No Reduction of Hot Air at Durban

6 12 2011

Infinite Quantum Dancers

Quantum Dancing is The Answer

Dear wise and thinking friend, as we observe the obstinate denial of wisdom and lack of a moral stance and clear thinking at the so-called climate talks at Durban it is time to remind ourselves  . . .not to be deterred by the immoral, the unwise and the unthinking – quantum dancing is the answer.  One gets the feeling that the great washing machine of infinity is about to give some of our brothers and sisters a complimentary cycle of the old convenience. Keep your powder dry and your dirty laundry handy, you may be able to score a deluxe bag wash supreme at the laundromat of life yourself and do some quantum dancing while you wait for your clothes. And keep a book handy in case of long delays. The Sustainability Network has reported the situation succinctly ‘We’ve been doing the same kind of approach for 20 years now, and it’s going nowhere’, explains Professor Scott Barrett, from the Earth Institute at Columbia University.

Let us quickly summarise the problem. Firstly there is a lack of moral and political will exhibited by the big three polluters, China, USA and Russia.  Their collective lack of will to take the necessary action to reduce carbon emissions makes it diabolically difficult for any of the other countries to manoeuvre. Australia – the country of Dr Quantum’s residence – has only managed to pass a carbon tax by the slimmest of margins and to our possible economic detriment. A detriment that Dr Quantum for one is more than happy to bear for the sake of future generations. Many people do not yet understand, Quantum Dancing is the answer.

Secondly there is the mad chattering of the loonies and nutters emanating from the lower rungs. Like so many agitated monkeys, these are the paranoid, the fearful, the denialists.  God bless ’em. Then there are the outright frauds. Certain large business interests who are happy to pay the spin doctors of the bottom-dwelling PR tribes to tell lies on their behalf. They are happy to deceive, cheat and connive for pieces of silver. And God bless them too. They know not what they they do, nor do they know that they sow the seeds of their own demise. The hour of opportunity for CHANGE is only hastened, and inevitably so by their fear, greed, lack of foresight and moral courage. And that’s the news.

Quantum Dancing But there’s more. In the quantum realm of infinite systems and infinite games you can create your own reality. Quantum Dancing is the answer. But how do you do that? Well . . .here’s the trick you see. First of all it is not necessary to dwell on the dark and depressing stuff for longer than it takes to see what’s going on. See it there. Take META-physical responsibility for your own fractal of the darkness and then move quickly into the light. As quickly as a Latin Dancer moves on the sparkling night floor with Rumba, Salsa and Meringue. Move to the rhythm and Dance! Dance with your own vision of what is true for you. Dance with the answers of your own sacred heart of passionate romance. Flow with the night moves of lovers on the dance floor and discover what really moves you. Dance to the beat of your own drum . . .and BANG! it loud. Stay in the flow and remember . . . don’t stop till you get enough. Tiger . . .Rrrrrr. Quantum Dancing is the Answer.

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