Perhaps it is uncharitable to point the finger at these larger than life individuals and their deeply questionable agenda. Maybe Bob Katter can be forgiven. After all Bob Katter rhymes with Mad Hatter and errr the hat does seem to fit. The insanity plea may be Katter’s best line of defence and incredibly there are people out there who elected him to office. But can we forgive James Packer and John SingletON . . .well, we must, but shit it’s hard. It does bring on waves of nausea for most decent people to see such shenanigans.  And speaking of larger than life individuals we are forced to ask ourselves . . .is anyone really larger than life? Well . . .when they are forking out huge sums to support lunatic politicians you may be forgiven for thinking they are. Warning Power Bogans at play but Love is The Answer

Independent federal MP Andrew Wilkie has put the law on the agenda using his amazing leverage as one of only two or three independents keeping federal Labor in power. And with the support of independent Senator Nick Xenophon they have made a decent tilt at getting the gambling pre-commitment law passed. Perhaps not surprisingly when you get close to the powers who make huge sums from addicted gamblers . . .it seems that sanity isn’t what’s driving them. For them the Gordon Gecko mantra rules – Greed is Good. Dinosaur Deluxe Delinquents Deliver Dollop of Doo-doo.

On the other hand we must forgive them. Staying angry at someone has been likened to drinking poison in the hope that they will die. Right now in the world it is awareness and love that are the answers. These are the qualities that are going to change the game. So rather than staying stuck in blame about Power Bogans and Dinosaur Delinquents in your neighbourhood, just see them for what they are and forgive – truly so. Vote according to your conscience and stay focused on creating the kind of world you really want. PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE BILLIONAIRES –  Warning Power Bogans at play but Love is The Answer

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