A Challenge to The Medical Industry on Natural Therapies and Cancer

19 03 2012

Your Response is Awaited and Welcome

In response to Dr Quantum’s previous post I had this response from Christine at 350 or Bust

As a former nurse who is married to an MD, I would beg to differ with your broad strokes. While the medical system is definitely broken in many ways, and focused on illness rather than prevention, when you attack individuals who spend much of their days encouraging people who are sick because of their own lifestyle choices (ie diet and lack of exercise) as being at the root cause of the problems, that isn’t helpful. Especially as most of the time those individuals, despite the diagnosis of diabetes or heart disease (for example) continue to make the same poor choices.
What we have is a dysfunctional culture all right, but the medical system is much more a symptom of our broken relationship with our bodies and our ecosystem, not the cause. And most of the people working in it aren’t nefarious evil doers but are genuinely trying to help people

Fair Comment. But I am also waiting for someone in the Medical Industry who makes a living or part thereof from treating Cancer to provide an adequate response to the film Cancer is Curable Now. The trailer for this film is below and the full version of the film is available here http://www.canceriscurablenow.tv/

Meanwhile as posted on these pages on the 24th February a pressure group of Around 400 high profile doctors, medical researchers and scientists calling themselves Friends of Science in Medicine FSM – recently joined forces in order to have “alternative medicine” degrees removed from Australian universities. If any of these esteemed medical practitioners or academics would care to visit the site indicated above and invest $27 to purchase the film – Cancer is Curable Now, their response(s) will be published here to dispel the myths of the ignorant that they so enthusiastically seek to remedy. If they can’t afford the hefty price tag, Dr Quantum will in fact purchase a copy for them on the proviso that they share it with two other members of their medical circle. Qualified medical doctors only need apply. The film features many of the champions in the Natural Therapies and cancer, so there should be no trouble getting right to the rotten core which you seek to cut out of the body educational and social.

Your response is awaited and welcome

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