De-facto Fascism in America Today – Monsanto’s Board

19 03 2012

Monsanto’s Board is a Great Example of The De-facto Fascist State in Action

The following is reprinted from Blog:Downtown Local. Post Title: Corn insecticide linked to great die-off of beneficial honeybees. Thanks to Sherry Mac for giving is the information we need to change our lives for the better.

A board of directors is a body of elected or appointed members who oversee the activities of a company or organization. In most cases it can require very little involvement in the day-to-day functioning of the governed entity, but it is typically always staffed with individuals vested in the best interest of the company or organization. In Monsanto’s case, several members of its board of directors aid in the proliferation of genetically modified seeds through their daily livelihood, continuing to insure that no regulations or transparency requirements be allowed in the U.S. on foods or household products containing genetically modified ingredients, which would not only affect Monsanto’s success, but that of their other corporate interests as well.

Janice L. Fields is president of McDonald’s USA. Elected to the Monsanto board in April 2008, her term expires in 2015. McDonald’s, like most other fast food restaurants,uses genetically modified ingredients (corn, soy and canola) in virtually all of their menu items. As the largest fast-food chain in the world, its food reaches nearly 70 million people every day.

C. Steven McMillan is a retired chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Sara Lee Corporation. He has served as a director on the Monsanto board since June 2000. His term expires in 2015. Sara Lee is a global consumer packaged goods company with more than 40 brand category leaders in frozen meals, snacks, meat products and beverages including Sara Lee, Hillshire Farm and Jimmy Dean, found in virtually every supermarket in the country.

Jon R. Moeller is Proctor & Gamble’s chief financial officer. Mr. Moeller was elected to the Monsanto board in August 2011 and his term expires in 2013. The Procter & Gamble Company is one of the world’s leading consumer products companies. Sales in 2011 reached $82.6 billion dollars from more than 40 household brands including Tide, Crest, Pampers, Cover Girl and Iams pet food. The brand is notoriously criticized for its rampant use of animal testing on a number of products, and items like diapers and feminine care products can often contain genetically modified cotton, while household items can contain not only alcohol derived from GMO corn, but also toxic chemicals with known health risks.

Other board members include prominent figures in the energy, technology and research sectors: former division CEO and executive vice president of General Electric, Arthur Harper; Robert J. Stevens, Lockheed Martin Corporation’s chairman and CEO; Laura Ipsen of CISCO’s Connected Energy Network; David L. Chicoine of South Dakota State University, a land grant research institution; William U. Parfet, chairman of the board of MPI Research preclinical toxicology research laboratory; Gwendolyn S. King, former vice president of PECO Energy Company; George H. Poste, Ph. D., D.V.M of Health Technology Networks, a consulting group specializing in the application of genomics technologies and computing in health care; and Hugh Grant, Monsanto’s CEO (not that Hugh Grant)

Dr Quantum says: GET HIP! This is the corporate state. The merging of state and corporate – BIG BUSINESS – interests. Monsanto’s Board is a Great Example of The De-facto Fascist State in Action. 

Here’s a Short instructional video on what we all must do next – this one shot at GoldMan Sachs during the Occupy Wall Street sesions last year. But this is what it MUST look like. It’s not the ONLY way, but according to the non-violent Gandhi it’s one very effective way to stop the controlling elitists. Yes you may get arrested. That may be the price we now have to pay for resisting corporate fascism. Do it with LOVE and Just Do IT!

The Earth Healing Project for Swingers

16 04 2011

The Earth Healing Project - Image & Concept by Desiree Glanville

What the World Needs now is . . . The Earth Healing Project. Many focii (that’s the plural of focus just in case . . .) for Quantum Healing are emerging into consciousness right about now on the planet. If you haven’t noticed this emergence happening lately then it’s probably a good idea you just get started. Here’s the latest new, new thing for Planetary Healing. It is good. (There’s a scientific statement for you)

The Earth Healing Project is brought to you by that amazing Digital artist Desiree Walstra. As part of her beautiful giving she is offering the image above for FREE download from her Red Bubble site – link available in the first sentence of this blog above. Any way you wish to use the image is OK – as long as you don’t alter the image itself. From her site you can download and hang it on your wall, use it as screen saver etc & so forth. As well as doing all of these things Dr Quantum is going to have it made into a T-Shirt at one of those single and short-run T-Shirt places that will print a one-off image for you. Of course I will create a caption “The Earth Healing Project by Desiree Walstra”

Daisy’s recipe for Earth Healing using the image is to simply find a friend or three (or three hundred, or . . .) and use the image with this distributed group to meditate, focus and program for Earth Healing. (you can read about it on her site here) If there is any doubt whatsoever in your mind about the effectiveness and the power of using such quantum techniques for creating a shift in consciousness, in the world, in yourself – as a healing tool then you may wish to check out the amazing story of Ho’oponopono for example. The fact is there are many such examples. Yes I am the anit-skeptic particle today. I have given up sketicism in favour of complaining. This week I am complaining about skeptics.

The message is now very clear for all who have had their radar on these past couple of thousand years – culminating in the times in which we live. You are a living centre of miraculous power and possibility. All you have to do to activate this power is to go to Woolworths and purchase you Instant Personal Power Pak for just $9.99 and hey presto! You can get started right away. I’m kidding about Woolworths . . .Just want to make sure you’re paying attention.

The thing is this – The Earth Healing project, like your own miraculous creativity just runs on water and air. I say this because if you don’t drink water and if you stop breathing . . .soon you will die. You can survive without food for much, much longer. So go for it. Change the world from the comfort of your own home. And hey . . .get your friends involved. Don’t just keep the Earth Healing Project’s Quantum Miraculousness to yourself. Share it round and don’t be shy. Light a candle, invite the Spirit and heal the world. Be the change. You know you want to do it.

Daisy tells me in one of our recent communications that it’s basically the same as something I wrote recently. About updating Adam Smith’s idea of the invisible hand. Which is:

  1. LOVE is the answer
  2. FEAR is what makes domination strategies seem like a good idea
  3. A path with no heart can only lead to disaster
  4. The miraculous solutions to our seemingly insoluble problems are just beyond our fingertips and as such we may have to reach for them
  5. Respect for all of LIFE includes resepct for plants, animals, people and things, for metaphysically there is only YOU, the ONE, and you want to learn how to love yourslef; deeply, genuinely, authentically and joyously
  6. Nothing matters so you had better start caring for LIFE or pretty soon YOU wont matter
  7. Life really is an illusion – all of it. Which illusion do you now choose to make real throught the power of your transformative quantum miraculousness?
  8. It may be the karma of the starving millions to be starving, but it’s your karma to know about them . . .how do you wish to respond?
  9. It is essential to have a positive vision if you want to be positively powerful and change the world for the better
  10. What goes around comes around
  11. You are the invisible hand made flesh. DO SOMETHING

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Here’s a picture of a couple of real swingers in action

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