As Above so Below

23 01 2013
Getting ready to ride

Getting ready to ride

Life often plays little tricks on us where we will sometimes find ourselves thrown off center. Whoops a daisy! In truth she wants us to be able to see where our center may require realignment with the great axis of Love, beauty, truth . . .

As each of us strives towards deep spiritual sustainability we come to perceive the indicators and reflections, of the assurance that the essence of life will remain the eternal dependability. Sooner or later we come to deeply understand the great principle of sustainability.  There is a paradox in this: that we are always perfect the way we are.

The strange and bizarre fact is that the most powerful tool we have in guiding our journey is consciousness itself. Because the foundation of matter is consciousness and not the other way around, therefore if you want to guide your journey, be clear in your own heart and mind. Then when you make decisions, set goals, have a plan and strive to achieve . . .then there is some chance of success.  And we must do all this while practicing being the very soul of patience and remaining open to the sweet possibilities of  rEvolutionary change.

Master this game and you may proceed. And it is only and ever a game. Have fun! For this is the truest purpose of life. It’s kinda like learning to ride a bicycle -so just keep those wheels turning or get ready to touch the ground with your feet. And hey . . .that’s OK too.

As above so below. God rides a bicycle to the shops and always gets what she wants . . .and never ever forgets what is on the list even though she doesn’t need to have one.

Making Capitalism Sustainable

1 04 2012

We will cross that bridge now that we've come to it

You need to start thinking about the long-term future

After the fall of the Soviet Union Capitalism was tucking its metaphorical thumbs into its  braces and strutting the dealer room floor feeling like a MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE once again. But then Capitalism did something really dumb. You could see capitalism stop right there in front of the amazed onlookers and light up a big Cuban cigar. Hmmm. Feels good to let the rich smoke curl around the mouth before exhalation triumphant. One problem. It set off the smoke alarms. The occupational health and safety wonks came out of the woodwork and they came out swinging. No smoking inside the building capitalism. Heath hazard! Fire hazard! Moral hazard! You need to start thinking about the long-term future

Tch Tch Tch Capitalism! What rock have you been hiding under? I’m afraid we’re going to have to give you a hefty fine as well as the largest community service order ever handed out in these courts. That would be the court of public opinion. And I have got to hand it to you Capitalism.  For the past fifty years you had us all enthralled. You had us all believing that maybe you were right. You had us believing that we just needed to get out of your way and let you run your operation unhampered by unnecessary restrictions. Free up the laws, lighten up the taxes and streamline opinions that could in any way hamper the free exercise of commercial trade . . .business. You had us believing that . . .whereas God may have been dead . . . Capitalism was very much alive and that Capitalism would save us. Blast of the heroic trumpets. And then . . .Then you lit that giant Cuban cigar and you blew the whole act. CAPITALISM you need to stop playing around with FASCISM and you need to start thinking about the long-term future 

SO here we are. The days of slash and burn are over. The world has turned. And  Capitalism! All I can say is – watch your ass. From now on you’re going to have to justify every outrageous expense claim. You’re going to have to give up the bottle and get clean and sober. Turning up drunk for work is not going to cut the mustard anymore. Shooting up Heroin in the toilets will no longer be tolerated. Yes . . .You need to kick all your addictive habits and get yourself to counseling. And as for that shocking smoking habit of yours! A million packs of coal a day! Just what are we going to do with you Capitalism? I feel kinda sorry for you actually. But they say addicts need tough love. And yes we had some fun times it’s true. But  Capitalism . . .it’s time to face the facts. The party’s over and no one believes your bullshit anymore. And everyone knows . . .you can’t trust a junkie. Now on your way! And don’t come back till you’re off the hard stuff.  You need to start thinking about the long-term future 

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