The Global Village

18 10 2011

In the image of a global village

The Shock of Recognition

It really is the shock of recognition once you grok what’s going on in the world at the moment. You see, once upon a time there was a brilliant and clever man by the name of Marshall McLuhan. You may have heard of him. He wrote a particularly intellectually hip and as it turned out famous book called The Medium is The Massage which people often insist on calling The Medium is the Message. You of course now have the opportunity to avoid making this common mistake. Which will just go to show that you were paying attention when it mattered. McLuhan wrote The Medium back in the 1960s and it’s full of quotable quotes that you could sit around in a cafe fantasizing that you had said yourself . . .except you didn’t. Such is the shock of recognition.

McLuhan in fact said this: The shock of recognition! In an electronic information environment, minority groups can no longer be contained – ignored. Too many people know too much about each other. Our new environment compels committment and participation. We have become irrevocably involved with, and responsible for, each other.

He said this of course way before Adbusters extended a general invitation to concerned global citizens to Occupy Wall Street. About 50 years before actually. So it’s no surprise that he also coined the term Global Village. Here’s what McLuhan said in 1962 The new electronic interdependence recreates the world in the image of a global village. Ain’t ‘alf been some clever bastards.

The Butterfly Effect –  this story just in – The story of how From a Single Hashtag a Protest Circled The World Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday 19th October 2011 by Ben Berkowitz. How the protest gained traction > a great example of the Butterfly Effect.

Meanwhile over on FaceBook . . .D.K.Matai of ATCA 5000 posted under the heading Too Big, Too Fast & Too Powerful to Ignore – Self Assembling Dynamic Networks Gather Momentum

He says: ATCA 5000 made only one prediction for 2011: “Beware self assembling dynamic networks” and boundary-less tribalism. Little did we realize when making the forecast that this year would see  . . (goes on to list all the unrest including Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street plus others) – he then concludes – What is common about these global protests is the rapid-fire way in which like-minded individuals have come together around the world almost in the blink of an eye – to protest at a somewhat broken and corrupt financial and economic power system that appears to them to be favouring the ruling elite, putting the planet in peril and may have clearly run out of fresh ideas to rejuvenate itself. The incumbent leadership ignores such protests and mass gatherings at its own peril.

In fact it was D.K Matai’s FB posting that inspired the review of McLuhan above. Run with the ball in the global village! And somewhere on the planet some Native American Elders have some fresh brilliant ideas that are very relevant. All things are just soooo connected at the moment. I have included the clip below which provides wise words from a beautiful human – Chief Oren J. Lyons, professor of American studies in UB’s Center for the Americas. So here’s the thing . . .will it be the shock of recognition in the Global Village that inspire some of those aforementioned leaders to come up with some fresh new ideas?


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20 02 2011


Revolution - Coming to a Town Near YOU!!

People power is accelerating

People power is accelerating Tunisia and Egypt out of the blue, have had what can only be described as miraculous political transformations in the past few weeks. When examined, the series of events that lead to sudden and dramatic change in both Tunisia and Egypt was a case of the classic tipping point. People power is accelerating  – the situation has simply snowballed. The attractor state is definitely in, strongman dictator Mubarak is out and Elsewhere in the Middle East and North Africa the spot fires of revolutionary unrest are spreading. Unrest has been reported in Bahrain, Libya (who would dare stand against Gadaffi?) Yemen, Jordan, Kuwait, Iran. Algeria . . .even China has been having unrest in Beijing no less. Something is definitely up.

In the UK and even here in normally placid Australia the forces of people power have been winning skirmishes and winning the day – it really is accelerating.

A current headline in the Green News is a case in point:  Britain backs down on sale of forests. The story runs LONDON: Faced with an outspoken public determined to protect Britain’s woodlands, officials struggling to overcome a devastating budget deficit cancelled plans to sell nearly 260,000 hectares of forests.

Britain’s Environment Secretary, Caroline Spelman, told parliament the backdown came after a massive public outcry from environmentalists, MPs, entertainers, the Archbishop of Canterbury and many others. Hundreds of thousands signed an online petition against plans to sell woodlands and forests.

”I am sorry. We got this one wrong,” Ms Spelman told the Commons. ”People cherish their forests and woodlands and the benefits they bring.”

How about chopping this down for a few fast buck$$$$ ?

Well something is accelerating! In Australia’s own localised version, people power has forced the Government to restore funding cuts to the Solar Flagship Program. And rightly so!  20 days — that’s how long it took GetUp members to win the campaign to restore funding cuts to the Solar Flagship Program, which supports large-scale solar power stations in Australia. Trumpeted environmental site Clear The Air.

It does make you wonder if all the players in these dramas have been tuning into the fact that . . . according to the Mayan calendar the world as we know it ends on the 21st December 2012? Oh surely not. That is preposterous. Well . . . people do seem to be singing from the same prayer book as they say. Yes it certainly seems to be true: people power is accelerating. Could it be that at some deep and connected level we subconsciously know that it’s time now for the world to be born anew?

So is it really people power? Dear God let’s hope so. Gosh . . .I wonder what will become of the world’s most hated company Monsanto? Friends . . .we are indeed living in exciting (and if you work at Monsanto maybe even interesting) times. May God-Goddess bless you all since just coming here to play in this massive drama was in and of itself apparently an amazing gesture of  love, with added cosmic significance – if we are to believe our contemporary scriptures. The revolution is still being televised. Steady on Camera 2. A Little quote from Marshall McLuhan’s The Medium is the Massage can take us out.

The shock of recognition! In an electronic information environment, minority groups can no longer be contained – ignored. Too many people know too much about each other. Our new environment compels committment and participation. We have become irrevocably involved with, and responsible for, each other.

The Medium is the Massage, if you have never read it is an amazing book. First published in 1967 would you believe? Available on Amazon  for only $7.53 AND . . .they have used copies from only $5.40

Sheesh  . . .All you can eat. People Power is accelerating.

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