Beware The Culture of Falsehood

18 03 2012

Meeting to Discuss What? Professionals and Specialists Stay Stuck in Their Cultures

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Ignorance is not so much a conspiracy as a culture

While the medical establishment continues their attacks against Natural Therapies we should all remind ourselves who the real culprits are. The real culprits are all people who participate in the cultural rituals of committed ignorance. These are doctors, university professors, members of parliament, newspaper proprietors, mining magnates and all the other power possessors who enjoy the power and control they wield while hiding and shielding themselves from the simple and liberating truths – yes plural – that could change society.

Please note: this is not meant to suggest that ALL doctors, professors, parliamentarians etc participate in the cultural rituals of committed ignorance or are power possessors who enjoy the power and control they wield while hiding and shielding themselves from the simple and liberating truths – yes plural – that could change society. This is a very important distinction for there is no attempt to make a generalisation about ALL players in the system. The statements are simply pointing to a truth which is quite clear to many. This situation is now so dire that many citizens simply shrug and accept that this is so when these matters are raised. This is certainly not acceptable within what is ostensibly a democratic framework. The sad fact is that no-one is adequately representing the interests of a populous who are preyed on at every turn by the corrupt, the greedy and the compromoised.

This may sound like an extreme thing to say but it is not. This may sound like a radical thing to say and it is. That’s because the derivation of the word radical simply means at the root.  So let’s get to the root of the matter. The reason that we do not have clean energy technology is because there is a massive industry comprising business, professional and political players who profit from keeping the dirty business of coal and fossil fuels running as smoothly as possible. Players in this industry will stick their fingers in their ears and start humming the moment you try to tell them there is a safe clean alternative.

Ditto for the medical industry. A entire cultural process complete with all the little rituals that keep it in place. The result? Well if you have ever seen anyone go through the ravages of Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery in the hope that they might cure their cancer, there’s the result right there. An entire industry that would rather put people through hell, literally and figuratively than open their minds to the simple and obvious facts about natural therapies and combined safe, non-intrusive medical procedures. The fact that the so-called doctors of the Western Culture can continue with their barbaric practices simply shows how entranced they are with their own story. Their attacks on natural therapies from this point of view is hardly surprising though in the true sense of the word – criminal.

From the point of view of sustainability the key understanding to be had from this is that it is the cultural forms that produce the perversion, subversion, suppression and punishment (in other words the demonisation) of the other, which keeps the nastiness in place. Without the cultural entrancement it would be impossible for the conspiracies, the dirty tricks and the villainy to have much power. This is how judges, politicians and police are able to support the agendas of the ignorant. The law makers and enforcers for the most part believe or suspect that they are doing the right thing. In other words they too are ignorant.

Below is reproduced from Amazon dot com a section of a book description from Ty Bollinger’s book Cancer Step Outside The Box. Ty is not the most intellectual of people. He’s not the greatest authour in the world. What he is . . .is courageous, straightforward and honest. His recipes for curing cancer it has been said are not even unique. He’s just a guy who saw his family die of cancer and went out and found the cures – many of them. So the point is if an eccentric, not so well educated, ordinary average type guy can find and publish the cures for cancer that many others confirm are the ones that actually work . . .then why can’t the jolly medical establishment? Please ponder this most mysterious of topics.

In the words of cancer survivor, Brad Matznick, “I am not a journalist, that’s Ty’s job, so I won’t drag this out … I am a cancer survivor and this book was a huge contribution to my survival (it’s one of the best books on the subject). Ty is a rebel… maybe even somewhat eccentric, but you can’t ignore what he’s saying. Read this book if you or someone you care about has cancer …‘nuff said.” With satisfied readers in over 50 countries world wide, Cancer – Step Outside the Box is a roadmap to successfully treating cancer and regaining your health! This book is chock full of the most effective, non-toxic cancer treatments in the world. Truth be told, there are many potent and well-proven alternative strategies for preventing and treating cancer… without surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation (the “Big 3”). Inside this book, you will find a wealth of information that your doctor probably doesn’t know. Here’s why: while at medical school, doctors learn a very drug-intensive style of medicine, because multinational pharmaceutical companies (“Big Pharma”) funds the medical schools. As a result, most doctors are still thinking “inside the box” when it comes to cancer treatments. The “cancer box” is largely the creation of Big Pharma attempting to peddle their poisons (such as chemotherapy) in an effort to increase shareholder profits. Sadly, these profits are generated at the expense of cancer patients. In the words of radio talk show icon, Jeff Rense, “I have been involved with so called ‘alternative approaches to cancer’ for a long time. This book is ‘the Bible’ – buy it and you will be amazed. It is a masterpiece.”


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