The Polarities of Mediocrity – The FOOL is dead Long Live The FOOL

3 11 2013


As the worlds unravels around us at this time there are those souls who rush to the polarities of consciousness. The Right wing of Politics . . .The Left Wing of Politics. I am a Jesus freak. I am a Santa worshipper . . .etc, etc, etc. The extremists simply betray themselves as mediocre people in a world that demands excellence. And what is excellence?

First the paradox. For in marketing terms in order to be successful you have to take a position. How else will people be able to understand you if you are not clear about your identity? Now this may be true from a marketing perspective. But you see, your soul is not a marketing project. It is the all inclusive, multi-dimensional totality of all that you touch, taste, see, hear, feel and think and a whole lot more besides. As such it is inclusive, ambiguous, synthetic, integrative and miraculous.  And as such as a soul awakened individual when you see marketing driven information, propaganda and advertising you feel ripped off inside.

If you have ever looked at the commercial reality of life (and how can you avoid it) – like advertising, sales organisations and marketing hype – and wondered how it is possible for human beings to stoop so low, how can people be so crass and one-dimensional? Well it’s because commercial realities demand that messages are delivered, more or less one dimensionally so that the marketing machine can capture the souls it seeks to ensnare, involve and bleed dry. As distinct from engage, evolve and liberate. In short marketing’s one singular objective is usually to bleed you and leave you just that little bit paler in skin colour for your lack of the necessary fluid, Oh it’s not as bad as it sounds – and at the same time it’s a lot worse. For this is the living death and your soul knows it. Such is the nature of paradox.

But here’s the thing. If you want to AVOID living the life of the mediocre spin doctors, the half baked hucksters, and the pathetic pushers . . .then refuse to buy into the lie. And it seems that this . . .is the genius of the Brand. Now I am talking about Russell Brand.  Just like the Occupy movement, he doesn’t quite know what he wants, but he does know what he doesn’t want – and that is more lies from the phoney world of the crass mediocre make-believe that is our commercially and politically dominated reality creation system. The world is not what they represent it as . . .at all. And yet it is filled with their excrement. A paradox. After all, you are a super-excellent, infinitely ambiguous, mystery of Love and eternal transcendence. So what to do about the bullshit blasters of banality?  Well . . .there are 2 things you can do. Make that 3.

Thing number one: transcend mediocrity. And how are you going to do that? By rising to EXCELLENCE in all that you do. Hold with compassion for all. What about reaching and stretching to your own super-excellent incarnation of self? Resist . . . the temptations of the couch potato, the hypocrite and the ill informed opinion. Practice wisdom and excellence in all that you do. See if you can just keep it going for a one year period. That’s nothing! But it will bust the addictions. 12 months in and you will have transformed yourself, if such is on the menu. If not then carry on laughing you Buddha of enlightenment.

Thing number two: Do not become polarized. Do not join one of the hate clubs. Resist at all costs the pull to any pre-conceived notion of politics, spirituality and any other opinion of what the masses are screaming. This will hold true from the hysteria on Boat People, Gays, Straights, Blacks, Whites . . . to the cries about evil space invaders – the conspiracy theorists who are mostly just puppets for disinformation. More lies, more bullshit more ignorance, more crap, more pollution of the commons. If you don’t know what’s going on, just admit that you don’t know and remain silent while keeping a close watch on what actually happens. It’s a bit like Buddhism without the chanting.

Thing number three: While remaining un-polarized and inclusive practice being love in every moment. Refuse to take sides. Raise yourself to excellence for this transcends the polarities. The price you must pay is to stop bitching, back biting and complaining. Just look at the greatest souls. They could achieve this feat because they were largely un-polarized – holding respect and love for all. They long ago had learned (previous incarnation one would suppose) that complaining (whining) is useless. Love everyone you meet and and every experience you come into. This does not mean jumping on them like a puppy. Respect the bottom line. Keep a close watch on your heart and hold your own positive vision for that which you dare to dream as the future of your choosing. If you want to worship SOMETHING, then worship THAT.

The exception to the rule. If you must find a God to believe in. Make it a feminine oriented God-Goddess type God. This is simply the re-balancing of the phalocentric God, Made in man’s image with an infinitely large penis. Yes it’s a scary thing alrighty. Roger that. All very well for some. If God were a loving feminine presence (which undoubtedly he-she is) then what sort of future would you like to co-create with that particular transcendent friend? Love that reality. Hold that resonance. Turn off the TV. Stop listening to the Bullshit. Ignore the pathetic politics of hate and extremism. You will find your tribe. Go forward in strength from that position. Once you have connected the dots from a position of awakened consciousness you may discover that you choose to do things differently. Try it as a one year experiment. I can only honour what Russell Brand has said about not voting because he has manifested as the FOOL and as is well enough known, this is the highest card in the pack. Go forward into the mystery, Hari . . .OM

Political Power in the USA – The Corporatocracy

3 01 2013
Corporatocracy = fascism. Comprendez vous?

Corporatocracy = fascism. Comprendez vous?

The central criticism of the United States of America has for some time centred on the corrupting and hypocritical relationship between big business and the agencies of government. The powers that be in the U.S. have long trumpeted that the justification for both foreign and domestic policy is that they have been keeping the world safe for democracy. Clearly, such a claim is now seen to be as hollow as organised crime kingpins saying that they are keeping the world safe for business.  To be sure there would be truth in the statement . . .but would it be a true statement?

Respected Columbia University Economist Jeffrey Sachs in his book The Price of Civilization is now laying it on the line. He only stops short of using the F word. Fascism. It’s what Americans cannot bear to hear about themselves. The fact that they are currently doing a very good job of imitating being the greatest fascist power on earth. But let’s look at what Sachs does say.

According to Sachs America is caught in a vicious cycle; the cracked record of the corrupt American system.

“Corporate wealth translates into political power through campaign financing, corporate lobbying and the revolving door of jobs between government and industry; and political power translates into further wealth through tax cuts, deregulation and sweetheart contracts between government and industry”

 . . .in other words fascism.

Sachs point to four main sectors of US business that exemplify this vicious cycle and which underline the transformation of America into a Fascist society – he uses the phrase takeover by the corporatocracy which of course means exactly the same thing as fascism, just in more acceptable language. These four sectors are: 1) The military industrial complex 2) The Wall Street-Washington complex 3) The big-oil transport-military complex and 4) The (so-called) health-care industry. This last one some people might prefer to call the torturing people for profit in the name of medicine industry. Sounds pretty ugly? Well . . .what are you going to do about it?

What to do about this unholy mess? Well it may sound somewhat overly simplistic, however Dr Quantum would suggest that firstly having the awareness to be clear and honest about the current state of play is the first step forward. Closely followed by forgiveness and then last but certainly not least . . .having a regular schedule of co-creatively envisioning the positive, transformed, healthy future you wish to inhabit. This last part of the technique may well be derided by the intelligentsia – those materialistic, Marxist, intellectual atheists who are a feature of our institutions of higher learning. Many of these folks are enormously well intentioned individuals, in the same way that you will find people of noble sentiment in the Tea Party. But of course as it has been said – the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Quantum-wise the co-creatively envisioned and metaphysically projected positive future will do more to transform the world for the better than an endless stream of suicide bombers, torturing the projected “villains” – the enemy, and Uncle Sam’s drones and missiles and counter intelligence in the form of dis-information. The metaphysical approach may even be better than an endless stream of books – Gosh! However in the interests of sanity we must encourage education… regardless of how flawed the system may currently be.

Time to wake up.

Emergence of The Quantum Goddess

14 07 2012

Quantum Goddess of Oneness

The rEvolutionary Goddess

One of the favourite themes of The Lime Flavoured rEvolution is the disappearance of The Goddess. Why did she disappear? And how? Goddess cults and religions were once widespread throughout the world –  Europe, Asia, The whole of the Americas, Africa. But now we have the male Gang of Four. Jesus, Buddha, Moses and Mohammed. There is  no disrespect intended in this observation to any of our great recent spiritual teachers. However if we have any scintilla of concern over our relationship to the Divine we MUST ask ourselves. . .what happened to the Goddess?

The Goddess would seem to have disappeared, but could it be that rather than The Goddess disappearing, humanity’s consciousness has changed? Perhaps this accounts for the apparent change in the world. Perhaps it is the case that The Goddess hasn’t disappeared. Perhaps we have just stopped seeing her. As we look at the entire notion of evolution it could be, that rather than evolving to where we are now . . .that we have devolved . . .devolved to the point where God became for us MANish . . .vengeful, angry and above all male.

This idea that God is a Male; God the Father . . . is deeply incorrect. It is truly a sacrilege. If you have any sense of the scope of the Divinity then it will not be hard to see in this devolution the agency of the Luciferic. This is closely aligned to what Steiner refers to as the Ahrimanic force – the anti-Christ. This means in spiritual terms, the counter evolutionary forces. To balance this sacrilege of creating God in the image of masculine Man we need at the very least, to balance our address to God as Father-Mother God, or as God-Goddess.  The fact is that we live in a scientifically rigorous world which has created a particular distortion of the truth. In terms of materialistic science there is no mapping of consciousness.  Now there is a bearded fool up the back wanting to argue this. Is it possible for a bearded fool to listen to the wisdom of the heart?

With the advent of Quantum Theory, we could start to think about and engage with the Quantum Goddess and the miraculous implications for humanity that this offers. Miracles now on special. The Lime Flavoured rEvolution has no ostensible, worldly connection with the video below. How should we evaluate it? Gee whiz the inner tuition you carry with you is one place to start. Oh . . .but that’s not scientific enough is it?

The bright illuminated men of the enlightenment may groan at this. The flowing feminine divine within human consciousness has been practicing great patience with your intellectual chauvinism and suggests a renewed and contemporary consideration. As they say, the The past is history, the future a mystery. Today is a GIFT and that is why they call it the PRESENT. Come present and see what is in front of you oh great men of science. But will these illuminated beings . . .literally the Luciferic ones, fail to understand and continue in their arrogance? So may it be with Love. Whatever happens over the next 50 years, it is clear that WE NEED A REFRESHING CHANGE. Just ask the kids: Have you touched a tree today? And see the wonder in their eyes. How did we lose our soul so emphatically and catastrophically?

The video embedded below is titled: Language of Light 528 Hz Miracle Solfeggio Transmissions – Ascension Activation By: *Shekina Rose, Angelic Messenger of Mother Goddess SHEKINAH & Channel of the Blue Ray who sings in the 528 Hz Love Solfagio, Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair}

The New Quantum Resonance

16 05 2012

Watching The Busses Arrive

From no way you will find your way

And it came to pass that the old ways in their world were no longer working, and even the old ways that were still working weren’t working nearly as well as before. The Earth tried to speak to them; to warn them by sending storms, floods, fires, earthquakes and even disease. But still many would not listen; could not hear the message. The time had come to find a new way. But how? What was this new way that many talked about but which many also could not understand? There was great confusion. In some places people fought over the basic necessities while in other places villains, thieves and robbers stole what little the poor could scrape together.

Even the fearless leaders began to fear. Could nothing be done? Perhaps it was too late. Perhaps humanity was doomed and damned as some were saying.

As the unraveling of the very fabric of their world began to accelerate the fearless leaders called many many meetings in attempts to solve the myriads of problems. Experts from every field of knowledge were invited to speak, write and share their ideas. Groups of people were called together by the leaders and many gathered in people’s assemblies. Finally after all the meetings and talking, after all the scribing, debates and argument still there was no agreement.

After the time of arguments as it become known in later days, many people had given up hope and many gave in to despair. Many resorted to prayer as a a last hope.  Many ran to the farthest hills to escape from the coming catastrophe. And some just went about their business pretending that all would be well. And just when it seemed that all the people had given up, the greatest of the leaders stood forth upon the electronic mountain and spoke. All were hushed for his speaking from the great mountain raised a glimmer of hope in their hearts.

My friends and people of the Earth from many lands. He spoke with gravitas and a sonorous voice for he was known to be a great orator. The time has come to find a new way, for the old ways are no longer working, and even those old ways that do still work are not working as well as they used to. The fabric of space-time is beginning to unravel. If the new way into the future is not found, the Quantum Druids of the great Tree of Life have informed me that the world will end at midnight on the 23rd of Pingalpa. A cry went up from all the people in the different parts of the world.

I come before you today to declare the new way. I have conferred with the Quantum Druids and a decision has been reached. That decision is to declare everything new starting right now.  The ancient knowledge tells us . . .from no way you will find you way. We have now reached the time of no way. Since we have reached the time of no way, therefore we will find our way. But this new way will take great courage, it will take great heart. We will need new definitions. Therefore I come before you to declare the New Way.

Each and every one of us must learn to listen to the wisdom of the heart and let this speak within us so the head can understand and integrate this awareness into our actions in the world. Each and every one of must come to understand, that every individual is now creating his or her own reality field. Each and every individual must now strive to take sovereignty over themselves and be fully responsible for themselves.

As individuals take sovereignty we must also understand that this means being compassionate and caring. These two principles must stand as one living tree of united knowledge and understanding. Therefore I say to you that hoarding of wealth and hoarding of vital knowledge that can be used for the common good must cease. The free clean energy devices must be restored to the people and no longer kept hidden. Systems of trade must be made fair. Everyone must have fair shares in the Earth’s abundance for it is the birthright of all.

This is the new way which I have proposed to the Quantum druids, and they have agreed and offered their counsel. But they have asked me to tell the people that the new way is a resonance and it is a pattern, it is a system that must find it’s own levels of particular organization. You may feel that you have found a system that is a true system, and yet this system may appear to not work at first. But you must persevere. For this is the new Quantum Resonance and it is not a system made of steel and wires and concrete. This is the new temple and the new template that we must each find in ourselves and in the correspondences of the world. We have reached the time of no way and from no way we will find our way. May the mysterious Goddess of the Divine Christos bless you all in the sacred fire and in Resonance. Priya Naglis Hei Practa Delikash Pronto Deo.

Kama Sutra Lounge out of Milan

9 05 2012

Kama Sutra Lounge

Dr Quantum is writing a series of books on the Goddess Shakti and must be brief. I used to Love listening to the Cafe Solaire series that is produced out of Milan. This Kama Sutra Lounge also from Milan is similar. It’s ear candy, and easy to groove to, great to work to. Don’t slip away now . . . Hari Om.

In the meantime while you’re listening you can simultaneously read any of these previous awesome posts from Dr Quantum’s Lime Flavoured Revolution. Just click on the music and then click on the article link. Both will occur simultaneously. You could go on forever like this but it would get awfully confusing very quickly. But two’s company. Enjoy. Simple!

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Songs from The Goat Rodeo Sessions with Yo Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer & Friends

6 05 2012

Saraswati – Goddess of Music and The Arts sits on the bank of a river, holds a book and beads, and plays music on Veena, as a peacock looks on, in a painting by Raja Ravi Varma

The Goat Rodeo Sessions

The Goat Rodeo Sessions is one of the utterly unmissable albums so far this century if you like some quality music off the regular pop charts. Dr Quantum is writing a series of books and has been a bit busy lately. Now . . .Did you know that the Goddess in one of her manifestations is indeed the talents and skills we have? This is Shakti flowing through us. We can develop the shakti – the talent – for anything we turn our focus to. Here is the Goddess in musical form for your enjoyment – with Yo Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Chris Thile and Stuart Duncan – Courtesy NPR Music. The Goat Rodeo Sessions – enjoy!

Integration of Spirituality and Science

20 09 2011

Is the Integration of Spirituality and Science a Key to Future Human Evolution?

Some of the feedback coming from community groups these days is fascinating. Some people are getting upset about metaphysics and spirituality. More scientific rigor! they say. These are they who stick to the hardline of materialistic humanism touting this as the key to future human evolution. And there are many also who say au contraire! . . . it is the embrace of the spiritual which offers the keys to the kingdom of human evolution. It may well be that this creative tension of opposites generates plenty of heat and one might imagine some light. The problem is, that this leaves us short of an integration of spirituality and science. If we are to discover (stumble upon?) the key to future human evolution then perhaps we need to start thinking less in terms of either-or and more in terms of YES AND. In the broad sense this is what is referred to as (the science of) complexity.

Call me old fashioned if you like but I like a bit of complexity with my scientifically balanced muesli in the morning. And . . .like California we are, after all in muesli country here folks – full of nuts fruits and flakes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Viva la difference i say.

Einstein believed in God. What makes you so sure?

The really big deal right now at the cutting edge of progressive ideas appears to be the intriguing possibilities that Quantum Theory has opened up. It’s the real integration of spirituality and science. Gods and Goddesses have become a real possibility again. Yes it seems God is back. Where did She/He go? I hear you ask. The answer may be the key to future human evolution.

Once upon a time it was a relatively safe bet that if you wanted to run your flag up the mast of the ship of Atheism, you could do so with a certain claim to enlightened rationality. You could position yourself in the socio-political landscape as a kind of true believer  . . . albeit a believer in absolutely nothing. But that didn’t matter. There were plenty of other true believers in nothing you were going to rub shoulders with on a daily basis. These other eminently respectable non-believers would give you the comfort of seeing yourself reflected back as the cool guy or gal  . . .with the shades and without a skerrik of God stuff. The problem is, that this position is not looking nearly as cool, enlightened or rational as it used to.

Quantumwise, the new and improved God doesn’t demand fear. Maybe it’s time to Awaken The Dreamer. The way in which human evolution unfolds will no doubt surprise us all. Quantumwise . . .there is no necessity to belong to a religion as such and it is more than just a bit uncool to make claims as to what God looks like unless it is in the vaguest and most abstract possible terms. When you think about it this is probably a very good thing. Good that is, if you want some peace and quiet any time before the Earth falls into the Sun.

We can talk about the integration of spirituality and science . . .oh yes . . .and . . .as the true believers in absolutely nothing never fail to point out . . .religion is responsible for more suffering on the planet that anything you could think of etc, etc, etc. Perhaps paradoxically, these naysayers may be right. But that doesn’t mean they are RIGHT! . . .right? It just means they are right about something. As people who believe in absolutely nothing, they can’t claim to be absolutely sure about anything now can they? This would go against their avowed religion. You see . . . atheists have faith. Their faith is in the NO GOD proposition. A proposition just as absurd and unbelievable to the YES GOD Proposition peeps as is the reverse. How do we reconcile such a typically human conundrum? And should we even try? This we would suggest is a key to future human evolution.

Suggestion. Stay open minded to possibility. Observe. Maybe even try out a few technical approaches to the almighty (as it were) with the specific caveat that 1)* if you hold a hidden agenda that there REALLY IS NO GOD . . .then according to the laws of metaphysics – which you have probably banned yourself from considering by the way – according to the laws of metaphysics, if you really believe there is NO GOD and you try some technique or practice to see if GOD exists . . .well, then what that will reveal to you is the confirmation of your belief. Why? Because according to the laws of Metaphysics YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY.

* there is only ONE

Do you see the problem here? Perhaps one thing we all need to do is start to respect each other, but REALLY RESPECT EACH OTHER. Think about it. There is no way of knowing or proving that you are RIGHT apart from subjectively knowing that you are right which is a case of BEING RIGHT! and such people are invariably a pain in the proverbial. But this in no way proves that you are correct as such. On the other hand if it turns out you were wrong all along then the consequences would be quite significant . . .for you. He he . . . although completely inconsequential in the great scheme of things. Which is deeply suggestive of the greater glory of . . . .something. Einstein was a believer in God you know? So what makes you so sure? Are you smarter than Einstein? Your puny ego would like to think so.

Perhaps a key to the integration of spirituality and science, is for those who disagree about the big questions, to start to agree to disagree. But REALLY AGREE. Not just pretend to agree and then go off and secretly feel that John or Mary or Francois is really a deluded so and so because they happen to believe X, Y or Z. In an odd and quirky kind of way this may yet prove to be the key to happiness. Or at least one of the keys. Agree to disagree. Refuse to believe either way. Respect the rights of others to self-determination and join the United Notions of Peace. Only a tyrant would insist on insisting and shut out all other possibilities. Only you can answer this question – for yourself. Quantumwise . . . Is the integration of spirituality and science a key to future human evolution?

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