Back after 65 Million Years! Mass Extinction – Time for CODE GREEN

12 03 2011
The Dodo Bird – gone forever

George W Bush declared Code Red. You can be the judge of how well that has worked. Time to go Code Green. According to scientists at University of California Berkely we are heading right into the perfect storm of another mass extinction event where we lose 75% of our species. (SMH online March 3) The last event occured 65 Million years ago and was triggered by a massive asteroid slamming into Earth. Now it’s our turn to have the distinction of causing extinction being responsible for the majority of destruction of species now taking place on Earth.

You may have to say farewell to honey bees, Redwood Trees and Blue Spotted Warblers and hello to more cockroaches, mosquitoes and rats. 

In fact there is a natural rate of extinction of species that is part of the evolutionary arc. This natural rate of extinction is around 1 species per week. According to the United Nations Environment Program which involes massive long term field reporting by scientists world wide the rate of extinction of species in the early 1990’s was around 1 per hour. This number has now accelerated to probably around 3 per hour. So you can see that, despite Gerard Henderson, Piers Ackerman, Tony Abbott and the rest of the Climate Change denial industry banging on about how climate change is not caused by people, it is definitely  people, yes people who are causing the greatest mass extinction of species to hit the planet for 65 million years. I am holding my breath waiting for Gerard Henderson to explain the current extinction event in terms of non-human factors. And y’know it’s fascinating . . . I am sure these nit wits can distort even these facts if they try hard enough. But I digress. Peace love and understanding. Breathe . . . breathe. . .breathe.

The process of extinction of species occurs in a number of ways. The first and foremost of these is over-development. Humans build towns, and destroy forest and grasslands to build more villages to accommodate burgeoning polulations. In the industrially developed world this encroachment of villages is accompanied by the kind of infrastructre that we seem to love so much. Freeways, shopping malls, housing developments, industrial factories, intensive farming (another kind of factory), large scale theme parks, golf courses, resorts etc, etc, etc.

The second kind of extinction is produced by over consumption of those very life forms. Over fishing, over harvesting (yuk) of trees, and poaching and hunting of endangered species for so-called bush meat – which in most cases is really just the final blow to the processes already begun by overdevelopment.

The third cause of extinction is destertification. Habitats that are just wiped out by the spread, the emergence of desert. This in turn is caused by a variety of factors such as errosion of soils and now . . .global warming. And the hotter it gets, the more species become threatened and extinct.

Some of the most endangered species are; The Green Sea Turlte (below), the Alabama Cave Fish, The Mountain Gorilla, Southern Bluefin Tuna, Northern Bluefin Tuna, Peurta Rican Parrot, The Red Wolf, The Phillipine Eagle, Iberian Lynx, Amur Leopard. The list could go on for the rest of this blog post, suffice to say this represents just the tip of a very big ice berg. We are sailing it would seem, full steam ahead. Hands up if you know the name of the ship we’re on.


If we look at the pattern of extinction we can see a couple of things. First of all extinctions occur in pinpoint locations and in tightly localised areas. Makes sense. We drive development  in a new area complete with housing estates, malls, freeways etc and delicately balanced flora and fauna are promptly snuffed out. On a global level this is akin to punching holes and tearing the fabric of the ecological web – our very life support system on the planet. The answer is of course the Titanic.

So the first thing you can say is that the ways in which we have been doing development these past couple of hundred years has been extremely wasteful and careless. This pattern of development to fuel the economies of profit, greed and just plain old ordinary garden variety growth has been likened to burning masterpiece paintings in winter to keep oursleves warm. The Rembrandts burn really well – let’s throw on a few more of those. But what about solutions? A worthy new Meme has come to my attention just recently, and now I am telling everyone I meet: Code Green. Here’s the thing.

Three-time Pullitzer Prize-winning author of the International best seller The World is Flat – Thomas L Friedman has a book out wherein he proposes we institute Code Green. And Dr Quantum likes it very much. You can get a copy of book by subscribing to this blog – see below. Now I have to state right now for the record – I am not waiting for politicians, religious leaders, captains of industry and other official keepers of the keys to the doors of perception to openly declare Official Code Green status for the planet and humanity. Because if I wait for them it will surely be too late. I can see it now . . .the water from artic ice melt has just caused a 10 foot rise in sea level and we just just had our hottest day on record in Sydney of 62 degrees C. Lots of people died. A motley handful of politicians and religious leaders propped up by Dick Smith’s nephew all get together on the evening news to exhort the people to go CODE GREEN. Hmmm. . .what is wrong with this picture?  

The key, i would suggest the BIG key to going Code Green and being a bit sort of . . . .Oh I am going to stick my neck out here and say . . .avante garde, gosh . . .the BIG key is to do it NOW. Do it yourself. Don’t wait for the mutha fuckers. JUST GO CODE GREEN. Do it now, do it now, do it now. And what pray tell do you do when you go Code Green? Well, huh! Y’know it’s kinda up to every one of us. And I am putting my hat in the ring with the following list of suggestions.

1) YOUR SUPERANNUATION: ASAP direct your SUPER fund to put your money ALL YOUR MONEY – into ethical investment portfolios. If they don’t have an Ethical investment option switch your fund. Have a punt into alternative energy. I mean how did your super do in the GFC? Get into Green businesses. Stuff that will be showing a return as the planet starts to melt and the ocenas rise a bit more. Be ahead of the curve. Vote with your wallet. The impending carbon tax was meant to achieve this and politicians have been doing a woeful job on your behalf. Don’t wait. Make a note in your diary. Do it now.

2) YOUR VOTE: Yes I know how attached you are to those two main parties. Are you really? I mean ya gotta ask yourself. How good a job are they doing? Answer: not very. Vote GREEN. Help shift the balance towards the Greens MORE. Join the bloody party. Hand out pamphlets on street corners. Start now.

3) YOUR DEEP ECOLOGY WORKSHOP. What is that? I hear you ask. Devote a day of your life to doing the Dream Change Symposium

. There’s a link on the blogroll on the home page of Dr Quantum’s Blog. They are independent. Non-profit. all facilitators are volunteers. It costs all of $20 – yes twenty BUCKS to do a Dream Change Symposium. Some programs cost less than $20 and some are even FREE. Seek them out. Ask me for more info. Do it now.

4) Subscribe to this BLOG and by responding to the email you will in turn receive your free copy of Thomas L Friedman’s book Hot, Flat & Crowded. It’s the best book I have read EVER. (that’s this month’s EVER alright!) All I ask is that you send me five or ten bucks to cover the postage – depending on where you live. YOUU WILL GET A BRAND new PAPAERBACK COPY. Of course numbers are limited! – I don’t own a BOOK warehouSe. HURRY . . .DO IT NOW!!!!!

5) Come up with your own short list of things to go CODE GREEN and send them in via the blog – use the comments at the end of each BLOG section – and I will publish them right here . . . sit down and start writing. You will be amazed once you get activated what kinds of brilliant and amazing ideas you get. Even one idea could change things greatly. If people want to find support for this purpose I am happy to provide a forum, coaching and free chocolate sprinkles for a CODE GREEN party, group, discussion, network or any other form of proactive project, action or quantum results agenda. Happy to help you with your mission in any way possilbe. JUST DO IT NOW

6) Design a Code Green image – here’s one I put together courtesy, Clea Rose of Clea Rose Photography

Code Red is Dead. Code Green is now activated.

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