Alan Jones and The Fracking Awful Truth

16 12 2011

Alan Jones Agrees with The Greens on Fracking

Thanks Alan Jones You Have Sided with The Greens

Thanks Alan Jones – you turned out to be not so bad after all for you have sided with the Greens. We really, really love you. You are OK Alan. Thanks for taking a principled stand against the ghastly practice of fracking. Good to see Tony Abbot getting on side and doing the right thing too. FRACKING? YUK!   Most people think it is despicable, lamentable and just plain wrong. Yeah . . .Thanks Alan Jones You Have Sided with The Greens

What do you REALLY think about FRACKING?

11 06 2011

Fracking - nothing personal, it's just business

Interaction with The Earth and the Elements

Do you know about Biodynamics? It’s one of the true Agricultural CULTURE systems and like PermaCULTURE it is a holistic and healing approach to interaction with the Earth and the elements.

Rodolf Steiner – the man who discovered Biodynamics developed quite a number of key holistic systems based on his clairvoyant (yes clairvoyant!) observations of nature. What in fact he did was go into the subtle realms of nature and observe first hand how the nature elementals interact with plants, animals, rocks and people. Steiner’s research from this first hand observation produced a series of indications that have been applied directly to Education (you may have heard of Steiner Schools) and an Agriculture system and approach – now known and respected as Biodynamics. He taught us a great deal about Interaction with The Earth and the Elements.

It was explained to Dr Quantum recently that the Steiner systems are designed with respect to the nature elementals – beings from what the Hindus call the Devic realms. Human beings often refer to these life forms as Angels. They are also known as Gnomes, pixies, faeries etc. Apparently all of our living systems depend on them for vitalization and integration with the universe and with Earth energies. Those who decide our policies don’t seem to know about Interaction with The Earth and the Elements. Biodynamics as an agriculture system seeks to restore the dynamic balance of forces and energies to the interaction with the Earth and to man’s realtionship with the Earth and the elements. Nature spirits are described by many cultures as angels, devas, demons, faeries, djinn, etc.

Consider then the business of Coal Seam Gas extraction appropriately known as Fracking.

AUSTRALIAN mining companies are using highly toxic chemicals to extract coal seam gas during the controversial process known as ”fracking”, documents obtained by the Herald show.

A government list of 36 chemicals used in coal seam gas extraction in Australia includes hydrochloric and acetic acid, and napthalene- an ingredient once used in napalm as well as more mundane items such as mothballs – and many other hydrocarbons.

The Gasland documentary by Josh Fox (click here) is a multi-award winning film that details the stupidity, lies and greed

SMH Online

Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, involves injecting a mixture of water, sand and chemicals at high pressure underground in order to fracture rock formations and release coal seam gas.

The proposed use of fracking near watercourses, including a plan to deploy fracking next to Warragamba Dam, has fed concerns that drinking water could be contaminated if gas extraction goes ahead.

Well Fracking eh . . . of all the hair brained, knuckle headed, stupid . . .

What human beings haven’t learned about getting OUT OF BALANCE WITH NAUTRE is apparently still a large and multi-volumed subject. Oh well, here we go again. Into temptation. What are we going to learn about Interaction with The Earth and the Elements.

Aftermath of the Japanese Tsunami

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