Seek ye first the essence of yoga

28 11 2012

Jesus the master of yoga

There is a magnificently wise statement attributed to Jesus that all those who follow the path can find inspiration in from time to time – seek ye first the kingdom of God and his justice and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6.33. A more popular translation has it as the kingdom of God and his righteousness. Without resorting to hair-splitting the meaning is quite clear either way. Seek ye first the kingdom of God. That’s what we are being given in this marvelous maxim. It can be a tough one to live up to at times without a doubt and yet as all those who have lived this truth will assure us, the results are incomparable.

Transposing this idea over to the concept of yoga is easy if you are that way inclined, for yoga is defined as meaning to link up with God.  The root word “yuj” means unity or yoke (as in join). Therefore the basic concept of yoga means to link up with or become unified with God. Yoga then is a system which is specifically designed to enable us to do what this teaching says. It is undoubtedly worth understanding that yoga is not limited to the physical exercises – what are called the asanas. The cultural yoga system is a whole framework for living a life where the seeking of the kingdom of God is put first. This includes Devotion (Bhakti yoga) Intellectual and philosophical pursuit (jnana yoga). Sitting meditation (Raja Yoga) and importantly for us humans – gifted as we are with a physical body – physical exercise (Hatha Yoga). A whole, rich and full life of seeking the kingdom of God can happily incorporate a sufficient amount of physical exercise; soul stirring devotion to the ideal of God; the intellectual discipline and abstractions of knowledge and philosophy and let us not forsake entering into the stillness, as an essential part of what we can do in our pursuit and seeking of the great and often mysterious kingdom . . .of God.

Of course the Lime Flavoured rEvolution would suggest that God is not limited to the masculine God but also importantly and essentially inclusive of the feminine Goddess. What is often referred to in this blog as The Quantum Goddess. Whatever you conceive God/Goddess to be, by all means, seek that kingdom, realm or dimension first. That means that there is an ideal that can indeed be brought into our lives for our ongoing benefit, profit, sustenance and sustainability. Believe it or not.

And here is a famous Muslim singing with Dido: Youssou N’Dour tends to see traditional religion as a restrictive, meaningless ritual with little to offer, and he is eager to experiment with other, alternative paths. Youssou has lots of creative, innovative ideas and he often feels that others are unwilling to take risks and venture out of their deeply ingrained perspectives and views. This description of Youssou N’Dour was copied from and linked at the start of the para.

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