The Fascist Regime USA! What Do You Say?

6 07 2012

American Fascism . . .More Protest Required?

Genetic Engineering Bullies Slice Up Democracy for Profit

On June 21, the US farm bill (S. 3240) passed the Senate and moved to the House. Unfortunately, the Sanders amendment (2310), which would secure individual states’ right to label genetically engineered foods was defeated 73-26, clearly illustrating the power and leverage of the GE lobby.  The amendment would have put an end to the kind of bullying Monsanto has engaged in for many years, such as threatening to sue states that want to enact their own GE labeling laws.

This legislative boon is exactly what you’d expect from a politician bought and paid for by the industry. The provision, dubbed “The Monsanto Protection Act” by Food Democracy Now, effectively strips judges of their constitutional mandate to protect consumer rights and the environment. It’s a perfect example of how insidious the collusion between the biotech industry and Washington really is, and how easily and nonchalantly they undermine our most basic rights.

please take a moment to sign your name to a letter created by Food Democracy NOW asking your Representative to support DeFazio’s amendment to strike Kingston’s biotech-friendly “farmer assurance provision.” The campaign letter can be found here


NOURISH Food & Community

The short vid below in less than 2 minutes, features Food Democracy NOW’s Michael Pollan talking about why the US Government subsidises the people who make candy but not the people who make carrots. You can subscribe to Food Democracy NOW channel – watch this short vid!

The Global Village of Blog – Visiting my Community

27 11 2011

Making Connections Elegantly

Community in the Global Village

I think that linking up with one’s community is really important. Hence Dr Quantum is setting out to find his online blogging community in the Global VIllage. According to social theory a community – village – of greater than 50 members and no more than 150 individuals is the right size for social synergy. Wow. Wonder what will happen when I have found 50 people in MY blogging community in the Global Village. Guess I better get busy and start visiting some like minded or harmoniously resonating bloggers. it’s the Global VIllage of Blog. And . . . I am musing here . . .when visiting and meeting new people, i suppose it would be best to sit with a new neighbour and get to know them  . . .at least a little.

350 or Bust

350 or Bust is the output of a courageous lady by the name of Christine she says

’Im a mother, an educator, and a former registered nurse, concerned about climate change’

You can read her blog HERE. Maybe I should take a few days to get to know Christine and Aimi before rushing off to meet new people. Let’s see if we can generate some social synergy for global change!

Social Entrepreneur site – Oimei

So Far I have found Christine and Aimi who has a social entrepreneur site called Oimei. Oh My . . .it’s inspiring to see what people in my blog community get up to.

The video below is  – to quote Christine at 350 or Bust –  A powerful video of the Occupy poem by acclaimed spoken word artist Drew Dellinger.

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