A Lime flavoured rEvolution pt 5

20 03 2012

Welcome to America - Now The Greatest Fascist Power in The World

Free from corporate fascism

Today I will spend ten minutes visualizing the world I would like to live in. Free from corporate fascism and procrustean socialists. Go ahead and look that one up if you need to.


(esp. of a framework or system) Enforcing uniformity or conformity without regard to natural variation or individuality.

We don’t need procrustean socialism any more than we need corporate fascism. They are simply two sides of the same coin. What we need to do is to lighten up a little. Have some fun occasionally and then all go and sit on the railway tracks like Gandhi. Occupy the CBD with LOVE bombs of floral dissent. What’s the modern day equivalent of railway tracks? D’oh! Railway tracks!!! AND . . .Freeways.  Careful if you sit down on a Freeway. I guess you would need a fleet of pink cadillacs to start things off by stopping on the . . . .FREEWAY OF LOVE. Occupy. Resist. Kick out the jams. Take it to the streets. Change the system now mother f&%#rs.

“This is not your grandfather’s capitalism”

Make the world Free from corporate fascism

A Lime Flavoured Revolution Pt 1

20 03 2012

Celebrating The Lime Flavoured Revolution – In a Pink Caddy

Because we need a refreshing change

Why Lime? Firstly because cherry was taken and perhaps of equal valence because we need a refreshing change. And there are what might be termed marketing considerations here. Sad perhaps but happily true nevertheless. Is it really required that one must take a position? Sounds dangerous. Why not defer indefinitely? You’ll be so glad you did.

If you Google the term LIME FLAVOURED REVOLUTION you will find no pre-existing reference to Lime Flavoured Revolution on the internet. You read it here first. (even if you use the American spelling for flavoured i.e. flavored) Here’s the thing. You may find yourself giving in to despair on a bad day when you realize that, try as you might you just can’t come up with a new idea that doesn’t already exist. Try it! Three words that make sense that aren’t already on the internet. Game on. Well . . .here it is. You are witnessing the birth of something rare and marvelous that confidently demands it’s place on the electronic pathways of this hyper wired world. Something that plugs right into the Central Nervous System of hip cool humans everywhere and says . . .hey baby, let’s paaarty. Oh BEHAVE! Cum celebrate a Lime Flavoured Revolution for it is the refreshing change we need. A Lime Flavoured Revolution should also be a portal to the fabulous Sixties  – or it just isn’t a Lime Flavoured Revolution and Dr Quantum should know. Oh Hello! because we need a refreshing change

What has this got to do with the spacemen hiding in a cloud above my backyard swimming pool? More about this later . But for now we MUST ask ourselves . . .  what is a Lime Flavoured Revolution? Good question.  Well . . . first it does have a political side, for sure. The world has lurched into filthy corporate fascism – what to do? Secondly it’s a refreshing change. But right now, if you click on any of the links on this page you will not lose this page. That IS Lime Flavoured and it’s an Evolutionary Revolutionary thing to do. Dr Quantum is a radical conservative. Oh yes. And this is the evolution of the revolution. Click away and discover the universe. < THAT Link is mysteriously exciting – because we need a refreshing change

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Gotye video enterTRAINment. Yes folks it’s enterTRAINment. Go on then . . .Pour yourself another lime flavoured beverage & groove-clickon right here with Dr Quantum’s Lime Flavoured Revolution. Because we need a refreshing change

Question Authority – Free Your Mind

10 12 2011

Are You Ready Boots? Start Walkin

The Truth vs Corporate Fascism

My Darling Fascism . . .I don’t know how to say this . . . but I’m leaving you  Sob! It’s a case of the truth vs corporate fascism. We find ourselves living in interesting times.  Corporate Fascism is the new form of political governance in the world. You may believe that the elected representatives (or if you live in China your political masters) are running the show. Not true. The real power running the show is the mysterious Ahhhh Choooo!!! Tissue? It’s the truth vs corporate fascism.

For protection of the righteous
And destruction of the wicked, 
For establishing of dharma,
I manifest from age to age. Bhagavad Gita Ch4 V8

It seems we are waking up to the truth and to corporate fascism. There is an avalanche of information pointing the finger at who the dark and shadowy powers are that pull the strings that control the public officials . . . who appear on the evening news who pretend they are in control. Meanwhile corporate fascism . . .the criminals who actually rule the world have poisoned your health system, your agricultural system, poisoned your food supply, limited your energy to being dependent on fossil fuels, and in the finance sector taken billions, no TRILLIONS of dollars from tax payers thus forcing them into continued slavery.

. . . these ruined souls
Small-minded and of cruel deeds 
Arise as the enemies of
The world, bent on its destruction. 

Filled with insatiable desires,
Full of hypocrisy, pride, and 
Arrogance, holding evil thoughts
Through delusion, they foully work. Bhagavad Gita Ch 16 V9-10

The truth is finally coming out. There is nothing new in this but there is nothing like the smell of napalm in the morning to clear the head. Time to wake up. It’s the truth vs corporate fascism.

So here’s what’s really interesting. As hard as it may be to confront the truth . . . there is the question of karma here. Yours. According to the Bhagavad Gita AKA The Song of God, not a blade of grass moves without the will of the supreme. And just quietly  . . .you may consider this accurate. But who is this GOD? This mysterious Ahhh Chooo!!!?Very mysterious indeed.

Firstly,  the hideous corruption you see in the world. Ugly as it is . . .that’s your karma. Time to do the dishes and take out the garbage. Next time there’s a march for freedom and against some aspect of the negativity of the system . . .and you don’t go . . . just remember this. Complacency is consent. Time to wake up. As the Woody Allen God has said: 80% of success is showing up. Show up. Protest or think of yourself protesting. Think of yourself as protesting . . .This is actually very powerful. Just don’t sit around in your underwear eating ice cream. Time to wake up.

Secondly. All the control mechanisms are held in place by laws. Those nasty police people laying into protesters with clubs etc . . . they are the wrong end of the sequence to focus on. Pawns in the game. Why do you think the powerful hang out with politicians and bribe/coerce them so heavily? Because he who makes the rules controls the game. And the unholy basterds have been controlling the game by controlling the politicians. Not every single one but just enough to get the leverage they need. These bitches and basterds can’t really control the system, or YOU . . .unless YOU let them. Stop letting them. Time to wake up. Join the GREENS (or whomsoever you believe in your wisdom will deliver us from evil). . .Protest . . .Vote!

Thirdly the true power is indeed God or whatever you choose to call her. See that right there? Radical idea. What if God was a woman? And you don’t have to believe in God as such but here’s the thing. No spiritual discipline equals putrid ego. And right now, that putrid ego appears to be running the world. Yes that me be your karma BUT . . .it’s also your karma to wake up!  Time to wake up. Meditate. Become a Buddhist. Do Yoga. Learn Tai Chi. Oh . . .here’s a radical one – become a Christian and LOVE your fellow man. Uhhh . . . actually maybe you better forget that last one. It’s too radical. Do something. Don’t just keep thinking you have all the answers. You don’t.

Without yoga, O Mighty-Armed,
Renunciation’s hard to gain. 
The sage disciplined in yoga
Quickly attains unto Brahman. Bhagavad Gita Ch5, V6

Allow the miracles to flow through you. Focus on the positive. That’s what’s going to change the world.  The MOST POWERFUL THING YOU CAN DO IS TO HAVE A POSITIVE VISION OF WHAT THE WORLD CAN LOOK  LIKE. Yes Dr Quantum is shouting.

A paradox?

How wonderful that we have met with a paradox. Now we have some hope of making progress – Niels Bohr, Quantum Physics Pioneer

Mutiny Zine – Rage Against the Machine

4 06 2011

I Am An Anarchist

Here’s the thing . . .Dr Quantum is an Anarchist. Not an Anti-Christ mind you but definitely an Anarchist. We think the Sex Pistols may have gone too far. So keep your hair on and discover the finer points of civil disobedience in The Age of Chaos. The Age of Chaos? You’re standing in it.

You see Dr Quantum is perfectly happy to introduce the well intentioned left wing Socialists at Jura Books and Mutiny – an anarchist collective . . .Mutiny is an anarchist collective based in Sydney (click here). They say . . .We started this zine to explore different avenues of disobedience & resistance, & to encourage people to write about their ideas, actions & experiences. Mutiny Zine collective meets regularly, please contact us on the address below if your are interested.

So there it is. It’s one brand of Anarchy and worth looking at if you’re interested in really interesting ideas. For my own personal Quantumized worldview I prefer something with a more . . .shall we say “spiritual” orientation. Anarchy with a helping of Cosmic Consciousness and Divine sauce, hold the gratuitous violence.

Running a coin down the duco of a Mercedes Benz has never been my idea of how to have a good night out. Nevertheless it seems that some form of enlightened Anarchy is where we must evolve to as a species. The dream is less and lighter government because relatively enlightened people and societies definitely don’t need some overbearing nanny or fascist state telling them what to do at every turn. Don’t get me started on China  . . .they are becoming worse than the USA. God help us all.

Dr Q actually resonates with the right wing rat-bags over in the USA and perhaps elsewhere in their disdain for the ham-fisted overly controlling ways of juggernaut  governments and their bureau-crazies.

Think about stuff. In a holistic system, maximum efficiency is will tend to be in evidence through the independent actions of autonomous agents. Command and Control is dead. The Nuremberg Rallies of Nazi Germany that seemed like such a good idea at the time – led to embarrassing and bitter defeat for Germany and a divided schizophrenic Berlin that has only recently been outwardly unified. The healing of inner divisions is now an ongoing process.

Command and control doesn’t work. But what is the difference between Nazi Germany and Corporate Fascism? Well for one thing corporate fascists use more subtle mind-control techniques. Today’s corporate fascists don’t need Nuremberg they have . . .The Chicago School of Economics, The Sydney University Psychology Department and of course . . .Foxtel. The people in the picture below are basically all hallucinating, that is . . .watching telly.

Think about stuff. Long live the evolution

Quantum out

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