Every Generation Needs A New Revolution

14 04 2012


Every Generation needs a new revolution.

So said Thomas Jefferson. To understand the nature of the new revolution it doesn’t hurt to understand something of the new Quantum Theory. Sadly it has become necessary to call it the NEW Quantum Theory because of a group of so-called Quantum Scientists calling themselves Quantum Realists. Quantum Realists reckon you can’t direct macroscopic outcomes based on Quantum Affects, for if you could, then this would be called magic, and there is no room for magic in the world of Quantum Realists. Perhaps these midget-minded mincers should just focus on being engineers, for this is what they have reduced Quantum Theory to. They insist that Quantum Theory is ALL ABOUT the tiniest measurable reactions and movements.

In effect what the Quantum Realists have attempted to do is to stuff the Quantum genie back in the bottle. But as Niels Bohr, one of Quantum Physic’s founding fathers has famously remarked: If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet. In a delicious paradox Quantum Realists have understood Quantum Theory and ergo have not understood it at all. And once again Niels Bohr is ready with a pithy one liner: How wonderful that we have met with a paradox. Now we have some hope of making progress

While Quantum Realists keep those geosynchronous satellites orbiting in the correct  manner and my mobile phone keeps working as a result, then Quantum Realists serve some useful purpose. Apart from that they are fun to argue with at parties. The real benefits of understanding the NEW Quantum Theory lie elsewhere. In Amit Goswami’s How Quantum Activism Can Save Civilization he states the case right from the start. Scientific Evidence for Spirituality Is Here, So What Are You Doing about It? Nice opening line. Amit Goswami argues that far from establishing a Quantum Realism which somehow proves a fundamentalist materialism, Quantum Theory can and must be used to demonstrate how the basis of all matter is consciousness. Given that Ami-G is a Professor of Physics we must at the very least allow that an interpretation that posits a Quantum physics of spirituality is now a contender, is now at the very least controversial. It’s professors at fifty paces. Quantum Realism be damned. I’m talking to the faeries at the bottom of the garden and getting some really great ideas. Ditto for the space craft hiding in the cloud above my swimming pool. I’m going with Ami-G when he says that the ground of being is consciousness and not concrete. Time to get real, time to get free-key, time to wake up. Say it 50 times .  .Every Generation needs a new revolution

Deep and Mysterious Complexity

19 02 2012

Fractals and Higher Math Models are common in Nature

You haven’t understood it

In 1900 Max Planck made a remarkable discovery concerning electrodynamics requiring an entirely new theoretical framework to explain how the universe and nature works at an essential, deep level. Planck’s discovery opened the gates for a radical new framework . . .Quantum Theory. The findings and implications of Quantum Theory are bizarre by comparison with our common, Newtonian, and above all logical way of seeing the world. Niels Bohr one of Quantum Theory’s pioneers famously commented If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it.

Einstein but also Schroedinger, Planck, Bohr, and Bohm will be familiar to many. The implications of Quantum Theory were so shocking and disturbing to those quantum pioneers that an often overlooked part of their legacy, is a deep sense of the sacred, the mysterious and the mystical they often expressed. Einstein has remarked, there is nothing more beautiful than the mysterious.

Please note this post is one part of three originally written as one piece. See also: Deep Ecology and The Emergence of New Consciousness > click here and also The Quantum Druids of Deep Resonance Ecology > click here.

Mystical leaning Quantum Theorist David Bohm (for some books by Bohm > click here) gives us a view of the mysterious energies that lie at the root of our experience. According to Bohm there is as much energy in the wave enfolded space of a resonant pin-point (say a cubic centimetre) as there is in the entire Space-Time Continuum times 10 to the power of 40. Now . . .one really does have to just stop for a moment to let that soak in. The implications are enormous, endless. Blow your mind with the video about the universe below – Perhaps it’s worth repeating if quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it.

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