The New Quantum Resonance

16 05 2012

Watching The Busses Arrive

From no way you will find your way

And it came to pass that the old ways in their world were no longer working, and even the old ways that were still working weren’t working nearly as well as before. The Earth tried to speak to them; to warn them by sending storms, floods, fires, earthquakes and even disease. But still many would not listen; could not hear the message. The time had come to find a new way. But how? What was this new way that many talked about but which many also could not understand? There was great confusion. In some places people fought over the basic necessities while in other places villains, thieves and robbers stole what little the poor could scrape together.

Even the fearless leaders began to fear. Could nothing be done? Perhaps it was too late. Perhaps humanity was doomed and damned as some were saying.

As the unraveling of the very fabric of their world began to accelerate the fearless leaders called many many meetings in attempts to solve the myriads of problems. Experts from every field of knowledge were invited to speak, write and share their ideas. Groups of people were called together by the leaders and many gathered in people’s assemblies. Finally after all the meetings and talking, after all the scribing, debates and argument still there was no agreement.

After the time of arguments as it become known in later days, many people had given up hope and many gave in to despair. Many resorted to prayer as a a last hope.  Many ran to the farthest hills to escape from the coming catastrophe. And some just went about their business pretending that all would be well. And just when it seemed that all the people had given up, the greatest of the leaders stood forth upon the electronic mountain and spoke. All were hushed for his speaking from the great mountain raised a glimmer of hope in their hearts.

My friends and people of the Earth from many lands. He spoke with gravitas and a sonorous voice for he was known to be a great orator. The time has come to find a new way, for the old ways are no longer working, and even those old ways that do still work are not working as well as they used to. The fabric of space-time is beginning to unravel. If the new way into the future is not found, the Quantum Druids of the great Tree of Life have informed me that the world will end at midnight on the 23rd of Pingalpa. A cry went up from all the people in the different parts of the world.

I come before you today to declare the new way. I have conferred with the Quantum Druids and a decision has been reached. That decision is to declare everything new starting right now.  The ancient knowledge tells us . . .from no way you will find you way. We have now reached the time of no way. Since we have reached the time of no way, therefore we will find our way. But this new way will take great courage, it will take great heart. We will need new definitions. Therefore I come before you to declare the New Way.

Each and every one of us must learn to listen to the wisdom of the heart and let this speak within us so the head can understand and integrate this awareness into our actions in the world. Each and every one of must come to understand, that every individual is now creating his or her own reality field. Each and every individual must now strive to take sovereignty over themselves and be fully responsible for themselves.

As individuals take sovereignty we must also understand that this means being compassionate and caring. These two principles must stand as one living tree of united knowledge and understanding. Therefore I say to you that hoarding of wealth and hoarding of vital knowledge that can be used for the common good must cease. The free clean energy devices must be restored to the people and no longer kept hidden. Systems of trade must be made fair. Everyone must have fair shares in the Earth’s abundance for it is the birthright of all.

This is the new way which I have proposed to the Quantum druids, and they have agreed and offered their counsel. But they have asked me to tell the people that the new way is a resonance and it is a pattern, it is a system that must find it’s own levels of particular organization. You may feel that you have found a system that is a true system, and yet this system may appear to not work at first. But you must persevere. For this is the new Quantum Resonance and it is not a system made of steel and wires and concrete. This is the new temple and the new template that we must each find in ourselves and in the correspondences of the world. We have reached the time of no way and from no way we will find our way. May the mysterious Goddess of the Divine Christos bless you all in the sacred fire and in Resonance. Priya Naglis Hei Practa Delikash Pronto Deo.

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