Post-Modern Cosmic Bananas and What Happened to Feminism Anyway?

22 11 2009

Cassablanca Sideboard by Ettore Sottsass - a post modern icon

Dr Quantum was riffing on one of his favourite subjects recently – that would be Post-Modernism – when one of my good friends was indelicate enough to accuse me of engaging in, and i quote “mental masturbation”. Ouch!

It may well have been a case of “Charlie bit my finger and it really hurt”. Of course the thing is, don’t put your finger in Charlie’s mouth, silly. Nice theory. But if you can’t “sing” to your best friend what can you do? Save it for the shower perhaps? Hmmm.

Call me bananas if you like but there are few things i enjoy more than settling into a free ranging discussion liberally sprinkled with references to the P-Word. Post-Modernism. If there’s a chance to drop the F-Word; Feminism, even better.

One might suppose it’s like talking about God or Jesus or religion in general. Some people just don’t like it. Some people clearly feel threatened by it and most people simply don’t understand it at all. And this is where we will freeze frame for a moment.

Most people just don’t know what Post-Modernism IS. That’s the problem you see. One might as well be talking about the Twinkle-Bottomed Mind Bender Fish. The ignorance on this planet is apalling. Clearly Dr Quantum has work to do. We will leave an in-depth treatment of the Twinkle-Bottomed Mind-Bender Fish to another day. Suffice to say, if you should be so lucky that one of these lovely creatures wants to suck your toes – i say let them.

Yes most people don’t know what Post-Modernism is. To make matters worse the ones that do think they know are convinced that it’s about being confused or being confusing and often both. But do not be fooled, this is merely the subversive effect of Post-Modernism. Confusion is one of the outcomes albeit a temporary one.

Amid the bombed out rubble of the fallen towers of Balylon you can just see, emerging from the swirling dust and smoking ruins, a prophet of the New Age dressed in simple white flowing robes in the style of the Anceint Greeks. Yes it is i Dr Quantum come to talk simply, plainly yet effectively about Post-Modernism AND Feminism. Two dear reader for the price of one. It’s a BOGOFF sale. Buy One Get One Free. Gather round.

It is at this juncture that i would like to introduce you to one of this blog’s intimate little secrets. Come closer. I am whispering now . . . It’s right up there for everyone to not see. The sub-title of this blog, our slogan – Expressing a Fabulous Riot of Creativity is Post-Modernism explained in a sentence. May i be so bold as to suggest that if you were one of the people who wrote a book about Post-Modernism and still, no one understands what it means . . .it may be time to take note.

Post-Modernism is nothing if not a fabulous riot of creativity and Feminism its patron Goddess-Saint. But why is it so?


Okay a week is up. How is that? i hear you ask. The simple answer – time travel. A Fabulous Riot of creativity huh? Why?

Well the short answer – because it’s fun – is not nearly complicated enough is it? So let’s look @ the term Post-Modernism. Post meaning after; therfore literally – after Modernism. Well, what happened to Modernism? Who took it?

It could be said and rightly so, that Modernism disappeared up its own fundamental orifice. It was WHITE, it was RIGHT and it was way too UPTIGHT. It had to go. The only trouble was that Modernism had become a barnacle on the backside of the elephant of humanity. (The elephant’s name was Henry by the way) Oh, how did the barnacle get there you say? Don’t ask, it was there, allright. Barnacle on elephant’s arse = modernism. OK. And it was hard and it was crusty. And pretty soon there was not just one barnacle but many. Some say it was one of the worst cases of Modernist Arse Barnacle infestation ever seen. Soon they stopped calling the elephant Henry and started calling him Barnacle Arse or just B.A. for short.

It was embarrasing. People were talking. Something had to be done. A group of Barnacle Arse removal experts were called in. They decided to run a competition. The person who could kick the elephant’s arse and remove one or more barnacles would get a free ride (or rides) at the amusement park. It was on for young and old and so Post-Modernism was off to a roaring start. And here we are.

So where I hear you ask, does Feminism come into this elephant’s arse barnacle kicking business? Good question. I thought you would never ask.

It’s like this you see. Feminism is really, truly, madly, deeply the new paradigm. Sit down you might need a moment. And not just socio-political feminism but cosmic, ecological, killer-app type feminism within the context of humanity. Dr Quantum would venture to suggest that the rise of the feminine is an ACCESS ALL AREAS pass. Consider: Spirituality – the Goddess; Ecology – Mother Earth; Socio-Politics – Calamity Jane. All of these togehter represent the feminine fractal.

A little aside. The fractal has no scale. It is a repeating pattern of self-same similarity discovered by a French Maths professor by the name of Henoit Mandelbrot. His mathematical brilliance can be seen at least in part, in his legacy of the Mandelbrot set.  David Dewey explains the Mandelbrot Set for the mathematically challenged as follows:

The Mandelbrot set, named after Benoit Mandelbrot, is a fractal. Fractals are objects that display self-similarity at various scales. Magnifying a fractal reveals small-scale details similar to the large-scale characteristics. Although the Mandelbrot set is self-similar at magnified scales, the small scale details are not identical to the whole. In fact, the Mandelbrot set is infinitely complex. Yet the process of generating it is based on an extremely simple equation involving complex numbers.

Fractal Image courtesy

Fractals. Thank you Professor Mandelbrot. Your genius flows from the mind of the Goddess-Shakti bejewelled with gifts for humanity. You are a quantum generator par excellence. End of aside.

The Modernist barnacles on the elephants arse of humanity was a blokes club masquerading as culture. The problem with blokes, sorry to say, is essentially that they are kinda dumb. Good at lifting things. Not really that good at running the future. That takes the flowing feminine folds of the ocean anemone within the Mind of God(ess) AKA the Quantum Vacuum Interactive Universe. The feminine fractal has come. Things have changed. You can’t unscramble eggs. The dye is cast. Life will never be the same. The future is different.

Om Shakti. You go girl.

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