The Global Village

18 10 2011

In the image of a global village

The Shock of Recognition

It really is the shock of recognition once you grok what’s going on in the world at the moment. You see, once upon a time there was a brilliant and clever man by the name of Marshall McLuhan. You may have heard of him. He wrote a particularly intellectually hip and as it turned out famous book called The Medium is The Massage which people often insist on calling The Medium is the Message. You of course now have the opportunity to avoid making this common mistake. Which will just go to show that you were paying attention when it mattered. McLuhan wrote The Medium back in the 1960s and it’s full of quotable quotes that you could sit around in a cafe fantasizing that you had said yourself . . .except you didn’t. Such is the shock of recognition.

McLuhan in fact said this: The shock of recognition! In an electronic information environment, minority groups can no longer be contained – ignored. Too many people know too much about each other. Our new environment compels committment and participation. We have become irrevocably involved with, and responsible for, each other.

He said this of course way before Adbusters extended a general invitation to concerned global citizens to Occupy Wall Street. About 50 years before actually. So it’s no surprise that he also coined the term Global Village. Here’s what McLuhan said in 1962 The new electronic interdependence recreates the world in the image of a global village. Ain’t ‘alf been some clever bastards.

The Butterfly Effect –  this story just in – The story of how From a Single Hashtag a Protest Circled The World Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday 19th October 2011 by Ben Berkowitz. How the protest gained traction > a great example of the Butterfly Effect.

Meanwhile over on FaceBook . . .D.K.Matai of ATCA 5000 posted under the heading Too Big, Too Fast & Too Powerful to Ignore – Self Assembling Dynamic Networks Gather Momentum

He says: ATCA 5000 made only one prediction for 2011: “Beware self assembling dynamic networks” and boundary-less tribalism. Little did we realize when making the forecast that this year would see  . . (goes on to list all the unrest including Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street plus others) – he then concludes – What is common about these global protests is the rapid-fire way in which like-minded individuals have come together around the world almost in the blink of an eye – to protest at a somewhat broken and corrupt financial and economic power system that appears to them to be favouring the ruling elite, putting the planet in peril and may have clearly run out of fresh ideas to rejuvenate itself. The incumbent leadership ignores such protests and mass gatherings at its own peril.

In fact it was D.K Matai’s FB posting that inspired the review of McLuhan above. Run with the ball in the global village! And somewhere on the planet some Native American Elders have some fresh brilliant ideas that are very relevant. All things are just soooo connected at the moment. I have included the clip below which provides wise words from a beautiful human – Chief Oren J. Lyons, professor of American studies in UB’s Center for the Americas. So here’s the thing . . .will it be the shock of recognition in the Global Village that inspire some of those aforementioned leaders to come up with some fresh new ideas?


Wake Up and Smell the Fascism – Brady Bunch Style

16 07 2011

The Real Truth about the Brady Bunch

There is something that we who understand ourselves to be Citizens of The World – need to comprehend about the world today. It is a simple truth, and one that now carries with it the crystal clear ring of truth. We are living in a fascist society.

Now don’t get me wrong. Not all business people are crooked, and neither are all politicians. So how is it that our great industries and institutions are riddled with levels of corruption that make the Mafia look downright frumpy. I have a theory. My theory is that it has always been like this. More or less. And perhaps it IS as simple as this. Maybe since Moses played fullback for Jerusalem the world has just been ruled by feuding warlords and cartels of criminally insane barbarians. The successful ones called themselves the Royal Family and so things have gone since the beginning of time. These bastards are the crazies who will just do whatever it takes to make a buck, stay in power and get the kudos. Maybe.

But if we look closer there is something else going on as well. It seems things have actually been getting worse lately. How else can we explain Tony Abbott? A mad monk fighting with every breath in his budgie smugglers for the carpet bagging rights of the worst kind of excessive and insane brutalists. Abbott is an idealogue who sincerely believes in his own boring and boorish crusade. Will someone please sit the mad monk down and have a quiet and slow word . . .will someone please explain to this man that he is fighting on the side of the fascists.

The scariest thing about Abbott is that he appears to actually believe the utterly fantastic propaganda of the right. He is a sort of zealot boy scout who dropped out of seminary. He is the most dangerous of men – a true believer. The left is shamelessly close to his frightful political position with it’s own orgy of deregulation and mass privatisation. State labor governments have been fairly falling over themselves to sell off public utilities and place them in the hands of private enterprise. The mantra has been deregulate, privatise and outsource. And now look where we are. That’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into.

And so now here we are . . . many decades on since we Australians began selling off the farm to the controlling overlords in the UK and the USA. It seems we are starting to get a little nervous when those getting in line to buy up what’s left of our national treasures – our food production, our ports and few remaining minerals – have yellow and brown skin. There’s no racial prejudice here surely! But it has suddenly come home to all but the most particularly dopey among us that selling off our assets – in this case to the Chinese and Indians  – might not be such a great idea. It didn’t seem so bad when we were giving it away for a song to the Poms and the Yanks though. Same difference folks. Maybe a slightly better brand of exploitation. Event that’s debatable.

The arguments that the Americans are strategic allies are really not so brilliant. We’ve been buying their crappy fast food and overpriced computer software to prove our loyalty. We’ve been marching off with them to fight dodgy wars. Why should they get our raw materials on the cheap as well? Doesn’t make sense. Oh yeah . . .we need foreign capital to invest in this country. What???!!!!!! We need foreign capital to invest in digging holes in the ground so they can cart off our priceless and irreplaceable mineral wealth? At least you can grow more food. Mate I’ll send a couple of blokes out into the bush with a four wheel drive and a pick and few shovels and tell them there’s beer buried deep in the ground. They’ll dig up whatever you like.

Mind you the Yanks definitely just take whatever they want from whomever they want – historically this is accurate. Why should Australia keep what is theirs? Perhaps it’s our Karma. We did after all steal the lot from the original Aboriginal inhabitants.
If this latest mob of crooks really were INVESTING and not just ripping us off then it might be different. So let’s get real. The USA has distinguished itself by becoming the greatest fascist nation on earth. A title now being hotly contended by China. Fascism is simply corporatism run amok. When corporations rule you and not governments elected of the people, for the people and by the people – what you get is what you’ve got now. This soulless corporatism has now wrapped its tentacles around every department of life spurred by a most peculiar belief that somehow it is free markets which can most capably direct the affairs of humanity. This has truly put Dracula in charge of the blood bank and it really is that frightening. If Dr Quantum is stretching the truth, how then my dear friends do you explain this? (And it is entirely symptomatic of the sick system known as the USofA) Watch video to check reality now. The facts.

The Revolution is Now Being Televised

12 02 2011

Gil Scott Heron’s frequently referenced polemic against white middle-class ’70s USA titled: The Revolution Will Not be Televised . . .has some great verses. Ironically the title is frequently referenced – it gets a lot of airplay – because it plugs and plays so well with the very short data byte. Very few people actually know the lyrics. Just so you can say you read the lyrics here first (at least first for a very long time) It starts like this .

You will Not be able to stay home brother / You will not be able to plug in, turn on and cop out / You will not be able to lose yourslef on scag and skip / Skip out for beer during commercials / Because the revolution will not be televised

Well . . .apparently the Revolution will have to be televised, absolutely MUST be televised if we are going to have a revolution.  Now that just about anyone – including the very young – has the ability to photograph and even video-record anything they want on their mobile phones . . .and then upload it to You Tube – among a host of other “mass” / social media. You can’t stop the revolution being televised it would seem.

Laptop Lightning

Hosni Mubarak did actually try to STOP the Egyptian revolution from being televised. The dying regime sent out goon squads to rough up anyone that looked like a foreign press agent and tried to punish, (beat,confiscate, destroy) anyone with a recording device. That seemed to work well.  If there is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come, apparently the new Chinese revolution’s time hasn’t come yet. Rest assured it will indeed come.

But there are many who believe that these kinds of revolutions are NOT the REAL revolutions. They tell us to watch the new Zietgiest movie. Wherein it is written, that the world is being manipulated by dark forces (the faceless people who own the Federal Reserve) and shadowy figures operating behind the scenes who keep the people of the world in economic, material and spiritual slavery.  They say that the REAL revolution will be one where we overthrow the money economy and take to swapping pigs, chickens and presumably computers. A kind of New Age barter system. I say . . .don’t hold your breath.

While it seems a lot of what the Zietgiest movies are saying is overdue to be said – (big bad capitalism is BIG and BAD and shadowy figures are shadowy – and yes people need to be told about this d’Oh!!!) – i just cannot see any kind of viable revolution getting underway that involves a cashless society based on bartering. The REAL revolution i would venture to suggest is the revolution of radical self-hood. It is the revolution of personal transformation. It is the revolution of personal mastery. It is the revolution of personal revelation and it is the revolution in the final expression being the public epiphany and the deep emergence  . . . .of a transformed social structure based on the tansformation of the tired old idea that kep it in place. Thoughts are things, and by the same token things are frozen thoughts. And please, please, if you disagree with this sentiment . . . just don’t feel you have to share it with me. But i digress.

The REVOLUTION WILL BE TELEVISED. This is the new rule. So if you feel an ephiphany coming on please . . .please do capture it on film, post it on You Tube, Let the world know on face Book and Twitter and rest assured that YOU ARE A STAR. Well . . .a star in the making for sure.

World-wide Celebrities in action

Anyway  . . .in that mode – here is my epiphany from this morning while watching a boat turning lazily on it’s moorings in the bay. A quiet moment of personal clarity and insight that i now televise for your enjoymnet, entertainment and upliftment. Ready?

The beautiful dream without words

came to me and sang in the soft summer breezes

The revolution is now being televised

The End

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