Carbon, Durban and The Essence of Energy

12 12 2011

Crafty Carbon Nanotube

The Future is Tiny and It’s HUGE!

The day after news declaring that an agreement has been reached at the climate talks at Durban, a forwarded link to the video embedded below titled: The Future of Nano-Electric Power Generation arrived in Dr Quantum’s in-box . The Future is Tiny and It’s HUGE!

Overall this is encouraging from a number of points of view. Firstly it’s encouraging that we are reaching some kind of global agreement on carbon emissions, despite it not being perfect; despite the rantings of the lost loonie tribes (one-world government conspiracy theorists) and in spite of the fact that burning fossil fuels is now more or less a Victorian era hallucination. The very least you can say is that the road to clean energy is certainly not a boring one! Hoo boy.

If you watch the really excellent vid you will see that The Future is Tiny and It’s HUGE! – one of the innovative technologies that is apparently going to be part of the new transformative global dynamic is carbon-nanotubes. As the man says they are like tubes of rolled chicken wire only each one is 10,000th the width of a human hair. Now get this . . .you can create a transparent film out of this stuff that can be part of a solution set of technology where whole building surfaces become solar panel power generators. It’s clean green, futuristic, high tech wizardry and it’s here NOW. This guy – Justin Hall-Tipping – has a company set up Nanoholdings to take these classes of products to market.

Now just imagine . . .there are thousands, nay tens of thousands of innovative and clever peeps much like Justin Hall-Tipping and Co who are right now . . .busy creating the future. Let’s cheer them on. Boo to pollution and boo to more carbon emissions. YES to capturing carbon and YES to clean green smart technology. YES to business people like Justin Hall-Tipping who care about people and the future of the planet. The Future is Tiny and It’s HUGE!

The New Energy Revolution

6 11 2011

Composite Helical Wind Turbine

 Social Entrepreneurs – Business with Heart

Paul Hawken is about as August an environmental presence as it is possible to be. He is right up there with David Suzuki in the firmament of environment and sustainability Gods. Hawken represents the Social Entrepreneurs – Business with heart. Dr Quantum was fortunate enough to attend a talk by Paul Hawken this week at the Queensland University of Technology. Copious notes were taken and there have been requests for a copy of my hand scribed record of pearls from the great one by some who were unable to attend . Fair enough too.  I am not going to attempt to post them all here. You can after all, read his books such as The Next Economy (1983), Growing a Business and The Ecology of  Business (1993) but as for the talk, well, as they say . . .you had to be there! One thing certainly of interest was that while he finds business and corportations somewhat troubling, he likes business because it is able to get things done quickly.  Hawken likes the solution sets that business is able to bring to the table. At the same time the grubby buggers must be made to wash their hands. We need social entrepreneurs – business with heart.

One of the areas he spoke of in considerable depth is the idea of a holistic approach to life. We need one. Social entrepreneurs tend to work this way. The idea he expressed is that life is a sacred miracle and that to simply attempt to engineer solutions with a linear narrative and a limited context is naive and destined to fail. That is, it is destined to make things worse. He also spoke of the importance of integrating social justice issues with sustainability. In fact he did say that sustainability must come to social justice and not the other way around. The thing is if we are going to have any business in the future then right now we need business with heart. These are all ideas and concepts with which Dr Quantum finds deep congruence, deep agreement and you can read about these matters elsewhere in this blog.  Hawken’s take on business with heart and technology is certainly inspiring. If you are a young entrepreneur wanting to make your mark on the world or light up the world of business then here is the great new opportunity and challenge fo the next 25 years. We are at a point now where we desperately need to transition out of the old carbon economy and into renewables. We are now in a crisis window which is also an opportunity window. Solar, wave, wind, geothermal and Hydrogen etc show great scope for business development combined with the talents of the social entrepreneur. Social Entrepreneurs are needed in great numbers to bring about the integration between a needed technology shift and social justice issues. The opportunities are immense.

Pressures on human systems to move away from burning fossil fuels – away from carbon – are mounting and will inevitably build to further crises. But we must appreciate for example that strategies to replace fossil fuels with bio-fuels are a worthless deception. These approaches come with too high a cost to social justice where already stressed subsistence growers are forced off their land or to sell their crops to big energy companies. On the other hand what if there was a way for cottage industry size business developments to compete with the big players in a way that gives power back to small scale producers and into communities?

What we need are courageous and bold visionaries who have both the understanding of what is needed and the wisdom to pursue a path with heart. Companies like Solargy Australia are showing the way forward. The requirements for a new energy revolution and the rise of social entrepreneurs are now paramount. Understanding of the needs of the new economy on a technical level must be tied to a humanistic view of the needs for social justice, and resepct for all of life. This places the imperative of a deep respect for peoples and natural living systems at the heart of our change dynamics. Dear Reader – if you have gotten this far please give this post a star rating (5 is excellent) and click LIKE if you liked it. Just look below. Thanks. We need a new crop of business persons, who represent business with heart. We could call them the new social entrepreneurs for business with heart.

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