Sandy – Force of Nature

31 10 2012

Winged Figure by Abbott Handerson Thayer – USA 1849-1921

Hurricane Sandy is the force of nature we had to have. Unfortunately. All the suffering in this freakish storm is of course tragic. Yet we may be assured that there is, without a doubt, worse and more to come. This must be a deeply sobering reflection. As we watch the great city of New York being battered, flooded and besieged it may start to dawn on some of the climate change deniers and laggards that change is now inevitable. It is now dawning on increasing numbers of people that the price of doing nothing will be greater than the price of change. Recent opinion polls suggest that the issue of climate change and global warming was becoming a bit of a bore for many in the UK, Australia and the USA. Now there will be a shift in public opinion and therefor renewed political will for change.

In Chaos Theory AKA The Butterfly Effect the butterfly flapping its wings is said to be the initial (small) condition that will lead to a (much larger) change – the hurricane. Well now we can see the hurricane as the butterfly. One large storm is a relatively small event when taken in context with the enormity of changes that this will precipitate. There are too many words required to describe all the problems we now face. Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere is simply the tipping point of our accumulated transgressions against the great spirit. Mankind it seems is learning some harsh lessons on the way to achieving the consciousness and frequency of loving harmony with the cosmos. As people sense the escalating catastrophe(s) that selfishness, greed, corruption and apathy have brought to our door many will feel that the situation must change while others – perhaps out of fear, shame or grief  will feel that it is hopeless.

The Virgin Mary is revealed after Hurricane Sandy leaves Breezy Point New York – Getty Images

Here is the simplest fact of the matter. The catastrophic change state will lead to a re-balancing.  For those who need to nurture their souls at this time, and who are wondering how to begin to change, the solution is profoundly within each individual. There are four basic steps to change. 1) Recognize your own faults. 2) Acknowledge that they are yours. 3) forgive yourself and others. 4) Start to nurture and hold a vision of how you would prefer your life and the future of the world to be. Sounds simple, and it can be. It is the blessed journey of a lifetime. By all means . . .make change and transformation a creative celebration of who you are going to be in the new dawn of time; in the re-birth of yourself. The rainbow of promise that the wholeness holds eternally is for all of the travelers in the creation.  For no matter how far you may wander from home, the candle is always burning in the window of miracles and grace. Laugh if you want to. This is not a religion. It may be far from it. And there is no romance in this and all the romance that any of us can handle.

If you want some science with that you can duck on over to 350 or BUST to see what’s up with climate change and CO2. Here’s to Peace and Love and feeding ducks by hand.

Climate Change-Caused Destruction and What You Can Do

8 08 2012

Global warming-caused destruction

Oh Lord Jesus it’s a FIRE!

A report in the Sydney Morning Herald today points to the harsh realities that we must face in this century of climate change. Here Comes The Sun: Chilling Verdict on a climate going to extremes  SMH 7th August 2012.  This story is entirely congruent with the news just in last week that a climate change sceptic in the USA has now become a true believer. And this guy was no ordinary sceptic. Point of fact he is scientist Richard Muller and he lead “a vast international research effort to debunk global warming science”

So would it be fair to say that if you ever had any doubts then the alarm bells should be going off loud and strong right about now? Lord Jesus it’s a FIRE! 

But now, it should come as no surprise that Australia’s climate change sceptics are remaining unconvinced – the actual word used in the SMH story is defiant. DEFIANT! It does boggle the mind somewhat to take this on board. But we must send these folks love. Truly so  . . . Go ahead and send them Love & Light for the highest good. If you believe in that sort of thing.

What’s interesting about this is that the people who practice such metaphysical feats of transcendence generally know very clearly the power of it. Does this mean we don’t have to do anything in practical terms? Surely not!  The word Synergy means a system where the WHOLE is greater than the SUM OF ITS PARTS. In other words, metaphysical focus such as prayer or using affirmations or programming for miracles on their own. . .are not as effective as BOTH focused action and the metaphysical process and focus – regardless of your brand of religion or lack thereof.

In Dickens’ Oliver Twist when Gamfield the chimney sweep wants to take Oliver as an apprentice, the magistrate refuses. Gamfield has already stated that when a boy gets stuck up a chimney he light a fire under them to roast their feet. This he explains gets them moving. It is a grim joke which has a parallel in our situation today. We are stuck up a chimney and the Chimney sweep has lit a fire under us. Our feet are roasting. Time to get a wriggle on.

James Lovelock of Gaia – Final Warning

14 05 2012

How about a string of brothels called Virgin?

Professor James Lovelock (the man who wrote the Gaia Hypothesis)- a short interview in which he talks about climate change and describes emailing Sir Richard Branson to tell him that Branson’s plan to brand a new Bio-Jet Fuel as Gaia Fuel would be like Prof Lovelock opening a string of brothels and branding them Virgin! See Branson’s response and more in the video. Click play to watch

There is a Disconnect . . .The New it Phrase

6 04 2012

There is a Disconnect Between Perception, Media, Science, Climate Change, Politics and How The World Really Works

We ain't seen no flyin saucers round here!

When I was a boy, in the 1960s you never heard this phrase. There is a disconnect between . . .and then, whatever the speaker is attempting to draw attention to. For example: There is a disconnect between the price Supermarkets want to charge us for fruit and vegetables and how much they pay the producers. For according to all reports in Australia we are being royally rogered at the checkout. Oh sorry, according to all reports except those issuing from the offices of Coles and Woolworths. That’s a disconnect. Another good example. There is a disconnect between Australian foreign policy in relation to Uncle Sam and our own self interest. According to Malcolm Fraser. He thinks we kiss Uncle Sam’s but so much that it’s actually become an embarrasment to Uncle Sam. According to Malcolm Fraser . . .and he would know wouldn’t he? Being an ex Prime Minister from the conservative side of politics. Wonder of wonders. I am reminded that the word Apocalypse means disclosure.

Then there is the recent usual disconnected miasma of conventional stupidity around the fact of visitors from other places. Other than Earth that is. Consider the great Gerard Henderson pontificating as usual from his throne at the Sydney Morning Herald. First the title of the piece: Media’s soft treatment of Brown opens door to the little Greens men. Well Gerard here’s you chance to establish warm relations with Australia’s richest person and new part owner of the publication you work for – Gina Reinhardt – but who would doubt you two are already close.

And here is Gerard’s opening salvo: Imagine the media reaction if the atheist Julia Gillard or the Christian Tony Abbott raised the possibility, in a major address, of extraterrestrial life on one or more planets beyond Earth. At the very least, they would have been ridiculed. There may even have been calls for a retirement on medical grounds. – SMH 3rd April 2012

So what you are actually saying Gerard is that you would reinforce the official reality creation around the existence of UFOs. Visitors from other planets, galaxies etc in order to denigrate one of the few politicians in this country prepared to stand up and tell the truth on a regular basis. Well done Gerard, no doubt Gina is very proud of you and your shining homework. One small problem.

There is a disconnect between the official view on the existence of UFO’s, visitors from other planets  and what actually happens. Take the film Men in Black which makes light of this. This film leverages the fact that there are so many “aliens” visitors, beings form other planets – call them what you will – here on Earth now, that’s it’s become embarrasing for Unlce Sam to have to keep denying their presence. It’s a joke. But like some kind of oriental political ritual the truth is not what’s important. It’s knowing how to keep going with the lie. Basically just keep telling the same outrageous lie with a straight face. It’s the official Fuck You of the Asian political handbook. We are whaling for scientific research. For example. Not to denigrate the Asians out of hand. The Occident surely has plenty of the same to claim.

Putting it all together what we have is this. Uncle Sam has been running the official line on UFOs because if we could all see them running around, or if it was admitted finally . . . they are here, people might start to question the fuel source their craft are running on. And you can bet it’s not BP unleaded or Mobil Super. Yes Uncle Sam is over fighting a war in Iraq and Afghanistan courtesy of George W Bush, scion of a Texas family with CIA and good old boy oil money connections. Join the dots. Uncle Sam wants to have to explain the fuel that UFOs use about as much as they want to change over to decimal currency. Hey . . .it’s the right thing to do, but darned inconvenient. We’ll just keep on doin things the way we always did around here. And while you there can you get that feller . . .what’s ees name. Gerald Henderson on the line. I got a noo idea for a story for eem. And then call Gina.

Coal Mining and The Most Beautiful Molecule

28 03 2012

Carbon C60 A Beautiful Molecule?

Go Con-Figure

The most beautiful molecule is said to be carbon C60 and variants, known collectively as Fullerenes. The C60 story is both a wonderful treasure trove of delights and by turns unspectacular fizzers. It is all part of our current mysterious and marvelous history. In 1996, for the discovery of the structure of C60 (see picture above) the Royal Swedish Academy awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Kurl, Kroto and Smalley. Fact: In the 1990s there were more chemistry papers written about Carbon C60 than any other Chemistry subject by a factor of approximately 9 to 1. The extraordinary discovery of C60 (Bucky Balls & Fullerenes) heralded the warm glow of great hope . . . in many hearts, for scientific breakthroughs rarely see such wonder. Up until now it seems that the most significant outcome from C60 is Carbon nanotubes . . .all very well but it’s not exactly what was initially euphorically envisioned. A whole new industry will one day flourish based on the unlocked secrets of C60 for the production of super strength light-weight materials and the pricincipal raw material will be, without a doubt . . . COAL! And so today C60 is still virtually sitting on the shelf. It is a veritable sword in the stone. Perhaps we need a Lady of The Lake for Modern times and Fullerenes. Who can unlock this great secret? Well . . .if miracles take a little longer that we might at first imagine the wisdom says be realistic and demand the impossible.Go Con-Figure

On the flip side of the C60 story is, entirely appropriately, one of history’s most fascinating counter-points. Namely that the people of the world are now threatened with multiple calamities due to the burning of fossil fuels. If you can follow the story here . . .one of the principal forms of fossil fuels that we burn is coal – a product made up mainly of carbon.Yes . . .yes. . . yes. It’s a case of – you can laugh or you can cry.Go Con-Figure

Now it just so happens that Australia is the world’s leading producer of coal. And in pursuit of this black treasure, assorted billionaires and various governments are happy to oversee the mining of coal, with courts, guns and prisons at the ready should should any be foolish enough to try to stop them. Never mind the destruction to the environment, sensitive eco-systems, endangered species, trampling on the rights of farmers, tourism, Aboriginal sacred sights and God knows what. If you happen to be in the way of the black coal juggernaut then look out.  In Australia we are taking out of the ground around 500Million Tonnes of coal annually (we couldn’t verify the exact figure because the Australian Coal Association do not appear to publish this most basic fact on their PR heavy web site). More than half of which is exported to China, Japan, India and numerous other countries. One way or another it gets burned resulting in huge quantities of Carbon Dioxide being expelled into the atmosphere.  According to a recent calculation if we made a column of coal 1 metre by 10 metres out of the coal we dig up every year in Australia . . .it would reach to the moon. Freaky stuff.And people wonder how our burning of fossil fuels could influence climate. Unbelievable. Let’s do our best to wake those people up. It must now be understood that any who organize against the simple fact that burning fossil fuels is causing climate change are in truth now guilty of crimes against humanity. One day they may be so charged. We can only imagine that history will judge these pilferers of the common good and security not at all well. We must wish such deformed wrongdoers and all who conspire with them the very best of luck, because it is highly likely that they will need it. Go Con-Figure

The truly extraordinary facts

Truly Extraordinary Fact No’1: Clean and safe clean energy technologies called Zero-Point energy devices (among other things) have been routinely shut down and hidden from the public for the past 100 or so years. This started with Tesla and continues to the present day.

Truly Extraordinary Fact No’2: The carbon contained in the coal we are burning – principally to fire coal power plants – could be used in materials using compositions based on Fullerenes to make super strength light-weight products for all kinds of structural, engineering and building materials.

The solutions are just beyond our fingertips. Does the video below really show us how to build a free energy device.? Go con-Figure 

Planet For Sale – Nice Quiet Location

24 03 2012

Planet for Sale – Nice Quiet Location – Introducing Earth

Highly sought after rare gem in Milky Way Galaxy. Only 100,000 light years from side to side

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An anthropologist’s delight, on Earth the local tribes are endlessly fascinating

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Endangered species !!!

Complex biosphere subsystems require regular maintenance – no chance to get bored

A living zoological treasury - includes many classic imported species from beyond the Alpha Quadrant

Contact The Exclusive Agent for full inspection

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manifested by Dr Quantum

Your Energy Future and Climate Change – Complain More!

28 05 2011

It's in Your Hands

The Get Up! Campaign inspired my donation the past week with this sadly funny and entertaining video re climate change(click here to view) and the greed surrounding the polluter lobby. I say sadly-funny because it really gets to the heart of the unbelievably selfish and unbelievably dumb arguments that are being used to deny the reality of human caused climate change.

If my dollar has a chance of actually getting to where it’s going to do the good I don’t mind donating to a worthy cause. And so if Get Up! are prepared to put my dontation/their funds into campaigns designed to put pressure on politicians to actually stand up to the evil coal lobby then they have my vote. Black as coal. What can ya do? Complain more.Speaking of which this just in from Get Up! yesterday (May 27th) . . .

Spread The Word (National Day of Climate Action)

June 5 is going to be a turning point for our movement. It’s crucial that we get as many people to come along as possible – can you help make sure your suburb is covered in posters so that as many people hear about the action as possible?

You can either download a copy of the poster to print out on your home computer below, or you can sign up on the right to pick up materials from a central location in the CBD.

In case you missed it, here are the details of the Brisbane Rally:

Where: Riverstage, Botanic Gardens Path, Brisbane
When: 1pm Sunday June 5

You can also share the details of the action with your friends and family below.

click here for Day of Climate Action – Rally

Ha! You gotta love the internet. On that same page you can download your posters and even sign up to help. Our friends in the paranoid conspiracy tribes will no doubt have Get Up! pegged as a front for the Aliens and the New World Order (so-called). Look . . .whatever dudes. Personally I am glad that someone is actully doing something about the greatest threat to the viability of our species since Noah and the Flood. Dr Quantum encourages all civil-minded souls and people of goodwill to join in the protests.

Indeed . . .there’s not enough complaining in my opinion. By and large, people go quietly about their business in Australia with little to indicate a ruffled feather. We may have been busy importing American culture into this country, but don’t be fooled. When it comes to the art of complaining we are as English as the English – perhaps even more so. Complaining is seen as impolite. Don’t rock the boat chaps – is what they are saying.

Now, Dr Quantum is as New Age as the next rainbow fairy when it comes to quantumizing the powers of manifestation. Focus on what you want – not on what you don’t want. And yes it’s true. Every now and then however, it’s balanced (shall we say?) to actually let it all hang out. So start complaining. It’s almost guaranteed to make you feel a whole lot better. Certainly in the first instance. Complaining is not just therapeutic . . .it’s now essential. Dr Quantum is going to get a T-Shirt with the message Complain More! emblazoned across the front and maybe even the back. Note I am not talking about whingeing. What’s the difference? I hear you ask. Well . . .I am so glad you asked. Here’s the on-line dictionary definitions of Complain and Whinge resepctively

Complian: intr.v. com·plained, com·plain·ing, com·plains 1. To express feelings of pain, dissatisfaction, or resentment. 2. To make a formal accusation or bring a formal charge.

Whinge: vb whinges, whingeing, whinged (intr)1. to cry in a fretful way
See the difference? I am not recommending that people should cry in a fretful way. Oh no! But i do suggest we need to do a whole lot more complaining about things.

See you at the rally. And go on. . . Join Get Up! online. Get their newsletters. Respond with an email saying you will go to the rally. Sling em ten bucks. You’re mad if you don’t.

I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore

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