Mineral Resources Rent Tax Bill Passed in The Senate – Hooray!

19 03 2012

cartoon from nma.gov.au

Sanity is Breaking Out but Abbot Vows to Fight it

The latest news in is that the Mining Resources Rent Tax has just been passed in the Australian Senate. The obscene profits of coal and iron ore have seen Gina Reinhart’s wealth expand to a whopping $17 billion making her the richest person in Australia and in the top 200 wealthiest people in the world. And yet still the bastards on the right of politics are carping. What is wrong with these people?

The Gillard government’s controversial mining tax, which aims to spread the spoils of the mining boom across Australia’s economy, has cleared its final hurdle and passed the Senate.

Legislation that imposes a 30 per cent tax on the extraordinary profits of coal and iron ore miners passed the Senate on Monday night 38 votes to 32, with support of the Greens.

The heated debate on the mining tax was guillotined to force a vote on Monday night and was subjected to two separate opposition motions to suspend standing orders. Sydney Morning Herald March 19 20.12 10.55pm – see the full story here

Amazingly Tony “The Mad Monk” Abbott, leader of the opposition and generally hard to like right-winger who many describe as a total arsehole (give us Malcolm Turnbull any day) is vowing to fight it if he gets into power. We can see Tony Fighting the GREAT BIG NEW Tax can’t we? It will be fun to watch him do battle with it if he is ever elected. There he is struggling with it like a B-Grade movie actor fighting an octopus. You can be sure he will put up a valiant struggle before he caves in to the pressures to keep it in. Let’s face it . . .you can only tell if a politician is lying if their lips are moving. it will be too much for him or any other politician to resist the promise of such revenue to government coffers and so . . .hard to imagine that any politician would be imbecilic enough to actually reverse it. Still if anyone could be THAT stupid my guess is that Abbott is probably the guy. He’s got a lot of energy though, hey . . . you’ve got to give him that.

Dr Quantum is not a huge fan of Julia Gillard but credit where it’s due. Julia you have shown yourself to be a protector of the people in this action. You would be hard pressed to imagine the Yanks achieving a victory for the ordinary man like this. In the land of the un-free and the slave . . .American Fascism is still going strong. How long till the next American revolution? Synchronise watches . . .now! Here in Australia sanity is Breaking Out but Abbot Vows to Fight it

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