How to not have a FIT

15 06 2012

Greedy Pig Hoards Loot

NSW is not Having a FIT – but someone else IS

The Solar Feed In Tarrif . . . people in the know just call it the FIT and NSW isn’t having one. Strange how we seem to LURVE turning Fossil Fuels into electricity, it seems we can’t get our greedy snouts out of the trough to see the inevitable tidal wave of misery heading our way with the global warming it’s causing. Now by WE . . .what is really meant are the powers that be. WE . . . does not include me and my friends who vote green, hug trees and would just as soon leave dirty coal in the bleedin’ ground till we grow up enough to learn what it’s really useful for.

Yes, by WE . . .what is really meant are the powers that be – specifically the NSW State Grubberment lead by Fatty O’Barrell – otherwise known by his pseudonym of Barry O’Farrell. Why change it? Oh dirty Fatty, you have gone and delivered us into the maws of the old devil hisself ain’t yer? You dirty Fatty have eliminated the last remaining Feed In Tarrif of just a lousy 20 cents. It was all the incentive the people of New South Wales had left. You will happily take our contribution to the power supply and not pay us a frigging red cent. You #@^& Bastard. Sorry Fatty but that’s the nicest thing to be said about you and your Grubberment at this point. May you and all your greedy stupid kind drown in the coming flood of extinction of brainless mammals such as your self. Ahhh. I feel so much better now.

In a country that has possibly more sunshine than anything else, it seems we would rather burn fossil fuels in the form of coal than encourage the harvesting of  . . .SUNSHINE. Brilliant FAIL to the New South Wales State Grubberment. And Fatty O’Barrell. . . You bastard.

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