Climate Change-Caused Destruction and What You Can Do

8 08 2012

Global warming-caused destruction

Oh Lord Jesus it’s a FIRE!

A report in the Sydney Morning Herald today points to the harsh realities that we must face in this century of climate change. Here Comes The Sun: Chilling Verdict on a climate going to extremes  SMH 7th August 2012.  This story is entirely congruent with the news just in last week that a climate change sceptic in the USA has now become a true believer. And this guy was no ordinary sceptic. Point of fact he is scientist Richard Muller and he lead “a vast international research effort to debunk global warming science”

So would it be fair to say that if you ever had any doubts then the alarm bells should be going off loud and strong right about now? Lord Jesus it’s a FIRE! 

But now, it should come as no surprise that Australia’s climate change sceptics are remaining unconvinced – the actual word used in the SMH story is defiant. DEFIANT! It does boggle the mind somewhat to take this on board. But we must send these folks love. Truly so  . . . Go ahead and send them Love & Light for the highest good. If you believe in that sort of thing.

What’s interesting about this is that the people who practice such metaphysical feats of transcendence generally know very clearly the power of it. Does this mean we don’t have to do anything in practical terms? Surely not!  The word Synergy means a system where the WHOLE is greater than the SUM OF ITS PARTS. In other words, metaphysical focus such as prayer or using affirmations or programming for miracles on their own. . .are not as effective as BOTH focused action and the metaphysical process and focus – regardless of your brand of religion or lack thereof.

In Dickens’ Oliver Twist when Gamfield the chimney sweep wants to take Oliver as an apprentice, the magistrate refuses. Gamfield has already stated that when a boy gets stuck up a chimney he light a fire under them to roast their feet. This he explains gets them moving. It is a grim joke which has a parallel in our situation today. We are stuck up a chimney and the Chimney sweep has lit a fire under us. Our feet are roasting. Time to get a wriggle on.

Emergence of The Quantum Goddess

14 07 2012

Quantum Goddess of Oneness

The rEvolutionary Goddess

One of the favourite themes of The Lime Flavoured rEvolution is the disappearance of The Goddess. Why did she disappear? And how? Goddess cults and religions were once widespread throughout the world –  Europe, Asia, The whole of the Americas, Africa. But now we have the male Gang of Four. Jesus, Buddha, Moses and Mohammed. There is  no disrespect intended in this observation to any of our great recent spiritual teachers. However if we have any scintilla of concern over our relationship to the Divine we MUST ask ourselves. . .what happened to the Goddess?

The Goddess would seem to have disappeared, but could it be that rather than The Goddess disappearing, humanity’s consciousness has changed? Perhaps this accounts for the apparent change in the world. Perhaps it is the case that The Goddess hasn’t disappeared. Perhaps we have just stopped seeing her. As we look at the entire notion of evolution it could be, that rather than evolving to where we are now . . .that we have devolved . . .devolved to the point where God became for us MANish . . .vengeful, angry and above all male.

This idea that God is a Male; God the Father . . . is deeply incorrect. It is truly a sacrilege. If you have any sense of the scope of the Divinity then it will not be hard to see in this devolution the agency of the Luciferic. This is closely aligned to what Steiner refers to as the Ahrimanic force – the anti-Christ. This means in spiritual terms, the counter evolutionary forces. To balance this sacrilege of creating God in the image of masculine Man we need at the very least, to balance our address to God as Father-Mother God, or as God-Goddess.  The fact is that we live in a scientifically rigorous world which has created a particular distortion of the truth. In terms of materialistic science there is no mapping of consciousness.  Now there is a bearded fool up the back wanting to argue this. Is it possible for a bearded fool to listen to the wisdom of the heart?

With the advent of Quantum Theory, we could start to think about and engage with the Quantum Goddess and the miraculous implications for humanity that this offers. Miracles now on special. The Lime Flavoured rEvolution has no ostensible, worldly connection with the video below. How should we evaluate it? Gee whiz the inner tuition you carry with you is one place to start. Oh . . .but that’s not scientific enough is it?

The bright illuminated men of the enlightenment may groan at this. The flowing feminine divine within human consciousness has been practicing great patience with your intellectual chauvinism and suggests a renewed and contemporary consideration. As they say, the The past is history, the future a mystery. Today is a GIFT and that is why they call it the PRESENT. Come present and see what is in front of you oh great men of science. But will these illuminated beings . . .literally the Luciferic ones, fail to understand and continue in their arrogance? So may it be with Love. Whatever happens over the next 50 years, it is clear that WE NEED A REFRESHING CHANGE. Just ask the kids: Have you touched a tree today? And see the wonder in their eyes. How did we lose our soul so emphatically and catastrophically?

The video embedded below is titled: Language of Light 528 Hz Miracle Solfeggio Transmissions – Ascension Activation By: *Shekina Rose, Angelic Messenger of Mother Goddess SHEKINAH & Channel of the Blue Ray who sings in the 528 Hz Love Solfagio, Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair}

Earthship Survives Earthquake in Chile

3 07 2012

Example of an Earthship Tirewall

Earthship Tire Wall Withstands Chilean Earthquake 6/7 on Richter

This message from an Earthship Chilean survivor just plucked from Earthsip’s latest newsletter: from Earthship Chile: I’m from Chile two weeks ago we had an earthquake of 6/7 richter, our tire wall stand without problems and our wall is just tires no concrete on it … enough evidence for me that Earthships are earthquake-proof .
Sorry about my English not mi native language hope you understand

You can see a 1 & half minute video on Earthships New Solutions Below. More great Earthship vids will appear in the window when this vid is over!!! check it out – It’s huge fun. You can subscribe to Earthships Biotechture newsletter here  . . .

Planet For Sale – Nice Quiet Location

24 03 2012

Planet for Sale – Nice Quiet Location – Introducing Earth

Highly sought after rare gem in Milky Way Galaxy. Only 100,000 light years from side to side

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An anthropologist’s delight, on Earth the local tribes are endlessly fascinating

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Endangered species !!!

Complex biosphere subsystems require regular maintenance – no chance to get bored

A living zoological treasury - includes many classic imported species from beyond the Alpha Quadrant

Contact The Exclusive Agent for full inspection

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manifested by Dr Quantum

Big News About The Element of Water

5 02 2012

Water - Time to Get Wet

It all about the element of water right now

According to Western astrology the ruler of Pisces – Neptune – has just re-entered Pisces where it will reside for fourteen years – till 2026. In classical terms we can expect a greater opening of the heart and greater emphasis on all things to do with the emotions. Astrolgers are predicting some amazing changes to do with the dissolving of structure(s).

Neptune into Pisces is big news for Astrologers to be sure and could mean big news for humanity. Steven Forrest is an astrologer’s astrologer. “Before we traded community with each other for shopping malls  . . . we had pandora” (the world in the movie Avatar)

So here’s the big news from the astrologer of the moment. Pour yourself a cool iced mint tea with a twist of lime and float with the tide. It’s all about the element of water right now . . .

Capitalism – an Art Project about Love

9 11 2011

Capitalism - it's all about LOVE

Capitalism is driven along by exploitation

Business has been getting a bad rap lately. When I say lately I mean roughly since Marx published Das Capital in 1867 (AKA Capital: Critique of Political Economy) and what a stir it caused! Who could disagree that opinions have been divided? Marx’s basic riff is that Capitalism is driven along by exploitation of labour. The surplus value thus derived from the pain and suffering of the mass of people – the downtrodden human worker bees – is then used by business owners to continue to own the productive capital which is protected by the state through force of law and arms. The interests of those heroic individuals who own the capital – and indeed many of them are often heroic – are championed by what may be thought of as the Right Wing of politics and various institutional conservatives and conservative institutions. Undoubtedly capitalists need champions (Marx called them petit bourgeois) for the simple fact that Capitalism is driven along by exploitation. That is indeed how it has worked ever since they built the first steam engine – and probably before.

The infernal glow of burning coal to fire the engines of industry left all but the most obtuse and ignorant in no doubt that we had burrowed through to a new Hell. Capitalism is driven along by exploitation, but capitalists were not happy to just exploit people. No. They wanted to make their point as clear as possible. To ensure that human beings learned the deep lessons about love, freedom and the dignity demanded by the spirit they got together in conspiratorial groups to exploit forests, fish, cows, pigs, chickens, rivers, oceans, needlework, a variety of minerals and many different gaseous substances. They created an artform to reflect the psychopathic nature of their enterprise and called them corporations. These monsters would have limited liability and thus corporations could kill people, torture them, attack living animals, plants of all descriptions and poison rivers and rob and steal with impunity. And being remorseless cancerous psychopaths without souls . . . corporations did just that. People were amazed at the power of the. . .corporation. But the capitalists – bless them – they wanted us to be able to understand as clearly as possible how disgustingly ugly all exploitation and grinding torture is. They wanted us to be able to – first hand – experience the crucifixion. . . in our own lives.

When we realised how abjectly low we had sunk as a species, how degraded and despicable we had become as we turned a blind eye to the suffering of our fellow human beings and to our chickens, cows and pigs who were tortured and slaughtered as we sat laughing at the festival of illusions called the television, we would look at ourselves and question our own existence. They are a cunning lot these capitalists and as wise as serpents. And that is how they brought us to love. Oh but there was one more thing they had to do. Because even after all that self-loathingly despicable abuse of trust and denial of the truth about love  . . .we still didn’t object! Well not much anyway. A few creative and sensitive souls starting freaking out but hey . . .fuck them.

Anyway what the capitalists had to do to teach us about love, was they had to go to the wealthiest country in the world, the USA where people were richer and fatter and glibber and suckier than anywhere on the planet. The place that used more than half the world’s resources in a kind of orgy of air-conditioned, self-satisfied narcissistic confabulation. The place that knew no boundaries for the excessive exploitation of all the living things of the Earth . . .the capitalists went there from their heavenly abodes called into incarnation by the spirit of humanity. They allowed themselves to take on the pain of being born into the perilous chasm of this world, just so they could do something totally awesome.

In their next Art Project About Love they took all the money from the rich people, they stole all their millons and billions and even their trillons. They stole all the money from the middle-class and then they kicked them out of their homes and made them live in tents and trailers and on the street. Then just to make sure that the people would rise up and say NO MORE! They then paraded themselves around in limousines and yachts. They went to fancy restaurants, and drank expensive French champagne and they laughed at the suffering of the people who they called fools. They lived in walled off communities and high up in glittering towers and they laughed and they laughed and they laughed. And finally people said NO MORE!

And that’s when we got the idea of the Social Entrepreneur.  If it was true for the last hundred years plus that capitalism is driven along by exploitation then now we get a chance to change. What if capitalism reinvented itself and it was driven along by love? Dear Reader – if you have gotten this far please give this post a star rating (5 is excellent) and click LIKE if you liked it. Just look below. Thanks

Admittedly business driven by LOVE may seem like a bizarre idea, but how bizarre is the old idea . . .and how painful to so many? And now . . .now . . . YOU get to decide through your choices . . .will we be thinking differently about business in one hundred years or will we still be moaning about how Capitalism is driven along by exploitation?

Integration of Spirituality and Science

20 09 2011

Is the Integration of Spirituality and Science a Key to Future Human Evolution?

Some of the feedback coming from community groups these days is fascinating. Some people are getting upset about metaphysics and spirituality. More scientific rigor! they say. These are they who stick to the hardline of materialistic humanism touting this as the key to future human evolution. And there are many also who say au contraire! . . . it is the embrace of the spiritual which offers the keys to the kingdom of human evolution. It may well be that this creative tension of opposites generates plenty of heat and one might imagine some light. The problem is, that this leaves us short of an integration of spirituality and science. If we are to discover (stumble upon?) the key to future human evolution then perhaps we need to start thinking less in terms of either-or and more in terms of YES AND. In the broad sense this is what is referred to as (the science of) complexity.

Call me old fashioned if you like but I like a bit of complexity with my scientifically balanced muesli in the morning. And . . .like California we are, after all in muesli country here folks – full of nuts fruits and flakes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Viva la difference i say.

Einstein believed in God. What makes you so sure?

The really big deal right now at the cutting edge of progressive ideas appears to be the intriguing possibilities that Quantum Theory has opened up. It’s the real integration of spirituality and science. Gods and Goddesses have become a real possibility again. Yes it seems God is back. Where did She/He go? I hear you ask. The answer may be the key to future human evolution.

Once upon a time it was a relatively safe bet that if you wanted to run your flag up the mast of the ship of Atheism, you could do so with a certain claim to enlightened rationality. You could position yourself in the socio-political landscape as a kind of true believer  . . . albeit a believer in absolutely nothing. But that didn’t matter. There were plenty of other true believers in nothing you were going to rub shoulders with on a daily basis. These other eminently respectable non-believers would give you the comfort of seeing yourself reflected back as the cool guy or gal  . . .with the shades and without a skerrik of God stuff. The problem is, that this position is not looking nearly as cool, enlightened or rational as it used to.

Quantumwise, the new and improved God doesn’t demand fear. Maybe it’s time to Awaken The Dreamer. The way in which human evolution unfolds will no doubt surprise us all. Quantumwise . . .there is no necessity to belong to a religion as such and it is more than just a bit uncool to make claims as to what God looks like unless it is in the vaguest and most abstract possible terms. When you think about it this is probably a very good thing. Good that is, if you want some peace and quiet any time before the Earth falls into the Sun.

We can talk about the integration of spirituality and science . . .oh yes . . .and . . .as the true believers in absolutely nothing never fail to point out . . .religion is responsible for more suffering on the planet that anything you could think of etc, etc, etc. Perhaps paradoxically, these naysayers may be right. But that doesn’t mean they are RIGHT! . . .right? It just means they are right about something. As people who believe in absolutely nothing, they can’t claim to be absolutely sure about anything now can they? This would go against their avowed religion. You see . . . atheists have faith. Their faith is in the NO GOD proposition. A proposition just as absurd and unbelievable to the YES GOD Proposition peeps as is the reverse. How do we reconcile such a typically human conundrum? And should we even try? This we would suggest is a key to future human evolution.

Suggestion. Stay open minded to possibility. Observe. Maybe even try out a few technical approaches to the almighty (as it were) with the specific caveat that 1)* if you hold a hidden agenda that there REALLY IS NO GOD . . .then according to the laws of metaphysics – which you have probably banned yourself from considering by the way – according to the laws of metaphysics, if you really believe there is NO GOD and you try some technique or practice to see if GOD exists . . .well, then what that will reveal to you is the confirmation of your belief. Why? Because according to the laws of Metaphysics YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY.

* there is only ONE

Do you see the problem here? Perhaps one thing we all need to do is start to respect each other, but REALLY RESPECT EACH OTHER. Think about it. There is no way of knowing or proving that you are RIGHT apart from subjectively knowing that you are right which is a case of BEING RIGHT! and such people are invariably a pain in the proverbial. But this in no way proves that you are correct as such. On the other hand if it turns out you were wrong all along then the consequences would be quite significant . . .for you. He he . . . although completely inconsequential in the great scheme of things. Which is deeply suggestive of the greater glory of . . . .something. Einstein was a believer in God you know? So what makes you so sure? Are you smarter than Einstein? Your puny ego would like to think so.

Perhaps a key to the integration of spirituality and science, is for those who disagree about the big questions, to start to agree to disagree. But REALLY AGREE. Not just pretend to agree and then go off and secretly feel that John or Mary or Francois is really a deluded so and so because they happen to believe X, Y or Z. In an odd and quirky kind of way this may yet prove to be the key to happiness. Or at least one of the keys. Agree to disagree. Refuse to believe either way. Respect the rights of others to self-determination and join the United Notions of Peace. Only a tyrant would insist on insisting and shut out all other possibilities. Only you can answer this question – for yourself. Quantumwise . . . Is the integration of spirituality and science a key to future human evolution?

World Crisis -Time to Re-discover The Quantum Goddess?

9 08 2011

Saraswati - Goddess of the Arts, Music and Learning

The Quantum Goddess Presents Miraculous Possibilities

Miraculous Possibilities and Quantum Imaginings may be what we need right now – consider the nature of a Quantum Goddess. A crisis is upon us and is still deepening. London is burning; the stock market is melting down indicating the possibility of another Global Financial Crisis; the USA has had its credit rating downgraded by Standard & Poor’s – controversial perhaps but breathtaking none the less. Meanwhile the Sumatran Jungles are being devastated by logging leaving wild tigers to roam the barren Earth wondering what happened. The Brazilian Amazon forest is being devastated, logged mainly to raise beef cattle and for other equally banal reasons. If there is a Quantum Goddessout there anywhere, i am estimating she is needed now more than ever before.

All of this is of course merely the tip of a very large ice berg. We are collectively sliding into the abyss. What are we to do? And how can we create miraculous possibilities? Many of the Posts on this blog have highlighted the evils of rampant capitalism. Dr Quantum is not against capitalism per se. However the term Free Enterprise is very much preferred. We have not supported FREE Enterprise but a kind of state sponsored system of neo slavery.

Now it must be said that human beings are busy spectacularly failing when it comes to demonstrating our ability to handle the freedom implicit in FREE enterprise. But here’s the thing . . .we are free to imagine. So what does a Quantum Goddess actually look like and how could the conception of her generate miraculous possibilities?

First of all it might help to simply grok the idea that if a Quantum Goddess does exist then she is well and truly multidimensional and not bound by time and space the way you and i appear to be. From our point of view – Miraculous possibilities are a doddle for a Quantum Goddess. At this time of world crisis certainly one of the very best things that people can do and continue doing is to light a candle and envision the world we desire in our deeper selves. It seems the world is now in the process of being born anew. It is time therefore to start dreaming again of the future we would prefer. What was it that you said you wanted all those years ago? Then that’s the thing to imagine. And just like your can take your good business plan to the bank, you can take your best imaginings for the world to the God or Goddess of your understanding. The rationalist mind may not appreciate this. Never mind. Prove it to YOURSELF in the laboratory of radical self-hood.

Try this simple recipe. See if you can get this one on the griddle for your own metaphysical version of Master Chef. Define a small amount of time and space for your imaginings. You could go all traditional and call it an altar. Place into that time-space co-ordinate a projection (image) of the future you would prefer to see. Light a candle – define a point of light – and use it as a focus to present your vision to the God or Goddess of your understanding. Energise this projection on a regular basis (the time part of the time-space coordinate) – otherwise known as create a religious ritual.

Now observe the result – very scientific indeed. Keep a journal and note on a daily basis what happens as you continue to energise the vision using your specific time space coordinates. The tipping point of all that quantum energy being put forth into the universe could appear as an unexpected manifestation (a miracle) in your version of reality. Repeat as desired. Do your thing. And if you catch yourself in the act of sabotaging yourself, don’t tell a soul. Just tell yourself to maximize the miraculous possibilites of the Quantum Goddess.

Glorious – The Fuzzy Atom of Love

21 05 2011

Sustainable System - The Tree of Life

There is not nearly enough integrational material available on sustainability.  Apparently you are either a lab coated Newtonian scientist – I love it when you talk nerdy to me – or an off with the faeries mystical dreadlocked Tree Hugger. Me? I am a bit of both without the dreads and minus the lab coat – but hey . . . where’s that confounded bridge? It’s just gotta be around here someplace, and like those rugged explorers of yesteryear, I say . . .it’s time to cross the great divide.

Picture if you will the excitement caused back in the day when old Sydney Town was abuzz with the imminent crossing of the rugged Blue Mountains by the venerable explorers Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth. And do you really care that the Great Dividing Range was formed during the Carboniferous Period some 300 million years ago? Let’s face it tree huggers . . .from a human interest point of view what the European settlers cared about at that time was the high adventure of finally making the crossing, and for this they looked to those hardy pioneers.

Imagine for just a moment that you are a traveler from the past and you step Jules Verne like into a Steam Driven time machine of infinite destinations, meditations and pregnant possibilities. You set the controls for the year 2012, the 21st of December no less . . .the end of the Mayan calendar . . . and behold! For you travel to the very end of time.

The portal device begins rocking and shuddering and shaking. Blue Electrical arcs snake up inside the giant glass valves and with a great flash and a loud bang . . .here you are.

From the year 1813 you have come in a great circle of time. And landing on the edge of the year 2012 the time of the great crossing is upon us once again. We cross from the old Newtonian-Cartesian paradigm to the New . . . the New Era, the New Age, the New Time for humanity. Indeed it is time to boldly go . . . consider the Tree of Life – the Sephirotic Tree pictured above. The Tree of Life may not be new, but our understanding of life can be using the Tree as a map.

A deceptively simple, a multi-dimensional map for journeying to any point in the space time continuum. So we could use it to help us locate sustainability.

Dr Quantum would suggest, that the Tree of Life, AKA the Sephirotic Tree is indeed a map to assist us in better understanding sustainability. And what does it tell us? Well . . .many volumes have been written about the Tree of Life, and much of it is impenetrably dense. Let us simply say this. The tree speaks to us in terms of activating miraculous success in our lives. This is a very Quantum Kool kind of thing to be doing right about now of course. When you think about it, that would have to include sustainability because we are in danger of melting down, freaking out and logging off these days. Miraculous success would have to be sustainable then, or, by definition it wouldn’t be success. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you!

So let’s make this easy. The first thing the tree tells us is to get in touch with our deepest desires. Now put those deep desires into a framework of your vision for the future. What is your vision? And do that with excellence, with . . .impeccability. You now have the basic formula that no amount of searching will ever improve. It’s the key to sustainability. Feel your feelings. Have a vision. Combine the vision with impeccability. And wow! Things will start to happen.

In a quantum sense the shift you will experience is aided and abetted by atoms that are warm and fuzzy and buzzy and fun. Not hard and round and stinky at all. You can adopt an atom as a pet and give it a name . . . it will even come when you call. Hey Glorious where are you??? Your dinner is ready. Visionary impeccability – it’s in the bowl for you. Come and get it.

Meowwwww, purrrrrr. Here comes Glorious now! The fuzzy atom of Love.

Glorious - the fuzzy atom of love

Who Cares About (Deep) Ecology? A wild sex party, an apple and a garden

30 04 2011
Unsuspecting Representative of The Biosphere

Unsuspecting Representative of Life on Earth

Dear Friends . . . have we really lost the plot? Regarding Deep Ecology: There is after all a simple heartfelt response to life, like when you are walking past the pet shop and you pop in there to be utterly seduced by the beauty by the magic, the wonder and the sheer joy of nature in the irresistible form of a small bunny. This experience is direct, personal and undeniably enchanting. You could say Bunny Cuddling is Deep Ecology 1.01  . . .who doesn’t love a cuddly bunny? Dr Quantum is a Bunny lover aided and abetted by an accomplice who is a serial bunny cuddler. What can ya do? Now . . .and i am warning you . . .please be advised, , this could get ugly.

Sadly the simple pleasures of life must share the human experience in a complex matrix. The big bad wolf seems never to be far away. Life is littered with the corpses of simple pleasures that became convoluted abstractions, ambiguous concepts, twisted ideals. Until next time sweet bunny of love. The shadows of the forest are calling. I speak here of course of the Malthusian Doctrine vs Deep Ecology. Well . . . you were warned. Yes . . .things are getting ugly. If this was an Alfred Hitchcock movie the suspenseful music would be starting.

The Reverend Thomas Malthus (1766-1834) was not one of those soul-singing joy-filled reverends of the Harlem Gospel Choir variety. Oh no. Quite the reverse. He was English, intellectual, an economic system theorist of his day. You might say he was white, uptight and out of sight. Sing it with me now! The Rev Malthus was well intentioned and well and truly imbued with the puritan ethic. Not what you would call a hip col swingin cat. Malthus’ main riff was basically a bit of a dirge, a drone. This flip cat was hooked on the down beat. And, he was like . . . a cube. Totally linear. Malthus’ philosophy went something like this:

As things improve in society and populations expand the capacity of life on Earth to support that growth will remain constant and thus shrink in proportion to human society. Situation: There’s not enough to go round. Get ready for famine, disease, catastrophe and death. So prepare to settle for less and straighten yourself in the ways of the Lord. This dear friends . . . is God’s way of teaching you a lesson. Hmmm. See what I mean about Malthus being on a downer?

Malthus . . .you’ve been working way too hard. Time for you to have a long holiday.

Hello God! . . .  Dr Quantum is ready to see you now, you can come in.

Ah yes! . . .Dear God of Love . . .my deep and abiding faith . . . is that you don’t dole out lessons of this Malthusian nature. So what’s up God?

Oh . . . is that so?!!! Well I am so glad you popped in. Oh you don’t say? Fascinating, absolutely fascinating. Huh! We must talk more often. Soooo illuminating. . . No! Not at all! Pop in any time (d’ya get it!?). . . .Sorry folks just having a word with the infinite about Malthus and how his historically located philosophy has been hijacked and twisted by the Machiavellian elites. Do you know what she said? Oh you’re not going to believe this! Well on second thoughts, maybe you are.

And Dear Reader – if you have gotten this far please consider leaving a comment and/or give this post a star rating (5 is excellent) and click LIKE if you liked it. Just below. You may have to click the word comments to activate the star rating and like button.

So here’s what God(dess) says about Malthus. He was a man of his time. The doctrine of limited resources was not a bad message as such to be injecting into the mind stream. And to be taken in context . . .please!The Machiavellian power elites have gone two ways with this. Firstly with one hand they pretend to reject the doctrine proclaiming loud and long that there are no limits. This neo-conservative rant is then picked up by the next level of shoe-shiners down-stream who think they are being really smart in a right wing creepy sort of way. Hello Tony Abbott. Which while true absolutely is not true within the closed and limited domain of Earth’s biosphere. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Secondly with the other hand they are secretly preparing for the calamities to come, figuring on reduced population growth due to their own wicked/stupid ways, and using this agenda to further control populations with secret planning going on in behind-closed-door type meetings. Hello to the power elites. These feckers are a largely Godless lot who tend to see not at all past their own miserable “realism” and engage in nasty battles to carve up the world for the spoils of things like genetic engineering, cashing in on war and the distribution of goods and services. Just like the Mafia except bigger. And this of course is good for a burgeoning paranoid conspiracy theory industry. Hello to the paranoid conspiracy theorists. Things have gotten waaaaaaay out of control.

Can we just . . .take a moment to breathe . . . .in . . . .out. Relax, relax, relax.

You see . . .it’s all about proportion. As long as i get the biggest one then everything’s OK. But . . . seriously folks. Yes there are limits to how many trees you can chop down, there are limits to how much carbon dioxide you can pump into the atmosphere, there are limits to growth on the linear scale. There are limits to how many fish you can harvest before marine populations collapse. There are limits to growth. Yes that is true, when growth is measured in purely physical terms. But real growth is actually unlimited. Now here’s the thing . . .our current challenge is to redefine growth. There is more to it than how much stuff you can get your hands on and cram into that space under the stairs. In that regard, God isn’t teaching us hard lessons. These are the lessons we chose to learn when we came here. God didn’t force them on us. As a matter of fact this isn’t our natural home in the universe (talking about the physical universe we call home). We insisted, more or less that we wanted in. Something about a wild sex party, an apple and a garden. Now that we are here we do have to play the game. That’s why you come here . . .coz you want to play. It’s all a game. Apparently in God’s house there are many universes. As a matter of fact God(dess) is a master of improvisational jazz and an excellent dancer. Skilled in all styles. Yes a Tantric Yogi of the highest degree. Likes picnics, movies and walks on the beach. Great sense of humour. Likes painting toenails rainbow colours.

God really doesn’t mind what you do, but apparently you should mind. Welcome to the God of the New Age.

Malthus was a well intentioned man of his times. And now it’s time to move on. The universe IS unlimited, but our approach to LIFE has been . . .limited. Now it’s time to grow, to reach, to discover and to create, new ways of being. Which brings me to the nature lover’s deep delightDeep Ecology. Should be simple right? Bunnies are cuddly and so are trees . . .so hey, while you’re at it invite the spirit. Right? Ha ha ha ha! Wrong! Fail! Epic Fail! Bring up the Alfred Hitchcock music again. Because apparently . . . such appalingly naive behaviour plays right into the hands of the controlling elites. Deep ecology, i am told, is strictly for the birds. Wow.

Here’s how this piece of miscreant intellectualism goes . . .The absolutist dogma of pop-ecology is only rhetorically related to real scientific ecology. The mystical vagueness of so-called Deep Ecology does nothing for the real cause of ecology which must be rigorous, it must be scientific and above all without emotion. Furthermore my attachment to this childish form of nature love plays right into the hands of the ruling elites. These are the dark forces, the Machiavelian practitioners of realpolitik. My dancing in the woods with elves, faeries, bunnies and trees just plays right into the hands of the ruthless powers who are about to take control of the world and form a one-world government (subtext: with the dark prince as the ruler) Gosh.

Well that’s it! The gloves are coming off. Thos bastards aren’t going to stop Dr Quantum from cuddling Bunnies. Let them try and stop me. Ruling elites be damned. Those feckers have realley crossed the line this time. Listen . . . i was prepared to sit idly by while the ruling elites spliced genes into soybeans that means that the bacteria in my gut that jumped across from those genetically modified organisms would continue to produce insecticide INSIDE my body. Which measn MY BODY is now genetically poisoned, THANKS TO THE WORLD’S MOST HATED COMPANY. GUESS WHO? (to find out just google: the world’s most hated company) Hey . . .did i complain? Not a murmur out of me. I sat by and watched 2 and a half men while forking instant noodles into myself . . . meek as a little lamb.

So I am able to purchase cheap groceries from Coles & Wollies and cheap manufactured goods from K-Mart ex China funded by the bankruptcies of Australian food producers and billions of dollars worth of cheap Australian coal destined to increasingly pollute and warm the planet. Hey . . .Hey! Did I complain? Not much. But now . . . this, this is too much. Now I’m freakin mad as hell. So cuddling bunnies and hugging trees while singing to the God of the forest is just a naive distraction and what I really need to be wary of is the prince of darkness forming a one world government using bunny cuddling and the United Nations as a front. Shit. Why didn’t I see it sooner.

It’s all so clear now. Huh! I’m going to start blogging over with the errrr, Christian Right.

I think I am going to proclaim my dissent by putting it on a T-Shirt. It will read: I cuddle Bunnies so F*#K YOU!

That should get the message across clearly.

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