Predictions of Revolution – Something’s Gotta Give

8 04 2012

A great little book picked up from the remaindered bin recently: The Greatest Day in History. The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. HOW THE GREAT WAR REALLY ENDED by Nicholas Best. It’s all about the events leading up to the signing of the Armistice ending World War I.

Did you know or had you forgotten that Germany very nearly fell to a Bolshevik revolution at the time? It was in the Modern History curriculum at high school, but were you paying attention. Hmmm? That one line in the text book was actually about something! As it was the cowardly Kaiser ran away to the Nederlands after causing enormous damage in Europe and a Republic was declared. He was widely regarded as something of a fecker for being such a warmongering self important ass hole. But that’s another story. Certain people wanted to blame the Jews as usual for the whole thing but it seems that, despite the rantings of a certain Herr Hitler it wasn’t actually the Jews at all but rather the war mongering ways of a certain warlord by the name of Kaiser Wilhelm and all those war mongering people who were swept up in his aura. History then repeated itself and Germany was defeated a 2nd time as clearly a second karmic lesson was required. And now look!

The thing is that Bolshevism was running pretty hot in the old Deutschland for the simple reason that they had run out of everything including food and had exhausted themselves to support the war effort. People started blaming capitalism. You put the two things together – a starving population and popular judgements against capitalism and hey presto! There’s your revolution right there. The only thing that’s missing these days is the mass starvation. Keep those McDonalds burgers coming to avoid a revolution. In the West . . .after all we’ve got the Golden Arches. Thank God eh?!!!

In the meanwhile some seditious material just to hand from the Agora Catalogue – apparently revolution is coming. Here’s what the latest edition is saying . . .

Dear Reader,

The man who predicted the Fall of Communism is now predicting the Fall of Capitalism…

He’s dined with the Rockefellers… He’s hung out with the Clinton’s… banged heads with the Beltway… and meddled with the media monopolies… He was the biggest name of the ’80s and ’90s investment newsletter world.

And in his first controversial video production in 17 years, he reveals news of a landmark development, which he believes will set off the most violent economic reversal in history, one that carries the power to bring down not just the American financial world, but the entire capitalist system (could this spell the end of McDonalds as we know it? – Ed)

It’s scary woo woo stuff to be sure. But someone thinks something’s about to happen. Here is the story. Claims of a coming revolution by James Dale Davidson. View Video Here

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