THRIVE The Movie – Changing What is Possible

22 11 2011

THRIVE The World is Waking Up

What On Earth Will It Take?

If you haven’t seen THRIVE: What on Earth Will It Take? then you’ve got some viewing to do . . . seriously! Whatever you may think about THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? there is absolutely no doubt that it has become an instant classic that will continue to stir controversy and get people talking for many years to come. And with apathy still the dominant form of reality avoidance, what a good thing that must be.

No doubt skeptics will carry on about certain aspects of THRIVE – after all, this production puts forward a compelling case for the existence for UFOs and visitors from other star systems . . . both now and in the past. There is nothing new in this per se, but the extraordinary treatment of specific symbol types in crop circles is given a new work-over that takes the conversation to a whole new level, and into a whole new dimension – Sacred Geometry. Thrive delivers what may be the best exposition and explanation of Sacred Geometry that I have yet seen in any media. It is perhaps comparable to the leap in production aesthetics that Stanley Kubrik delivered in the Sci-Fi genre with 2001. People are just going to have to watch it and see for themselves. What On Earth Will It Take?

THRIVE is the kind of film that finally puts enough complex puzzle pieces together in a credible and we must say solution oriented way that you could find yourself having an Ah Ha! moment, even a series of them. Even if you have seen much of similar material already, you will find that the treatment of Extra Terrestrials is not just some novel side-show to the main event. The material builds intelligently and compellingly to the overwhelming conclusion. It is one that Dr Quantum has been telegraphing for some time: The Fact is . . .just as the movie The Matrix will inform you – You Are Being Farmed. THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? reveals with crystal clear insight the controlling power elites who have a stranglehold on all the high value industries like Energy, Medicine, Biotechnology, Agriculture, Mass Media and right up the top of the pyramid Finance, which, as THRIVE so correctly points out is nothing less than the license to print money for the purpose of the benign or not so benign enslavement of humanity. This should surprise no one given the facts as we know them. Let’s all say it together – What On Earth Will It Take?

These may sound like the typical breathless pronouncements of conspiracy theorist tragics and yet THRIVE seems to have gotten the pitch more or less perfect. Sure there are a few bloopers, like the self appointed Cosmologist and Inventor Nassim Haramein claiming that a certain sacred symbol “is not etched into the rock it’s not carved, it’s burned into the atomic structure” ahh hemm. To the credit of the producers Foster Gamble and his wife Kimberley, they have put a disclaimer on the THRIVE website to inform the public that it is indeed just etched into the rock with ochre. OK hey . . . a controversial polemic without a few clangers here and there probably isn’t trying hard enough.

Another blooper in THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? is the perpetuation of the myth that the controlling power elites, as nasty, narcissistic, psychopathic and lacking in imagination as they are . . . are the New World Order. They can’t be The New World Order, because they are The OLD World Order. Time that we started getting this right. The New World Order disinformation meme is overdue for retirement.

The other outstanding feature that you will find in THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? is that the usual tired old antisemitism that seems to inevitably creep into every intellectually challenged conspiracy nut’s rantings is happily absent and has indeed been disclaimed by THRIVE. Thank goodness and about time. Conspiratorial antisemitism was beginning to give us honest paranoid psychotics a bad name.

You may have deduced that Dr Quantum is a raving fan . . .hey, it’s about friggin time SOMEONE made this movie. Just make sure you see it soon and if you have to pay to see it consider it money well spent. Official Trailer below. THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?


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