The Most Startling Idea of All

5 02 2013
The Buddha in Drag

The Buddha in Drag

There is a startling idea which once rightly comprehended, shatters all illusions. This one single idea is so Earth shattering, so extraordinary, so revolutionary,  that everything that comes after it represents a remarkably different phase of life to that which came before. This is so because in one sense it involves the disappearance of the universe. Just imagine, if gold from a safe were to disappear, well . . . that would be a mystery, but if the entire universe disappeared that would represent the greatest mystery of all. Of course this is the level of mystery we are talking about here.

It must be of such great interest at this time that the polar opposites of religion and science have now found an accord in this Earth shattering idea. A clue.  This indicates that the human story is about to reach, to break through to a very new and interesting place. For the human story will by definition require the creative tension of opposites to continue. And so does the mystery deepen. The new perspective; the new position that we are about to discover; into which our consciousness is about to emerge – will inevitably amaze us all. So what is this most startling idea?

The startling idea is that the universe is not of material origin at all, but a material construction whose origin is consciousness. And there it goes, it vanishes in a puff of smoke. This is the conclusion of both spiritual revelation and quantum theory. The revolutionary realization is that we are . . . simply our-SELF. Nothing more, nothing less. In the deeper sense we are simply pure consciousness, unburdened by all of the cultural and constructed meanings, beliefs, references and ideas. All of the constructions which purport to bring us closer to ourselves such as religion, politics, education and many subtle forms of social and psychic conditioning may bring us to look at aspects of self, however just at the point where we are ready to realize that we are simply ourselves, all these things just get in the way. Knowing this you may have concluded that you are close to experiencing directly that you are . . . simply yourself. Then experience away! FREE from the burden of the cosmic or psychic bureaucracy.

The sobering fact, is that there is always the final journey.  We must ever and always walk the last mile home on our own.  That is not to suggest that God-Goddess or the angels or the saints are not with us. It is rather to suggest that to enter the deeper truth of who we are – simply ourselves – we must ultimately abandon the hierarchical, bureaucratic and institutional frameworks which purport to represent the truth and become that truth. This is why the master Jesus was able to truthfully declare I am the way and the truth and the light. He had somehow managed to experience himself as simply (him) self. It is the point at which the bud of individuality upon the human tree of consciousness bursts forth as the flower. 

There is a paradox here because in order to get to that place generally we require some schooling, processes, the guidance that religions provide, lots of techniques . . . and so forth. But one day finally and at last we, each of us, must find our metaphorical Bodhi tree under which we shall sit, if not in open defiance of all institutionalized forms of learning, certainly in distinction to them and quite often in contradiction to them. The great paradox of liberated blasphemy. It is the intensely personal and revelatory journey represented so beautifully in the life story of St Francis of Assisi. He goes to Rome – the very symbol of institutional religion, as a bare footed beggar to present his revolutionarty and revelatory understanding to the Pope. If you have ever seen the beautiful film by Franco Zeferelli – Brother Sun Sister Moon, you will know well the outcome. Below are a few St Francis quotes that demonstrate his clear, present and radical consciousness. These are combined with statements attributed to some of our other great teachers. They stand in distinction to much of the old consciousness and constructions of the Kali Yuga, the Iron Age of ignorance. These words of wisdom point to new levels of consciousness and understanding which more people than ever are now demonstrating. The whole point is to get to that place where you can finally and at last speak this wisdom fresh with each breath of life within the living breathing cosmos. Here then is a sample from St Francis and others, remembering that one day you will make up your own in each moment of life.

Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. – St Francis

All that we are is the result of what we have thought. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him. – Buddha

I am formless and everywhere – Shirdi Sai Baba

With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible – Jesus

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection – Buddha

Get on with your worldly activities cheerfully, but do not forget God – Shirdi Sai Baba

Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words. St Francis

All that you see taken together is Myself – Shirdi Sai Baba

The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart – Buddha

Lord, grant that I might not so much seek to be loved as to love. St Francis

If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men – St Francis

God has agents everywhere and their powers are vast – Shirdi Sai Baba

You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free – Jesus

God is not so far away. He is not in the heavens above, nor in hell below. He is always near you – Shirdi Sai Baba

You have no cause for anything but gratitude and joy – Buddha

Hatred does not cease by hatred but only by love. This is the eternal rule – Buddha

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world – Buddha

Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth

According to your faith be it unto you – Jesus


Free energy For All? Yessiree Bob!

28 06 2012

MAGEN Engine

Launch of Free Energy Network

You can now join the New Energy Systems Trust on the PESWiki – which stands for Pure Energy Systems Wiki. There is also a page on PESWiki someone distributed to Dr Quantum’s Lime Flavoured rEvolution (because we need a refreshing change) on the MAGEN engine that was developed in the land of love, magic and quantum Resonance – Australia. There’s something about those Aussies. Maybe it’s something they put in the water. Free clean energy. It’s here. You need to see it to create it. That’s what quantum holographic resonance enables you to do. Stop disbeleiving. Start believing. The emperor (oil companies) has no clothes. Knock yourself out kid!

Chaos, Consciousness and Recipes For Love

18 04 2012

Let Your LOVE Flow

The recipe for LOVE is to BE LOVING

The thing is, we live in the most interesting of times. On the back-end of legendary calamities . . .we’re talking two World Wars and a PEACE that has seen an average of . . .is it really an average of sixty wars going on around the planet at any one time within the last fifty years? Planet Earth is apparently not for the faint-hearted. Humans have also waged heavy duty industrialized warfare on entire species of plants and animals. We are doing a very good job of this. Our blitzkrieg scorched-Earth destruction of the flora and fauna has a terrifying aspect of unconscious darkness about it. We must consider that we humans are going through a kind of spiritual emergency – literally an emergence – the birth of something. But what?

Looking back on our recorded and not just recent history it is easy to conclude that there has been a certain stuckness, and a certain intransigence to our waywardness. The power of our destructive and self-destructive ways have had a savage intensity. The overwhelming question we must now ask ourselves is. . .are we ready? Are we ready for LOVE? This is not something we can foist on others. The real revolution MUST occur at the personal level of awareness and consciousness FIRST for it to have any meaning in the wider domain. So how does that happen?

The recipe for LOVE is to BE LOVING. But how do you do that? Perhaps there are a couple of simple things to be aware of. And then there are some complex ones for the multi-dimensionaly inclined – a kind of  ten dimensional Chess aspect to it. For why would LOVE want to limit itself? But you if you start with the achievable and let success self-organise from there – that’s probably the right path.

In the age of Chaos and revolution -which we are most definitely in – the simple stable datum that you can hold to by which all other things can suddenly make sense is this. Sovereign Self-Love and all embracing care. Just decide that you get to decide if LOVE is going to be present or not . . .and then do love. It’s not really that important if you’re a minute or two late, or if you get served a few minutes after the other person. If you stop and give small change to the busker it’s OK. People will not look at you and think you are weak. For having the presence of mind and the character to stop and GIVE is strength – NOT weakness. Extending little civilised courtesies as you go about your busy life is a nice LOVE generator to put into your daily LIFE. And in the ways of CHAOS that moment to moment LOVE you give will not die but it will be reborn and expand out a thousand fold. This . . .THIS in the age of CHAOS and revolution can be enacted with religious integrity and tap into your own infinite potential and power to GIVE LOVE and to BE LOVE. This in essence is what Post-post modernism looks like. This from a classical perspective is what the much vaunted New Age is all about. The recipe for LOVE is to BE LOVING

What if doing all that giving makes me angry . . .at some point? Then write about your anger on a piece of paper. Express your anger legitimately, burn the piece of paper (make sure it’s a safe action) and keep going with the religion of LOVE. These are simple things. To GIVE, RESPOND and RESPECT. We haven’t reached any kind of deep and meaningful trust here yet. The key is commitment, perseverance. Stay anonymous. Don’t expect any reward, and like the advertisement says . . .JUST DO IT! Moment to moment, day to day .  .Love. You will find that THIS is a truly revolutionary act.   The recipe for LOVE is to BE LOVING

Predictions of Revolution – Something’s Gotta Give

8 04 2012

A great little book picked up from the remaindered bin recently: The Greatest Day in History. The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. HOW THE GREAT WAR REALLY ENDED by Nicholas Best. It’s all about the events leading up to the signing of the Armistice ending World War I.

Did you know or had you forgotten that Germany very nearly fell to a Bolshevik revolution at the time? It was in the Modern History curriculum at high school, but were you paying attention. Hmmm? That one line in the text book was actually about something! As it was the cowardly Kaiser ran away to the Nederlands after causing enormous damage in Europe and a Republic was declared. He was widely regarded as something of a fecker for being such a warmongering self important ass hole. But that’s another story. Certain people wanted to blame the Jews as usual for the whole thing but it seems that, despite the rantings of a certain Herr Hitler it wasn’t actually the Jews at all but rather the war mongering ways of a certain warlord by the name of Kaiser Wilhelm and all those war mongering people who were swept up in his aura. History then repeated itself and Germany was defeated a 2nd time as clearly a second karmic lesson was required. And now look!

The thing is that Bolshevism was running pretty hot in the old Deutschland for the simple reason that they had run out of everything including food and had exhausted themselves to support the war effort. People started blaming capitalism. You put the two things together – a starving population and popular judgements against capitalism and hey presto! There’s your revolution right there. The only thing that’s missing these days is the mass starvation. Keep those McDonalds burgers coming to avoid a revolution. In the West . . .after all we’ve got the Golden Arches. Thank God eh?!!!

In the meanwhile some seditious material just to hand from the Agora Catalogue – apparently revolution is coming. Here’s what the latest edition is saying . . .

Dear Reader,

The man who predicted the Fall of Communism is now predicting the Fall of Capitalism…

He’s dined with the Rockefellers… He’s hung out with the Clinton’s… banged heads with the Beltway… and meddled with the media monopolies… He was the biggest name of the ’80s and ’90s investment newsletter world.

And in his first controversial video production in 17 years, he reveals news of a landmark development, which he believes will set off the most violent economic reversal in history, one that carries the power to bring down not just the American financial world, but the entire capitalist system (could this spell the end of McDonalds as we know it? – Ed)

It’s scary woo woo stuff to be sure. But someone thinks something’s about to happen. Here is the story. Claims of a coming revolution by James Dale Davidson. View Video Here

The Most Original Minds in Business and Why They WIN!

2 04 2012

It's a TRIP - Get on board the originality bus

Why Mavericks WIN!

How many times do you come back from that inspiring workshop ready to change the world only to be brought down to Earth when you get back to the culture of your workplace? Or you experience the exhilaration of genius and brilliant ideas in that latest book but once you close it’s magical covers you quickly realise that . . .sadly, it’s not going to happen ’round here. Well if it’s true that we cannot direct – that we can only disturb here then are some inspiringly disturbing and even some disturbingly different ideas. They come from a fabulous book: Mavericks at Work – WHY THE MOST ORIGINAL MINDS IN BUSINESS WIN by William C Taylor & Polly LaBarre. Mavericks at Work was recently picked up and quickly became infused with the classic flavour of drizzled lime on a bed of roast vegetable and cous cous. I have a funny feeling that if the revolutionary TV cooking show host of the 1960’s Chef Guevara were alive today he would approve.  It’s all about Why Mavericks WIN!

Selected Quotes from Mavericks at Work –

“Most people in an industry are blind in the same way,” Hamel warned. “They’re all paying attention to the same things, and not paying attention to the same things.”

So What’s the solution? Revolution! Hamel urged aspiring “corporate rebels” and “grey haired revolutionaries” to “start an insurrection in their industries” – on Gary Hamel author of Leading The Revolution

. . .the white collar perp walk has become as routine as an annual meeting, and the triumphant return of me-first moguls like Donald Trump feels like a bad nostalgia trip, the corporate equivalent of a hair-band reunion. We’ve seen the face of business at it’s worst, and it hasn’t been a pretty sight

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it” – Alan Kay

“One way or another, most financial companies are telling you to spend more. We’re showing you how to save more. What’s better than apple pie, the little guy, fighting for the underdog?” – Arkadi Kuhlman, CEO ING Direct USA

It is not a book of best practices. It is a book of next practices-a set of insights and case studies that amount to a business plan for the 21st century.

The logic of competition has evolved from the imitative world of products versus products to the revolutionary fervour of business model versus business model to, now, the promising realm of value system versus value system.

“If you want to renew and re-energize an industry,” he advises “Don’t hire poeple from that industry. You’ve got to untrain them and then retrain them. I’d rather hire a jazz musician, a dancer . . .” – Arkadi Kuhlman, CEO ING Direct USA

Originality has become the litmus test of strategy

“We ask ourselves, is it about something? By about something I mean not just the subject, or the arena, or the location, but really about something that is deeply relevant to the human experience” – Chris Albrecht, CEO HBO – video below HBO’s Six Feet Under

Complex AdaPTIVE LIVING Systems Evolve

15 02 2012

High Leverage Contemplation System - Basic Setup

The Real Revolution is the Evolution – Because It’s Sustainable – AH HA!

Find a seat. It’s a High Leverage Contemplation System – BYO brain. Do you know the meaning of the word SYNERGY? Synergy is when the WHOLE is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s when the elements together in a SYSTEM provide more value than just the arithmetic total of the elements that comprise the system. Comprendez?  So instead of continuing to  supporting a sick system – with all its fake news, fake food, fake democracy and phoney science . . .go ahead and evolve already. Click here to discover infinite wisdom on the nature of Complex Adaptive Living Systems.  There’s even a downloadable titled Ingenuity Arts: Adaptive Leadership and The New Science for only $7.99 $USD – click here highly recommended by Dr Quantum. 

Mind-share in our society is not the exclusive privilege of wealthy oligarchs, industrialists, famous actors, politicians and other power possessors. Free your mind from slavery! The Real Revolution is the Evolution – Because It’s Sustainable – AH HA! 

THRIVE The Movie – Changing What is Possible

22 11 2011

THRIVE The World is Waking Up

What On Earth Will It Take?

If you haven’t seen THRIVE: What on Earth Will It Take? then you’ve got some viewing to do . . . seriously! Whatever you may think about THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? there is absolutely no doubt that it has become an instant classic that will continue to stir controversy and get people talking for many years to come. And with apathy still the dominant form of reality avoidance, what a good thing that must be.

No doubt skeptics will carry on about certain aspects of THRIVE – after all, this production puts forward a compelling case for the existence for UFOs and visitors from other star systems . . . both now and in the past. There is nothing new in this per se, but the extraordinary treatment of specific symbol types in crop circles is given a new work-over that takes the conversation to a whole new level, and into a whole new dimension – Sacred Geometry. Thrive delivers what may be the best exposition and explanation of Sacred Geometry that I have yet seen in any media. It is perhaps comparable to the leap in production aesthetics that Stanley Kubrik delivered in the Sci-Fi genre with 2001. People are just going to have to watch it and see for themselves. What On Earth Will It Take?

THRIVE is the kind of film that finally puts enough complex puzzle pieces together in a credible and we must say solution oriented way that you could find yourself having an Ah Ha! moment, even a series of them. Even if you have seen much of similar material already, you will find that the treatment of Extra Terrestrials is not just some novel side-show to the main event. The material builds intelligently and compellingly to the overwhelming conclusion. It is one that Dr Quantum has been telegraphing for some time: The Fact is . . .just as the movie The Matrix will inform you – You Are Being Farmed. THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? reveals with crystal clear insight the controlling power elites who have a stranglehold on all the high value industries like Energy, Medicine, Biotechnology, Agriculture, Mass Media and right up the top of the pyramid Finance, which, as THRIVE so correctly points out is nothing less than the license to print money for the purpose of the benign or not so benign enslavement of humanity. This should surprise no one given the facts as we know them. Let’s all say it together – What On Earth Will It Take?

These may sound like the typical breathless pronouncements of conspiracy theorist tragics and yet THRIVE seems to have gotten the pitch more or less perfect. Sure there are a few bloopers, like the self appointed Cosmologist and Inventor Nassim Haramein claiming that a certain sacred symbol “is not etched into the rock it’s not carved, it’s burned into the atomic structure” ahh hemm. To the credit of the producers Foster Gamble and his wife Kimberley, they have put a disclaimer on the THRIVE website to inform the public that it is indeed just etched into the rock with ochre. OK hey . . . a controversial polemic without a few clangers here and there probably isn’t trying hard enough.

Another blooper in THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? is the perpetuation of the myth that the controlling power elites, as nasty, narcissistic, psychopathic and lacking in imagination as they are . . . are the New World Order. They can’t be The New World Order, because they are The OLD World Order. Time that we started getting this right. The New World Order disinformation meme is overdue for retirement.

The other outstanding feature that you will find in THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? is that the usual tired old antisemitism that seems to inevitably creep into every intellectually challenged conspiracy nut’s rantings is happily absent and has indeed been disclaimed by THRIVE. Thank goodness and about time. Conspiratorial antisemitism was beginning to give us honest paranoid psychotics a bad name.

You may have deduced that Dr Quantum is a raving fan . . .hey, it’s about friggin time SOMEONE made this movie. Just make sure you see it soon and if you have to pay to see it consider it money well spent. Official Trailer below. THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?


The Global Village

18 10 2011

In the image of a global village

The Shock of Recognition

It really is the shock of recognition once you grok what’s going on in the world at the moment. You see, once upon a time there was a brilliant and clever man by the name of Marshall McLuhan. You may have heard of him. He wrote a particularly intellectually hip and as it turned out famous book called The Medium is The Massage which people often insist on calling The Medium is the Message. You of course now have the opportunity to avoid making this common mistake. Which will just go to show that you were paying attention when it mattered. McLuhan wrote The Medium back in the 1960s and it’s full of quotable quotes that you could sit around in a cafe fantasizing that you had said yourself . . .except you didn’t. Such is the shock of recognition.

McLuhan in fact said this: The shock of recognition! In an electronic information environment, minority groups can no longer be contained – ignored. Too many people know too much about each other. Our new environment compels committment and participation. We have become irrevocably involved with, and responsible for, each other.

He said this of course way before Adbusters extended a general invitation to concerned global citizens to Occupy Wall Street. About 50 years before actually. So it’s no surprise that he also coined the term Global Village. Here’s what McLuhan said in 1962 The new electronic interdependence recreates the world in the image of a global village. Ain’t ‘alf been some clever bastards.

The Butterfly Effect –  this story just in – The story of how From a Single Hashtag a Protest Circled The World Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday 19th October 2011 by Ben Berkowitz. How the protest gained traction > a great example of the Butterfly Effect.

Meanwhile over on FaceBook . . .D.K.Matai of ATCA 5000 posted under the heading Too Big, Too Fast & Too Powerful to Ignore – Self Assembling Dynamic Networks Gather Momentum

He says: ATCA 5000 made only one prediction for 2011: “Beware self assembling dynamic networks” and boundary-less tribalism. Little did we realize when making the forecast that this year would see  . . (goes on to list all the unrest including Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street plus others) – he then concludes – What is common about these global protests is the rapid-fire way in which like-minded individuals have come together around the world almost in the blink of an eye – to protest at a somewhat broken and corrupt financial and economic power system that appears to them to be favouring the ruling elite, putting the planet in peril and may have clearly run out of fresh ideas to rejuvenate itself. The incumbent leadership ignores such protests and mass gatherings at its own peril.

In fact it was D.K Matai’s FB posting that inspired the review of McLuhan above. Run with the ball in the global village! And somewhere on the planet some Native American Elders have some fresh brilliant ideas that are very relevant. All things are just soooo connected at the moment. I have included the clip below which provides wise words from a beautiful human – Chief Oren J. Lyons, professor of American studies in UB’s Center for the Americas. So here’s the thing . . .will it be the shock of recognition in the Global Village that inspire some of those aforementioned leaders to come up with some fresh new ideas?


People Power – Adbusters Play Moby

12 10 2011

Why Does my Heart Feel so Bad?

So . . .why does my heart feel so bad?  Could it be because We Are the 99% . . .? Or for the same reason that (some) psychopaths make great CEOs? A question for the Banksters and financial cowboys of a sick global system. A question which they are no doubt already scrambling for answers to. And do they have any answers? What we can expect is more denial, more shifting of blame. More running obstructions, More law suits to protect the corporatocracy. Let’s see. Meanwhile we have Occupy this that and the other.

This may well turn into an Occupy Monsanto and an Occupy Goldman Sachs and an Occupy British Petroleum as well. Just for starters of course. The power elite will never change, or at least if history tells us anything not in any kind of hurry. The intractable ones may need to be occupied. Well . . .hopefully it will be more reasonable than the French revolution. They lopped a lot of heads back then. Nowadays maybe they’re just lopping egos. Ouch! One gets the feeling we are about to find out.

And think about this hipsters . . .is the reason that we haven’t heard too much in the commercial news about the Occupy protests because it was originally promoted and is still being pushed by Adbusters? Not a lot of enthusiasm there for a movement that is closely linked to ADBUSTERS? They just don’t butter their bread on the right side now do they? The fact that they have caught the zeitgeist for what’s really up for people at the moment doesn’t matter, because hey, it’s anti commercial and gosh . . . God is a salesman isn’t she? Ummm let me just look that one up.

What we can also expect now is massive change. Correct. It’s what they call in System Theory a Meta-System Transition. Go ahead and look that one up. Meta-System Transition . . .Occupy. This is now the beginning of the end and one may easily conjecture . . .unstoppable. This is the game that we came here for. All your base are belong to us. Go ahead and Google that phrase if you have to – all those slacker gamers already know. You know?

In solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement. A sad but uplifting song that puts it rather beautifully. The lyrics in full: Why does my heart feel so bad? Why does my soul feel so bad? These open doors . . .Ahhh! 

Adbusters – the poeple who brought you Occupy Wall Street – are offering this beautiful Moby video on their home page – enjoy Why Does My Heart Feel so Bad?

Wake Up and Smell the Fascism – Brady Bunch Style

16 07 2011

The Real Truth about the Brady Bunch

There is something that we who understand ourselves to be Citizens of The World – need to comprehend about the world today. It is a simple truth, and one that now carries with it the crystal clear ring of truth. We are living in a fascist society.

Now don’t get me wrong. Not all business people are crooked, and neither are all politicians. So how is it that our great industries and institutions are riddled with levels of corruption that make the Mafia look downright frumpy. I have a theory. My theory is that it has always been like this. More or less. And perhaps it IS as simple as this. Maybe since Moses played fullback for Jerusalem the world has just been ruled by feuding warlords and cartels of criminally insane barbarians. The successful ones called themselves the Royal Family and so things have gone since the beginning of time. These bastards are the crazies who will just do whatever it takes to make a buck, stay in power and get the kudos. Maybe.

But if we look closer there is something else going on as well. It seems things have actually been getting worse lately. How else can we explain Tony Abbott? A mad monk fighting with every breath in his budgie smugglers for the carpet bagging rights of the worst kind of excessive and insane brutalists. Abbott is an idealogue who sincerely believes in his own boring and boorish crusade. Will someone please sit the mad monk down and have a quiet and slow word . . .will someone please explain to this man that he is fighting on the side of the fascists.

The scariest thing about Abbott is that he appears to actually believe the utterly fantastic propaganda of the right. He is a sort of zealot boy scout who dropped out of seminary. He is the most dangerous of men – a true believer. The left is shamelessly close to his frightful political position with it’s own orgy of deregulation and mass privatisation. State labor governments have been fairly falling over themselves to sell off public utilities and place them in the hands of private enterprise. The mantra has been deregulate, privatise and outsource. And now look where we are. That’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into.

And so now here we are . . . many decades on since we Australians began selling off the farm to the controlling overlords in the UK and the USA. It seems we are starting to get a little nervous when those getting in line to buy up what’s left of our national treasures – our food production, our ports and few remaining minerals – have yellow and brown skin. There’s no racial prejudice here surely! But it has suddenly come home to all but the most particularly dopey among us that selling off our assets – in this case to the Chinese and Indians  – might not be such a great idea. It didn’t seem so bad when we were giving it away for a song to the Poms and the Yanks though. Same difference folks. Maybe a slightly better brand of exploitation. Event that’s debatable.

The arguments that the Americans are strategic allies are really not so brilliant. We’ve been buying their crappy fast food and overpriced computer software to prove our loyalty. We’ve been marching off with them to fight dodgy wars. Why should they get our raw materials on the cheap as well? Doesn’t make sense. Oh yeah . . .we need foreign capital to invest in this country. What???!!!!!! We need foreign capital to invest in digging holes in the ground so they can cart off our priceless and irreplaceable mineral wealth? At least you can grow more food. Mate I’ll send a couple of blokes out into the bush with a four wheel drive and a pick and few shovels and tell them there’s beer buried deep in the ground. They’ll dig up whatever you like.

Mind you the Yanks definitely just take whatever they want from whomever they want – historically this is accurate. Why should Australia keep what is theirs? Perhaps it’s our Karma. We did after all steal the lot from the original Aboriginal inhabitants.
If this latest mob of crooks really were INVESTING and not just ripping us off then it might be different. So let’s get real. The USA has distinguished itself by becoming the greatest fascist nation on earth. A title now being hotly contended by China. Fascism is simply corporatism run amok. When corporations rule you and not governments elected of the people, for the people and by the people – what you get is what you’ve got now. This soulless corporatism has now wrapped its tentacles around every department of life spurred by a most peculiar belief that somehow it is free markets which can most capably direct the affairs of humanity. This has truly put Dracula in charge of the blood bank and it really is that frightening. If Dr Quantum is stretching the truth, how then my dear friends do you explain this? (And it is entirely symptomatic of the sick system known as the USofA) Watch video to check reality now. The facts.

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