The Goddess Awakens

6 06 2012

Transit of Venus – The Goddess Awakens – What Revolution?

Transit of Venus

Right now, if God were to suddenly assume human form; just morph right out of the Sistine Chapel ceiling – Megaphone in hand – and give Vatican tourists a rousing burst of the news, we shouldn’t be surprised.  And they might even see a lady up there rather than a man. Shock, horror. Yes God could just as accurately be described as a Woman as a Man. The Goddess is due for Earthly re-presentation after a couple thousand years of totalitarian, war mongering MALE, Angry God Guff. Let’s do it.

The Heavens could hardly speak more clearly than with the Transit of Venus that is happening while this is being written. And with the end of the world as we know it imminent on the 21st December this year – you could be forgiven for wandering the streets in a sandwich board declaring: the Goddess is back. Look out blokes!

If there was one phrase that seems to sum up the whole thing it might be: Change and revolution is happening now. This transit of Venus is brought to you by the Awakening of The Divine Feminine. Now, I don’t want to sound the scary naysayer because this is mostly about compassion, tolerance, kindness and understanding . . .but if you (still)  represent the forces of Rape of the Earth complete with blueprinted maps of Coal Seem Gas wells, (choose you mindless masculine desecration of the the earth symbol) detailed business plans and other instruments of logic and torture . . . You should probably be concerned. Peace, Love Muesli and The Goddess. Time for Lime.

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