The Real Benefits of Meditation

13 11 2011
Consciousness – The New Gold Rush – The Next Gen of Wealth Creation

Please Stay Calm

Please stay calm because stress from an economic downturn could literally kill you  . . . the research is in, and stress is at record levels right now as the global economy once again lurches towards the precipice. Yes, please stay calm.

Here in Australia reports are (SMH Nov 5) the biggest economic losers are those from the wealthiest suburbs with incomes of $100k PLUS. Ouch! It’s the high-level income earners in society – the top 5%-ers, that have been losing their jobs in greater numbers. How ironic – the protectors of the system have been let down by it. Various leftish social commentatiors have been trying to say something about the inherent unfairness in the system previously (the past 150 odd years) but the message has been ignored. Well . . ignored sufficiently to promote business as usual as the dominant attitude, and now here it is slapping a few previous “system winners” in the face. Please stay calm.

Now here’s some very interesting news and again, please stay calm . . .because apparently meditation is the answer. The Quantum Sonic Wobulator (QSW patent pending) hears many voices wanting to howl this proposition down, but if you listen carefully, right up the back of the room there is a murmur of consent from the quieter people who were pushed out of the way by the noisy agressive lot that demanded to be given front row seats. For the crash? Now we must repeat . . .Please stay calm because apparently meditation is the answer. Let’s walk and talk.

First a bit of research. According to the American Heart Association Journal, the National Institute of Health reports and a University of Wisconsin Study among other sources of data, meditation can boost brian function, reduce cholesterol buildup and therefore the risk of heart attack and stroke and that’s not all. Meditation has been found to reduce chronic pain, anxiety and the body’s production of stress hormone cortisol. My Source for this was one of the regular Newsletters from Cancer Defeated– yes they are always trying to sell you something but Dr Q finds them to be excellent value.

But what are the REAL benefits of meditation? You want to play a big game ?. . . Let’s put it like this. The world is about to be born anew. Laugh if you want to but i have scientific PROOF – now please stay calm. Yes that’s right. You see right now, in case you hadn’t noticed the fluctuations in all planetary sub-systems are oscillating wildly. The stock market is up & down, Property prices are going up & down, the weather is up and down. Investor sentiment is up & down. Supply and demand is up & down. Your mental and emotional state is probably up & down more these past few years as well. Stress is up & down. What does it all mean?

In System Theory when a system starts to oscillate wildly in a way that is off the normal pattern it is a clear indicator that we are headed for what is known as a Metasystem Transition. Now here’s where it all gets a bit interesting and here’s your REAL skin in the game – and please stay calm. Forget about losing a $100K PLUS job, what you stand to lose in the current situation is EVERYTHING  or TEOTWAKI – The End Of The World As We Know It.  The Good News is that you could gain everything as well, for a Metasystem Transition is a GLOBAL CHANGE in the resonance of the system. It’s about to start resonating HIGHER . . .or LOWER. You choose, you get to decide, you take your pick. You have heard that Life is what you make it haven’t you? Well now you get to prove that statement. So what would you like to make it? And please stay calm.

It Not a Fad It’s The Future

In this context Dr Quantum would like to point out the following.

  • The potential energy available within a given cubic centimetre of sub-space is equivalent to the entire energy within the Space-Time continuum x 10 to the power of 40. That’s a lot of energiser batters. Quantum Wobulator Battery – patent pending.
  • One way to tap into the energy in the wave-enfolded sub-space is with human consciousness – massive amounts of energy available but not enough Quantum Wobulators available
  • The basic tool for (self)directing Human Consciousness is meditation – everything else you make up as you go along
  • It can be reliably predicted that as world systems continue to go into overdrive, crisis and meltdown people will either revert to savagery OR find out how to direct human consciousness at the time-space coordinates (where you are now) for miraculous transformations. BTW – Dr Quantum is backing the miraculous transformations lobby.
  • The next high-value “Gold-Rush” will be methodologies for Cultivating, Unlocking and Directing Human Consciousness – evidenced by the popularity of Gurus like Anthony Robbins, John Demartini, Swami Beyondananda and so many others. It’s not a fad it’s the future.
  • Directing Human consciousness is not something you can demand, hence the need for enrolment and not enslavement. This at its most radical and root understanding is why political systems must function on principles of FREEDOM and not dictatorship and it’s why the capitalist system now needs to reform itself from within. Because there has been too much bullying, directing, manipulating and war mongering and not enough empowering, liberating and coaching.

Basic Meditation Technique FREE

So how do you do it? Heck I should be charging BIG DOLLARS for this but I am giving it away free – for now. Basic meditation techniques FREE below

Basic meditation technique

Sit quietly for 10 minutes a day. Don’t try NOT to think. Don’t try TO think. Just sit quietly. Allow your breath to move in and out without sucking it in and without forcing it out. Just sit quietly and allow yourself to breathe in a natural way. If you wish, you can place your hand just below your belly button and feel your breath coming into and going out of that place just inside your hand. Chinese Medicine (like Quigong) call this spot Dan Tien – the body’s energy centre. Just sit calmly and disable all your mental programs. You have so many running. You could visualise your hand clicking on a mouse or computer pad and just clicking off the mind programs (couple of seconds only for this please) and then sit there and breathe. Every day. 10 minutes. As you do that your new resonance will automatically find your new direction, your next adventure. Such a sophisticated system it’s mind-blowing huh?! Don’t stress. Gold standard guarantee on this teleological technique by Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Krishna and the Cosmic Turtles.

Right now get ready to participate in the greatest adventure in the history of the world. The Meta-System Transition of Miraculous Transformations. Sorry if you had to lose your job to get excited about this. Hope you want to have some fun.

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And remember – as the world falls apart and comes back together. You can get excited . . . but remain seated and please stay calm.

The New Energy Revolution

6 11 2011

Composite Helical Wind Turbine

 Social Entrepreneurs – Business with Heart

Paul Hawken is about as August an environmental presence as it is possible to be. He is right up there with David Suzuki in the firmament of environment and sustainability Gods. Hawken represents the Social Entrepreneurs – Business with heart. Dr Quantum was fortunate enough to attend a talk by Paul Hawken this week at the Queensland University of Technology. Copious notes were taken and there have been requests for a copy of my hand scribed record of pearls from the great one by some who were unable to attend . Fair enough too.  I am not going to attempt to post them all here. You can after all, read his books such as The Next Economy (1983), Growing a Business and The Ecology of  Business (1993) but as for the talk, well, as they say . . .you had to be there! One thing certainly of interest was that while he finds business and corportations somewhat troubling, he likes business because it is able to get things done quickly.  Hawken likes the solution sets that business is able to bring to the table. At the same time the grubby buggers must be made to wash their hands. We need social entrepreneurs – business with heart.

One of the areas he spoke of in considerable depth is the idea of a holistic approach to life. We need one. Social entrepreneurs tend to work this way. The idea he expressed is that life is a sacred miracle and that to simply attempt to engineer solutions with a linear narrative and a limited context is naive and destined to fail. That is, it is destined to make things worse. He also spoke of the importance of integrating social justice issues with sustainability. In fact he did say that sustainability must come to social justice and not the other way around. The thing is if we are going to have any business in the future then right now we need business with heart. These are all ideas and concepts with which Dr Quantum finds deep congruence, deep agreement and you can read about these matters elsewhere in this blog.  Hawken’s take on business with heart and technology is certainly inspiring. If you are a young entrepreneur wanting to make your mark on the world or light up the world of business then here is the great new opportunity and challenge fo the next 25 years. We are at a point now where we desperately need to transition out of the old carbon economy and into renewables. We are now in a crisis window which is also an opportunity window. Solar, wave, wind, geothermal and Hydrogen etc show great scope for business development combined with the talents of the social entrepreneur. Social Entrepreneurs are needed in great numbers to bring about the integration between a needed technology shift and social justice issues. The opportunities are immense.

Pressures on human systems to move away from burning fossil fuels – away from carbon – are mounting and will inevitably build to further crises. But we must appreciate for example that strategies to replace fossil fuels with bio-fuels are a worthless deception. These approaches come with too high a cost to social justice where already stressed subsistence growers are forced off their land or to sell their crops to big energy companies. On the other hand what if there was a way for cottage industry size business developments to compete with the big players in a way that gives power back to small scale producers and into communities?

What we need are courageous and bold visionaries who have both the understanding of what is needed and the wisdom to pursue a path with heart. Companies like Solargy Australia are showing the way forward. The requirements for a new energy revolution and the rise of social entrepreneurs are now paramount. Understanding of the needs of the new economy on a technical level must be tied to a humanistic view of the needs for social justice, and resepct for all of life. This places the imperative of a deep respect for peoples and natural living systems at the heart of our change dynamics. Dear Reader – if you have gotten this far please give this post a star rating (5 is excellent) and click LIKE if you liked it. Just look below. Thanks. We need a new crop of business persons, who represent business with heart. We could call them the new social entrepreneurs for business with heart.

The Dawning of The Age of Humanity

29 10 2011

There was Woodstock and there was HAIR!

The Age of Aquarius

It may be showing ones age, but I remember as a teenager listening to the song from Hair. This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Across the years, every now and then I find myself humming along. It’s a catchy tune. Just for the record  here’s a sample. . .

Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
And the mind’s true liberation
Aquarius! Aquarius!

OK so just in case you missed the news broadcast . . . the Age of Aquarius is supposedly the dawning, the rising and the portal into a new and more enlightened age of humanity where a truer and deeper love for humanity and for all brothers and sisters will be the keynote. Hmmm. So what happened? A cynical observer may be moved to ask the painfully obvious question: Where is the harmony and understanding? Where the sympathy and trust abounding? etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  As we look out into the world and see all the pitiful fighting, the slavery, wars and the self-serving greed, the petty small minded bickering of pygmy-souled politicians and the talk show and tabloid toads who oftentimes seem only too happy to inflame the basest and most vile qualities of humanity in order to score a few ratings points . . .and now it seems, there is every chance that a leader at CHOGM is actually a war criminal blandly denying and dismissing all guilt. I don’t know about you but I find that it forces one to question certain deeply held beliefs. One could be forgiven for asking the question. What happened?  It may be time for some Quantum Soul searching. Well . . .praise the Lord for the Quantum, Metaphysical, Psychoanalytic and Complexity perspective, for indeed they are One. Where to begin?

Complexity and the Shadow

First of all it may be valuable to consider the presence of what might be termed the shadow and the shadow self.  Dr Quantum here asserts the deep validity of the Age of Aquarius as indeed the dawning and entry portal into a new and better era for humanity. As more people discover and uncover what might be termed the luminous enfoldment and awakening of self in the flowing mind of the Quantum Goddess revealed, and as more people build their bridges of understanding and integrate the latest findings of Science – Quantum Theory – now barely 100 years since being downloaded as an available meme for humanity, we are coming into a broader and at the same time into a deeper understanding of what it means to be human.  And it’s not necessarily simple. In fact you could say it’s multi-dimensional. It has complexity and yet a simple beauty in it. The moment could be viewed as the simple and beautiful crystalization and coherence of all you are in the flow. But who are you? A complex being full of light and – expressing yourself in the dualistic world – full of shadows. What a mystery! What an adventure!

Over in the Complexity Science department of System Theory and more specifically of Complex Adaptive Living Systems Dr Quantum works in the lab to transform bell-metal into gold. And behold! . . . it is written that as the system becomes unstable, just as you see the world and at times your mind – while trying to incorporate and assimilate all these new levels of energy and understanding into itself – as the system becomes unstable, then it is getting close to a point of transformation. What’s called a Meta-system transition. We may be about to experience a Quantum Revolution.  So apparently just when it all looks rather dire, we are about to move up an octave as a human system. Of course there are many undertones and overtones. The musical tapestry is rich. So drink the intoxicating wine of your soul. Be entranced by the sounds of the music as night falls on the silk road. And if you become intoxicated and feel like dancing go ahead and dance. It is recommended. Enjoy the mystery. You cosmic child of the universe . . .this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius – party on at the festival in the upper paddock of the mind.

Occupy Wall Street – The Tsunami we had to Have?

15 10 2011

Repositioning The Greed

The tsunami we had to have?

The mainstream media have been quick to identify the Occupy Wall Street movement as being aimless, but few mainstream journalists are openly identifying this emergence of global action and protest as possibly the tsunami we had to have.

One could be excused for thinking that the Occupy movement is a long overdue expression of personal and collective frustration at corruption, greed, inequality, apathy and creeping fascism. But excused by who? Perhaps not the spokespersons and agents within mainstream media and the rabid right wing in the USA called the Tea party and in Australia . . Alan Jones (he gets his own special category). Why is it so? And while you consider the answer to this question Make sure you see Professor Cornell West (Princeton) in a short clip at the end of this post talking at Harvard Law School. Professor West was one of Obama’s special black advisers.

Many journalists are reporting on the swirling mass of humanity rising up in over a thousand cities worldwide. According to reports the mob are apparently leaderless and lacking in focus but . . . . they continue to surge forward and swirl around. Some of the poor dears of the mainstream media are having a hard time coming to terms with it all. It seems they fail to draw the obvious comparisons with seismic global events of late that resulted in devastating oceanic movements. It’s called a tsunami – literally Harbour Wave. As we have seen, if you don’t move yourself to higher ground when one of these events is bearing down, you may well drown in the irresistible and chaotic flood.

Is this The Tsunami we had to have now rapidly bearing down on the sleepy little coastal village of cosy capitalism? Extending the metaphor this is one way that glib, glib, glib turns into glub, glub, glub. Man proposes and the ocean disposes. Well . . . the great and graceful ocean will not be mocked though many have seen fit to ignore this ancient wisdom. Prediction: We will see various captains of industry and the spin doctor toadies of corporate PR scrambling to re-position their exclusive bretheren to higher ground. At the moment it is easy to imagine that this Tsunami will prove to be a catastrophic change event we sorely need right about now. If so you can count it as being blessedly merciful, because if it’s not this event that knocks down the rotten constructions dotting our low-lying countryside then the next shocks – and there will be a series of them – will be worse.  And so it will go untill the power-lock people decide to turn the key towards liberty, equality and fraternity. Where have I heard that before? it has a nice ring to it.
Perhaps as the everyday people realize ever more clearly that indeed we are the power-lock people – the 99% we will release our own shackles. Quantum-wise (spiritually speaking?) this must be the deeper truth. It has been said that when the people lead the leaders will follow. Some do insist on being dragged screaming it seems – so undignified! Nevertheless – Praise the Lord it sure looks like the tsunami we had to have is the idea whose time has come.

People Power – Adbusters Play Moby

12 10 2011

Why Does my Heart Feel so Bad?

So . . .why does my heart feel so bad?  Could it be because We Are the 99% . . .? Or for the same reason that (some) psychopaths make great CEOs? A question for the Banksters and financial cowboys of a sick global system. A question which they are no doubt already scrambling for answers to. And do they have any answers? What we can expect is more denial, more shifting of blame. More running obstructions, More law suits to protect the corporatocracy. Let’s see. Meanwhile we have Occupy this that and the other.

This may well turn into an Occupy Monsanto and an Occupy Goldman Sachs and an Occupy British Petroleum as well. Just for starters of course. The power elite will never change, or at least if history tells us anything not in any kind of hurry. The intractable ones may need to be occupied. Well . . .hopefully it will be more reasonable than the French revolution. They lopped a lot of heads back then. Nowadays maybe they’re just lopping egos. Ouch! One gets the feeling we are about to find out.

And think about this hipsters . . .is the reason that we haven’t heard too much in the commercial news about the Occupy protests because it was originally promoted and is still being pushed by Adbusters? Not a lot of enthusiasm there for a movement that is closely linked to ADBUSTERS? They just don’t butter their bread on the right side now do they? The fact that they have caught the zeitgeist for what’s really up for people at the moment doesn’t matter, because hey, it’s anti commercial and gosh . . . God is a salesman isn’t she? Ummm let me just look that one up.

What we can also expect now is massive change. Correct. It’s what they call in System Theory a Meta-System Transition. Go ahead and look that one up. Meta-System Transition . . .Occupy. This is now the beginning of the end and one may easily conjecture . . .unstoppable. This is the game that we came here for. All your base are belong to us. Go ahead and Google that phrase if you have to – all those slacker gamers already know. You know?

In solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement. A sad but uplifting song that puts it rather beautifully. The lyrics in full: Why does my heart feel so bad? Why does my soul feel so bad? These open doors . . .Ahhh! 

Adbusters – the poeple who brought you Occupy Wall Street – are offering this beautiful Moby video on their home page – enjoy Why Does My Heart Feel so Bad?

The Biosphere – What’s Your Plan?

1 10 2011

A Thin Film of Life called the Biosphere

What's You Plan for the Biosphere?

The evolution of the world takes place in a thin film of life called the biosphere. All the species of animals and plants have grown into the flowering of this dance, it’s where we live . . .the biosphere. You can shed a tear. It has been said that the way in which we are destroying the living treasures of our living life support system on Space Ship Earth to fuel economic growth is like burning old masters oil paintings to stay warm in winter. Actually it’s worse than that. Firstly old masters oil paintings don’t feel a thing when you burn them. Secondly if you burn old masters oil paintings you are not punching holes in your life raft out in the deep ocean. So what deep ocean are we in? We are, if you didn’t already know, spinning around in the inky blackness of space with just the biosphere between us and the eternal beyond. This is indeed your current location. Meditate on it if you will.

Yes we live in a thin film of life called the biosphere and it is our cosmic womb, our mother’s cradle from where we can peer out into the vastness protected by the safety of mama and imagine what we might one day become. We are currently orbiting a rather bright spark of cosmic joy and happiness whom we refer to variously as the Sun, Ra, Zuvan, Shams, Chamania, Intina . . . and it is fascinating to consider that the sun shines its light freely for all. The fact that many ancient cultures consider the Sun and Mother Earth to be living beings must certainly give pause for reflection. While scientists must first establish perpendicular proof for their announcements about how they understand reality to be constructed, the human heart is full of imagination, mystery, poetry and love.

We swim in the warm circle of the heart, we are cradled in the ovoid cosmic egg. The heart does not wait for proof from the periodic table of elements but finds its own proof from the periodic ability of deeper understanding. But where does this leave the love struck poet of infinity when confronted by the State-run vault of iron clad beliefs? It can seem like a heartless concrete edifice of facts which confronts the inspired adventurer on the path to protect and liberate possums, trees, dolphins, koala bears, Redwood Trees and Honey Throated Warblers and indeed people.

Deep Ecology as a social movement is now gaining ground. It gives people access to a connection with nature that sitting on hard pews has mostly and profoundly lacked. This is not an argument against Christianity. And as Shakespeare has commented: There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are even dreamt of in your philosophy. Yes we live in a thin film of life called the biosphere and people are starting not only to hug trees but to gain deeper meaning for their lives. From hugging trees and verily communing with nature in a more profound way and helping others have such an experience. Such profound and direct experience can engender much change in this world. You may have heard of Joanna Macey a Buddhist and Deep Ecologist. But have you heard of the likes of Bill & Lynne Twist?

Many people are now having a profound experience of meaning and purpose through a movement Bill & Lynne Twist have championed: Awakening The Dreamer Changind the Dream Symposium. That movement has reached Australia and our local chapter is called Be The Change. One of their goals is to deliver the Symposium to 200,000 Australians. You can check out Awakening The Dreamer ORG here & FYi you can view a short video right up in the top left hand corner of that website.

Here’s Lynne Twist talking about the Poetry of Gratefulness.  We Live in a thin film of life called the biosphere – what’s your plan?

Destruction of Planetary Living Systems – Mass Extinction Event

29 09 2011

Mass Extinction Event – This is How it Happens

Endangered Amazon River Dolphins

According to scientific reports we are living through a mass extinction event. How does it happen? The basic number for the rate of extinction of species in the planetary biosphere is clear. The extinction rate of SPECIES has increased since the early 1990’s from around 1 per hour to around 3 per hour at present. The current unrest in Bolivia where indigenous peoples were beaten, sprayed and arrested by police on the weekend is an outstanding example.  This is how it happens: despite Bolivian indigenous leader – Evo Morales – having been recently installed on the throne  . . .oops in the presidency, the destruction of indigenous forests needs to continue for the greater good. Mass Extinction Event – This is How it Happens

Hmmm. So humans are at war with their own biosphere. Morales recently decided that a highway to go right through a section of forest dear to the heart of the indigenous, was necessary because of the economic benefit it would bring the country.  The feeling at the top is that connecting Bolivia to Brazil will be vital to the economic health, future and prosperity of the country, even if it means attacking the life of the biosphere to do it. Like we said at the start – mass extinction event – this is how it happens. We are living through one of the most critical events in the history of our world right now. Dr Quantum reckons . . .you should do something about this personally. Even if it’s just taking a few minutes to light a candle, or send a letter,talk about how you feel with a friend or . . . feel your feelings and have a good cry about what’s happening.

Note: Regarding the highway through the amazon…if anyone wishes to sign a petition against the insanity, here’s the link:    thanks to Clea Rose for providing that link which she has posted in the comments section

At the root of how it happens is what can be referred to as the trance of consumerism. This trance is created, maintained and supported by the voracious appetite of the so-called developed cultures for an endless supply of crap; for an endless supply of too much stuff; for economic growth regardless of the costs to indigenous culture, flora & fauna and their sad demise at the hands of insane brutalists. Crooked and misguided industrialists, politicians, police . . .Alan Jones and sundry gangsters. Mass Extinction Event – This is How it Happens

So many of the cultural rituals about how we define and understand ourselves are embedded and perpetuated by the trance of consumerism. Christmas: go out and buy crap that people don’t want and then go and give it to people you love to celebrate the birth of our Lord. What is wrong with this picture? You want to tell those closest to you that you really, really love ’em. Buy ’em something. The more expensive and designer it is the better. Kids. Gimme, gimme, gimme. I want some stuff. Why? Because i am in a trance about stuff. I am having a love affair with stuff; too much stuff. And while we’re at it, just to continue to prop up the system of stuff, let’s start a war with some brown skinned people. (Not the white ones now!) Hey . . .we’ll maim a few kids and cripple and kill some old people going about their business – people who haven’t got much stuff at all – but we’re doing it to keep the world free from terrorism. And furthermore. . .i am going to convince you this is true. Quick! Get Murdoch on the line.

The truth is too terrible to contemplate isn’t it? So don’t even bother. Just have a few drinks and it will all go away. But how about that dude from South Africa who went ballistic on-air recently and just basically told them all to get F%#&ed. Good on him. Here’s his rant just in case you missed it.

Ignore it and it will go away – Mass Extinction Event – This is How it Happens

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