The Quantum Druids of Deep Resonance Ecology

18 02 2012

Emergence of The White Wizard

At The Crossroads

I consider myself a Quantum Druid. I love trees. I talk to trees, and I commune with universe through trees – among other things. And Deep Resonance Ecology is my thing. In Lord of The Rings, Tolkien describes in graphic detail the works of Saruman whose defining act as a wizard of the dark force was to destroy the forest of grand old trees surrounding his castle. These old growth trees were used to fuel his infernal workshops to carry out plans for domination, enslavement and destruction. It was the the dark power making its move. Kill the trees and you attack a fundamental aspect of the sacredness of life. Starting to sound familiar? It’s amazing how the classical themes have a certain sort of  fractal resonance. While Tolkien intended the life-destroying ways of Saruman as a metaphor for the rise of Nazism in Europe he found a frighteningly accurate descriptor for the global destruction of our ecosystem and without putting too fine a point on it . . .for the dark forces which are so obviously arrayed behind our current system of pornographic greed, shrinking fear and self-interested oppression of the many by the few.  The rate of extinction of species has now reached an estimated three species an hour. We are living through a mass extinction event and apparently as a species fairly much asleep at the wheel.

Humanity finds itself at the crossroads. In April 2000 a crossroads article par excellence appeared in Wired Magazine. Titled Why The Future Doesn’t Need Us by Bill Joy, then Chief Scientist and co-founder of SUN Microsystems, the piece caused massive controversy. Why The Future Doesn’t Need Us is one of many warning bells for humanity, sounded clearly enough over the past half century or so. Quoting a number of dystopian alarmists including none other than Theodore Kaczynski AKA the Unabomber, Bill Joy summarises their outlook: Robots will eventually succeed us and that humans clearly face extinction. Another amazingly resonant fractal – via Terminator cinematique. Bill Joy does not agree with the Unabomber’s methods but thinks he has an important point. Billy Joy quotes Ray Kurzweil from The Age of Spiritual Machines in turn quoting Kaczynski.

. . . because machine-made decisions will bring better results than man-made ones. Eventually a stage may be reached at which the decisions necessary to keep the system running will be so complex that human beings will be incapable of making them intelligently. At that stage the machines will be in effective control. People won’t be able to just turn the machines off, because they will be so dependent . . . that turning them off would amount to suicide.

More of the familiar ring? Matrix Cinematique! Consider the nature of the world system – for it is a machine of sorts. With the logging of our old growth forests, despite loud protests from certain quarters we seem more or less incapable of halting their destruction. At the time of the first Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro 1992 the rate of destruction of old growth forests was approximately 1 acre every 3 seconds. Twenty one years later the rate is one acre destroyed every second. Unless you want to be part of an extinct species then it’s time to act . . .we are very much at the crossroads

The Holographic Geodesic Fractal Universe for Hipsters

12 02 2012

The Shadow Play Theatre

The Universe Is Holographic

According to some sources of commentary on the nature of reality it is possible that we live in a hologram. That is to say that the universe is holographic. If you are still plugged into the conventional matrix then this is a most pleasantly interesting; a novel and  bizarre thought. The implication is that from some higher level in the hierarchy of values  – according to this type of science – your existence is a holographic projection of a version of you that is actually two dimensional, gee even perhaps one dimensional? Whoa! Wait a minute. How could we be one dimensional? Well hipsters let’s face it we all know a few one dimensional people . . .right? Then join the dots.The universe is holographic

But here’s what’s really fascinating. If we are a projection of a version of us that is one or two dimensional, then the broader and expanded perspective in which we live – that of pure quantum consciousness – is complex powerful and multi-dimensional in a way that is the opposite of the two dimensional version of who we are. We may be a bunch of mere cardboard cut out dolls whose shadows are being reflected onto the screen of the holographic universe . . .but what is the light source in which resides the real generating power to keep the show going? That is one question which is excellent good for philosophising as you stroll in solitude along the windswept coast of Cornwall or some other suitably dramatic place of profound cogitation. I predict that you will be shocked to one day learn that this very cosmic light that generates your cosmic universe was actually generated from the discount torch held by your good friend Ali Mus Clubba Fungi Holy Rabbit Smenckle Regringbrithanitwati Swingle Pootle Smigle Sneezy Plingle Twood. . . .the 3rd. But his friends just call him Ali as you do in the 12th dimensional timeless oasis of Shra, deep in the valley of the Cumquats. Such is the nature of life dear hipsters. And no i haven’t been taking drugs. Why do people keep asking that? Hey . . .the universe is holographic.

This may all sound odd, strange and peculiar, so let me just set you straight. This is EXACTLY what’s going on, and one day you will realise it all at once in a brilliant FLASH of illumination and be amazed. Until then . . .keep your hair on and don’t talk to strangers with polka dot ties. They are all holographic robots and hey. . .the universe is holographic . . .  Now . . .once you have had your flash of illumination you will get to make a choice. Do you continue on into the higher dimensions of infinite ecstasy, pleasure, love fun and higher dimensional games or do you, through compassion come back into the darkness of limited consciousness to this world of two dimensional insanity and endless hellish paradox to attempt, through your infinite love to awaken the souls who are stuck on the wheel of reincarnation; of samsara??? Remembering all the while that if you do try to wake them up they will hate you for it. Holy crap! Where’s the exit? Everywhere! Hey . . .the universe is holographic!

Mysteries of the Quantum

4 12 2011

God's Official Drivers License Photo

God this is Your Cue

To find a charge that will arc across from the tower of bald headed stubborn materialism and connect with the deeply mysterious Orb of spirituality, thus integrating our understanding of both has been getting easier and easier. God this is your cue. A lazy person needs only nod at the disturbing findings of Quantum Theorists and the parallels of  spiritual commentators down the ages. There it is! The big give-away clue to the existence of what spiritual teachers have been saying all along.

All things are connected. God this is your cue. While this does not prove the existence of God it positively shouts of a Meta-Physics. In addition the findings of Quantum theory – that all things are connected – opens the very real possibility that God may indeed exist. Never mind the Buddhists who insist that God is not necessary. To save yourself from suffering simply stop behaving badly. Fair point – if only you could see it.

Within the vast and unimaginable realms of what Bohm Calls The Implicate Order there is ample room for Gods and Goddesses to be breathing universes out of the pores of their skin and back in again while sleeping, while dreaming, without missing a beat. God this is your cue, is indeed one view put forward in the ancient scriptures. It is time for people of adequate intellect to simply allow if they have not already done so, the validity of the other-worldly possibility and relinquish the sceptical refuge that their egos cling to, uncomfortable as it may at first seem. God this is your cue.

God could well exist. It is a very real possibility. Given all that we know, all that we have seen, heard and been shown, anyone who clings to the sceptical notion that metaphysical phenomenon must remain guilty till proven real must be categorised as, well, (there must be a more diplomatic way of putting this) as closed minded  . . . sorry. So please God speak to us now through Amit Goswami the great Quantum Physicist – God this is your cue.

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