Earthship Survives Earthquake in Chile

3 07 2012

Example of an Earthship Tirewall

Earthship Tire Wall Withstands Chilean Earthquake 6/7 on Richter

This message from an Earthship Chilean survivor just plucked from Earthsip’s latest newsletter: from Earthship Chile: I’m from Chile two weeks ago we had an earthquake of 6/7 richter, our tire wall stand without problems and our wall is just tires no concrete on it … enough evidence for me that Earthships are earthquake-proof .
Sorry about my English not mi native language hope you understand

You can see a 1 & half minute video on Earthships New Solutions Below. More great Earthship vids will appear in the window when this vid is over!!! check it out – It’s huge fun. You can subscribe to Earthships Biotechture newsletter here  . . .

Planet For Sale – Nice Quiet Location

24 03 2012

Planet for Sale – Nice Quiet Location – Introducing Earth

Highly sought after rare gem in Milky Way Galaxy. Only 100,000 light years from side to side

Enjoy unrestricted parking and easy commuting

An anthropologist’s delight, on Earth the local tribes are endlessly fascinating

Suit Eco-Repair Hobbyist looking for exotic fauna & flora and DNA samples

Endangered species !!!

Complex biosphere subsystems require regular maintenance – no chance to get bored

A living zoological treasury - includes many classic imported species from beyond the Alpha Quadrant

Contact The Exclusive Agent for full inspection

or visit

manifested by Dr Quantum

Are Earthships SAFE?

28 02 2012

The MOST Sustainable Housing Design?

SAFE Sustainable Autonomy For Everyone

I bought the T-Shirt it says SAFE Sustainable Autonomy For Everyone. The fancy more colourful green one was not available in my size. The only XL sizes were the SAFE Sustainable Autonomy For Everyone shirts. We’re talking Black and White.  I decided to grab whatever I could rather than go home empty handed after meeting with the great man . Maybe I will have the shirt framed and show it to my grandchildren. Now kids . . .this is the T-Shirt from the man who saved the world. And this is a picture of him drinking my brand of . . . yes he sipped a premium Aussie, errr Tasmanian . . . actually . . .there is no other way of saying this . . .beer. Oh yes. Michael Reynolds did not step down from the podium robed in white to lead us all in a class of Hatha Yoga and chanting of Mantram. Nothing quite so transcendental. Nope. He drank beer. One of my favourite brands. So there it is. Well they are called EARTHships. And they are SAFE Sustainable Autonomy For everyone.

It’s a fascinating thing this matter of a great person’s habits. In the battle for the planet known as World War 2, the two opposing leaders Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler demonstrated this point to a fault. Churchill drank like a fish, smoked strong cigars almost constantly and was know to enjoy a good tuck in to a manly side of beef, lamb or pork. Hitler on the other hand was a tea-totalling vegetarian. Oh but that’s different I hear you say. Is it? Well the inventor of Earthships invented this slogan to describe his sustainable housing design. SAFE Sustainable Autonomy For Everyone.

Let’s look at that. Sustainable: This simply means that Earthships would not threaten our common future, or the ability of future generations to enjoy an abundant fulfilling life on Planet Earth. Autonomy: This means that an Earthship allows you to go off-grid. No need to suck coal fired electricity. No need to draw water from the government – or even worse the corporate owned – water supply. You don’t need to pump your sewage into the government – or corporate – sewage system and possibly into the river lake or ocean. And last but certainly not least you can grow much of your basic food needs in your home. Wonder of wonders. Well that’s the heavy hand of government, corporations not to mention supermakets taken care of. For Everyone: Everyone can live in an Earthship. Indeed they are ideally suited for both developing world and can even be tailored to big cities. There are plans to put one into New York City. Yes you can use the design concept for multi story buldings. SAFE Sustainable Autonomy For Everyone

Books & Videos on Earthships including titles by Michael Reynolds: Step With Life

The Official Earthship site: Earthship Biotechture  

Glorious – The Fuzzy Atom of Love

21 05 2011

Sustainable System - The Tree of Life

There is not nearly enough integrational material available on sustainability.  Apparently you are either a lab coated Newtonian scientist – I love it when you talk nerdy to me – or an off with the faeries mystical dreadlocked Tree Hugger. Me? I am a bit of both without the dreads and minus the lab coat – but hey . . . where’s that confounded bridge? It’s just gotta be around here someplace, and like those rugged explorers of yesteryear, I say . . .it’s time to cross the great divide.

Picture if you will the excitement caused back in the day when old Sydney Town was abuzz with the imminent crossing of the rugged Blue Mountains by the venerable explorers Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth. And do you really care that the Great Dividing Range was formed during the Carboniferous Period some 300 million years ago? Let’s face it tree huggers . . .from a human interest point of view what the European settlers cared about at that time was the high adventure of finally making the crossing, and for this they looked to those hardy pioneers.

Imagine for just a moment that you are a traveler from the past and you step Jules Verne like into a Steam Driven time machine of infinite destinations, meditations and pregnant possibilities. You set the controls for the year 2012, the 21st of December no less . . .the end of the Mayan calendar . . . and behold! For you travel to the very end of time.

The portal device begins rocking and shuddering and shaking. Blue Electrical arcs snake up inside the giant glass valves and with a great flash and a loud bang . . .here you are.

From the year 1813 you have come in a great circle of time. And landing on the edge of the year 2012 the time of the great crossing is upon us once again. We cross from the old Newtonian-Cartesian paradigm to the New . . . the New Era, the New Age, the New Time for humanity. Indeed it is time to boldly go . . . consider the Tree of Life – the Sephirotic Tree pictured above. The Tree of Life may not be new, but our understanding of life can be using the Tree as a map.

A deceptively simple, a multi-dimensional map for journeying to any point in the space time continuum. So we could use it to help us locate sustainability.

Dr Quantum would suggest, that the Tree of Life, AKA the Sephirotic Tree is indeed a map to assist us in better understanding sustainability. And what does it tell us? Well . . .many volumes have been written about the Tree of Life, and much of it is impenetrably dense. Let us simply say this. The tree speaks to us in terms of activating miraculous success in our lives. This is a very Quantum Kool kind of thing to be doing right about now of course. When you think about it, that would have to include sustainability because we are in danger of melting down, freaking out and logging off these days. Miraculous success would have to be sustainable then, or, by definition it wouldn’t be success. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you!

So let’s make this easy. The first thing the tree tells us is to get in touch with our deepest desires. Now put those deep desires into a framework of your vision for the future. What is your vision? And do that with excellence, with . . .impeccability. You now have the basic formula that no amount of searching will ever improve. It’s the key to sustainability. Feel your feelings. Have a vision. Combine the vision with impeccability. And wow! Things will start to happen.

In a quantum sense the shift you will experience is aided and abetted by atoms that are warm and fuzzy and buzzy and fun. Not hard and round and stinky at all. You can adopt an atom as a pet and give it a name . . . it will even come when you call. Hey Glorious where are you??? Your dinner is ready. Visionary impeccability – it’s in the bowl for you. Come and get it.

Meowwwww, purrrrrr. Here comes Glorious now! The fuzzy atom of Love.

Glorious - the fuzzy atom of love

Earth Ships, Underpants and The Garbage Warrior

7 05 2011

Michael Reynolds Earth Ships: The Garbage Warrior

Earth Ships are a revolution in sustainable housing; it is a remarkable sustainable building concept that was forged in the mind and in the creative architectural play pen of a remarkable man, one Michael Reynolds AKA The Garbage Warrior. We do have him to thank for giving birth to something which has both enormous creative and design appeal AND is a hugely practical solution to a very real problem.  That practical breakthrough is: Sustainable, affordable housing which can be aesthetically appealing. In addition there is the roundness factor. Earth Ships have round bits in them and allow for a fair bit of organic bumpiness without falling into the abyss of abysmally under-developed.


Dr Quantum has been getting much feedback and interest in a subject that was touched on briefly in a recent blog: EarthShip Dreaming – Confessions of a Techno-Yurt Wannabe. So i thought it might be of interest to both regular readers and to the many who visit these pages from all over the world via the amazing power of search engines (a term that didn’t exist in the general vocabulary 20 years ago). It seems that EarthShips are taking off, powered by the Quantum Search Engine Warp Drive – think about it.

There are half a dozen online resource links provided at the bottom of this post. Yes folks it’s an Earthship Quantum Search Engine Warpdrive for modern lovers.

TO learn more about Earthships there are plenty of on-line resources. One thing that Dr Quantum highly recommends is a DVD movie about Michael Reynolds and his journey to have the Earthship building concept and output accepted by the State Legislature of New Mexico USA. The movie DVD is called The Garbage Warrior and is both informative and enormously entertaining. You will learn a lot about the man and his building passion. He doesn’t call it architecture by the way he prefers the term Biotechture.

For Michael Reynolds the journey has also included what can only be described as a remarkable contribution to empowering people in developing countries to rebuild after natural disasters like the 2004 Asian Tsunami. The guy is a genuine global Eco Hero. Bards and wandering minstrels  will be singing songs about him in a thousand years.  You’ll see.

One of the things I really love about Earthships and Micheal Reynolds‘ concept is that it has now been clearly demonstrated that you can build your own affordable, sustainable housing solution out of recycled materials (AKA Garbage). Once built, Earthships have the potential for a high sale and re-sale value. This all depends on how nice it looks and how well built it was in the first place.  Just like other more conventional houses. The added benefit is that Earthships can be completely off-grid. Yes folks it’s true. As sad as it makes Dr Quantum to admit it Earthships demonstrate that you don’t need an army of overpaid, overly controlling, beaureaucratic sociopaths telling you what do do about your Water, Electricity, Sewage and what colour underpants to wear. I ring up my local council every day and ask them. The conversation goes like this,

Dr Quantum: Hello is this the council?

Operator: Yes how may we be of service today?

Dr Quantum: Can you put me through to the Underware Colour co-ordination reporting line please?

Operator: Putting you through

I swear to the New Age God(dess) of truth liberty and rainbow coloured toenails, that is exactly what happens . . .every day.

Some Resources

The Garbage Warrior Documentary available on Step With Life click here

Earthships in Australia Click Here.

EarhShip Biotechture Click Here.

Controversial US eco-architect and founder of Earthship Biotecture, Michael Reynolds believes Australian houses made from recycled materials can be a reality in spite of regulatory barriers and may offer a significant contribution to managing climate change in Australia. Click Here

5 Prospective Property Sites For EarthShip Australia in Brisbane Click Here

Ethical Living – Earthships a World Wide Reality?  Click Here.

See you out there.


Earth Ships are a revolution in sustainable housing, a remarkable sustainable building concept that was forged in the mind and in the creative architectural play pen of a remarkable man, one Michael Reynolds AKA The Garbage Warrior.

Earthship Gaia: Time to Transcend, Time to Evolve

25 03 2011
Planet Earth AKA Gaia

We don’t need nuclear. But guess what? There is this thing called the Nuclear Energy Industry and guess what? They lobby governments. I really don’t know if they have pitcures of key government ministers in bed with high price prostitutes but hey . . .it woudn’t surprise me at all if they did.

James Lovelock in his revelatory landmark work The Gaia Hypothesis revealed Planet Earth – which he called Gaia – displays multiple characteristics of a living being.  In other words from a Living Systems point of view the Earth behaves like a living organism. Of course deeply rational scientists stop short of declaring the Earth to actually BE alive. No, no, no most of them will say. It’s just that the system of intert, inorganic elements, you know the salinity of the oceans, the levels of oxygen in the atmosphere, the average temperature etc & so forth . . .all functioning together in a big old holistic system, makes it APPEAR that the earth is alive. Clearly it’s just a lump of dead rock and anyone who thinks differently is ignornat swine. Thank goodness we have scientists to tell us what to think. Sorry scientists . . .i know you’re not all like that. Just a lot of you.
In the esoteric literature(s) it is explained that the Earth is indeed the densenst globe of a multi dimensional living being known as Sunat Kumara AKA The Ancient of Days and more recentlty Gaia. In other words the being of Gaia, or Sunat Kumara is not limited to the dense physical. I suppose if you find the events of late, here on what we think of as “Earth” somewhat troubling it it might be worth knowing some of the esoteric stuff. Scientists must proceed fairly cautiously with their pronouncements and rightly so.   At any rate you may be wating a long while before some scientist declares that the Sun is actually alive and is the external centre for the incarnation of a mighty being known as RA and similarly for the planet Gaia and the fact of it being alive.
Having recourse to a metaphysical understanding and explanation of the planet may help some people to understand what is going on in the world. Dr Quantum will do her best to explain it in a fashion that is satisfactory for today’s rational hipsters. You see apparently the Earth is not hard and inflexible like a ballbearing at all. Quite the opposite in fact. The Earth mght be regarded a sort of giant spiritual marshmallow. The World is soft and made for landing on from a great height. We just make it hard with our gaze.
What is being said here is not in any way at variance with the notion of a God-Goddess who loves you. It’s just that the spiritual non-believers (not that there’s anything wrong with that) have hijacked the agenda of late. Oh they think they’re so bloody clever. Well maybe they are . . .and maybe they aren’t. But how embarrasing will it be when you have just finished saying for the 999th time that there is absolutley no such thing as God, no such thing as life after death and BOOM, you’re dead . . .but mysteriously still alive, and . . . whatsmore you realize you have been hitching a ride on the surface of a cosmic being – Gaia – and with little regard for the finer points of respect for one’s elders. How embarrasment!
And so to what has been going on of late. The Planet is merely clearing her throat to deliver the response to all those who have been ignoring the sacredness and respect due to LIFE. This is not to suggest that we aren’t part of a loving system for indeed the esoteric literatures tell us that we are. What’s the stock standard response you get when you ask a spiritual representative: Question> If there is a God then why did He / She / It allow all this suffering? And what do they say? It’s all about FREE WILL. The implication is that, somehoworanother . . . this suffering is what you chose. Now Dr Quantum is not stupid. But neither should you pretend to be. Yes it is understood that you don’t rush into an Earthquake zone shouting out Crush me Father for I have sinned. You don’t rush down to the water’s edge when the Tsunami is coming wanting to be drowned. Hopefully the instinct for self-preservation is stronger than that. The problem is that we humans collectively have been behaving like little children who will not listen to their parents because were having too much fun ignoring them . . .as it were. We’ve never seen that before. Maybe we are about to get a smack. Well . . .what a surprise.
Any parents who are even remotely interested in the full development of their children agonize over when to punish and when to allow. They understand that there is a fine line between the development of an emerging ego and pulling them up short when they are in danger.  I see the string of natural disasters as being that very kind of loving control on a planetary level. The human family is heading for a world of pain, far beyond anything we can quite imagine . . .that is if we don’t take stock of the situation and wake up to ourselves.

The disasters are occuring quite strategically. A little tiny shift in the Earth’s crust and . . . Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear crisis. This will cause the nuclear development cowboys to stop and look up from their Citibank Account statements for long enough to hopefully question the wisdom of the current path of rapid nuclear development. We don’t need nuclear. But guess what? There is this thing called the Nuclear Energy Industry and guess what? They lobby government. I really don’t know if they have pitcures of key government ministers in bed with high price prostitutes but hey . . .it woudn’t surprise me at all if they did. The fact is we do not need HOT nuclear fission energy . . .at all. And just like we have so many inexpensive cures for cancer, we have so many safe and cheap alternatives for Nuclear.

Hydrogen for one. Zero Point will be coming on line soon. Oh . . .don’t know about zero point energy? Time to find out. That’s quantum interaction energy. Infinite energy from any point . . .FREE. Gosh and we can’t have that now can we? Too many entrenched interests making money out of energy for it become cheap and freely available. The powers that be have had us by the short and curlies.  But things are changing in the geopolitical world of energy politics. Indeed there’s more. The powers that be are becoming fractured. They are starting to argue and fight amongst themselves. There are too many opportunities for greedy oligarchs to ignore. And how can the poor dears trust each other with all that gold on the table?
And of course then there’s Cold Fusion. But hang on! That was proven to be a FRAUD . . .wasn’t it?  . . . .Well . . .it was thoroughly tested by the experts in the HOT nuclear Fusion industry and shown to . . . hmph . . .not work at all. Gee well I guess they would know then. So . . .no need to develop SAFE, CLEAN cold fusion. I am so glad that we have sorted that out.
The picture below, in case you are wondering is a representation of the Goddess Kali. She is said to enjoy tearing the heads off miscreants and drinking their blood. Now why would she do that? Shock value perhaps. I dunno but apprently you don’t want to get her pissed off. Being a Goddess and all you might assume she has the keys to the karmic clearing house. She is a kind of bottom line Divine energy. Yes folks . . .the Divine has a lovely bottom and you may wish to explore other areas as well.
Be nice. Be the change. Be warned.
Time to transcend. Time to evolve already. Quantum out.

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