Earthship Survives Earthquake in Chile

3 07 2012

Example of an Earthship Tirewall

Earthship Tire Wall Withstands Chilean Earthquake 6/7 on Richter

This message from an Earthship Chilean survivor just plucked from Earthsip’s latest newsletter: from Earthship Chile: I’m from Chile two weeks ago we had an earthquake of 6/7 richter, our tire wall stand without problems and our wall is just tires no concrete on it … enough evidence for me that Earthships are earthquake-proof .
Sorry about my English not mi native language hope you understand

You can see a 1 & half minute video on Earthships New Solutions Below. More great Earthship vids will appear in the window when this vid is over!!! check it out – It’s huge fun. You can subscribe to Earthships Biotechture newsletter here  . . .

Occupy Wall Street – The Tsunami we had to Have?

15 10 2011

Repositioning The Greed

The tsunami we had to have?

The mainstream media have been quick to identify the Occupy Wall Street movement as being aimless, but few mainstream journalists are openly identifying this emergence of global action and protest as possibly the tsunami we had to have.

One could be excused for thinking that the Occupy movement is a long overdue expression of personal and collective frustration at corruption, greed, inequality, apathy and creeping fascism. But excused by who? Perhaps not the spokespersons and agents within mainstream media and the rabid right wing in the USA called the Tea party and in Australia . . Alan Jones (he gets his own special category). Why is it so? And while you consider the answer to this question Make sure you see Professor Cornell West (Princeton) in a short clip at the end of this post talking at Harvard Law School. Professor West was one of Obama’s special black advisers.

Many journalists are reporting on the swirling mass of humanity rising up in over a thousand cities worldwide. According to reports the mob are apparently leaderless and lacking in focus but . . . . they continue to surge forward and swirl around. Some of the poor dears of the mainstream media are having a hard time coming to terms with it all. It seems they fail to draw the obvious comparisons with seismic global events of late that resulted in devastating oceanic movements. It’s called a tsunami – literally Harbour Wave. As we have seen, if you don’t move yourself to higher ground when one of these events is bearing down, you may well drown in the irresistible and chaotic flood.

Is this The Tsunami we had to have now rapidly bearing down on the sleepy little coastal village of cosy capitalism? Extending the metaphor this is one way that glib, glib, glib turns into glub, glub, glub. Man proposes and the ocean disposes. Well . . . the great and graceful ocean will not be mocked though many have seen fit to ignore this ancient wisdom. Prediction: We will see various captains of industry and the spin doctor toadies of corporate PR scrambling to re-position their exclusive bretheren to higher ground. At the moment it is easy to imagine that this Tsunami will prove to be a catastrophic change event we sorely need right about now. If so you can count it as being blessedly merciful, because if it’s not this event that knocks down the rotten constructions dotting our low-lying countryside then the next shocks – and there will be a series of them – will be worse.  And so it will go untill the power-lock people decide to turn the key towards liberty, equality and fraternity. Where have I heard that before? it has a nice ring to it.
Perhaps as the everyday people realize ever more clearly that indeed we are the power-lock people – the 99% we will release our own shackles. Quantum-wise (spiritually speaking?) this must be the deeper truth. It has been said that when the people lead the leaders will follow. Some do insist on being dragged screaming it seems – so undignified! Nevertheless – Praise the Lord it sure looks like the tsunami we had to have is the idea whose time has come.

The Surrealist Exhibition – You Are Being Farmed

14 08 2011

The Time Has Come . . . .

You Are Not a Free-Range Chook but a Battery Hen

This post was going to be titled just: You are being farmed. Well . . .if you haven’t realized by now that, politically, economically and socially you are not a free-range chook but a battery hen then perhaps another analogy will help. Author John Perkins says in his most recent newsletter, we are re-living the life and times of Robin Hood. Wherein Prince John (the corporations) exploits the people with the help of the Sheriff of Nottingham (the politicians). In the words of a wise man – in order to experience who you really are you have to experience that which you are not . . so perhaps it’s liberating to discover once in a while that you are a battery hen. In order to get free of the entrapment Perkins suggests that our weapons are not bows and arrows but are keyboards, words and legitimate political protest. (he said this just before occupy Wall Street – Ed)

Subversion in all forms must replace apathy. People power has many faces and our current creative mission must be to find, uncover and discover those words, ideas, creations and moments that will send the message. It is time for we the butterflies of chaos to start flapping our wings, albeit perhaps gently on an individual level, and create the hurricane of legitimate change, for verily it is written – there is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come.

This blog purports to be about sustainability – and it is! Dr Quantum has made a 20 year PLUS study of the subject. There is much that can be said about sustainability. It resonates on many different levels. The best and most radical (meaning at the root) definition that Dr Quantum has found to explain what sustainability IS, is really very simple. Sustainability IS WHAT WORKS. And right now folks the old rah-rah version of predatory capitalism ain’t woikin. What are ya gonna do? Start talkin. Sing like a bird. Tell your story. Make a noise. Write a poem. Run for political office. Get a better education. Make subversive art. Design a recyclable wigwam. Light a candle to the God or Goddess of your understanding. (more on this later) BE THE CHANGE. Because make no mistake the time is NOW.  The hallmark, the distinguishing feature of THAT WHICH NEEDS TO CHANGE is individual stuckness and entrenched group selfishness. Garden party anyone? Oh! More Tea?

The riots that have been in startling evidence around the world lately and spectacularly so in England most recently are the direct result of continued, sustained and prolonged exploitation of underprivileged classes. Public housing estates that have long been a blight on the English landscape have boiled over. Areas of social disadvantage have caught the wave of restlessness and have somehow decided to give the established order the big finger. So how can youths running out of smashed up shop fronts with Sony Play Stations and sporty clothes be counted as protest? Because this is the F#@&ING reality. Time to wake up and smell the coffee. Dr Quantum finds the methods of their protest somewhat hair-raising, nevertheless the responsibility rests with you dear minister and me. As well as them. It is on the shoulders of every publicly elected official who has taken a bribe and been compromised by the forces of greed that the responsibility must now rest. And it is on you & me.

You could take a radical approach to the whole thing and re-frame those English riots as a sort of conceptual art. You could see the riots as a new Dada-ism of political awakening for the elite. You have seen the Fountain of Youth and it wasn’t what you expected eh? Too bad. Time start re-framing a lot of things.

Make no mistake . . .the old idea of capitalism will not stand. It is currently under process of review from far too many.  It is being attacked, radically critiqued by the intelligensia, by politicians and by our Feudal . . .sorry Corporate over-lords. The ensuing chaos will be a sort of ballet of absurdity over the coming weeks, months and years. Watch for ever more sickening propaganda of how much the bank loves you and your kids. How much Monsanto loves the environment. Watch for a new fever pitch in the battle to exploit and manipulate the minds of voters by our elected representatives and if you’re an academic watch for new radical revisions of what it all means – you may even be throwing your hat in the ring to be the voice right now. See also – this blog Media Manager Murdoch’s Operating manual for Spaceship Earth.

And as much as the action-people of this world like to deride theorists as unproductive members of society, there will be a profound trickle down effect and consolidation from the idea mills of our finest minds to those struggling to come to terms with the new political, economic and social realities. That’s you & me by the way. So be on the lookout for some bold, brilliant and new ideas about how to be human in the 21st Century. And while you’re at it consider the possibility that the notion of God/ Goddess as we have traditionally framed It/Him/Her may need some revision. Consider also that Quantum Theory clearly reveals that there is a great big beautiful realm of rich and rare treasures that gives more than enough scope for Gods and Goddesses in abundance. Consider  . . . that the spiritual realm is a distinct possibility. Consider the possibility that the only thing keeping your mind closed to such possibilities is now your Ego. There is no scientific basis for such Egoic certitude of athiesm . . .at all.

Consider also that within this context miracles are possible. The ever-so radical Dr Quantum would like to reiterate . . . Sustainability is what works. Go you miraculous quantum generator of reality par excellence. Go you 21st Century Hu-person. In order to experience that which you are, you must experience that which you are not. Go you good thing. So. . .if you want to get liberated in this life be clear about what you don’t want, consider – right now you are not a free-range chook but a battery hen.

Wake Up and Smell the Fascism – Brady Bunch Style

16 07 2011

The Real Truth about the Brady Bunch

There is something that we who understand ourselves to be Citizens of The World – need to comprehend about the world today. It is a simple truth, and one that now carries with it the crystal clear ring of truth. We are living in a fascist society.

Now don’t get me wrong. Not all business people are crooked, and neither are all politicians. So how is it that our great industries and institutions are riddled with levels of corruption that make the Mafia look downright frumpy. I have a theory. My theory is that it has always been like this. More or less. And perhaps it IS as simple as this. Maybe since Moses played fullback for Jerusalem the world has just been ruled by feuding warlords and cartels of criminally insane barbarians. The successful ones called themselves the Royal Family and so things have gone since the beginning of time. These bastards are the crazies who will just do whatever it takes to make a buck, stay in power and get the kudos. Maybe.

But if we look closer there is something else going on as well. It seems things have actually been getting worse lately. How else can we explain Tony Abbott? A mad monk fighting with every breath in his budgie smugglers for the carpet bagging rights of the worst kind of excessive and insane brutalists. Abbott is an idealogue who sincerely believes in his own boring and boorish crusade. Will someone please sit the mad monk down and have a quiet and slow word . . .will someone please explain to this man that he is fighting on the side of the fascists.

The scariest thing about Abbott is that he appears to actually believe the utterly fantastic propaganda of the right. He is a sort of zealot boy scout who dropped out of seminary. He is the most dangerous of men – a true believer. The left is shamelessly close to his frightful political position with it’s own orgy of deregulation and mass privatisation. State labor governments have been fairly falling over themselves to sell off public utilities and place them in the hands of private enterprise. The mantra has been deregulate, privatise and outsource. And now look where we are. That’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into.

And so now here we are . . . many decades on since we Australians began selling off the farm to the controlling overlords in the UK and the USA. It seems we are starting to get a little nervous when those getting in line to buy up what’s left of our national treasures – our food production, our ports and few remaining minerals – have yellow and brown skin. There’s no racial prejudice here surely! But it has suddenly come home to all but the most particularly dopey among us that selling off our assets – in this case to the Chinese and Indians  – might not be such a great idea. It didn’t seem so bad when we were giving it away for a song to the Poms and the Yanks though. Same difference folks. Maybe a slightly better brand of exploitation. Event that’s debatable.

The arguments that the Americans are strategic allies are really not so brilliant. We’ve been buying their crappy fast food and overpriced computer software to prove our loyalty. We’ve been marching off with them to fight dodgy wars. Why should they get our raw materials on the cheap as well? Doesn’t make sense. Oh yeah . . .we need foreign capital to invest in this country. What???!!!!!! We need foreign capital to invest in digging holes in the ground so they can cart off our priceless and irreplaceable mineral wealth? At least you can grow more food. Mate I’ll send a couple of blokes out into the bush with a four wheel drive and a pick and few shovels and tell them there’s beer buried deep in the ground. They’ll dig up whatever you like.

Mind you the Yanks definitely just take whatever they want from whomever they want – historically this is accurate. Why should Australia keep what is theirs? Perhaps it’s our Karma. We did after all steal the lot from the original Aboriginal inhabitants.
If this latest mob of crooks really were INVESTING and not just ripping us off then it might be different. So let’s get real. The USA has distinguished itself by becoming the greatest fascist nation on earth. A title now being hotly contended by China. Fascism is simply corporatism run amok. When corporations rule you and not governments elected of the people, for the people and by the people – what you get is what you’ve got now. This soulless corporatism has now wrapped its tentacles around every department of life spurred by a most peculiar belief that somehow it is free markets which can most capably direct the affairs of humanity. This has truly put Dracula in charge of the blood bank and it really is that frightening. If Dr Quantum is stretching the truth, how then my dear friends do you explain this? (And it is entirely symptomatic of the sick system known as the USofA) Watch video to check reality now. The facts.

Your Energy Future and Climate Change – Complain More!

28 05 2011

It's in Your Hands

The Get Up! Campaign inspired my donation the past week with this sadly funny and entertaining video re climate change(click here to view) and the greed surrounding the polluter lobby. I say sadly-funny because it really gets to the heart of the unbelievably selfish and unbelievably dumb arguments that are being used to deny the reality of human caused climate change.

If my dollar has a chance of actually getting to where it’s going to do the good I don’t mind donating to a worthy cause. And so if Get Up! are prepared to put my dontation/their funds into campaigns designed to put pressure on politicians to actually stand up to the evil coal lobby then they have my vote. Black as coal. What can ya do? Complain more.Speaking of which this just in from Get Up! yesterday (May 27th) . . .

Spread The Word (National Day of Climate Action)

June 5 is going to be a turning point for our movement. It’s crucial that we get as many people to come along as possible – can you help make sure your suburb is covered in posters so that as many people hear about the action as possible?

You can either download a copy of the poster to print out on your home computer below, or you can sign up on the right to pick up materials from a central location in the CBD.

In case you missed it, here are the details of the Brisbane Rally:

Where: Riverstage, Botanic Gardens Path, Brisbane
When: 1pm Sunday June 5

You can also share the details of the action with your friends and family below.

click here for Day of Climate Action – Rally

Ha! You gotta love the internet. On that same page you can download your posters and even sign up to help. Our friends in the paranoid conspiracy tribes will no doubt have Get Up! pegged as a front for the Aliens and the New World Order (so-called). Look . . .whatever dudes. Personally I am glad that someone is actully doing something about the greatest threat to the viability of our species since Noah and the Flood. Dr Quantum encourages all civil-minded souls and people of goodwill to join in the protests.

Indeed . . .there’s not enough complaining in my opinion. By and large, people go quietly about their business in Australia with little to indicate a ruffled feather. We may have been busy importing American culture into this country, but don’t be fooled. When it comes to the art of complaining we are as English as the English – perhaps even more so. Complaining is seen as impolite. Don’t rock the boat chaps – is what they are saying.

Now, Dr Quantum is as New Age as the next rainbow fairy when it comes to quantumizing the powers of manifestation. Focus on what you want – not on what you don’t want. And yes it’s true. Every now and then however, it’s balanced (shall we say?) to actually let it all hang out. So start complaining. It’s almost guaranteed to make you feel a whole lot better. Certainly in the first instance. Complaining is not just therapeutic . . .it’s now essential. Dr Quantum is going to get a T-Shirt with the message Complain More! emblazoned across the front and maybe even the back. Note I am not talking about whingeing. What’s the difference? I hear you ask. Well . . .I am so glad you asked. Here’s the on-line dictionary definitions of Complain and Whinge resepctively

Complian: intr.v. com·plained, com·plain·ing, com·plains 1. To express feelings of pain, dissatisfaction, or resentment. 2. To make a formal accusation or bring a formal charge.

Whinge: vb whinges, whingeing, whinged (intr)1. to cry in a fretful way
See the difference? I am not recommending that people should cry in a fretful way. Oh no! But i do suggest we need to do a whole lot more complaining about things.

See you at the rally. And go on. . . Join Get Up! online. Get their newsletters. Respond with an email saying you will go to the rally. Sling em ten bucks. You’re mad if you don’t.

I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore

Glorious – The Fuzzy Atom of Love

21 05 2011

Sustainable System - The Tree of Life

There is not nearly enough integrational material available on sustainability.  Apparently you are either a lab coated Newtonian scientist – I love it when you talk nerdy to me – or an off with the faeries mystical dreadlocked Tree Hugger. Me? I am a bit of both without the dreads and minus the lab coat – but hey . . . where’s that confounded bridge? It’s just gotta be around here someplace, and like those rugged explorers of yesteryear, I say . . .it’s time to cross the great divide.

Picture if you will the excitement caused back in the day when old Sydney Town was abuzz with the imminent crossing of the rugged Blue Mountains by the venerable explorers Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth. And do you really care that the Great Dividing Range was formed during the Carboniferous Period some 300 million years ago? Let’s face it tree huggers . . .from a human interest point of view what the European settlers cared about at that time was the high adventure of finally making the crossing, and for this they looked to those hardy pioneers.

Imagine for just a moment that you are a traveler from the past and you step Jules Verne like into a Steam Driven time machine of infinite destinations, meditations and pregnant possibilities. You set the controls for the year 2012, the 21st of December no less . . .the end of the Mayan calendar . . . and behold! For you travel to the very end of time.

The portal device begins rocking and shuddering and shaking. Blue Electrical arcs snake up inside the giant glass valves and with a great flash and a loud bang . . .here you are.

From the year 1813 you have come in a great circle of time. And landing on the edge of the year 2012 the time of the great crossing is upon us once again. We cross from the old Newtonian-Cartesian paradigm to the New . . . the New Era, the New Age, the New Time for humanity. Indeed it is time to boldly go . . . consider the Tree of Life – the Sephirotic Tree pictured above. The Tree of Life may not be new, but our understanding of life can be using the Tree as a map.

A deceptively simple, a multi-dimensional map for journeying to any point in the space time continuum. So we could use it to help us locate sustainability.

Dr Quantum would suggest, that the Tree of Life, AKA the Sephirotic Tree is indeed a map to assist us in better understanding sustainability. And what does it tell us? Well . . .many volumes have been written about the Tree of Life, and much of it is impenetrably dense. Let us simply say this. The tree speaks to us in terms of activating miraculous success in our lives. This is a very Quantum Kool kind of thing to be doing right about now of course. When you think about it, that would have to include sustainability because we are in danger of melting down, freaking out and logging off these days. Miraculous success would have to be sustainable then, or, by definition it wouldn’t be success. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you!

So let’s make this easy. The first thing the tree tells us is to get in touch with our deepest desires. Now put those deep desires into a framework of your vision for the future. What is your vision? And do that with excellence, with . . .impeccability. You now have the basic formula that no amount of searching will ever improve. It’s the key to sustainability. Feel your feelings. Have a vision. Combine the vision with impeccability. And wow! Things will start to happen.

In a quantum sense the shift you will experience is aided and abetted by atoms that are warm and fuzzy and buzzy and fun. Not hard and round and stinky at all. You can adopt an atom as a pet and give it a name . . . it will even come when you call. Hey Glorious where are you??? Your dinner is ready. Visionary impeccability – it’s in the bowl for you. Come and get it.

Meowwwww, purrrrrr. Here comes Glorious now! The fuzzy atom of Love.

Glorious - the fuzzy atom of love

Who Cares About (Deep) Ecology? A wild sex party, an apple and a garden

30 04 2011
Unsuspecting Representative of The Biosphere

Unsuspecting Representative of Life on Earth

Dear Friends . . . have we really lost the plot? Regarding Deep Ecology: There is after all a simple heartfelt response to life, like when you are walking past the pet shop and you pop in there to be utterly seduced by the beauty by the magic, the wonder and the sheer joy of nature in the irresistible form of a small bunny. This experience is direct, personal and undeniably enchanting. You could say Bunny Cuddling is Deep Ecology 1.01  . . .who doesn’t love a cuddly bunny? Dr Quantum is a Bunny lover aided and abetted by an accomplice who is a serial bunny cuddler. What can ya do? Now . . .and i am warning you . . .please be advised, , this could get ugly.

Sadly the simple pleasures of life must share the human experience in a complex matrix. The big bad wolf seems never to be far away. Life is littered with the corpses of simple pleasures that became convoluted abstractions, ambiguous concepts, twisted ideals. Until next time sweet bunny of love. The shadows of the forest are calling. I speak here of course of the Malthusian Doctrine vs Deep Ecology. Well . . . you were warned. Yes . . .things are getting ugly. If this was an Alfred Hitchcock movie the suspenseful music would be starting.

The Reverend Thomas Malthus (1766-1834) was not one of those soul-singing joy-filled reverends of the Harlem Gospel Choir variety. Oh no. Quite the reverse. He was English, intellectual, an economic system theorist of his day. You might say he was white, uptight and out of sight. Sing it with me now! The Rev Malthus was well intentioned and well and truly imbued with the puritan ethic. Not what you would call a hip col swingin cat. Malthus’ main riff was basically a bit of a dirge, a drone. This flip cat was hooked on the down beat. And, he was like . . . a cube. Totally linear. Malthus’ philosophy went something like this:

As things improve in society and populations expand the capacity of life on Earth to support that growth will remain constant and thus shrink in proportion to human society. Situation: There’s not enough to go round. Get ready for famine, disease, catastrophe and death. So prepare to settle for less and straighten yourself in the ways of the Lord. This dear friends . . . is God’s way of teaching you a lesson. Hmmm. See what I mean about Malthus being on a downer?

Malthus . . .you’ve been working way too hard. Time for you to have a long holiday.

Hello God! . . .  Dr Quantum is ready to see you now, you can come in.

Ah yes! . . .Dear God of Love . . .my deep and abiding faith . . . is that you don’t dole out lessons of this Malthusian nature. So what’s up God?

Oh . . . is that so?!!! Well I am so glad you popped in. Oh you don’t say? Fascinating, absolutely fascinating. Huh! We must talk more often. Soooo illuminating. . . No! Not at all! Pop in any time (d’ya get it!?). . . .Sorry folks just having a word with the infinite about Malthus and how his historically located philosophy has been hijacked and twisted by the Machiavellian elites. Do you know what she said? Oh you’re not going to believe this! Well on second thoughts, maybe you are.

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So here’s what God(dess) says about Malthus. He was a man of his time. The doctrine of limited resources was not a bad message as such to be injecting into the mind stream. And to be taken in context . . .please!The Machiavellian power elites have gone two ways with this. Firstly with one hand they pretend to reject the doctrine proclaiming loud and long that there are no limits. This neo-conservative rant is then picked up by the next level of shoe-shiners down-stream who think they are being really smart in a right wing creepy sort of way. Hello Tony Abbott. Which while true absolutely is not true within the closed and limited domain of Earth’s biosphere. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Secondly with the other hand they are secretly preparing for the calamities to come, figuring on reduced population growth due to their own wicked/stupid ways, and using this agenda to further control populations with secret planning going on in behind-closed-door type meetings. Hello to the power elites. These feckers are a largely Godless lot who tend to see not at all past their own miserable “realism” and engage in nasty battles to carve up the world for the spoils of things like genetic engineering, cashing in on war and the distribution of goods and services. Just like the Mafia except bigger. And this of course is good for a burgeoning paranoid conspiracy theory industry. Hello to the paranoid conspiracy theorists. Things have gotten waaaaaaay out of control.

Can we just . . .take a moment to breathe . . . .in . . . .out. Relax, relax, relax.

You see . . .it’s all about proportion. As long as i get the biggest one then everything’s OK. But . . . seriously folks. Yes there are limits to how many trees you can chop down, there are limits to how much carbon dioxide you can pump into the atmosphere, there are limits to growth on the linear scale. There are limits to how many fish you can harvest before marine populations collapse. There are limits to growth. Yes that is true, when growth is measured in purely physical terms. But real growth is actually unlimited. Now here’s the thing . . .our current challenge is to redefine growth. There is more to it than how much stuff you can get your hands on and cram into that space under the stairs. In that regard, God isn’t teaching us hard lessons. These are the lessons we chose to learn when we came here. God didn’t force them on us. As a matter of fact this isn’t our natural home in the universe (talking about the physical universe we call home). We insisted, more or less that we wanted in. Something about a wild sex party, an apple and a garden. Now that we are here we do have to play the game. That’s why you come here . . .coz you want to play. It’s all a game. Apparently in God’s house there are many universes. As a matter of fact God(dess) is a master of improvisational jazz and an excellent dancer. Skilled in all styles. Yes a Tantric Yogi of the highest degree. Likes picnics, movies and walks on the beach. Great sense of humour. Likes painting toenails rainbow colours.

God really doesn’t mind what you do, but apparently you should mind. Welcome to the God of the New Age.

Malthus was a well intentioned man of his times. And now it’s time to move on. The universe IS unlimited, but our approach to LIFE has been . . .limited. Now it’s time to grow, to reach, to discover and to create, new ways of being. Which brings me to the nature lover’s deep delightDeep Ecology. Should be simple right? Bunnies are cuddly and so are trees . . .so hey, while you’re at it invite the spirit. Right? Ha ha ha ha! Wrong! Fail! Epic Fail! Bring up the Alfred Hitchcock music again. Because apparently . . . such appalingly naive behaviour plays right into the hands of the controlling elites. Deep ecology, i am told, is strictly for the birds. Wow.

Here’s how this piece of miscreant intellectualism goes . . .The absolutist dogma of pop-ecology is only rhetorically related to real scientific ecology. The mystical vagueness of so-called Deep Ecology does nothing for the real cause of ecology which must be rigorous, it must be scientific and above all without emotion. Furthermore my attachment to this childish form of nature love plays right into the hands of the ruling elites. These are the dark forces, the Machiavelian practitioners of realpolitik. My dancing in the woods with elves, faeries, bunnies and trees just plays right into the hands of the ruthless powers who are about to take control of the world and form a one-world government (subtext: with the dark prince as the ruler) Gosh.

Well that’s it! The gloves are coming off. Thos bastards aren’t going to stop Dr Quantum from cuddling Bunnies. Let them try and stop me. Ruling elites be damned. Those feckers have realley crossed the line this time. Listen . . . i was prepared to sit idly by while the ruling elites spliced genes into soybeans that means that the bacteria in my gut that jumped across from those genetically modified organisms would continue to produce insecticide INSIDE my body. Which measn MY BODY is now genetically poisoned, THANKS TO THE WORLD’S MOST HATED COMPANY. GUESS WHO? (to find out just google: the world’s most hated company) Hey . . .did i complain? Not a murmur out of me. I sat by and watched 2 and a half men while forking instant noodles into myself . . . meek as a little lamb.

So I am able to purchase cheap groceries from Coles & Wollies and cheap manufactured goods from K-Mart ex China funded by the bankruptcies of Australian food producers and billions of dollars worth of cheap Australian coal destined to increasingly pollute and warm the planet. Hey . . .Hey! Did I complain? Not much. But now . . . this, this is too much. Now I’m freakin mad as hell. So cuddling bunnies and hugging trees while singing to the God of the forest is just a naive distraction and what I really need to be wary of is the prince of darkness forming a one world government using bunny cuddling and the United Nations as a front. Shit. Why didn’t I see it sooner.

It’s all so clear now. Huh! I’m going to start blogging over with the errrr, Christian Right.

I think I am going to proclaim my dissent by putting it on a T-Shirt. It will read: I cuddle Bunnies so F*#K YOU!

That should get the message across clearly.

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