Deep Ecology and The Emergence of New Consciousness

19 02 2012

The new consciousness reveres all of life including… Earth!

Emergence of New Culture and Consciousness

Kaczynski (AKA The Unabomber) and other’s dystopian future visions are based on a materialistic, reductionist worldview, defining everything as reducible to atoms, matter, brain function, numbers, statistics. But there is a new way of seeing the world. This new way does not follow traditional spiritual practices, churches and institutions. The new way identifies with our ground of being not in terms of matter, which is now a scientifically proven illusion, but as consciousness. See QuantumHologram resources which explain this in detail > click here. Deep Ecology can now be experienced within the broad church of emergent neo-spiritual culture with offshoots such as Eco-Psychology and Eco-Feminism among others. It may be time to put forward another type of Deep Ecology that Dr Quantum has termed – Deep Resonance Ecology to provide greater synthesis between Deep Ecology and science.

Deep Ecology honours the sacredness of nature. It resonates, celebrates and oftentimes ritualises our relationship with nature. This is not merely a neo-pagan practice, but rather one to be devoutly embraced. In the old Judeo-Christian world-view human beings were encouraged to put themselves outside and even above nature. There was nothing more sacred than the tanscendental and redeeming power of the Christ and/or of God the father. It is interesting to understand that to the early church fathers the word Pagan could simply mean people from the country and provinces. To the fathers, and let us be clear, they were exclusively men, the ways of country folk were unsophisticated, unfashionable. As far as those from other provinces and regions they were often viewed as. . .shock, horror – ethnic! And at least partially as outsiders. Paradoxically a few thousand years ago Christianity represented the emergence of new culture and consciousness

The new sacredness of communion with nature reprises to a degree the Druids of old times about whom we know little and other Pagan and magical practitioners. Hence the term neo-Druid or neo-Pagan is perhaps a fair descriptor. What we do know is the Druid’s rituals involving Oak trees gave them a spiritual sustenance and a living connection with the universe that today’s technologically entranced and chronically office-bound city folk can usually only dream about. A tree presents a fractal organisation of energy that connects extraordinarily powerfully with the living universe. The new maths is only starting to scratch the surface of this. Every tree may be viewed as a temple and a portal into the vast energetic realm reported by Quantum Physicist and Quantum Philosopher David Bohm (click here to view some titles by Bohm). Let us say that the bridge between a tree and a human being is consciousness and the proof is knowing. Perhaps one day a team of white-coated scientists will find a way to demonstrate this in the laboratory. For now it is well enough to understand the report from the circle of human hearts. Let us find ways forthwith to honour this as part of the beautiful, the sacred, the mysterious. Not to be missed, ignore it at your peril. This is the emergence of new culture and consciousness

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