The Polarities of Mediocrity – The FOOL is dead Long Live The FOOL

3 11 2013


As the worlds unravels around us at this time there are those souls who rush to the polarities of consciousness. The Right wing of Politics . . .The Left Wing of Politics. I am a Jesus freak. I am a Santa worshipper . . .etc, etc, etc. The extremists simply betray themselves as mediocre people in a world that demands excellence. And what is excellence?

First the paradox. For in marketing terms in order to be successful you have to take a position. How else will people be able to understand you if you are not clear about your identity? Now this may be true from a marketing perspective. But you see, your soul is not a marketing project. It is the all inclusive, multi-dimensional totality of all that you touch, taste, see, hear, feel and think and a whole lot more besides. As such it is inclusive, ambiguous, synthetic, integrative and miraculous.  And as such as a soul awakened individual when you see marketing driven information, propaganda and advertising you feel ripped off inside.

If you have ever looked at the commercial reality of life (and how can you avoid it) – like advertising, sales organisations and marketing hype – and wondered how it is possible for human beings to stoop so low, how can people be so crass and one-dimensional? Well it’s because commercial realities demand that messages are delivered, more or less one dimensionally so that the marketing machine can capture the souls it seeks to ensnare, involve and bleed dry. As distinct from engage, evolve and liberate. In short marketing’s one singular objective is usually to bleed you and leave you just that little bit paler in skin colour for your lack of the necessary fluid, Oh it’s not as bad as it sounds – and at the same time it’s a lot worse. For this is the living death and your soul knows it. Such is the nature of paradox.

But here’s the thing. If you want to AVOID living the life of the mediocre spin doctors, the half baked hucksters, and the pathetic pushers . . .then refuse to buy into the lie. And it seems that this . . .is the genius of the Brand. Now I am talking about Russell Brand.  Just like the Occupy movement, he doesn’t quite know what he wants, but he does know what he doesn’t want – and that is more lies from the phoney world of the crass mediocre make-believe that is our commercially and politically dominated reality creation system. The world is not what they represent it as . . .at all. And yet it is filled with their excrement. A paradox. After all, you are a super-excellent, infinitely ambiguous, mystery of Love and eternal transcendence. So what to do about the bullshit blasters of banality?  Well . . .there are 2 things you can do. Make that 3.

Thing number one: transcend mediocrity. And how are you going to do that? By rising to EXCELLENCE in all that you do. Hold with compassion for all. What about reaching and stretching to your own super-excellent incarnation of self? Resist . . . the temptations of the couch potato, the hypocrite and the ill informed opinion. Practice wisdom and excellence in all that you do. See if you can just keep it going for a one year period. That’s nothing! But it will bust the addictions. 12 months in and you will have transformed yourself, if such is on the menu. If not then carry on laughing you Buddha of enlightenment.

Thing number two: Do not become polarized. Do not join one of the hate clubs. Resist at all costs the pull to any pre-conceived notion of politics, spirituality and any other opinion of what the masses are screaming. This will hold true from the hysteria on Boat People, Gays, Straights, Blacks, Whites . . . to the cries about evil space invaders – the conspiracy theorists who are mostly just puppets for disinformation. More lies, more bullshit more ignorance, more crap, more pollution of the commons. If you don’t know what’s going on, just admit that you don’t know and remain silent while keeping a close watch on what actually happens. It’s a bit like Buddhism without the chanting.

Thing number three: While remaining un-polarized and inclusive practice being love in every moment. Refuse to take sides. Raise yourself to excellence for this transcends the polarities. The price you must pay is to stop bitching, back biting and complaining. Just look at the greatest souls. They could achieve this feat because they were largely un-polarized – holding respect and love for all. They long ago had learned (previous incarnation one would suppose) that complaining (whining) is useless. Love everyone you meet and and every experience you come into. This does not mean jumping on them like a puppy. Respect the bottom line. Keep a close watch on your heart and hold your own positive vision for that which you dare to dream as the future of your choosing. If you want to worship SOMETHING, then worship THAT.

The exception to the rule. If you must find a God to believe in. Make it a feminine oriented God-Goddess type God. This is simply the re-balancing of the phalocentric God, Made in man’s image with an infinitely large penis. Yes it’s a scary thing alrighty. Roger that. All very well for some. If God were a loving feminine presence (which undoubtedly he-she is) then what sort of future would you like to co-create with that particular transcendent friend? Love that reality. Hold that resonance. Turn off the TV. Stop listening to the Bullshit. Ignore the pathetic politics of hate and extremism. You will find your tribe. Go forward in strength from that position. Once you have connected the dots from a position of awakened consciousness you may discover that you choose to do things differently. Try it as a one year experiment. I can only honour what Russell Brand has said about not voting because he has manifested as the FOOL and as is well enough known, this is the highest card in the pack. Go forward into the mystery, Hari . . .OM

Cornell West’s Catastrophic Love

1 07 2013
Blues Legend Robert Johnson

Blues Legend Robert Johnson

What is The Bluesman?

“The Blues responds to the catastrophic with compassion; without drinking from the cup of bitterness. Not with revenge but with justice . . .that’s the best of the Blues you see . . .Cornell West. See the whole interview

Chaos, Consciousness and Recipes For Love

18 04 2012

Let Your LOVE Flow

The recipe for LOVE is to BE LOVING

The thing is, we live in the most interesting of times. On the back-end of legendary calamities . . .we’re talking two World Wars and a PEACE that has seen an average of . . .is it really an average of sixty wars going on around the planet at any one time within the last fifty years? Planet Earth is apparently not for the faint-hearted. Humans have also waged heavy duty industrialized warfare on entire species of plants and animals. We are doing a very good job of this. Our blitzkrieg scorched-Earth destruction of the flora and fauna has a terrifying aspect of unconscious darkness about it. We must consider that we humans are going through a kind of spiritual emergency – literally an emergence – the birth of something. But what?

Looking back on our recorded and not just recent history it is easy to conclude that there has been a certain stuckness, and a certain intransigence to our waywardness. The power of our destructive and self-destructive ways have had a savage intensity. The overwhelming question we must now ask ourselves is. . .are we ready? Are we ready for LOVE? This is not something we can foist on others. The real revolution MUST occur at the personal level of awareness and consciousness FIRST for it to have any meaning in the wider domain. So how does that happen?

The recipe for LOVE is to BE LOVING. But how do you do that? Perhaps there are a couple of simple things to be aware of. And then there are some complex ones for the multi-dimensionaly inclined – a kind of  ten dimensional Chess aspect to it. For why would LOVE want to limit itself? But you if you start with the achievable and let success self-organise from there – that’s probably the right path.

In the age of Chaos and revolution -which we are most definitely in – the simple stable datum that you can hold to by which all other things can suddenly make sense is this. Sovereign Self-Love and all embracing care. Just decide that you get to decide if LOVE is going to be present or not . . .and then do love. It’s not really that important if you’re a minute or two late, or if you get served a few minutes after the other person. If you stop and give small change to the busker it’s OK. People will not look at you and think you are weak. For having the presence of mind and the character to stop and GIVE is strength – NOT weakness. Extending little civilised courtesies as you go about your busy life is a nice LOVE generator to put into your daily LIFE. And in the ways of CHAOS that moment to moment LOVE you give will not die but it will be reborn and expand out a thousand fold. This . . .THIS in the age of CHAOS and revolution can be enacted with religious integrity and tap into your own infinite potential and power to GIVE LOVE and to BE LOVE. This in essence is what Post-post modernism looks like. This from a classical perspective is what the much vaunted New Age is all about. The recipe for LOVE is to BE LOVING

What if doing all that giving makes me angry . . .at some point? Then write about your anger on a piece of paper. Express your anger legitimately, burn the piece of paper (make sure it’s a safe action) and keep going with the religion of LOVE. These are simple things. To GIVE, RESPOND and RESPECT. We haven’t reached any kind of deep and meaningful trust here yet. The key is commitment, perseverance. Stay anonymous. Don’t expect any reward, and like the advertisement says . . .JUST DO IT! Moment to moment, day to day .  .Love. You will find that THIS is a truly revolutionary act.   The recipe for LOVE is to BE LOVING

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